Yinbor Sunsmuggle

 im Yinbor Sunsmuggler. a young carlacian jedi. i was bornd in 41 BBY in an carlacian village raised by my jedi parents who where once jedi masters who went in exile after they declared thier love in front of the jedi council. when i was 5 years old my dad trained me in the way of the force and started my jedi training. i wa naturaly strong in the force where my dad trained me for 4 years until a fatal accident occured when i was 9. a group of 4 bounty hunters including a highly advanced combat droid where sent by an mysterius sith lord to assasinate or capture off-world jedis in exile. one day they arrived and they killed my parents as well as many inocent villigers in the proccess. i was hiding in a closet in hope they wouldnt find me- but unfortionatly they did. they brought me into thier ship where they transported me to a hiden sith academy in umbara where the sith lord wanted to train me in the way of the sith. the bounty hunters got paid and the sith lord started to train me in a way that left me scarred for life.

After 2 weeks i escaped the sith academy by crawling through a vent out to the dark forest. i was running for my life in hopes to find a supplie ship or something that could get me out of there!. after a few weeks in the forest i finaly found a ship owned by a smuggler in a nearby town, i tried to sneak my way in. unfortionatly the sith lord sensed my pressence and as fast he saw me sneaking into the ship. he used the force to damage my spine nad throat, leaving me in a state of inhumanly pain. fortiunatly i was in the ship while that occured and the ship lift off before the sith could do anything about it. a smuggler who was flying the ship heard my screams as he was closing in into space. he put on autopilot and went to see me. Fortunatly he was good hearted and he had a medical droid in the ship who later put me into a stassis chamber where the droid would replace my dammaged spine with a cybernetic one, aswell he gave me a respirator to help my breathing problems caused by the damage. he took great care of me, i told him my story and he was kind enough to escort me to corruscant, where he would leave me nearby the jedi temple. I thanked him and i started to walk my way into the  temple.

As i approached i was amazed looking at the statue in the entrance. as i was approching the entrance, 2 temple guard approached me and asked " What are you doing here kid, you are not supposed to be here!". i explained to them i wanted to become a jedi. they laughed. but as they where trying to take me to a orphanage. i quiclky used the force to lift the 2 statues in the entrance and it was then they realised that i had the potentional to become a jedi. they took me to the jedi council where they would assign me to jedi master Ki-du laar. years had passed as i had become more and more skilled with the force. Jedi master Ki-du Laar was an exellent master and she was closest to a mother since my the passing of my parents. she tought me many things as year had passed. When i was 17 years old i went on a trail to construct my first lightsaber. she told me "in order to construct a lightsaber you must first obtain a crystal, which we will get from ilum. But remember. If you fail its okey. you will anyways play a important role here in the temple. as i started my trail i felt a disturbance in the force. when we arrived at the ceremonial crystal cave on ilum. i started to see vision of my crystal, but in the vision i saw it below a carlacian tree in a cave. i told my master this but she encourage me to search for it in the cave just in case. after many hours i couldnt find it. i returned to my master with empty hands as we where preparing the ship to fly back to the jedi temple. but during the trip i fainted and started to dream about my crystal as i felt a strong connection to the force on carlac. when i woke upp i told my master and we traveled to carlac in hopes to find the crystal. when we arrived at carlac in a nearby cave that i found through the force, we landed the ship and i promised my master that i would find the crystal. after another few hours my hope where lost until i saw a strong light inside a crack in the wall. i used the force the break it and there it was. The crystal that i was searching for. under the carlacian blossom tree. i quickly took the crystal and return to my master. a few days late i  contructed my ligthsaber which had a distinct bluish-purple color. i was filled with joy and it was at this point my master started to train me in the lightsaber form of ataru. after a few years i completed my jedi trails and i became a jedi knight. under the time of the clonewars i served as a jedi general in the grand army of the republic, i even got my own clone division in my honor calld the Hydra battalion. after the war and the begining of the jedi purged i was in the temple by that time. i saw the clonetroppers as they started to slay my fellow jedi comrads including Master Ki-du Laar. i was forced to escaped exile as i returned to my homeworld of carlac where i went into exile for a long time.

Yinbors clone wars journal #1

i remember the day when it all happened, the day when the clone wars started. After we returned from the battle of geonosis, i was fairly injured by a droideka after it shot my right leg twice. by that time i was still a padawan to master ki-du laar, i was in a factory new venator-class star destroyer, in a hospital bed inside the med center, i woke upp and the surgery droid called on my master. as my master entered my room i felt alot of pain in my right leg where the droideka shot me. she sat right next to me and she asked:

Ki-du laar:"how do you feel, yin?"

, me: "great!, couldnt feel anybetter!" i responded.

i started to look around the room as i saw 5 damaged clone troopers and jedis getting transported to the surgery room.

me: "where are we?, what happened?" i asked.

Ki-du: "we are on a star-cruiser, making our way back to coruscant. you got shot by a droideka twice and got knocked out by a magnaguard my padawan.",

me: "i got shot by a what-deka and got knocked out by a magna-what?" i responded.

ki-du: "yes, these are one of many types of droid produced by the seperatists. apperantly you need to practise more on blaster deflection and learn to stop "kamikaze" into the droids yin."

i tend to smille everytime my master berated me

me :"sorry master but i simply couldnt ressist, you know i love to jump everywhere just like master yoda,"

Ki-du: "yinbor... you need to stop copying other jedis fightning style,"

me: "isnt it what all jedis do when they learn how to fight?, isnt it what all jedis do when they learn a form? if not, why do forms even exists if other jedis cant learn them because an ancient jedi master probably created for exampel ataru. wouldnt it be technicly "copying" anothers fighting style?"

I also tended to make long arguments just to annoy my master at that time. my master took a deep breath.

ki-du: "you really like to argue about small things dont you?. look yin, what i meant with what i said is that you need to create your own way of combining diferent styles. hence making your own fighting style. you cant only perform the exact moves of master yoda or plo koon without having a base knowledge of the forms they have practise in their time as a padawan."

"your right master. im sorry. i just want to one day become a great master just like master yoda, plo koon and you." i responded.

ki-du: you will yin, you will. but remember, a great tree didnt become big after the first day. it must grow slowly and steady in order to become the bigest and strongest tree in nature. until then, you must have patience yin."

A clone trooper came in and asked ki-du to follow him to the bridge to report to the jedi council about the situation of the injured padawans.

ki-du: "see you later my padawan." as she said before exiting the medical center. i laid my head on the pillow and fell asleep during the entire trip back to the temple. when we arrived att the temple a clone who later would be my greatest soldier in my clone legion as well as my best friend during the clonewars woke me upp.

clone: "wake upp, wake upp" he said.

me: "uuuugh just give me a few more min"

he started to shake my shoulder.

clone: "Wake upp captain. we have arrived."

i went out of my bed and walked with him down the corridor while he assisted me with the walking.

me: "what is your name soldier?" i asked

clone: "CG-4533 sir"

me: "CG-4533? what kind of name is that?" i asked

clone: " we clones are not given names after birth sir. only numbers"

me: "riiight.."

when we reached the the entrance of the temple. i saw that my lightsaber was missing. i looked behind and a looth-cat had stolen it from my belt. CG-4533 imediatly started to chase after the looth-cat that ran into the city, it took about 1 hour until he "cought it" after the cat ran back to the temple. i used the force to slow it down. so he could catcht it. he returned my saber to me and we countined walking.

me: "thank you soldier. quite a challange wasnt it?" i said

clone: "huff-huff, no challange is to great sir."

me: "thats the spirit! you know what? i think i will call you Chase. what do you think eh?"

Chase: " well i dont mind it"

me: "hehehe my friend. this is the begining of a great friendship! i can already see it!"

and so it was. after he helped me getting back to the temple. i went to my room to rest and meditate. after a few hours. a temple guard entered my room and said

guard: "the council wish to speak with you padawan."

me: "me? did i do something wrong?"

guard: "not what i know about. but i think it will be quite the suprise."

i went to the council chamber and as i entered it, everyone looked at me with curious eyes.

mace windu: "step forth, padawan yinbor"

i walked to the middle of the room and bowed.

me: "its an honor to be summoned by you masters as always, but i wonder. did i do something wrong masters?"

ki-du: "trouble?, no yin. actually these are good news." she replied as she entered the chamber.

me: "master? why are you here?"

ki-adi mundi: "you and your master are here because you are about to get promoted as general and lieutenant general for a batallion of 800 clone troopers, you will lead them into many battles from now on and lead them to victory."

me: "g-g-generals?" i replied as i looked at mundi with big wide eyes.

yoda: "yes young padawan. generals, you 2 will be."

me: '"but how? how am i worthy of the title general if i barerly even survived the battle of geonosis?"

mace: "you are getting promoted because of your actions during the battle padawan."

me : "actions?"

mundi: "you lead a group of younger padawans into safety in the heat of battle while risking your life to defend them from the droids, you saved many yound padawans from certain death that day. and you pushed forward with the rest of the jedis into battle. you have shown great leadership and for that we promote you."

padawan. and for that we give you the rank of general,"

me "i dont remember that i did any of tha-"

ki-du: "i saw you with my own eyes yin and many of the jedis reported your actions. you fought valiantly against the droid army." she replied as she then looked at the council members.

ki du: " think my padawan suffers from a bit of amnesia, probably because he got knocked out by one of those droids."

mace: "both of you will fight in many upcoming battles, be prepared and use the reacourses wisely"

me and ki-du "yes master."

we exit the chamber and started to walk back to our rooms. during our walk i aske my master.

me: " master didnt you say i needed more practise, why didnt you say that to the council.?"

ki-du: "yes yinbor. you do neet more practise but not only because of that accident on geonosis no, because i see great potential in you yin. and as your mastee it is my duty to teach you to your fullest potential. now that youre a lieutenant general you will need get stronger and wiser as possible if you are going to survive this war. thats why i will from now own teach you the more advanced styles of ataru, as well asigning you to a few soresu leassons, trust me. you will need it"

me: "thanks master. im very thankfull to have you as my master."

ki du: "as do i for having you as my padawan yin."

after our conversasion we went seperate ways. she went to her quarter and i went to mine for the rest of the day i would go and train as my master told me. and thus began my adventure in the clonewars.


Yinbors clone wars journal #2 == master surakai: Higher, lower, Yinbor!, slow down and aim your strikes!

(Surakai uses force push on yinbor while the other learners watched and giggled)

me:  "huff" aww i was "huff" warming upp!

master surakai: look what you have done! the floor is full with burn marks now!,

me: "huff" sorry master surakai.

surakai: yinbor if youre going to learn soresu you must learn to not go directly on the offensive!

It was harsh day in the training dojo, five weeks has passed since the begnining of the clone wars and since i was asigned to soresu master surakai. Surakai was an old, white haired, green eyed, black skined jedi master who during his time in the clone wars went to teach padawans the arts of soresu. he was one of the best teachers available during the clonewars as other master such as obi wan kenobi and luminara unduli where busy fighting the war. he was also a humble and polite teacher but could get easily annoyed when someone commited mistakes during his demostrations.

Surakai: now pick upp your lightsaber and lets start all over again. now this time hold my distance, block my attacks and counter. BUT not overwhelm me when you get the chance!. after all this is a demonstration.

I picked upp my saber, held my ground, and blocked his attack. he came at me with a left swing, i blocked it and went for a counter. i went for a right swing but i barerly hit him with the tip of my saber touching his chest.

Surakai: not bad. but try next time a left swing instead of a right one. Alright padawans get yourself a sparring partner and start training of what we showed you.

everyone picked a partner and they started to train. A girl around my age with black hair, tan skin and blue eyes named maduri asked if i wanted to sparr with her, i said sure so we ignited our sabers and we trained togheter. she was a strong padawan back then. to be honest i think she was better at soresu than me back then. mostly because i always went on the offensive and i lacked poor defense. but boy that was fun!.

after the training session i was called by a jedi master to go to the war room to speak with my master. i did as he said and went to the war room that was located a few floor above. when i entered the war room my master was standing infront of a table with a hologram map of felucia. she assigned me to travel with a small legion of clones, one of them happened to be chase. my mission was to defend an outpost for several months until the republic army can expand thier territory on the planet by building more outpost. but not only where i was assigned to this mission. but so was maduri also. she happened to be also a lieutant general under the tutolege of master volentar. the reason why she was assigned to this mission too was because of the fact that the outpost will be assaulted heavily by the droid army during our time there. at first i was suprised but also relieved that i didnt had to do this on my own with a legion of i can imagine the constant stress of getting attacked at any moment by the droid army.

after the discussion with my master she also mentioned that i and maduri would be gifted our own starfighters. when she said the magic word "starfighter" i was overwhelm with joy as i always wanted to fly one of those. she also told me that i would use it to dock on one of the 3 venator class stardestroyers waiting on me and maduri to begin our travel to felucia.

I bowed to my master and headed to the hanger where my new starfigther was awaiting me. i walked down the jedi hall towards the hangar as i watched all the statues of past jedi masters who had fought in countless battles. i can remember how exited i was that moment. to finaly begin my first mission in the clonewars. with hopes and dreams to one day have a statue of my self placed in the hall of those jedi masters who had countributed alot for the jedi order. man, how sad that those hopes and dreams would fade after the end of thhe clone wars, after order 66.

When i entered the hangar maduri was standing next to one of the two factory new starfigthers one of them was white with dark green stripes while the other was red with white wavy stripes. she asked me if i was ready and i responded "yes".

maduri: the red one is mine!

me: alright!, red isnt my color anyways!.

and so we headed towards the cruiser in orbit as we glanced back to the old jedi temple in all its glory. during our flight to the cruiser she asked me many questions by com link. she asked me "whats upp with that kel dor designed mask youre wearing?"

Me: oh this one?lets say i dont look as pretty as i do now without it. its an old mask that i had worn through out my childhood. i had modified it every year since i entered the jedi temple to look like a kel-dor mask. those masks looks pretty awesome if you ask me

Maduri: thats pretty cool!. have you ever considered surgery to fix that?

me: anybody got time for that! besides, its not everyday you get permission to wear a mask in the jedi temple for reasons.

We finaly arrived at the cruiser hangar where several rows of clone where awaiting our arival. when we got out of our starfighters our admiral walked forward and welcomed us onboard venator class stardestroyer Anooba. as we walked to the bridge the admiral informed us about the outpost and its current state of defence. aperantly it had suffered from alot of attacks from both wildlife and droids. many rancors tend to  attack the outpost while the droid army tries to bomb it. the crew there had suffered many losses and they need our help to defend it.

and so we jumped into hyperspace towards the rough and mercyless planet of felucia where we would face challanges greater than we would imagine. 

Order 66 and Knightfall

It was a cold dark night in the jedi temple. everyone sensed a disturbance in the force, the air was filled with tension as the LAAT gunships landed on the landing platform. a large legion of clones where marching into the jedi temple with anakin now know as darth vader leading them. no one knew what was happening nor what was going to happen. i was siting in my room meditating and then later practesing my ataru skills in the training rooms. until suddenly i heard an ungodly sound of pain, screams and blaster fire. something was wrong, i felt it. i went down the stairs in the temple as i saw a large battle has erupted in the temple. i saw my fellow jedi comrades getting slain by clones and vader him self. the once beautifull entrance of the jedi temple where thousands of generation of jedi had walked on now became a battlefield of death. the once great archives of jedi knowledge was tainted by blood from jedi padawans who has got thier skull cracked by vaders mechanical hand. it was a horrifying sight to behold. i tried to escape through the back entrance but it was blocked by a battalion of 501th legion troopers.

as i ran around the temple fightning my way out to find an exit i eventually meet upp with my old master ki-du laar who at this time was very old. she and me fought togheter as an last effort to try to regroup with the remaining jedis and escape, but sadly there where none alive exept us. eventually we managed to sneak into a LAAT gunship ready for lift off. but suddenly came vader and he was about to force push us both off the platfrom. ki-du laar sacreficed her self to save me while i was trying to get the LAAT going. when i finaly started to get the dam thing hovering. vader was about to win the duel as i escaped. vader striked ki-du laar as she saw me escape hoping that i would survive.

with limited places to go i was destroyed over what happened at the temple. knowing that the remaining jedis in the galaxy where getting slaughter like gnarls in a butchery. with no other options left i traveled to my home world of carlac where a large number of deathwatch camps still remained active there. i went to forge  a rebelion with the ming po against the deathwatch. thus began the carlacian world war. the war lasted about 7 years. with the tactical advantege of having me as the leader of the rebelion with a high knowledge of strategy and battle experiance.i tought my people how to fight and with that we planned out every assault on the camps. the mandalorian terrorist where supperior in technoligy and combat but they lacked troops as they refused to add ming pos into their ranks. for several years the deathwatch enslaved my people. during this time the galactic empire didnt care about us because they saw our effort of eleminating the deathwatch for them usefull as they didnt need to waste reasources. and with the fact they prioritised the jedi hunts which at that time they didnt know that i existed.

in the war we assaulted and conquered many camps and villiges. we scavanged the armor and blaster of the falled deathwatch troops and then we adapted to their tech. our army where using mostly mandaloran armor exept the torso and the pants which we instead used our tradiitonal ming po robes as a symbol of stenght without armor. well we did use blaster ressistance clothes underneath ofcourse to evade suvere damage. i latly under the war created a special clan of warrior which i named snowfall shadows. which consisted of mostly force sensetives and mele masters. luckly we had a good economy and a good place to get kyber crystals. i trained my troops to be grey jedis as that in everything in life there must be a balance of things we do. i tought them to control thier emotions when needed and how to use them when needed. our singature weapons where lightsabers with silver colors. we where nearly undefeatable. at the end of the war we managed to kick the sorry asses of the deathwatch out of carlac and for a breif moment we had peace. but then came the galactic empire and they ofered us "protection" from outside attacks as we where weaken from the war. my people accepted but in returned they had to do slave labor for the empire. with the inquisitors now arriving at carlac, me and my clan of grey jedis where forced to go into hiding in a temple hidden from the jedi and the sith to one day free carlac once and for all....... when the time was right.

the friendships

after a  few years yinbor left the marrok squad andt on his day he went to the jedi temple to see other jedis he meet a mecrenary calld shox.shox was a pirate mercenary and a friend of yinbor. they talk alot,showd thier houses and became good friends .after yinbors training were compleped he became a jedi master he knownd master plo koon and became friends too when he became a jedi master plo koon gave him a copy of his respirator mask that made yinbor stronger in the force. what happend to william well after yinbor left the squad william stoped to talk to yinbor so they havent meet each other in a while. and thats my friend is a part of the history of the jedi master yinbor sunsmuggler.

yinbor later joind a squad calld the marrok squad where he fought with a clone general calld william galaxybot yinbor and william become good friend they fought epic battles togheter they had hallowen partys,build bases,hired recruts and fought eachoter for fun

the ships

yinbor later build a base in felucia and made a big ship that he named the flying dutchman yinbor had always a talent to build stuff,construct lightsabers and mecanics.


The forced sith training

yinbor had always secrets one of them he told to a friend about his secret sith training.

when yinbor lived in the hard city of corusant in a few mounths he got enough credits to buy a new ship when he went to space he tryed to find a new home. he acsendently found dathomir and thougt it would be a good home becouse the planet is red when he landed he discovered a cave to live. another mounths later a sith found yinbor and was thinking to kill him but he felt his force power and started to think instead of killing him he could mke use of him so he kidnaped him and brought him to the sith academy were his hard and brutal training started he got introduced to a sith lord calld takadox were he began to train yinbor to the dark some years yinbor became a powerfull sith but never atached to the dark side when his training was completed he became takadox aprentice but yinbor faked that he was on the dark side in the training the teachers learn about strengh,hate and to make no mistakes but yinbor didnt want to do what the teacher said so if he did wrong or didnt want to do it well... he got zaaapt so yinbor did the tests and become stronger but he tryed to not hate because his father wanted him to be a jedi one day and it was yinbors dream to be  a jedi so he rememberd waht his father said and he got peace in his brain. after the training when he became a aprentice of takadox he faked to be a sith and when takadox and yinbor got a mission to attack a jedi temple yinbor betrayd takadox and gave him to the jedis. yinbor explaind that he never would be a sith and that he never would hurt any inocents when yinbor was going to the ship that he hide in the cave takadox said:YOU ARE WEAK AND A FAILLIUR you will never be acept any were. yinbor responded: i am who i am i was never a sith i will one day become a jedi i maybe are weak but i never was on your side. as yinbor went on his hiden ship he was thinking if he ever would be accepted in the jedi temple when he flew out of dathimir he feeld his father presence and then he falld asleep he got a dream about his father saying im proud son... after that he wake up and was


on his way to corusant. when he came too corusant he selld his house and bought food to eat and saved up his money he could buy a house but he feeld that it would be bether to live in the street for some reason.

My time in t jedi temple

Long lived leggend!

Yinbor was one of 1000 players on CWA beta he had a standard gear and lightsaber. he often playd games but when battle for umbara came out he slayd many droids and got new gear. after the beta he was rewarded with his loyal blue astromech taht he calld B3-saphire or simply B3 he later got a golden death watch armor + a godlen mouse droid taht he proudly used.

The battle of carlac


Yinbor Jones?

one ay att the majestic naval base. commander shox invited yinbor to a battle of his old nemesis

davy jones. when he entered the bay he jump on board on the black pearl  and fought with shox

after some hours yinbor  got sick of waiting and trowing his saber so he jump on boats,jump on krakens mouth and on board on the flying dutchman. he encountered davy jones henchs men and pretty much owned them.and wehn he encountered davy jones well.....he pretty much cut off hsi arm thne he open his chest were the heart lays and trow a grenade and blew it. when he killd davy yinbor became the new captain of the dutchman and got cursed of the "ye cant go on land curse" so waht yinbor did he flew to a placewere he could get a only 1 wish thingy and removed the curse.

and when he flew back he could go on land and all that good stuff :P.

Rebelion on carlac


the padawan

when yinbor was a member in the marrok squad he later meet a young jedi calld baze firestorm he had no master and didnt know what to do they fought battles in carlac togheter and became friends some years later the jedi order thougt that yinbor could be a good teacher to teach other padawans. now just like anakin the jedi order gave blaze firestorm to yinbor so he could be his padawan yinbor was a good master he teachd blaze about the force teahcd him about the lightsaber form like atauro and test him in battles

after some years of training blaze become a great jedi and didnt need yinbor any more so he left and they didnt see each other in a very long time.

abilities, lightsabers,lightsaber styles and condition


Yinbor"s first lightsaber was a standard hilt lightsaber with an oval handle. it had a silver crystal that yinbor would use trough out his life. sadly his lightsaber would get destroyed by count dooku.

His next lightsaber was of simular design but with a curved hilt as well as it used some parts of his old friend maduri"s lightsaber after her death. This lightsaber would also get destroyed but by Anakin skywalker during knightfall.

His third and final lightsaber had a straight elongated hilt retaining the feauteres of his second one but with a few modifications.


Yinbor utilized a balanced mix of force powers. he used all the basic powers such as force push. however he also used other abulities such as force lightning, stasis, saber throw, and many abulities to enhance his physical abulities in order to perform ataru in long peroids of time.

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