Early life and clone wars:

Yathim Cloudshock was an Adelian prince from the planet Zathos. He was born from a noble family. The family eventually sent him to Coruscant to learn how to be Jedi. Yathim developed his powers fast, and became a Jedi Adept under his master, Mace Windu.

Seeing the Far Outsiders:

The first mission Yathim had been assigned to as Jedi adept was to go the planet Mego, and investigate and recover a strange, crash-landed craft. The main goal was to get their before the Separatists got a hold of it. Yathim got their, and eventually found the crash-site. He heard someone yell from inside the ship yell, "Yun-shuno, spare me!" Yathim cut his way into the ship, and ran to the cockpit to see a man from a species he'd never seen before. He helped him out of the ship just as it blow up behind them. The man said he was part of a group called the Shamed Ones, and told Yahim of his past. They became great friends.

Going into hiding

 Eventually, the Great Jedi Purge occurred and Yathim was sent into hiding. He eventually became a mechanic for the Black Sun. He rose through the ranks, and became an Assassin. He eventually became friends with Gatur, a Trogodile Bounty Hunter. Yathim eventually escaped the Black Sun's ranks, and took on the life of a bounty hunter.

Revisiting the master, and falling in love:

On a misson to hunt down Han Solo, Yathim saw his old master again. They reconciled, and Yathim once again became a jedi. However, this was short-lived, and in a duel against Sith Inquisitor Bariss Offee, Mace Windu died of decapitation. Yathim escaped, and left for Zeltros. He lived there under the new name, Zax Windu. He eventually met a Zeltron named Maris. Zax fell in love with her. They eventually married and had a son named, Zal.

Joining Phoinex Squadron

Zax eventually got word of a rebel group amassing forces. He tracked them down until he and his family ran into one of the rebel group's battles with the empire. Zax ran into Darth Vader than man who had killed his master. He pursued him, trying to kill him. Maris eventually snapped him out of it by kissing him, and Zax regained focus. Zax then assisted the rebel group in capturing a supply ship filled with imperial weapons.

Weapons and equipment



  • Daghee Talz Lightsaber: Yathim is very good with Form II lightsaber combat, and can easily defend himself from a flurry of attacks.


Rebel Outfit

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