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I don't trust her. So your the Force User now? Shut up, You sorry Nerfherder!
– Vess talking to Zatt about the Blue skinned woman:Xeri
I Am Zatt Farr Mandalorian Commando and Force User Slayer.
– Zatt Farr moments before battling Darth Axle
You Think you can beat me Boy? I don't want to hurt you old man. Ha I'd be more worried about you!
– Zatt Talking to RC-1212 about to have a brawl to the death
Zatt Farr
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53 BBY

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Jango Fett

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The Grey Knight (Denal Nexus)(Light Side)

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Boba Fett

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Venessa Cad-Farr (Wife)

CT-1921 Noir Farr

Ben Farr

Zatt Farr was a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter who formed The Mandalorian Coalition. When he was Sixteen he discover he was force sensitive and start using his abilities to fight other force users. After The Coalition was destroyed by The Forsaken Sith and Zatt was stab through the chest he mysterously was on Dantioone.He found a Temple there and A white cloaked figure there. After this He found Jango again and they rescued his love Vanessa Cad during this he propose to her and she accepted. They where married in the Cargo hold of The Forge. They accepted Jango fetts offer to train Clone Troopers on Kamino. However He and Venessa were left to die on Kessol till Bossk rescued them saying he was repaying a old debt. Zatt and Venessa became bounty hunters and Encountered many odd people such as Hondo Ohnaka. Zatt and Her fought Former Crime Lord Cobble who had a personal grudge who laid a trap for them on Hoth. He was deeply saddend when he heard the death of Jango and wondered of the fate . After Order 66 he waas hired by Obi-wan Kenobi to deliver CT-3339 to Teth . He soon join the rebellion and helped rescue jedi such as Helot Durron a Former Jedi and Nabo Royal Guard , Katie Zos a Jedi Empath , And Victer Gor a Jedi Guard. He helped the Rebellion and New Republic and even The Galactic Fedaration of Systems till he was killed by Zolatak in the Invasion of the brotherhood of lords


The Rescue Of Jango Fett

Jaster rescues a Young Jango Fett

You think your Tough kid? BANG! Yup.
– A Death Watch Soldier being killed by a 8 year old Zatt54 BBY- Zatt Farr was born to True Mandalorians Vinn and Sal Farr on Mandalore.He showed signs of begin force sensitive but his parents ignored it. At the age of 8 in he went into battle with Vinn against the death watch with Other True Mandalorians. Zatt killed A Death Watch Soldier with a blaster and his force powers even though at the time he didn't realise it. His Father was filled with pride and even Kal Skirata a Mandalorian Sergant was impress. a few months later he met Jango Fett the new leader of the True Mandalorian. He and Jango became good friends despite the age differance and the two help each other out in the coming battles.

Mandalorian Civil War

Vanessa Cad


Venessa Cad

Who are you? My name is Vanessa Cad Kid now back off. Hey, I'm only three years younger then you. Stop fighting now come on both of you.
– Jango Fett breaking up a arguement between Zatt and Vanessa Cad.

The Wampa

41 BBY-During a battle at Hoth Zatt acompanied Jango Fett , and A Mandalorian Girl named Vanessa Cad. Zatt and Vanessa argued almost the whole battle but secretly Zatt fell in love with Vanessa.However Sadly the two where seperated during the war. During the battle the two of them killed a Wampa and Zatt and Vanessa took each horn of it and promised to meet again.

Battle Of Galidraan

Mandalore will surive even through this Horror! How? Because Mand'alor is still alive and with him hope lives even though he may be imprison or whatever.
– Zatt Farr speaking to fellow Vode
Battle Of Galidraan

Jango leading the true mandalorians on Galidraan

40 BBY - After fighting Death watch for a few years victory was on the horizon till Jango Fett lead the True Mandalorians to Galidraan to help the local government. It turned out to be a trap by Tor Vizsla and he tricked the Jedi to attack the True Mandalorians. As the battle heated up a Jedi attacked Zatt and tried to cut him in half but Zatt let his Armor take the attack. Zatt then shot the jedi the stomach and then used his flamethrower to kill him. Zatt took the lightsaber and activated and prepare to use even though he never fought with one before. He notice that the True Mandalorians where failing and then he saw Vinn begin cut down. Zatt screams " Buir!" He flew on his jetpack and tried to kill the jedi but only got forced push out of the way.The lightsaber is knocked out of his grasp.The Jedi force pulls the Zatt's Lightsaber and along with his own tries to cut him in half. Zatt however activates his Knifes in his gaunlets and stabs the Jedi in the chest killing him. Zatt pushs the body off and then gets up to see that the battle is over and The True Mandalorians lost. He howevers sees that Jango is not among the dead and that he might yet of survived along with hope. Zatt leaves in his ship The Forge and returns to Mandalore.

39-37 BBY Tales Of The Mandalorian Mandalorian Coalition

A New Job

Mandalore needs a Army and I know you can lead one;I quit being Mand'alor but you can lead this new army.
– Jango speaking to Zatt39 BBY- After the defeat on Galidraan Zatt Returned to Mandalore and remain at a Cantina waiting for the right job. He got even more depressed after a few months when he heard that Vanessa his secret love was killed by a unknown bounty hunter of the hutt cartel. He declined ever bounty job till one day a man in Blue Beskar armor came in. The blue armored sat down opposite to Zatt. Zatt spoke " Who are you Vode?" The man replyed " Don't tell me you forgot me Za'Ika. Zatt took of his helemet and grinned at the Man. Zatt spoke " I knew you surived Galidraan." They catch up on what has happend in the past year and Zatt learns that Jango has been as a slave for most of the time till he escape, found Tor Vizsla and Killed him. Jango also told Zatt that Mandalore needs army and Zatt must lead it. Zatt pondered this for a time then finally accepts. Then Jango tells Zatt he needs to go to a Planet named Kamino where he has accepted a new job offer there. They part ways and Zatt begins to search for recuits for his Mandalorian Coalition.

Mandalorian Coalition

The Mandalorian Coalition was made to protect Mandalore till a new Mand'alor arises and commands us otherwise.
– Zatt Farr speaking to Zad Jenbri and other recuits for the coalition

The Trandoshan Milta Leader Nek

39 BBY Zatt searched all of Mandalore and recuited at least 230 Mandalorians. He soon recongized that Zad
Bossk Captured

Bossk in the Forge's bay before being released.

Jenbri and Fev Cadera where capable commanders and made Zad a Commander and Fev a Colonel. Together They set up a base on Mandalore near the captiol of Keldble. Soon The Coalition soon had it's first mission. A branch of the tranoshan milta had taken over a small community on Concord Dawn. They attack by using a Mandalorian Dugeon Ship and three Kom'rk Shuttles along with the Forge. Zatt engaged the leader Nek and after he had several fresh new scar on his armor he had killed the trandoshan with his lightsaber. But as he was leaving a Assault droid attacked him and caused him to drop his lightsaber. He destroyed the droid but found his lightsaber ruined. Before he left he found out that his force had capture a trandoshan by the name of Bossk. They had put him in the brig of the Forge to await Zatt. Zatt entered with Zad and Fev and interrogated Bossk to find he was hired to take down the Milta from the inside. Zatt decide to release Bossk and then The coalition left in the Dugeon ship when they got a transmission from a republic outpost . They where promised reward for the capture of a Dark Jedi who lived on the hidden planet of Ilum. Zaat who was starting to run low on credits accept it and took the Forge to Ilum as the Coalition returned to Mandalore.

Force User

GM WIP 2 by Pheonix023

Zatt when he was developing his force powers

You are Strong in the Force, Join me and together we can hone your powers and become Master and Apprentice! Never, I remember the tells of Sith old and how you betray each other; I rather die then join you! So be it.
– Dark Jedi Baron Rafundonov talking to Zatt about his powers39 BBY-Zatt landed the Forge on Ilum and walked toward the cave where the Dark Jedi supposedly lives at. Zatt enters the cave with Lightsaber in Hand. As he walks deeper into the cave a thunderous voicce commands " Who dares enter the domain of Dark Jedi Baron Refundonov"! Zatt twist around to find a Dark cloak figure blocking the entrance holding a dark blue lightsaber. Zatt charges at the figure but he feels as he had slammed into a Duracrete wall. The figure's skills in Lightsaber combat are like a whirlwind. He slowly forces Zatt back toward a cliff in the back of the cave. Suddenly the Figure slaps Zatt's lightsaber out of his hand and then the Figure force pushs Zatt off the cliff. Zatt screams as he falls to his presumble death.

New Lightsaber

Zatt awakes to find that he is not dead but just was unconsince. He stands up to find a small tunnel ahead of him and he decides to venture down it. He continues down it till a violet light ahead comes into view. Zatt start to pick up his pace till a silhouette of a familar figure appears. Zatt immediately grabs his DL-44 heavy pistol and points it at the figure. Jango Fett walks into view with his helemet off and a scornful look on his face. Zatt speaks" Jango what in the dead lord of the sith are you doing here"? Jango responds with a rist rocket sent flying toward Zatt who dodges it. Zatt soon realises that is not Jango fett and then tackles the fake Jango and then unleash his flame thrower on the fakes face immediately killing him. Just then The cloaked figure appears again and prepares to chop Zatt in half when Zatt fires a missle collapsing the ceilling. The figure jumps out of the way and Zatt the other way . The rumble blocks the to till The Figure aka Baron Nov tries to cut a circle in the rumble trying to open a way toward Zatt. Zatt realises he is breathing hard in fear but he seize control of emotions and enters a deep sleep like trance. He thinks about how he needs his lightsaber back to fight the Sith and how he first study its circuits and form. He opens his eyes to find the violet brighter then ever till it dissolves into a small crystal. He also finds other pieces of equipment floating around it and with a movement from Zatt's hands it forms into a lightsaber just like his own. He grabs the floating saber and then activates to find in the place of a blue beam like his old one and A violet one. He hears a roar of rage as the Baron finishes his circle and enters the chamber. The baron prepares to face Zatt again but this time Zatt felt the force flow through him and he feels confident he can win. The baron charges and shouts rage into Zatt's face and saying for him to join the Baron and rule by his side. However Zatt remains calm and replies No then using the force he unleash a whirlwind of power sending the dark jedi head over heels.Zatt sees his old saber on the mans belt and recalls it to hiself and activates it. The Baron trys to grab his saber but Zatt cuts off his hand and orders him to yield. The Baron complies and Zatt takes him to the Forge and then drops him off at the Republic outpost and recieve the reward and then returns back to the Coalition base on Mandalore but no longer Just a Mandalorian he called hiself a Jetti Mando'ade or a Jedi Mandalorian.

The Horned Man

Horned man

The Horned Man confronts Zatt

Maul escaping

The Horned Man escapes

You'll pay for that! No, my mission is complete; You fought well Zatt Farr and I will spare your life but remember the next time we meet I will kill you in cold blood.
– Zatt talking to the Zabrak- 38 BBY The Mandalorian Coalition had many other missions but one of the more unique ones was the encounter with a Unknown Sith Assassin.

Zatt , Zad , and a few other Coalition members headed for The Planet Tatioone to hunt a Crime lord by the name of Jed Typon. They landed The Forge at Mos Eisley and went to a local Cantina. They Order some drinks and waited around for there contact till a Duros pulled up a chair and sat down. The Duros spoke " I am Ohwun De Maal are you Farr?"Zatt nods and then the Duros speaks" Typon is hiding on a spacship crash named the Anchorhead in the middle of the square i'll take you there." Just then a Zabrak stood up from one of the tables with a pair of Trandoshans. The Zabrak made a gesture with his hand that made all but one of the doors close. Zatt recognised the gesture and his hand went to his lightsaber. Zad caught his movement and went for his gun. Ohwun saw it to but only to late as the Trandoshans opened fire as the figure activated a Crimson Lightsaber. Zatt jumped past Maal and activated his Violet lightsaber and blocked the shots from hitting Maal. Zatt and The Zabrak fought briefly till Zatt got force repulsed through a wall. Zatt saw Maal another Duros run out of the Cantina as Zatt got up and ran back in. Zatt looked around the Cantina to find tables turn over,blast scorchs on the walls a few bodys flung including the two other Members of the Coalition and the two Trandoshans on the ground as well. He looks for Zad when he gets a shadow drops down from the ceiling and kick Zatt in the face. Zatt watchs the shadow jump over him realising its the Zabrak he struggle to his feet in time to see the Zabrak leave on a custom Speedor Bike. Zatt hears a groaning behind a table and moves it to find Zad covered in wood and splinters. Zatt speaks " Vode you ok?" Zad groans " Yeah, we get him"? Zatt replies " No but i think i know where he is going". Zatt and Zad take their Flash Speeder to Anchor head where Jed is supossed to be. Zatt and Zad enter through a airlock and kill a few sentries and make there way to the bridge to find Jed with two droidikas. Zad doesn't even wait for Zatt to tell him. He fires at the droidikas who return fire which Zatt blocks with his Violet Lightsaber. Jed tries to escape but Zatt shoots him with a stun dart knocking him out temporarily. Zatt turns from jed to find Zad has already disabled one of the droids. He turns on the other one when it bears its blasters on him. Zatt force repulses the droidika against the wall. Zatt and Zad finally can catch their breath and then they take Jed back to the Forge in the Flash Speeder. They open the blast doors to their hanger to find The Zabrak waiting there. Zatt throws Jed to the side and activates his Violet blade and prepares to attack the Zabrak as Zad grabs his Vibrosword from his back. The three begin battle and after a few attacks the Zabrak appears to grow bored with and then suddenly He force kicks Zatt in the ribs throwing him a few feet away and then he begins to concentrate on Zad. He blocks the first few blows and then the Zabrak lures Zad into pressing his attack. Zad causes the Zabrak to trip and is about to decapiate the Zabrak when the Zabrak press a button on the far end of his lightsaber hilt. A secondary blade activates at the bottom of the lightsaber impaling Zad through the stomach. Zatt screams no as Zad falls to the ground.The Zabrak deactivates his bottom blade and begins to walk toward Zatt but is stopped by Zatt who makes a whirlwind of wind and throws it at Zabrak. The Zabrak flies into a wall but as Zatt begins to charge at the Zabrak he gets thrown against the wall.The Zabrak gets up and sees that Jed is begininng to run away.The Zabrak force throws his saber staff and it decapiated him. The Zabrak recalls his blade to see Zatt has stumbled to his feet. The Zabrak tells Zatt he is strong in the force and next time he will kill him. Zatt leaves in the Forge along with Zad's body which he cremates in front of all of the Coalition. Zatt also vows revenge on The Zabrak. Zatt starts to begin a investagation into the sith in The Mandalore Archives unknowingly alerting a Sith by the name of Darth Axle to his investagation.

Descruction of the Coalition

You think you are strong in the Force? Don't make me Laugh, the Force is power and that is something you sorely fool!
– Darth Axle speaking to Zatt after he defeat Zatt

Fev Cadera

37 BBY-Zatt learned more about the Sith and also learned how passion and revenge fueled some of there warriors. He used his lust for revenge and his passion for protecting his troops to fuel it. He learned of many sith orgnization named the Brotherhood Of Darkness whose leader such as Exar Kun , and Nafol Vagg made a number of hidden temples on many worlds such as: Umbara , Dathomir , Mustafar , Yavin 4 , even Tatioone. Zatt wrote down the names and assigned different search teams to find these supposed temples on these worlds. He sent Colonel Fev Cadera to Dathomir ,Lieutenant Saris "Kad" Tenau went to Umbara, Corporal Vehen "Mame" Sornell went to Mustafar, and Sergeant Sota "Clober" Jendri (Zad's Brother) went to Tatioone. Zatt decided to go to Yavin 4 with a small team of Mandalorian Super Commandos.

Exar Kun

Exar Kun before his demise

Exar Kun before his demise

Zatt landed in the Forge as the Commandos landed in a Mandalorian Gunship." They had landed by a Obsidian Temple which Zatt felt a dark presence in it and ordered the Team to advance. As they approached Zatt noticed a huge lake between the temple and them and A statue of a dark cowled man. Zatt read on the bottom of it the name Exar Kun Lord 'of Yavin. Zatt continued into the temple and the group split up into groups of two. As Zatt and The other Commando round a corner he heard a blood curding scream of terror from the oppsite direction! Zatt turns and starts running toward it and at the same time activating his two lightsabers. He arrives with the remaining Commando to fidn the other to smoking husks. He bows his head in respect for the two forgetting to search for the attacker.He hears the other Commando load his gun then a crackling sound fills the air and Zatt looks over head to see the other Commando soaring over him with purple lighting swirling around him. He hits a wall and lands on the floor dead! Zatt spins around lightsabers in defense position. To Zatt's surprise it's The man from the statue: Exar Kun! Exar speaks " Now with the lesser beings out of the way; Hello Zatt Farr I am Exar Kun and I am Terrible sorry for killing your companions but are talk is only for Force Sensitive Beings". Zatt trying to comprehend how a Sith from a few thousands years ago alive now and how he knows his name.Exar smiles and speaks "Yes I know your name have searched your mind and I know everthing about you even your love for Vanessa." Zatt fills his Love and anger of her ignites his passion. Exar Kun smiles at his anger and continues" Yes she is alive and you can rescue her with my powers and the two can be together, Also we can find this Horned Man and His Master and eradicate them avenging Zad"! Zatt watchs as Before a image of Him and Venessa Rook in a jail cell and him enter with lighting cackling at his finger tips, The two embrace and then the two are married at Mandalore, A another picture appears of Zatt and Exar Kun killed The Horned man and another man. Zatt sees images of his future. He falls to the ground overwhelmed by everthing. Exar Kun speaks softly " Will you join me?" Suddenly a image flash through his mind; Back at the achieves he read about Exar Kun and how he manupleted people and bend it to his will. He gets up and speaks " I see through your lies Exar Kun and I will never betray Mandalore!" Exar frowns and replies " Very well Mandalorian then see your Men right now!" Exar moves his hand again and a picture appears of Veh If you will not join me you will DIE!" Exar fires lighting at Zatt tries to block it with his Blue and Violet Blades but the Lighting gets past and Zatt feels as if every muscle in his body explodes. But as the pain intensifys he sudden feels very calm and peaceful. He finally opens his eyes to find a white cloaked figure battling Exar Kun. After what seemed like ertenity of A force battle, the white cloaked shoots emerald lighting out of his finger tips at Exar who screams NO then vanishes. The White Cloaked figure helps Zatt Farr to his feet and guides him to the entrance and then points to The Forge. Zatt slowly nods and starts walking but turns around to ask The White Cloaked figure his name to find him gone. Zatt gets into space to get a call from Fev. He answers to see Fev covered in blood and blast marks with a rifle and blaster in hand shooting what appears to be Sith. Fev speaks as he kills some Sith " Boss, the Base is under attack by Sith"! Zatt replies " How?" Fev answers "I arrived back to report about my temple was empty but I found Vehen calling to report back he found hostile Sith but he defeat them and he was on his way back with the leader in custody but when he arrived He got Three steps of the ramp when he fell over dead then a army of Sith emerges from both ships and attack us and now many are dead including all of the search parties don't retu--. The transmission is cut short by a sith jumping at Fev who fires a couple of shots then suddenly the transmission ends. Zatt does the exact opposite of what Fev told him to do. He punchs the corridnates and then jumps to hyperspace...

Defeat by the Sith

Zatt landed The Forge in the hanger. He exited and slowly walked along the hanger. he enters the main hall to find the aftermath of the battle. There where many Mandalorians here and there but there was the occasional Sith. He exited the building and heading into the Training grounds to find it had started drizzling as we has inside. He gets half way through the field to see Lieutenant Saris Tenau and a couple others blood corpses on the ground and Five Sith standing there as if waiting. The one who appears to be the leader speaks" So you have come to bear witness to are glorious carnage"? Zatt replies " No, I have come to kill you"! Zatt activates both of his lightsaber and charges the Sith. Zatt tries to cut the Sith down but the sith activates his lightsaber and very quickly knocks Zatt back. The Sith laughs and tells him he that the force is with him but he doesn't know how to use it. The Sith laughs and tells a karkarodon and human to execute Zatt as he turns away to walk back to their ship . Zatt looks as the Karkarodon prepares to decapiate him and Human holds him in place. Just as the blade comes down Zatt explodes into motion he kicks the human in the knee crippling him then brings him into the Saber's path. It impales the Human and The Karkarodon jumps and lunges at Zatt who recalls his Violet lightsaber and blocks the lunge. The Karkarodon tries to bite Zatt's head off but Zatt stuffs a Thermal Detonator into it's mouth. Zatt gets up and recalls his other lightsaber and starts walking toward The Leader. The other two Sith try to stop Zatt but he is to deep in the Force to notice them. He simply just twirls his blade cutting through one of the Sith's shoulder blades and the other oen he fired a small projectile which caused the Sith to explode. The Leader turns around to see what the problem is to find Zatt charging at him. He force pushs but it doesn't stop however it slaps the lightsabers from his hand. Zatt doesn't care that his lightsabers got blown away he's got a new plan anyway. Zatt activates Jetpack and flies straight for The Leader who tries to stop him with lighting but fails. Zatt gets doesn't even stop flying and tackles him despite get shocked by force lighting! He grabs him around the waist and despite everthing the Sith does he can't break Zatt's hold on him. Zatt holds him out in front of him and slams him right threw against a duracrete pillar and continues slamming him through a few pillars till he blast right through a steel wall and he loses his grip on the sith. They end up in the Hanger and As Zatt gets back up and prepares to do it again the Sith yells "ENOUGH"! The sith impales Zatt right through the Chest! Zatt gasps and as the crimson blade deactivates he falls to the ground gasping for air. He starts to black out but refuses to He looks up to see a blur of white attacking the Sith. After a few second which seemed like hours The Blurr defeats The Sith but doesn't kill him. The blurr looks down on Zatt who blacks out...... . Unknown to Zatt he is brought to Dantioone by the blurr for unknown reasons.... .

37-32 BBY Lost

Training On Dantioone

Who are you and Where am I? You are in my private temple on Dantioone and I have many names but you may Call me The Grey Knight. I have brought you here to train you and have you fight against Darth Axle and his Forsaken Sith.
– Zatt speaking with The Grey Knight37 BBY-Zatt Farr awake to find himself on a small bed in little room. He can't remember how he got here or what happend to the Sith. He looks down at hiself to find his Beskar gone and a jedi-like robe in it's place and his two lightsabers at his side. He got up and carefully inspected the room. He found his armor in the closet and then he dared to venture out of the small room. He entered a small hallway to and was amazed at what he finds. All around him artifacts from different eras: He saw what look scales of a Zillo Beast,A set of Mon Calamri Knight Armor from Calamari , and last the thing he found most out of place was a Mandalorian Neo-crusader helmet along with a lightasaber below it. He soon heard Lightsaber combat in the distance he rushed to find it. He enter to find a Zabrak battling a Middle aged man in sliver robes. Saw that a group of mixed species watching the two. He sat down and watched till it concluded with the man winning. He dimiss the group but Zatt lingers and the Man notices and calls Zatt to him. The man tells Zatt why he is here and where here is. Zatt agrees to train and after a 8 months he feels as if he is ready to take the trials. During this time he learns that the Man is the same one who rescued him from Both Exar Kun and The other Sith who is Darth Axle. (The Trials Will be written later on)

Returning to Mandalore

Who are you? I am Zatt Farr: Grey Jedi Mandalorian and now vermin GET OUT OF MY HOME!
– Wompa Rat Lord speaking to Zatt before he killed all of them for taking over the former Mandalorian Coalition Head quarters.37 BBY-After training with The Grey Knight he returned in the Forge to the base of the Mandalorian Coaliton on Mandalore to find it over run with Wompa Rats and a Weak Force user who was barely controlling their minds. He quickly killed all the Wompa rats and was about to kill the Wompa Rat lord when he remember one of Grey's sayings " To kill in angry is the path to the Dark Side." He decide not to kill the Wompa Rat lord but he did kick him out. As he turn his back on the Wompa rat lord he slowly raised a hidden blaster to shoot Zatt. Zatt felt it coming through the Force and simply blocked the blasts and cut off the Lord's hands. He soon realised that the base was beyond repair and he set it a blaze with his mini Flamethrower on his gaunlet. He soon left the base vowing never to return and then bought a small Apartment in Keldable city.

Meeting Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-wan kenobi

I am Qui-Gon Jinn and this is Obi-Wan Kenobi we are searching for a man named Xanatos. I am Zatt Farr and I have been hired to hunt down him as well maybe we should work together.
– Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan kenobi speaking to Zatt about Xanatos
Xanatos TERC


35 BBY-At one point Zatt Farr accept a bounty for Dark Jedi Xanatos and then he took the Forge to Teth to find him. Zatt soon ran into Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They agreed to work together and soon they found Xanatos and his mining corporation named Offworld.Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan engaged Xanatos and his Apprentice. Soon it looked like Qui-Gon was going to defeat Xanatos but Xanatos suddenly kicked Qui-Gon in the leg stunning him. Xanatos prepared to bring his blade down on Qui-Gon but Zatt emerged from a nearby door and blocked the attack with his violet blade. He soon entered a duel with Xanatos and remember Grey's training. He soon force repulsed Xanatos away. He helped Qui-Gon to his feet but as they where getting up and catching their breath they saw Xanatos dangling Obi-Wan over a the side of a Catwalk. Qui-Gon demand Xanatos let Obi go. Xanatos sayed poor choice of words and let Obi-Wan go. Xanatos took of running along with his apprentice. Qui-Gon and Zattt ran to the side to see Obi-Wan about to let go and fall to his death. Zatt conflicted about whether to go after Xanatos or Rescue Kenobi soon made up his mind as Obi-wan lost his grip. Zatt activated his Jetpack and caught Kenobi. He helped him up to the Catwalk and then they raced after Xanatos.they made it to the hanger only to see Xanatos blasting away in his ship. Zatt vowed he would never let another Bounty slip through his fingers. He said his good byes to the jedi and returned to Mandalore.

Fox Theta

I Serve the Republic in truth and honor and I know very well I could be shot and make my Wife a widow and Son orphan but I still fight injustice you know why because I have honor,This is why I fight!
– Fox Hornet telling Zatt Farr.

35 BBY- Zatt Farr at one point was hired by Jabba The Hutt to hunt down a Rival by the name of Cobble on Corusant. He piloted the Forge into the Corusant Underworld and landed outside Level 1313. As he was exiting he notice The Police had blocked the Entrance. Even more surpising was that he saw Senate Guards inside preparing to leave in a Gunship. He got past with easiness using a simple mine trick but as he entered a Senate Guard stopped him. He commanded him to raise his arms and he asked how he got in.Zatt simply fires a stun dart at him but to his surprise the Guard dodged it and fired at him.Zatt knew full well that his Beskar could take it so he didn't use his lightsaber to stop it. But what really surprised him was that it was a stun bolt. It penetrated his armor causing him to lose consience. He awoke a few hours later to find him stripped of his armor and lightsabers but to his relief they where on the table in front of him.A Senate guard entered and Zatt recongized him as the one who captured him. He asked why he was trying to get through and Zatt answer truthfully. The Guard visably relaxed and told him he is glad others are trying to fight the crime lord. Zatt asked why and The Guard spoke that Cobble has enough men and explosives to level all of 1313 and he also had threated to kill Chancellor Valorum. Zatt noded knowing that he must help defeat Cobble but he couldn't do it alone. Zatt asked what the police and Guard is doing to stop him. The guard reply" Nothing because they don't take him seriously but I have been in his base and he can do it." Zatt ponders this then asks if this guard would help him escape and defeat Cobble's. The Guard replies yes but he also say how will they defeat the Crime Lord. Zatt simply moves his fingers and his stun cuffs fall of. The guards eyes widen almost as big as a Rodian's. The guards lets him get his armor and lightsabers on and the two slowly makes their way toward a gunship. A fews guard shout at them to halt but they both ignore them. They head for Level 1313 and make their way toward the Cobble's base they slowly make there way to a warehouse where Cobble is suppose to be as they land they subdue the roof guards and slowly make their way toward a loud voice. Zatt stops as he sees a large group of people standing in the middle of the warehouse listening to a strong musclar man who Zatt can tell is The Crime Lord Cobble. Zatt tells The guard the plan and he argees to it. Zatt flies out from the cover and fires many rockets from his gaunlets and his Jetpack. It takes out a large portion of the group but one of them yells a command into his Comlink and two hulking Assault droids enter. One opens fire on Zatt hitting his jetpack ground him. The droid prepares to crush Zatt but gets multiple shots in the Face from the Guard. The Guard distracks both droids as Zatt runs for cover. The Guard ducks back around and shows three blast marks on his armor. Zatt know his armor isn't as good as his Beskar ask if he is ok but he replies about how his honor requires him to stay loyal to the republic and he asks where his loyality lies. Zatt replies his "Aliit" and activates both Lightsabers and flies toward The top of one of the droids heads. He stabs his blade deep into it's head deactivating it. The other droid opens fire blowing up the Droid Zatt was standing on. Zatt Jumps and throws a Grenade into the other droids brain compartment blowing it's head off. Zatt falls off and he sees Cobble trying to get away but The guard tackles him and cuffs him. They quickly escape to the gunship but as they heading to leave 1313 Cobble starts laughing. Zatt integates him and finds out he has hired a sniper to kill the Chancelor. The Guard gasps and tells Zatt they must rescue him and Zatt punchs the controls of the Gunship to full gear and speeds for the exit of 1313. Zatt crashs right through the exit. Zatt speeds for the Forge and exits telling the Guard to take Cobble back to his base and he would stop the sniper. The Guard refuses and heads into the Forge with Cobble beside him . He straps into the Copilot and places Cobble into the brig. Zatt leaves the Gunship where the police can find it and then pilots the Forge straight for the Senate Building where the Chancellor is speaking. Zatt reachs out through the Force as they approachs the Senate and finds a Single Flash speedor waiting high above the Skyline in direct view of the Senate he punchs the forge at full speed and The Speedor comes into view he notices the Comlink is binging from The Police telling the Forge to turn back. The Speedor doesn't notice the Forge tills it's to late. The Forge spits fire out of it's front laser cannon. The Speedor explodes and The Forge escapes before the Police can catch the Forge. Zatt Drops the Guard and The Crime Lord off at the police headquarters and tells The Guard goodbye. He also learns that the Guards name is Fox Hornet and a few weeks later he finds out that Chancellor Valorum is awarding Fox the cross of the republic and a Statue in his Honor and Fox is begin promoted to Commander of all Senate Guards and Commandos. Zatt watchs from a distance. Zatt smiles as He watchs Fox accept the cross and then he embraces his wife and Son. Zatt flies away but he steals Cobble from the Republic Prison but he notices that The Guards where not chasing him. He smiles as he realises that Fox let him go and then he takes The Crime Lord to Jabba and then returns to his apartment on Mandalore.

Purchasing a Droid

Thank you little one. Beep boop. What is your name? Beep boop beep R5-N7 is it how about I bought it
– Zatt speaking to R5-N7


34 BBY-During a Mission to Tatioone Zatt decide to buy a astromech to help keep Forge in good shape. He went to the local town to find a group of Jawas selling some Astromech. He stopped by and inspected each one. While he was inspecting one a Man tried to kill Zatt with a Blast bolt to the head. A R5 unit fired some oil at his eyes causing the Man to fire wildly. Zatt turned around and shot him with his Custom DL-77 heavy blaster. He thanked the R5 and decide to buy him because he saved his life. The two soon became Good Friends and Later on R5 helped Zatt and even saved his life more then Zatt could count.When they return to the Forge however Zatt found that Jango had tried to contact him. He looked over the message to find Jango want to meet up at the Mos Eisley Cantina tomorrow and all he sayed was he had urgent news about somebody he knew.

Jango Returns and Saving Venessa

I found her Ner'Vode. What How? I have a contact in Jorj Car'das's Orignization she has been capture by him. I'll skin him with the wampaa horn knife.Come on but where taking Slave I.
– Jango telling Zatt he found Vanessa


34 BBY-Zatt entered the Cantina with R5-N7 and most of the People raise their glass to Zatt after his last time here. He Saw Jango in the back drinking a Exotic Blue Drink. Zatt sits down and R5 rolls under the table. Jango tells Zatt about Vanessa being captured. Zatt ,Jango,and R5 head to Slave I and head to Nar Shadda. Jango lands The Slave I and the three of them pilot Zatt's Flash Speedor the Deathlok to a palace onn the outskirts of the main city. Jango and Zatt take their Beskar off and get in civilian Zatt tells R5-N7 to keep the Speedor flying even after they exit. Zatt and Jango jump out and they land by a ventilation and then they wait till a Guard lets them enter it. Jango acknowledges the guard as Zam and then the three of them dodge the lasers and finally after a hour they finally make it to the crew Quarters.They drop down and They dispatch a couple guards who where at the wrong place at the wrong time. Zam gets them the codes for Venessa cell as Jango and Zatt take the guard's cloths and armor and head for the detention Cells. Zam leaves them and then They find Vanessa's cell and enter it. Zatt tells Jango to stay outside. Zatt enters it to find it empty. Afraid they have executed her or worse he turns around to get a Figure jumped on him. The Figure growls "I might be killed for this but I will never be a prisoner again!" Zatt speaks "You always where a figure even without Any weapons." He hears her gasp and she speaks " Za'Ika is that you Ner'Vod?" Zatt takes off his Helmet and then Venessa helps Zatt up. The Two embrace and then exit to find Jango already in a gun fight. Jango speaks " What took you two?" Jango shoots the blast door's controls causing it to block them from the Guards. Venessa speaks " This is your plan Shoot up the whole base?" Zatt rolls his eyes in amusement and then he punchs his comlink signaling R5. A loud explosion rocks the compound as R5 shoots one of Slave I's missles. The wall near them cave's in and The ship's landing ramp lowers and the three run up it. Jango then press a button on his gaunlet. And muffled explosion sounds.Zatt speaks "Jango what did you do?" jango replies" I placed a bomb in the power core to stop them from chasing us." R5 manuvers Slave I into the atmosphere and beeps in surprise. Jango enters the bridge and swears in Mando'a as he finds a Pirate Captiol ship chasing them. Zatt asks for the controls of the ship and Jango pauses at letting his ship be turned over to another but finally hands it over. Zatt turns Slave I around and lets the Force guide his hands after three direct attacks he fires two concussion missle into the underside of it destroying its power core. Zatt turns the ship around and heads back and jumps to hyperspace. They arrive at Tatioone and Jango and Zatt part ways again. Zatt and Venessa , R5-N7 board the Forge and head back to Mandalore where Zatt proposes to Venessa and she says yes.


– Mandalorian Marriage Vow34 BBY-Zatt Farr and Venessa Cad where married in The Forge. The only one to intend was R5 but they didn't care.During it a group of pirates wanting revenge for the crime lord that Zatt and Fox captured attacked. They quickly dispatch them and then returned to Mandalore.Venesssa Cad and Zatt Farr became a awesome Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Team and tracked down many bountys.

Aurra Sing


Aurra Sing

Her name is Aurra Sing she is a Bounty Hunter with a grudge against Jedi and a rumor is going around that she once was a Jedi herself till she was betrayed.
– Venessa telling Zatt about Aurra Sing who just stole a bounty from them.33 BBY-Zatt and Venessa where hired to kidnap a Senator from the Daghee and protect him till they caught a assassin trying to kill him and the Senator that was staying on Alderaan. The Plan was while the Senator was in his speedor Zatt would be disguise as a Alderaan Security Officer and stop the speedor and pretends to right them a ticket then grab the Senator and run to Deathlok and Venessa would be the sniper covering Zatt's back.Zatt rode in the Deathlok and activated his fake siren he had placed on the top of the speedor. The Senator's convoy pulled over and Zatt got out and walk to the Senator's Speedor and then asked for the Senator to step out. The Senator did and was about to ask Zatt why a Single shot ranged and the Senator fell over dead. The Guards opened fire on Zatt and in return Zatt returned fire and Zatt called Venessa and asked why she took the shot? She replied she hadn't but he might want to return to the Deathlok. He entered it and speed away taking a longer route back to Forge. Zatt met Venessa there and Venessa told him that she saw a Rattak named Aurra Sing kill the Senator and then sped away.Zatt tell's Venessa they need to find this Woman and bring her to Justice(Even Though Zatt was trying to Kidnap the Senator he was trying to protect him.) They take the Forge to a planet named Emri and through Zatt's Contacts learn that Aurra is heading there to murder a Jedi who was staying there. The Forge lands in a forest near the captiol where the Jedi is staying. Zatt along with Venessa and R5 head into the city aboard the Deathlok and through the Force Zatt is able to find Aurra who has taken a apartment over looking a the Jedi's Living Quarters. As he pulls up he sees The Jedi Master standing out on his balcony mediatating.Zatt also tells Venessa to keep the engines running in case he need a speedy exit.  Zatt cannot sense Aurra anymore so he presume she is using some dark side stealth techiques. No Matter Zatt thought he remember the room his contact Hondo had given him. He marched inside the hotel where Aurra was staying and waited outside her door for a few second to check if his weapons where in place then slowly entered. He saw what looked like a custom sniper rifle on a perch aimed the Jedi but no sign of Sing he slowly made his way to the Balcony and thinking that Sing had left till he realized his Error: Aurra Sing was still here! He turn around to find Aurra dropping down and trying to grab Farr. He push her away and opened fire with his DL-44. Aurra ran to find cover behind a couch and then opened fire with her small pistols. Zatt let his Beskar take the front of the attack but still grunted in pain as a bolt hit his shoulder blade which weas exposed. He tackle Aurra and knock the blasters from her hands and then asked why she killed the Senator. She laughed and said that she wasn't hired to kill the Senator but to kill Zatt by Cobble The former crime lord who Zatt captured. (who was supposed to be rotting in a Ceil on Tatioone.). Zatt surprise by this sudden revalation weakens his grip on Aurra and gets force repulsed across the room. Zatt gets up and feels blood running down his face. Zatt then activates his two Lightsabers and charges Sing who activates her own Lightsaber. The two duel and it seems as if Sing was going to win till Zatt round house kicks Aurra in the stomach.She stumble and Zatt moves behind her and puts her into a headlock and doesn't let go till she passes out. He carries her out and returns to Venessa and R5 and they return to The Forge and head to Corusant. He hands Aurra over to her Master An'ya Kuro her former master and then faces the Court on Alderaan for charges against killing The Senator and is helped by Fox Hornet and after a month of being on trial he is proved not-guilt. Zatt tells Fox thanks and then leaves in the his ship he arrived in and then return to Mandalore.

Meeting Xeri

I don't trust her. So your the Force User now? Shut up, You sorry Nerfherder!
– Vess talking to Zatt about the Blue skinned woman:Xeri

The Kaleesh swordsman

33 BBY-Zatt Farr and Venessa Cad learned that indeed Cobble has escaped from Jabba's Prison and has start to gather more power to his side and has put a Bounty on Zatt's head for a 5 million credits. Zatt and Venessa head to the palnet Corella Cobble's Homeworld to try in find the Crime Lord there. As they are searching a group of Bounty Hunters ambushed them. Zatt and Venessa engaged them but a Giant Trandoshan and A Gand finally pinned Zatt to the ground. Venessa was soon beaten to by a Man in what appear to be bandages and then hope seemed lose till a group of B1 battle droids attack the group.The Pirates return fire but dropped Zatt and Vess. As the Pirates where trying to escape a blue skinned woman sneak behind them and opened fire with two heavy pistols. The Pirates also tried to fight her but still had the droids to worry about fail to notice the Kaleesh above them drop down and start dispatching them one by one. Soon the battle was over but the Man in bandages and the Gand escaped and the Kaleesh departed but the blue woman approached Zatt and Vess. They told the Woman thank you which she said it was no problem and that her name was Xeri and that was all they need to know right now she then preceeds to tell them that Cobble has a base on Hoth.Then She left along with the battle droids. Zatt and Vess return to Forge and then they set course for Hoth even though Vess doesn't trust the woman Xeri.

Cold Encounter

You Ruined Everthing last time but not again never again! I have grown in power Farr and now you will suffer as I have suffered!
– {{{2}}} 33 BBY-The Forgelanded on Hoth and Zatt along with Vess near Cobble's supposed base. They sneaked into a ventilation shaft and crawled along till they found a Command Room. Cobble was standing talking to a group of wealth individuals and pirates.He told them about how they could take over Corusant Underworld and how Darth something could help them. The assemble soon broke off and Cobble went toward a large room. Cobble entered and Zatt with Vess followed. They entered to find it darkened and then A light turned on to show Cobble in some Armor and a Vibrosword in each hand. He told them that they fell into his trap and that they weren't going to ruin his plans again. A Giant Kaleesh lumbered in behind them and Vess said she take him as Zatt took Cobble. Zatt and Cobble dueled and Zatt found out after slashing Cobble to find the armor made out of some sort of Lightsaber resistance metal. Cobble slashed his swords and it got through his armor. The attack cause his left alarm to go numb forcing Zatt to fight with one blade. Cobble thought he was winning so he got cocky and lunged for the killing Zatt sidestepped and fired a missile into Cobble. Bits and pieces of Cobbles armor flew off and Cobble got up and start to run away. Zatt check on Vess to find her about to kill the Houk. He ran after Cobble and was about to tackle him when a Verpine Shatter Rifle sounded. Zatt saw Cobble getting farther away but Zatt's feet wouldn't move. He look down to find a Verpine Shatter Projectile in his chest. He collapsed and the last thing he saw was Vess standing over him......


What sort of profit will I get in return? The Entire ship and Spice it is carrying. Aw yes alright what are we what ing for let's go!
– {{{2}}}

Hondo after Zatt asks him to help attack a trade fedaration ship blockading Dantioone

33 BBY-Zatt awoke to find himself in the Forge. He heard chatter coming from the cockpit and entered it to find R5 and Vess talking to Xeri the blue skinned woman. Vess senses Zatt and tells Xeri good-bye. They talk and Zatt catches up on what has happend. He learns that He has been knocked out for Three days and that Xeri told her that A Trade Federation Blockade has blocked Dantioone. Zatt knows that they would of blocked His former Master Grey Knight's Supply lines. Zatt tells Vess they need to break the blockade and Vess asks how that it is only the two of them. R5-N7 announces his presence and Vess corrects herself and Zatt says he has a plan and that they must head to Florrum. Vess ask why and Zatt says they need help. The Forge lands on Florrum and A Weequay Pirate with two others. The head Weequay asks who they are and Zatt replies Farr you son of a nerf herder . The Weequay stares hard at Zatt for a few Seconds then finally both of them burst into laughing and the two part each other on the back. Zatt asks how the Weequay who is reveal to be Hondo (Zatt's Pirate). Hondo replies good sense business is Well. They enter the Stronghold.They enter a cantina and Hondo chooses a seat in the back. Zatt and Vess sit with Hondo and Hondo asks what can he do for Zatt. Zatt gets straight to the point. He tells Hondo he was wondering if Hondo will help them destroy the blockade of Dantioone. Hondo almost chokes with laughter. Hondo asks why would he ever do that? Zatt replies that he saved Hondo's life on Kessel from a Giant Wookie. Hondo says that Zatt will never let him live it down. He finally says Yes after Zatt promises all the loot from the ship. Hondo takes three pirate Capitol ships and Zatt , Vess ,and R5-N7 in the Forge. They jump to hyperspace and then they arrived at Dantioone. The Capitol Ship deploys fighters and They follow the Forge to attack the Trade Federation Ship. Hondo's Capitol ship destroys the support ships but fail to notice another ship appear behind them and attack them. A Cargo Ship which was part of a group of Captured ships speed toward Hondo and destroyed The Trade Ship attacking him. Forge and the other ships destroy the bridge and Hondo's Capitol Ships detach cables to steady the ship. They take it back to Florrum destroying the Blockade. Zatt tells Hondo goodbye and then returns to Mandalore. During the Travel Zatt tells Vess that the mysterious Capitol ship was Xeri's ship. She asked how he knew it he simply says he just knew. Vess' suspicion deepens for this woman as they return to Mandalore.

Zam Wessel


Zam Wessel

Greedy Greedo


Be careful of Zam. Why? I suspect that she double dealer me a couple of times because a few bounty got away after I was about to capture them
– Jango talking to Farr about Zam 33 BBY-Zatt and Vess at one point where hired to work with Zam Wessel for a Guard job for King of Onderan. Zatt met Zam once during the rescue of Vess she was under cover then. Zatt learned that Zam was a Clawdite who knew Jango. During the mission Zatt learned that A Small time Rodian bounty Hunter by the name of Greedo. When Greedo attempted to kill The King he only managed to kill a guard. Zatt , Vess , and Zam. At one point Zatt couldn't find Zam he suspected something was up in the Force. Zatt used the Force to find Zam. He and Vess pulled up in Deathlok and watched through Micro-binoculars to find Zam and Greedo talking in a cantina. Zatt fires a small listener into the window by the booth where they where sitting Zatt listens in as Greedo passes Zam some credits. Zam tells them that King was poisoned and that Jabba would be Happy. Zatt turns Zam into the authority but he learn she escape. He found the king dead and he got a death mark on his head at Onderan. He arrested Greedo but learned that Jabba bailed him out. He vowed never to take a Job from Jabba again. Zatt learned after this that Zam , Greedo , and Aurra Sing all where hunting him. Zatt warns Jango about Zam and he says he'll deal with Zam one day but For Zatt to watch out for a Assassin named Exile O a Assassin who Cobble has hired to kill Zatt. Zatt thanks Jango for the warning and Knows he can't return to Mandalore since Cobble know he lives there. He and Vess ask Fox Theta's wife who is now a Widow. She says yes and they stay there for three weeks as Exile closes in.....



Zatt in his civilian cloths

This is the End if the line Farr! I don't think so!
– Cobble and Farr After the mess with Zam Vanessa and Zatt stayed on Corusant to try and find the Assassin Exile 0. During a search through a plaza in average cloths (No Beskar) to meet with a contact and They where attacked by A man in weird robes and armor , along with A group of Felucia Natives attacked. Zatt dispatch one or two and then caused them to retreat but not before the Weird Robed man made a gesture to watch out. Zatt can only assume that the figure is Exile 0. He follows them in the Deathlok but loses them for awhile till he finally sees the natives heading to a warehouse where he guess Exile is too. He enters behind the natives and then listens to a shadowy figure is. He presumes the Figure is exile and listen till Exile moves his head a weird way and then opens fire on The position where Zatt is. Zatt runs out of cover and then runs out the exit and try's to make it to Deathlok. Before he reaches Deathlok it explodes and as Zatt's hope sinks and prepares for death (Only regret is that he didn't spend more time with Vanessa) when a speeder emerges and opens fire killing the Natives and causing Exile to flee. The driver commands Zatt to jump in as reinforcements arrive to help exile. Zatt doesn't even question the man and just jumps in.

Showdown with Cobble and Exile

Zatt learns that his rescuer is Thomas Anderson and he is a bounty Hunter who is hunting Exile and he needs help which is why he rescued Zatt. He tells Zatt he knows where Exile is but he needs help specifically Farr. Zatt try's to sense any ill will toward Himself or Vanessa. He then asks where and is told The Deacon Gangster old base. He then tells Vanessa and R5 to meet at The base. When they arrive Zatt tells Vanessa and R5 to stand guard as they go through the back. Zatt and Thomas made there way to a throne room to find Exile and two guards speaking. Zatt force jumps and then force pushs the two guards into a wall knocking them unconscious. Exile gasps and is about to say something gets shot in the head from Thomas. Zatt shocked that Thomas would execute Exile while they both know they need to bring him to Justice for the death of Fox Theta. He asks why and that they need him. Thomas replies he was just one loose end that needed to be cut and the last one was about to be. Zatt pondered this for a second till he realized to late. Thomas slams his head into Zatt's causing Zatt to see star and his vision gets fuzzy(It hurt because of he wasn't wearing his Beskar. He barely hears a person applauding and then he sees through blood and stars Cobble. Cobble kicks Zatt in the ribs causing him to spit up blood. He hears Cobble call Thomas Exile. Cobble soon commands Thomas to execute Zatt. Thomas raises his Blaster-Carbine to fire and Zatt suddenly feels the Force flow through him and his Lightsabers. Zatt cuts the Blaster and In half but suddenly a green Lightsaber appears. Zatt is surprise but he felt something was off about Thomas who is wielding it. The two engage in a Duel as Cobble slowly backs up to watch. Zatt and Thomas' duel continues out to a balcony (Which overlooks the hole that falls all the way to the crust of Corusant.) where Thomas defeats Zatt by chopping his hand with the Violet Lightsaber . It falls of and Zatt screams in pain and moves into a fetal position. Thomas raise his Lightsaber to give the coup de grâce when a voice booms "And this is for betraying my Husband!" Vanessa flys at top speed and punchs Thomas in the face and then fires a Missile at Thomas causing him to flip of the rail. Thomas screams in terror as he falls and is about to hit the crust. Vanessa helps Zatt up and then Zatt says "You couldn't of stopped him before he cut of my hand?" She glares at Zatt then the two of then bursted into laughing. Cobble enters with a heavy blaster carbine and says " How sweet but now I'm afraid your going to die ----(Gets electrocuted). Cobble lands on the ground twitching from a stun dart. Xeri appeared behind Cobble along with R5 and says " Your welcome Farr." She then leaves with out another word leaving Vanessa and Zatt trying to comprehend what just happened. Vanessa speaks "I still don't trust her and even more now." Zatt speaks " I agree we need to keep a eye of her." They steal Thomas's speeder and drop Cobble of at the Senate Building and Zatt hears that Cobble is charged with Homicide of Fox Theta, Treason , Trying to create a criminal empire , and assassination of Chancellor Valorum. Cobble was sentence to life in prison which Zatt finds it peculiar that he wasn't Sentence to death. Zatt decides to return to Mandalore with Vanessa and R5-N7 no longer willing to stomach the politics of The Republic. They say their goodbyes to Fox's wife, and his son Gregory Theta and leave Corusant not even considering it impossible that Thomas survived......

32-22 BBY Training

New Chance

I have a offer all I need you to do is stay there for a couple of years and train some Soldiers. What the heck I got no new jobs coming in Jango sure me and Nessa accept.
– Jango and Zatt talking about the Cul'var Dar32 BBY- After the encounter with Exile and Cobble Zatt and Nessa stayed on Mandalore for a year accepting no jobs. After one year Zatt considered giving up bounty hunting when Jango offered a job that would require them to stay on a planet named Kamino for many years.They accepted and arrived on Kamino and where given each a group of Clones to train. Zatt was wondering why Jango would give his blood to make a army till he saw young boba. He immediately understood and catches up with Jango and learned what he was suppose to do. Jango told him that he will take slave I out a couple of times a year so Zatt could could come with when ever. Zatt the next day went to train his clones brigade.

Wampa brigade

You are soldiers and I am your training Sergeant, you will follow my orders to the letter!
– Farr talking to Wampa Brigade32 BBY-Zatt soon met his brigade as Venessa went to train her group of ARC troopers. Zatt saw that his brigade was a group of Children. He still acted as they where men. He gave them a prep talk and Farr was surprised that They already could fire a blaster. He activated a group of training droids and set the droids blasters to stun as the clones boys took aim. After a few try's most of the Boys could shoot the targets but not a lot of them where able to dodge. At one point one boy was about to get shot by a stun bolt but a boy pushed him out of the way. Zatt help the two boys to there feet and then named the tiny hero Connor for he is Serious yet caring for his brothers. He soon named all the boys such as Lookout,Barrage, and others.

Kal Skirata

Your a good man, Kal you don't treat your boys as animals. Because they living beings Ner'Vod
– Kal Skirata and Zatt talking to each other.28 BBY At one point during his time on Kamino Zatt met Kal Skirata and his Null ARCs: Ordo, Mereel, Prudii, A'den,Jaing. Kal told Zatt about what the Kaminoians where going to do to the Nulls. He started to hate Kaminoians and even when One threaten to kill Connor from a genetic issue Zatt shot the grey freak. Jango told him that the kaminian was disliked anyway so no harm would come to Zatt or Connor.

Left for dead



You how can you be here?! Do I know you? You killed my brothers and sisters on Mandalore! Aw yes now I remember now it is your turn!
– Zatt along with Ness ,Holo,and slash squads encounter Darth Axle and other Sith on a training trip to Felucia before all of them die except Farr , Nessa, and Connor.The Forge dropped out of hyperspace and then landed on Felucia. Zatt and Nessa led their squads Holo and Slash Squad through the dense jungle of Felucia. Suddenly a Giant Rancor appeared and attacked them. Zatt distracted it with his Lightsaber as Nessa attacked it from above. The Rancor roared as Zatt slashed his Lightsaber across its leg. It charged at Zatt and knocked him against a tree causing him to slip into unconsciousness. Zatt awoke to see the rancor about to eat him when Connor jumps in front of Zatt and fires a PLEX Rocket Launcher causing the back of its head to explode. The Rancor fell over dead and Connor helped Zatt up just in time to see the other clones along with Nessa fighting what appear to be Sith. Connor questions what they are and Zatt is speechless because he sees the man he has vowed to find: Darth Axle! Zatt roars a battle cry and charges Axle. Axle turns in time to block the attack and then the two start dueling each other. Zatt asks Axle if he remembers his Troops in the Coalition and Axle smiles and details how he gruesomely killed each one. Zatt roars in rage and attacks in anger drifting into the Dark Side. Axle blocks the first few but when Zatt reverse grips his Lightsaber and slashes Axle across the throat damaging his windpipe. Axle starts coughing and falls to the ground spitting up blood. Zatt prepares to behead Axle when he hears a blood curdling scream. He turns around to find all of Holo and almost everyone in Slash except Connor and Nessa. Nessa and Connor are holding out against two Sith. One of the Sith force repulse Nessa into a giant hole. Zatt screams Nooooo! As Venessa fall screaming into the pit. Zatt kills the Sith and the other one but during this he loses Connor who got repulsed away. He notices Axle got to his feat with two Droidikas at his side. They are about to open fire when the Forge with R5 at the controls flys down and fires destroying the droidikas. Axle rolled out of the way and unleashed a storm of force lighting. It causes the Forge to spin out of Control and explode. Zatt screams Noo! as his best friend in the world explodes.Zatt tells Axle "You have Taken your last life Sith!" Axle cannot speak thanks to his damaged throat. Zatt and Axle engage in an duel and Zatt almost kills Axle but he gets force pushed into the hole that Nessa fell into. Zatt sees Axle smiling as Zatt screams as darkness cloaks him.


Bossk? I owed you Farr and now where even.
– Zatt surprised to see Bossk is their rescuerZatt awakes to find darkness all around him and then sees a glimpse of sliver appears. Then a Mask appears the mask of someone he loves: Venessa. She helps Zatt and then says her jet pack is damaged and that his appears damaged as well. He takes it off and notices it is sheared destroyed. Venessa also tells Zatt that She tried to set up a distress signal but she doubts anybody got it. Zatt takes off and then says "we might as well start climbing." Zatt and Venessa starts climb and after a hour and starts to see a faint light ahead. Suddenly a Ship comes into view and Zatt thinks that the distress signal got through and that Jango sent a rescue team. The ship shines a light in them and a ramp comes down and a figure motions for them to hop in. They enter and Zatt is surprise to see its Bossk. Bossk tells them that he owed Zatt for sparing him back when he lead the Coalition. Bossk takes them to Tatioone and drops them off. Zatt doesn't want to return to Kamino after seeing his men being cut down. They return to bounty hunting and soon they got a mission to track down A man named Grant Omega.

A ancient Sith

Grant Omega

Grant Omega

Template:Quote: I am Darth Bane the creator of the rule, of two."26 BBY-Zatt and Vanessa headed for the Sith world of Korriban.They "borrowed" a ship and then they headed for Korriban. They found a ship was hidden in the valley of the dark lords. Zatt and Nessa discovered one of the tombs with the name Bane on it and they entered it. As they where walking through it to find a group of wolflike creatures waiting for them. Zatt killed one with his Lightsaber as Nessa shot one with her Flamethrower.After this they ran into little trouble except for traps. They found a open chamber with Grant Omega in the middle with a strange pool and purple mist swirling around him. Grant is laughing uncontrollably and Zatt calls out to Grant who stops laughing. He turns around to and Zatt sees a strange amulet in his chest. Grant omega speaks " Grant is not here he wanted power and he came to me for help." And then Grant chuckles"He got what he wanted even if it wasn't the way he wanted." Grant then unleash a powerful wave of power knocking Zatt backwards a few steps but causing Nessa to be knocked out. Grant smirks as Zatt fumbles to get up. Zatt activates his Lightsaber and Charges at Grant. Grant activates a blue Lightsaber and the two begin fighting. Zatt is defeat by Grant who fires a storm of purple lighting at Zatt. Zatt feels his skin blister and chart from the lighting but he gets up again. Grant speaks "You are a resilient Warrior if you join me I can help you control your anger and direct." Zatt instead of relying on his anger he is calm. Zatt says" Who are you?" Bane proclaims"I am the dark lord of the Sith , The creator of the Rule Of Two, I am Darth Bane!" He sees the amulet and realizes that is how Bane is controlling Grant Omega. Zatt uses his Flamethrower to blind Grant while he grabs the Amulet. Grant falls to the ground shivering as the purple mist disappears. Suddenly Molten Ash falls out of thin air and then forms into a figure. Zatt guess its Bane Spector and he prepares to destroy the Amulet when Bane fires Red Lighting at Zatt causing him to scream out I pain. Zatt falls to the ground in a fetal position as his already charred skin is blackened more. "He is too powerful!" Zatt thinks. Zatt suddenly gets extremely angry and wants to kill Bane and take his place as ruler of the Sith. Zatt suddenly feels very calm and then he realize he was giving into the Dark side and how he must stop it. He suddenly realize what he must do and gets up with unknown strength. Zatt refuses to join Bane and then acts as if he is going to slash bane but turns and destroys the amulet. Bane crys out in terror and then turns into ash. Zatt breaths out a sigh of relief and then notices Nessa stirring. He helps her up and then the two of them carry Grant out into their ship. They deliver Grant to the republic (even though he escapes later) and then they deliver the amulet to grey who Zatt knows will protect it. He then uses the money from the bounty on Grant to buy a new ship and he names it Forge II in name of his former ship. He then returns to Mandalore to await his next job along with Venessa.

22-19 BBY Clone Wars

The Death of a friend

Jango Fett was a brave man, Sure he had his faults and mistakes but one of them wasn't his son Boba Fett.Where ever that kid is now may the force be with whatever Jedi killed Jan'ika."
– Zatt speaking to his fellow True Mandalorian after the Battle of Geonsis22 BBY Zatt Heard about Geonsis and learned that Jango was killed by a Jedi Master. Zatt held a ceremony for his Friend with Former True Mandalorians. He tried to find Jango Fett but failed. But he promised this to the Galaxy: The Son of Jango Fett would become the Galaxy's Best Bounty Hunter and one day become Mand'alor! Zatt then Found out that

The Republic Or The Separatist?

I believe that both side is corrupt. The Republic is now a corrupt black market. The Separatist on the other hand are right to rebel but their leader is a Sith everbody knows that Sith only uses people.
– Zatt about choosing a Side in the Clone War.22 BBY- At one point a Separatist Dreadnaught captured the Forge II. Zatt was the only one on board since he was on a solo mission.To his surprise Count Dooku himself was on the bridge. A magna guard walk to the Count and gave him Zatt's Lightsaber. Dooku study it clearly impressed that a simple mercenary could craft a Lightsaber. Dooku spoke" Zatt Farr I assume you know who I am and I bet you are wondering why I brought you here. Zatt spoke" Let me guess to recruit me to the CIS side and give me a big speech about how the republic is corrupt?" Dooku simply smiles and says" Actually No, I going to say I am sorry for the death of your friend Jango Fett; He was a brave warrior and his death deeply saddened me but now you may leave." Dooku held out Zatt's Lightsaber and Zatt was shocked by this but then bowed and took it. He return to Forge II and headed back to Mandalore. As Zatt left Dooku told The Magna guard " The rumors where true ,He is indeed Force Sensitive and when the time comes he will be a powerful ally. Dooku then contact his two current acolytes Agent 77 and Sora bulq. He commands them to keep their eye on this Zatt Farr for one day he will join them!

New Mandalorians

I will never give up my Beskar Duchess but I will not join This New Death Watch.
– Zatt talking to The Duchess Of Mandalore: Satine Kryze22 BBY-Zatt returned to Mandalore to find the New Mandalorians have took over the Mandalore government. Zatt was called to the New Capitol of Mandalore Sundiri. He landed the Forge II and then was took by a pair of Guards to the palace. He meeted Duchess Satine Kryze. She told him she was conforming Mandalore to Pacifism. He reply " He will never become a pacifist." Satine was horrified by and she stayed" So you will join The Death Watch?!" Zatt looks Satine in the eye and speaks " I would rather die!" He then left the palace not even waiting for e guard to escort him. How could Mandalore become a pacifist and how did Death Watch return. Zatt asks his contacts If Death Watch was back. He was told that A new Vizsla has taken charge. Zatt felt his jaw clench and then he vows to stop this New Death Watch. Zatt returns to Keldable and meets up with Venessa and R5. He tells her about Death Watch and the two of them head to Concordia to investage rumors about A Death Watch base being there. As they landed they found a Mandalorian Shuttle their to. Nessa and Zatt followed a few foot prints to a Mining Plant. Zatt entered to find two Mandalorians carrying a unconscious man. Zatt saw the sign of the Death Watch on the two Mandalorians armor and he told Nessa and they both shot the Death Watch soldiers. They helped the Man up and the man awoke. The man asked who they where and they replied True Mandalorians not wanting this man to learn their true identity. The Man told them that he was A'den Kryze brother to Satine Kryze. Zatt helped to his feet and asked what he was doing here. He replied "He was trying to find out the identity of the death watch leader;why he was alone because the duchess doesn't take the Death Watch seriously and just thinks of them as terrorist." Zatt asked if the leader was here and he was told Yes. Zatt tells Aden that they must capture him. They slowly walk through the base to find a Death Watch staging ground. They attack the death watch soldiers standing guard and make their way into till a Death Watch commander leaves a tent.He fires a missile catching all three of them in its blast. Aden gets up and opens fire on the Death Watch Commander and then the two of them enter a stand off. Zatt awakes to see Aden draw a second to late and gets shot in the chest. He drops to the floor and then Zatt gets up and The Commander fires at him but Zatt blocks it with his Lightsaber. The Commander starts firing rapidly as Zatt advances on him. Zatt beheads The Commander and then runs back to Aden to see him dead. Nessa awakes and then she helps Zatt carry both of the body's back to the Forge II. They deliver both body's to the duchess and then They attend the Funeral Of Aden Kryze. After the ceremony The Duchess tells him that the governor of Concordia has Identified the body as Xeres Vizsla a nephew of Tor Vizsla. Zatt thanks the duchess for the information and then leaves unaware the Governor set the whole think up and he is Pre Vizsla leader of death watch!

Asajj Ventress



Mand'alor Spar

Cad Bane

The Bounty Hunter Cad Bane

The Rival Bounty Hunter:Cad Bane

Sora Bulq

Becoming a Dark Jedi

Quinlan Vos

Dark Jedi

Varad Zagg

Redemption by Saber Nexus and Venessa

The General

General Griveous in attack position

General Grievous





Gregor Farr

Mission To Kamino

Admiral Tom

Nox disguised as Tom

Admiral Tom


Bounty Mission

Shadow Collective


The Horned Man second Verison

Espionage: Live By the Blade Or Spy

Order 66

Order 66: In The event of Jedi Officers acting against the interest of the Republic and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander (Chancellor), GAR commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command of the GAR will revert to the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) until a new command structure is established.
– Contingency Orders for the GAR Order Initiation, Orders 1 Through 150 GAR document CO(CL) 50-95

19-10 BBY Aftermath

Helping Crossbow and Kenobi

Crossbow and Kenobi

Crossbow and Kenobi during the Clone War

Begin Recuited by Fulcrum

Who are you? My name is Ashoka tano but you know me as Fulcrum. I have brought you here to ask if you will help deliver supplys to are rebellion and even fight for us!
– Ashoka Tano codename "Fulcrum" speaking To Zatt Farr about joing the rebellion.
Fulcrum aka Ashoka

Ashoka Tano during the Rebellion


Fulcrum's holocom

Rescuing a pair of Senators

Jedi Mission

Revenge Against The Sith

The Sad Truth About RC-1212

Adopting Noir



3 ABY- 6 ABY Returning to the Rebellion

Two Sith and A Mandolarian

Battle Of Hoth



Battle Of Hoth

Battle Of Hoth

Rescuing Captain Eclipse and Galen Marek II

Battle Of Endor

Death Star II destroying Admiral Jou

Battle Of Endor

7-27 ABY New Republic

Meeting Saber Nexus

Grand Admiral Thrawn


Grand Admiral Thrawn

Smugglers Alliance

Mission:Boba Fett

Surrender Of The Empire


Yuuzoh Vong War


Darth Cadeus

The Darkness Arise

Commandos: New Era

Sith Mando'Ade

Terror Across The Galaxy

Your son has become the galaxy's new Vader! And if Cadeus was bad enough your son makes him look like a regular boy scout!
– Zatt Raging on about Derek Nexus son of Saber Nexus after watching him become Darth Noble to Saber.

The Dark Empire Arises

The New Empire

dissolving the Fel Empire

The destruction of the New Jedi Order and Galactic Federation of Free Systems

The Forming of the Systematic

Joining The Systematic Jedi Order

Third Galactic Civil War

Battle of Dantioone

Battle of Dathomir

The Virus War

Destiny Destruction

The Dark Lord's return

End of the war


Mandalore the Revert

Retirement and becoming a Senator



Seeing Red

Why must emperors have successors?

Blood War



Journal 1


Jango Fett


Darth Maul

Darth Axle


Vanessa Cad

Ben Farr


Tempory Relationships

Fev Jundri

Xeri Serto

Helot Durron

Nole Jendri

Ashoka Tano/Fulcrum

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Katie Zos

Saber Nexus

Victor Gor





Espionage: A Dangerous Line Of Work

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