Zeth on Carlac hunt,firing at Death Wacth scum.

 Zeth is a Mandalorian Mercenary that was born in Carlac village,and trained by Rathe Gurfglider to be a Mandalorian.Zeth serves a Shadow Clan and a Shadow Mandalorian group of Mandalorian Mercenaries,Bounty Hunters and Spies.

Only 15 years after he was trained by rathe gurfgilder he left the shadow mandalorians to join talverd skirata in a historic event known as " THE SIEGE OF MANDALORE" out of at least 200000 mandalorians only 10000 walked away (not including elderly and small children) from that war with vile monsters that claimed to be the salvation of mandalore the 10000 mandalorians including zeth polarrunner and talverd skirata swore they would come back and destroy them right now zeth is with talverd skirata as a group of hunters more deadly then any battalion of clones

It has been a year now since talverd skirata saw zeth polarrunner after fight a Sith Lord and his battalion to save his vode it is believed he has fallen in combat a true way to die in the eyes of a true mandalorian may he rest in eternal glory in the halls of our ancestors

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