Delta 3490 "Xeres Gorogdrive"

"Do it with style, or don't do it at all..."-Xeres

*NOTE* Most of this story is completely fictional and is not included in any of the official “Star Wars” stories.

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Delta 3490

"Xeres Gorogdrive"

Biographical information



32 BBY, Kamino


40 ABY, Dathomir orbit, revived shortly after, officially died 2338 ABY, Coruscant

Physical description





1.83 meters


81.64 Kg

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color



Left hand is robotic (received soon after finally dueling Maroon)

Blood type




Chronological and political information

Clone wars, Rise of the Empire, Galactic Civil War, New Republic, Legacy Era, Republic Reconstruction era


Galactic Republic, Rebel alliance, Jedi Order, Mandalorian Republic


ARC Commander, later ARC General

Known masters

Luke Skywalker, Revan, Heroxis, Sorontos

Known apprentices

Jenet Ordo


Lauren (Wife), Cole Gorogdrive (Son), Zhan Gorogdrive (Son), Chrome Gorogdrive (Son), Jenet Gorogdrive (Daughter), The Clone Army, Gaither o_o clan

Current Squad

Delta Company

Squad Rank

Emote leader 2nd in command

Former Squad(s)

Recon helpers, Sadow Tech Marines, Whats Left of The Shadow Tech, Shadow Tech Marines Reunited, Xeres Gorogdrive's Squad (unnamed)

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooper

"What are we? A bunch of copies of one person, which means we are exactly the same, but we are different in our own way." - Xeres

"Xeres Gorogdrive", No one knows where he received his nickname, but is commonly called Drive in game by his friends. Drive serves as Second in Command of Delta Company. Drive is commonly working together with Ace Breao, and Ben1 Jackson with their squad Warriors of Carlac. Drive is a battle hardened clone who enjoys making explosions, which is something he would constantly get to do during The Clone Wars. Unlike most clones, Xeres was a Force-sensitive clone, and didn't find out about his Force abilities until the New Republic, also his growth accelerator was defective, and stopped at the end of his training.

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"I follow by a code, and that code is: Fight for what is right, even if all the odds are against you, show no fear. And never give UP!" - Xeres

Training on Kamino

The Beginning

Xeres or Delta 3490 was picked for a special experimental growth accelerator that would make the soldier stronger, faster and more doable than the typical soldier. Even though Xeres became stronger, faster and more doable than the typical soldier, the growth accelerator was defective and defected Xeres in a way which made him think differently than most clones and which made him have a destructive personality. Most Kaminoan scientist thought that he was defective (such as Ko Sai). But the prime minister of Kamino gave Xeres another chance to make him a perfect soldier.
Eaw Kamino


Beta Squad

Beta squad was a Kaminoan training squad for clones that consisted of five members Xeres, Atom, Wes, Axe and Lune. They weren't the greatest squad, or the most gifted squad but the were destined to do great things in the clone wars. Right before their final test, a few ARCs know as Colt, Cards, Blitz and Havoc were watching them.?

Final test

Beta squad had their final test planned out: Xeres and Axe would lead with a Z6-rotary blaster canon, while everybody else cover them. Once the test began Xeres started to take down droid after droid after droid! Until he was climbing the wall a commando droid blasted Xeres when he was climbing. Once Xeres hit the ground, his pod brother "Atom" shot the droid and went down from climbing to assist him. Xeres was incapacitated for about ten minutes until he got back up and found that the test was over. The whole squad has passed, all except Atom. Xeres was devastated that his pod brother didn't pass. A while after the test Xeres was confronted by ARC trooper Colt, Cards and Blitz.

Cards:"Xeres,you have many skills, and we want you to perfect those skills, so we decided to give you ARC training."

Shadow ARC

Xeres was transferred to a new program called "Shadow ARC" trying to make the perfect soldier out of ordinary ones. He was put into a squad known as "Blue Squad" with three other members; Cole, the CO and a Commander, Blaze, the sniper, and Shredder, the technician. They all met in a courtyard, 1000 soldiers, all split up in squads of four. Taun We walked up to a podium.

Taun We:" You've all been chosen to the Shadow ARC project, due to all your noticeable skills ranging from leadership to demolition, you all have at least one of them, and we'll like for you to improve them. But this training won't come without a price, there will be live rounds used, some of you will die, but it'll make you all better soldiers in the end, whether one or a thousand of you come out alive. Your training begins tomorrow. Dismissed."

Xeres didn't know what to think or say about this, but he walked back to his barracks and went to sleep. He woke up in the morning to Cole batting down onto his sleep pod. He got out and got his gear together and went down to the training area. Green, Red, and Yellow squads were in a live training session, and they were getting torn up. Green was taken out extremely quick, Red fell soon after, but Yellow started to hold its own for a while but soon were killed by a SBD missile. Blue squad was assigned to go in next to Gold and Silver squads. They all loaded up in the elevator, Gold took point, the door opened, they charged forward, droids were everywhere, Gold was killed off very quickly and so was Silver, Blue was all that remained.

Xeres took some cover next to Shredder, while Blaze was next to Cole shooting down several droids. Xeres pulled out his rotary blaster and began mowing down droids one by one, the squad formed up and began to push forward taking out all the droids within the next few minutes.

Several months, this was all the four clones went through, facing death being thrown at them everyday. At the end of their training they were the only four Shadow ARC's ready for combat, 990 died, six were injured and would be go along with the squad once they were ready for combat. They are now known as "Shadow Squad".
Obstacle Course training

Beta squad taking cover on their final test

First Half of The Clone Wars

The First Half of The Clone Wars had some of the most dangerous battles of the Clone Wars, Xeres wondered how long the Clone wars would last.

The First Battle of Geonosis

Xeres was only 16 years old when he was deployed in a LAAT from a cruiser separately from his squad to spread their damage throughout the battle. Once landed there was droids and Geonosians everywhere . He was making his way to the rendezvous point to proceeded with their ultimate mission to permanently take out a Geonosian spire. Once to the RV(rendezvous point) he only saw Blaze there in front of the Geonosian spire.

Xeres:"Where are the others?"

Blaze: " I think they are inside"

Xeres:"Well,there's only one way to find out."

Xeres and Blaze moved into the spire.

The Spire

Xeres and Blaze moved silently throughout the whole spire. Xeres saw Cole and Shredder, he contacted them to let them know that they were inside. Once linked up, the squad ran for the weakest point of the spire.
IMG 0399-1-

Xeres blasting droids on Geeonosis

Xeres got out a ATOM bomb and primed the bomb. Once the charge was active, the squad ran for the exit of the spire and ran to a safe distance so the bomb explosion wouldn't affect them. Xeres set off the charge and watched as the spire came down to its ashes.

Xeres:" I love a good explosion in the morning!"

After the charge went off, Cole contacted command to received further orders.

The Droid Factory

After destroying the Spire, Cole received orders to disable a droid factory in their sector. There was a few ways to get there, but the squad took the most shortest and dangerous canyon there. The canyon was filled with droids and Geo's. The squad barely made it out alive. Once at the entrance to the factory it was sealed shut. Xeres even tried setting charges on the door but it barely made a scratch.

Xeres:"Sir, it won't budge. We need more firepower."

Cole: "Okay, I am contacting the Scorpion for support."

The Scorpion is the squads personal ship. After waiting for a while the Scorpion came.

67:"This is Delta 3667! How may we assist you sir!?"

Cole:"Take down that wall!"

After the Scorpion blew up the wall, it allowed Shadow Squad to move inside the factory. Once inside the squad was ordered to take it out by going to the control room and set the factory on self-destruct protocol. The squad ran to the control room and Blaze went to the main terminal to set the factory on the self destruct protocol. Once the slice was complete, four super battle droids walked inside. Xeres started to shoot the droids down while the others took cover. After he took down the droids he said- " One down. Millions to go." After the destruct protocols were initiated the squad quickly ran outside to view of the doomed factory.

The Droid Cruiser

After the factory was demolished, Cole contacted command for further orders. After receiving orders, Cole told his squad that their next mission was to search and destroy a separatist frigate that had codes and locations of many of their bases. On there way to the frigate, there was a core ship falling from the sky.The squad took cover quickly to get away from the blast zone. Once the core ship exploded, the squad continued their way to the frigate.

Once there, the squad went though the entrance and contacted command to repeat their mission. Their Adviser said that they will have to split up throughout the ship to make their job of downloading the codes easier. Xeres was ordered to take out the docking bay. Cole ordered to take out the commando droid racks. Blaze ordered to take out the Navi computer. And Shredder ordered to take out the battle droid racks.Then their final orders was to rendezvous at the bridge to download the data files.

Once split up, Xeres made his way to the docking bay. Once there he was about to set charges but a droideka rolled in and started to shoot Xeres. Xeres quickly took cover and started to shoot back. He knew that he couldn't beat his shield so he threw a EC detonator (basically a droid popper). After the droideka was disabled Xeres started setting enough charges that it would destroy the docking bay. After the charges were set, Xeres grabbed his rifle and ran for the bridge. Once at the bridge entrance, Xeres set off the charges he set in the docking bay. After a few minutes, Cole came in from the droid racks.

Xeres:"Did you hear anything from the others?"

Cole:"Nothing. You?"

Xeres:"I heard nothing from them."

Cole:"Well, with them or without them we still have a job to do."

Xeres:"Affirmative sir."

After the breach charge was set and the door flew open, Xeres threw a thermal detonator and said- "This should wake em up!" After the two clones breached and cleared the bridge and downloaded the codes, they made their way to the main hangar. On their way to the hangar they saw Blaze's body on the ground with no head and Shredder's body with no arms.

Xeres: "So that's what happened to them. They didn't deserve to die like this."

Cole: " I know Xeres, I know."

After making their way to the hangar and boarding a Acclamator class assault ship, Xeres and Cole are talking to Jedi General Mace Windu about how many loses there was.

Mace:"Whats our loses?"

Cole:"Heavy, sir."

Xeres'':"The clones that lost their life today may be gone but are not forgotten."

Space Battle of Ord Mantell

After striking swiftly after the battle of Geonosis, Xeres finds himself inside a Venator attack cruiser, awaiting for another mission.

Xeres:"I'm bored sir."

Cole:"Well I'm bored as well. But anyway we are supposed to get new ARC's for the squad."

Xeres:"Well, I am eager to meet them."

Cole:"Tell me about it."

After waiting a few hours of boredom, the two clones get orders to meet their new squad members in the mess ( cafeteria). Once there. There were six clones waiting at the entrance of the mess. The first one to introduce themselves was a arc named "Slice". Slice introduced the other arcs: "Veck", "Brace","Reck", "Duo" and "Tek" After meeting the new squad members, the fleet of cruisers receive a distress signal from a Acclamator assault ship over Ord Mantell. The fleet quickly responded and jumped to hyperspace as soon as they were clear. Once there they saw the assault ship crashing down to the surface. Shadow squad got orders to board a separatist supply ship that was reinforcing the separatist fleet. After receiving their orders, the squad ran down to the hangar and got inside a LAAT and took off into the battle hardened out skirts of space Ord Mantell.

Once inside, Shadow squad had two problems : the LAAT was destroyed from a "rough" landing and no known way of escaping. But the squad still had to do their orders. Xeres will be leading Slice, Veck and Brace, while Cole will lead Reck, Duo and Tek. Xeres was ordered directly from Cole to take out the life support system and the auto turret defense system, while Cole's group was ordered to take out the engine cooling tanks and the navi computer. As Xeres was on his way to the life support systems,the group was attacked by a group of battle droids. Xeres ordered his men to take cover while he "handled" the droids.

After destroying the droids, Xeres and his group started to move closer to their first target: the auto turret defense system. Taking out the system wasn't easy, first the clones had to kill the guards then they had to destroy the security cameras finally they had to destroy the auto turrets that were protecting the system. After taking out the system, Xeres was contacted by general Anakin Skywalker that they were ordered to set charges on the reactor. Anakin also mentioned that they couldn't get a signal to Cole for some strange reason. After receiving orders from the general, Xeres contacted Cole to give the orders that the general requested. The new RV was the reactor.

After fighting through countless battle droids, Xeres and his men finally made it to the reactor where Cole was waiting for them. As Xeres walked up to Cole he only saw him and Reck, no Duo and Tek. Xeres wondered where they were. Cole said that they were ambushed by supers and Duo and Tek were killed. After linking up and setting off the charges, the squad made their way to the hangar but soon find themselves cornered by several droids.

Droid: "Drop your weapons. I said drop em."

Xeres: "Whatever you say commander droid." Xeres then set off the charges

After the charge went off it distracted the droids for a moment and Xeres knew that was the time to strike. He grabbed his rifle and shot down several droids. "EAT PLASMA YOU STUPID DROIDS! YEAH HAVE SOME OF THAT!" - Xeres blasting droids ( that quote is one of Xeres favorite quotes out of all of them). Soon after the droids were destroyed the Scorpion came in opened the doors and let the men get in and took off.

After the battle, Cole thought Xeres showed leadership by leading a small group of men through a Separatist vessel, so Cole promoted Xeres to a sergeant.

Going to Corellia

Soon after the victory over Ord Mantell, Xeres is deployed with the 212th legion separated from his squad, who are going towards different points on Corellia. Xeres has been deployed with "Ghost company" to the capital city of Corellia. Once landed, Xeres set

out with two squads of clones, to scavenge the abandoned house for survivors.

When Xeres was checking a house that was completely blewn apart, and he found a young boy, named Ben.

Xeres:"What's your name kid?"


Xeres:"Okay, my name is Xeres, but some of the men apart of the army call me, Drive."


Xeres:"Good, now, where's your family?"

Ben:"Dead, sir. Dead."

Clone trooper:"INCOMING!" (Droid tank shell explodes at clone's position)

Xeres:"Kid! Get down!"


Xeres:"We need to keep moving, before those clankers are right on top of us."

Clone:"Sir where do we go?"

Ben:"How, about the sewers?"

Clone:"Why! For all we know, there could be clankers down there!"

Xeres:"Do we have a better option?"

Clones shake their heads.

Xeres:"Then this is it!"

Soon after walking through the sewage system, Xeres is confused on where to go, when there was two ways, he just had to be lucky. But when he turned to the left, he saw Ben, turn to the right, he put a clone sergeant in charge of the men, while Xeres followed Ben. When he was following him, Ben noticed that a Commando Droid was following Xeres, then Ben noticed and force pushed it down and killed it. Xeres was surprised and brought him back to General Kenobi, who sent Ben to the Jedi Temple to train as a Jedi Knight.

Battle of Christophis

After admiral Trench's fleet was destroyed and the battle of Christophis was at hand. Shadow squad was tasked to free captured civilians and soldiers in a tower in Separatist territory. After being deployed in a LAAT a droid turret shot down the LAAT and crashed into the tower. Xeres got up to see if anybody was alive, luckily there was. Cole, Slice, Veck and Brace were alive but the pilots and Reck were dead. After getting rested and finding their weapons the squad started to move toward the detention center. There were several droid guards including Magnaguards. Every time there was a squad or patrol of droids, somebody would throw a EC detonator to deactivate the droids. After deactivating several patrols, the squad finally freed all the prisoners while giving the soldiers weapons. Soon after the battle of Christophis, Xeres was requested by General Skywalker himself to help him with the assault on Teth.

The battle of Teth

After hearing about the mission on Teth. Xeres was going to Teth without his squad and will be reunited with them when General Kenobi is done negotiating with Jabba. Once landed Xeres attached his cable and shot it up till it hit the top. It was a long and tough climb, trying to not get blasted by any STAPS or get shot down by a dwarf spider droid. After he reached the top, he started to move in with General Skywalker and captain Rex into the temple. Xeres and the other men he was with encountered a temple care taker. The care taker didn't seem suspicious in any way. After the General left with his new Padawan to find the huttlet. Xeres walked around the temple, trying to find anything out of the ordinary. He didn't find anything that was different, until he saw droid cruisers come out of hyperspace.

After the two Jedi found and brought the huttlet into the entrance of the temple. Xeres then saw a droid drop ship landing. The Jedi were forced to bring the huttlet to Tatoonine, while Xeres and the other clones fight off the droids. After the clones sealed themselves inside the temple, Xeres quickly ready his rifle.Soon the droids cut the lock. Xeres started blasting as soon as he saw the first droid. Soon the clones were defeated and only Rex, Xeres and a few other clone troopers were still alive. Xeres and the other clones were held captive in front of the AT-TE. Rex soon distracted the droids and grabbed droid blasters. Rex handed a blaster to Xeres and then he started to take cover at the AT-TE. Soon the 212th legion arrived with the rest of shadow squad to assist Anakin's remaining force.

After the battle, General Kenobi promoted Xeres to Lieutenant

The Invasion of Ryloth

After General Kenobi began his assault on Ryloth. Shadow squad was tasked on freeing a small village out in the middle of nowhere. The squad was deployed at night and planned to make it to the village by morning. It was a tough night to go through but strangely no droids so far. Once the village was in view the squad set up camp and rested for a few hours. After the squad was rested they started to move toward the village. Once at the entrance, Xeres and Slice killed the droid guards and started to move inside.At the city center there was a droid command platform with a tactical droid with two other commander droids along side it with several droid guards with the twi'leiks were on their knees as prisoners. Xeres threw a EC detonator to deactivate the guards. After he threw the detonator the squad moved in and started to blast the droids. After the village was freed a few LAAT's landed with the Scorpion. The squad boarded the Scorpion and flew off into the sky.

Second battle of Geonosis

After many battles in the clone wars the second battle of Geonosis is here. Xeres always hated Geonosis and couldn't believe that they were there again. In the LAAT preparing to land at point rain the gunship got shot down.

Xeres:"Here we go again!"

After the ship hit the ground, Xeres got up and saw that everybody else was up and fighting. Xeres joined them in blasting many geos. The only way to get to point rain was to go through a canyon. The way to the landing zone was harsh barely any cover and barely any ammo left over. Once out of the canyon, shadow squad met up with General Skywalkers' group heading toward the landing zone. Once at Point Rain shadow squad boarded the Scorpion.

The Factory

After getting some rest. Xeres was deployed with Green company down on Geonosis to finish things off. Once landed he saw his pod brother. Atom. He was so excited to see him again but there were more pressing matters at hand. The clones and droids were marching parade style. Xeres was holding one of his most favorite heavy weapons a Z6 rotary blaster canon.

Once he saw the first droid he started blasting non-stop until he ran out of ammo during the second wave. He threw the blaster canon at a droid and grabbed his pistols and continued blasting. After the third wave was finished, the Separatist sent out a new tank. Xeres got out a rocket launcher and said " I'll show you how its done!"- Xeres said as he shot the tank with a rocket but it did no damage. Xeres was started to act confused then he fell back. After the Jedi destroyed the bridge including the tanks, he got out a sniper rifle and started to shoot down droids. Soon the factory came crashing down. Xeres took cover when that happened but when it exploded, and the factories remains fell down to the ground, he thought that was epic.
IMG 0400-1-

Xeres blasting down droids at the factory

The Progate temple

Soon after destroying the factory, Xeres is deployed with General Kenobi and Skywalker with Commander Cody and a few other troopers, tasked to find Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. Once at the temple, Xeres walked over to where they saw clone trooper "Buzz" lifeless body laying on the ground.

Cody:"Sir we found Buzz."

Kenobi:"Luminara's lightsaber, this isn't good."- General Kenobi to Cody

Soon after finding Luminara's lightsaber, the rescue team went to the catacombs of the temple. Xeres turned on his helmet lights to see better. Soon when the group was deeper into the temple, Kenobi heard Luminara and  ran,so did the rest. Once when they were where Kenobi heard Luminara, they were being attacked by Geo Zombies!

Xeres: "They just won't quit! Or die!"

Soon after surviving the zombie attack, Skywalker and Kenobi sent two troopers to go up to the surface to send a distress signal to command. Later after the troopers were sent, everybody could hear their screams of pain and suffering coming from above them! Soon after walking through the catacombs, the group is at the temple chamber.Before they engaged he queen, Kenobi noticed that these creatures live in the dark, so the clones split up and went to all different sides on the room and prepared their lights. Soon the Jedi engaged the Queen and asked her to surrender and obey republic law. The queen refused and captured the Jedi and let them see what the brain worm would do. Soon Poggle grabbed a worm and put it on Undulis face and it began to slither around. Right before the worm could go inside, Kenobi ordered the clones to attacked and take out the support. Soon Poggle was captured and put inside a Republic prison.

Defying a Jedi

Xeres and Shadow Squad, was deployed with Jedi General Pong Krell, to start the conquest of Dantooine.

The red light lit up in the Gunship, and they descended down to the surface. The green light turned on. A second later the doors opened. Cole jumped out first, Xeres followed. They blasted several droids, as they went on to a canyon to take a staging ground. Once there, Krell was giving out orders, and called Xeres and the rest of Shadow Squad over.

Krell:"Delta ARC 3490, you'll be taking two companies to the eastern canyon, and defeat any resistance you may find."

Xeres:"What, did you.....just call me?"

Krell:"I said, Delta ARC 3490, are you clear with your orders?"

Xeres:"Don't call me by my number."

Krell:"Its what you are though."

Xeres:"I'm a individual being! We may all have the same face, the same voice, and similar training, but we're all different! The name's Xeres!"

Cole:"Xeres! Forgive my lieutenant's response, he just really doesn't like being called by his number, he thinks that he's more respected when he's called by his name."

Krell:"What he thinks! Are you saying that Xeres has an independent mind! Is he defective or not!"

Cole:"Minor defects. Independent thinking is one of them. A more destructive personality, and always has the urge to avenge troopers that died in battle, especially two ARC's that we lost during the battle of Geonosis."

Krell:"I'll keep that noted, but if he does that one more time, or he disobey's orders, I'll have to deal with him. Dismissed Delta ARC 3488."

Xeres took the two companies to the eastern canyon. The Intel was AAT's, SBD's, Battle Droids, Droideka's, Heavy turrets. Xeres hesitated and continued the march. 10 meters from canyon entrance. Bombers soared overhead and bombed most of the troops in the back. AAT's, SBD's, Droideka's, Commando Droids, Battle droids, Vulture Droids came out. The soldiers were under heavy fire, no cover, and losing troops at an alarming rate. The ARC Commander was hit. Xeres was now in charge. It looked really bad, about fifty men left. Xeres gave the fall back order. Clones ran back to the outpost. Clone soldiers were in sight, then came in to help fend off the droids. After the droids were destroyed, Xeres was approached by Krell.

Krell:"What was that Delta ARC 3490! I specifically gave all of you the order to not fall back."

Xeres:"Look! The Intel was way off in numbers and classes of hostiles. We were unprepared for the attack."

Krell:"Clones are meant to adapt to the situation."

Xeres:"Not that quickly!"

Krell:"Xeres, I'm officially relieving you of duty, for your defectiveness, and disobedient of orders."

Cole came back with his forces.

Cole:"Whats going on here?"

Krell:"Delta ARC 3490 was just relieved of duty."

Cole:"Do you know what you just did! Shadow Squad is nothing with Xeres! He's our demolition expert, and modification expert! Our squad is meant to complete missions with extreme efficiency!"

Krell:"So are you testifying against me!"

Cole:"Yes! I request that Xeres' would be able to go back to active duty, if you deny,  I would like the Republic court to see this case!"

Krell:"Fine, but if you lose, Shadow Squad will be relieved from duty."

Krell submitted the case, Mace Windu substituted for the General during the battle of Dantooine.

After two weeks, Xeres was in a Republic Prison on Coruscant, waiting for someone to represent him in Republic Court. Everyday in the mess hall, he would get picked on by a group of prisoners.

Zabrak Prisoner:" Look at what we have here. A Clone!"

Trandoshan Priosner:" Looks like he couldn't take the war, huh, isn't that right, you copy."

Xeres:" I'm giving you one chance to stop what you are doing, and back away."

Mandalorian Prisoner:" Or what?"

Xeres:" Or this!"

Xeres got up lifting his tray and slammed it into the Trandoshans face. The Mandalorian threw a punch at Xeres, but Xeres' reflexes were too fast. Xeres punched the joint on the Mandalorian's arm, breaking it. The Zabrak and the Trandoshan came in charging, but Xeres punched them both in the stomach, causing them to fall. Xeres stomped on both of their faces. Blood spattered everywhere. Two clones came in and broke up the fight and brought Xeres back to his cell.

The next day, Cole came to visit with the person who was going to represent Xeres in court; Senator Amidalla.

Cole:" I managed to convince the Senator here to represent you in front of the court."

Xeres:" And how did you do that?"

Padme:" Because I've seen your record, and I believe your side of the story more than Krell's."

Xeres:" So where do begin?"

The Citadel

As the clone war rages on, Xeres has been requested personally by general Kenobi and Skywalker to join them on their infiltration to the citadel to rescue master Peil and his crew. Xeres had noticed that captain Rex is coming along with commander Cody with some clone troopers with ARC trooper Echo and Fives. Before the infiltration, the strike force had to be carbon frozen to bypass life sign scanners.After being freed from the carbonite, Xeres saw that the citadel was close by and started to scope out the area for any patrols of droids and heard some of the members talking to each other.

Cody:"You were right, the wind speeds are to high for jet packs."

Kenobi:"Then I guess we do it the old fashion way. Ascension cables and a steel grip."

Skywalker:"Well guess again......Electro mines. If one of us hit one of those mines,  the mission is over."

Rex:"Well I guess we free climb it."

Soon after planning their way in, Xeres is having a difficult climbing up the wall.

Xeres:"I always hated climbing walls!"

Soon after getting up to the top, Xeres saw a clone fall down and hit a mine! Soon after that, he heard alarms going off!

Skywalker:"Well they know we're here!"

Later after the alarm went off,  the group rescued master Peil and his men and split up into two groups. Xeres went with general Skywalkers group.

The Great Breakout

Soon after splitting up, Xeres is holding the line at a dead end cornered by commando droids, waiting for Ashoka to blow up the wall.

Xeres:"Come on commander! Blow up the wall!"

Ashoka:"Okay! Hold your jets lieutenant!"

After the wall was destroyed, the team began to move forward until they reached a tube which if there was any electric pulse, the tube would ignited in flames. After they got out of the tube, they encountered several droids, and blew up the tube as a detraction to escape. Soon after fighting through several droids and soon they arrived at the hangar where general Kenobi's group was pinned down. Soon Echo knew it was the time to act, he grabbed a commando droid hand shield and grabbed his blaster and ran in front of the ship and started to hold off the enemy until the ship blew up, so did Echo........

A New Breakout

Soon after their ship being destroyed, the strike force faces its darkest hour : limited ammo, limited troops and no known escape. Trying to lose track of the droids, Xeres is trying hold out as long as possible to survive to escape. Unfortunately, everybody was wounded in a way. Soon, master Peil died by a crab droid. Later after doing a funeral for Piel, the force had a new rendezvous point, a small island surrounded by lava. After fighting through several droids, the group finally made it to the island and got inside a LAAT and escaped the planet.

Second Half of The Clone Wars

After many battles throughout the clone wars. Xeres was given a new edition armor known as shadow tech phase 2 gear.

Battle of Umbara

After Xeres received his new phase 2 gear, he was 17 years old, almost 18 years old, when deployed to Umbara with the 501st legion. Once in the LAAT, Xeres started to prepare his rifle until his gunship got shot down, along with another gunship. Once both of the LAATs hit the ground Xeres got up and found that most of the clone troopers in the other gunship were dead while very little in his.

After all the surviving clones got up and the medics did what they can to help them an umbaran patrol saw the clones and called for reinforcements. After ten minutes, ten squads of umbarans and hover tanks were attacking the clones. Xeres did what he could to take down the tanks. But when Cole was shooting an umbaran, a hover tank shot a plasma missile at him. The missile missed him but he was really close to impacted of explosion. Xeres ran up and ordered the men to kill the remaining umbarans while Xeres helped Cole.
Shadow Tech Squad

Xeres and the rest of shadow squad soon after Cole died

Xeres:" Sir are you okay?"

Cole:" Y-es I am, Xeres."

Xeres:"Come on sir stay with me!"

Cole:"Xeres here are my last requests (cough)"

Xeres:"Okay sir tell me them"

Cole:"Do your best to survive.... that's what the program trained us to do, right?"

Xeres:"It did, sir."

Cole chuckled.

Cole:"We all have... our time though.. my time has come. I'm leaving you with the rank of captain.... take care of the squad for me, while I'm gone..."

Xeres:"Will do sir."

Cole died in Xeres' arms. Xeres gathered his remaining men, including his squad and began to march south towards the Umbaran Airfield, which was now under siege by the 501st Battalion. It took the team about two hours to make it there unscathed through the shadowy wastelands. Once at the Airfield, he met up with Captain Rex in the mess hall, where he explained about everything since he crashed.

Xeres:"So, we crashed about two hours north of here. There were only a select few survivors of the other Gunship while the one I was in was mainly alive."

Rex:"Were you guys attacked?"

Xeres:"Yes, by a few squads and some hover tanks. Unfortunately, one of those hover tanks hit Cole, or an area around him. He died in my arms."

Rex:"Oh, man. I'm sorry, he was very inspiring, and just a great man in general. Are you now the CO of your squad?"

Xeres:"Yes, I am and I am also promoted to Captain as Cole's last act."

Rex:"I don't know if I should congratulate you for your promotion or tell you I'm sorry for Cole."

Xeres:"I'll take either one."

They both laughed.

Xeres and his men were ordered to rest and recover after their crash, until at least Torrent Company was sent out to defeat a group of Umbarans who allegedly took possesion of 212th Attack Battalion armor and is using the armor and weapons and is using against other clones. Torrent Company came back with several 212th soldiers and made their march towards the command tower. Xeres and Shadow Squad regrouped with them, Rex explained the situation with Krell and how he gave the clones false information about Umbarans using clone weapons and armor.

The Clones made it up to the top of the tower, where Krell was, and circled the traitorous Jedi. Rex attempted to arrest him, but he replused all the clones back, including Xeres, killed a few of them, and jumped out the window. The Clones went to follow him into the Umbaran forest. Xeres and his squad took a different route to get to Krell. They went upon a ridge above all the other clones, but when they saw Krell, Veck jumped down, trying to tackle Krell. Krell easily threw him off, hitting a tree. Brace rushed over to get to him, Xeres and Slice continued on. They both kept firing round after round after round, until Trooper Tup managed to trick Krell to fall into his trap, and stun him in the process.

Krell was now imprisoned, but the Seperatist and Umbaran forces were planning a counterattack. Rex made the ultimate decision to execute the Jedi. Xeres was brought down to the brig, along with Rex, Fives, Dogma and a few others. Rex had Krell on his knees, ready to fire, but before he could shoot, Dogma pulled Five's blaster pistol and fired into Krell's back. The Jedi fell dead. Xeres and his men were quickly transfered off planet, as they had another mission to attend to.

IMG 0387-1-

Xeres and Rex talking about Krells betrayal

Recon on Felucia

After receiving heavy loses on Umbara and being promoted to captain and leading his squad, Xeres finds himself with his in the barracks of a attack cruiser until, him and his squad get called up to the bridge for their next mission. Once in the bridge there was a holograph of General Mace Windu talking to the Admiral of the fleet. Once Mace saw Xeres and his squad, he started to give briefing of their next mission.

" Captain Xeres, your next mission is on Felucia."

"What are our objectives on the planet?"

" Your first and only objective is to find out what happened to the 42nd legion which was tasked to liberate the planet."

"Affirmative general." - Xeres to General Windu

Once on the surface dropped off by the scorpion. Xeres started to move with his squad toward a mountain to have a briefing of the area. Once at the top of the mountain. Xeres got out his range finder and started to look for separatist activity. He saw three droid bunkers but that wasn't enough proof that the separatist were complete control of the planet until he saw four droid factory's on the south side of the planet.
IMG 0406-1-

Xeres shooting down droids on Felucia

After seeing the factories, he contacted the Jedi temple to send reinforcements immediately.

Survival on Felucia

After losing contact with the Republic several months ago and found the remaining of the 42nd legion and finding general Ayla Secura and commander Bly wounded and having to push back several attacks from
IMG 0443-1-

Xeres blasting droids on Felucia near the Republic base

droids and alkalays and running low on ammo, food, water and hope. But Xeres still had hope that the republic will come for them.

Battle of Felucia

After surviving several months on Felucia. The 501st legion comes to aid the 42nd legion. Xeres was ill and wounded when the 501st attacked. A few scout troopers found Xeres being helped by his squad and a few medics. Xeres was asleep when he was hit by the disease and he woke up in a cruiser and he saw a shock trooper commander.

Xeres:"Am I dead?Where am I! Who are you!?"

Thorn:"No your not dead. You're in a attack cruiser medical bay. And by the way my name is Thorn."

After the battle Xeres was promoted to commander

Speeder Squad on Carlac 001

Slice talking to Veck (Holding Rifle) and Brace (Facing Veck) after their squad leader "Xeres" left them in their new snow gear.

IMG 0394-1-

Xeres getting dropped off from his LAAT

Skirmish on Carlac

After the Battle of Felucia, Xeres was deployed with Delta company to Carlac to assist Wolf pack. Soon after receiving snow gear, Xeres started to move out alone and left his squad at the republic outpost while Xeres try to find his brother Atom. After fighting through several death watch soldiers, he finally made it to the entrance of the captured village and saw Atom and Ace were waiting for him.

The captured village

Soon after meeting up with Atom and Ace. The three clones made their way inside the village undetected and freed several villagers while causing chaos to the death watch inside. The journey was hard trying to dodge so much laser fire and flame throwers. After freeing all the villagers, the clones encountered Pre Vizsla and his death watch squad. Both sides fought but only one side fought with honor (the clones) and which lead to he clones being victorious and chasing off the death watch.

"What a bunch a cowards."
Attacking Pre Visla

Ace rushes to attack Vizsla

"You said it Xeres."

"You bet." - Xeres, Atom and Ace talking after they freed the village.

Second battle of Kamino

Soon after the battle of Carlac, Xeres was going to his home world of Kamino for a first time in many years. Coming with him was his squad and Atom, Ace and Axe. After landing on a platform, Xeres, Atom and Ace went to go see the cadets before their final test. The cadets were so excited to see a republic commando (Ace) for the first time. Right before Xeres was about to tell the cadets how to blow something up the right way, but before he could Atom told Xeres that Axe saw a separatist fleet out in space and there were drop ships landing on several platforms. Xeres and his squad got the cadets and Ace to follow him to the barracks and wait there for further orders.
Bombing of Kamino3

the bombing of Kamino

Defending home

After reaching the barracks, Xeres told Ace to lead his squad and the cadets to safety while he finds Atom. On his way to find Atom, Xeres made a quick stop to the armory to arm himself with his most favorite weapons. He grabbed a Z6 rotary blaster canon, a republic missile launcher, grenades, EC detonators, sonic grenades, detpacks, DC-15 blaster and rifle and extra ammo. On his way he encountered several droids that were fighting clones. He destroyed every droid in sight. Until he saw a drop ship, right then he grabbed out a missile launcher and said - " I love my job!" and fired away. After he destroyed the drop ship, the battle was drawing towards an end and separatist started to flee.

" Yeah run you cowards!" - Xeres after the Separatist fleet fled the system.

After the battle, said goodbye for the time being to Atom and Ace and Axe. Right after he said goodbye, he got his squad together and awaited further orders.

Return To Carlac

After defending Kamino, Xeres is in his Acclamator class assault ship, "The RAS Assaulter", along with, Atom, and Wes.

Xeres:"The sep's fleet have crashed down to the planet, but we've seen on our scanners, that droids have reactivated one frigate, and made it their 'temporary' base."

Atom:"Where exactly?"

Xeres:"On the north side of the planet, surrounded by droids and Death Watch."

Wes:"Well, that's just great...... More challenges along the way, this should be fun."
Carlac briefing

Atom, Drive, ana Wes planning the attack on the ship

To be expanded... when the crash ship mission comes........

Returrn to Ryloth

Soon after being deployed to Carlac again. Xeres is deployed with Delta Company and his squad to Ryloth. After inspecting the base. Xeres attention was toward a droid drop ship and soon it landed resulting in an army of droids lead by General Grievous. Soon Greivous was killing several clones. After seeing Grievous kill several clones,  Xeres got out his rifle and started shooting Grievous. Grievous noticed Xeres was shooting him, and blocked every shot he fired and soon called for reinforcements. Xeres soon was out-gunned and out-numbered an falled back. He soon came back with a rocket launcher and shot Grievous in the head before he can get to Atom. After he shot the missile, Xeres got out his rifle and began shooting several droids, soon a squadron of super battle droids came marching in and the leader super battle droid shot a laser bolt that Xeres has never seen before! A bolt with lightning shards circling around it! Xeres got shot in the leg and arrm by it, but didn't go down, he just got angry and got out a rotary blaster canon and destroyed the remaining droids.

IMG 0393-1-

Xeres in sith form (crazy form in cwa)

The Dark Xeres

Soon after being hit by those weird laser bolts, Xeres was starting to act diffrently and soon his armor began to change to an unknown siths gear and he began to be in a dark armor with two lightsabers. Everybody noticed Xeres has changed, soon he began killing several clones! Soon, Atom got out his lightsabers and began to attack him. But inside Xeres' mind, was his own spirit trapped inside and couldn't break free! Soon Xeres woke up in the siths gear, and saw a helmet on the ground. He was so confused and soon a squad of clones took him the prison block and put him inside a cell. Xeres soon found the sith helmet and just put it on and began to go crazy again! He used the force to break free and used a new force power no one has seen before! He used a force push mixed with the power of force lightning and made an explosion to the entrance, and soon he began to sink the base. But Atom and Axe eventually took off the helmet and gave him medical attention.

Protecting a Senator

After learning that there was a darker side of himself, Xeres was ordered to be Padme Amidalla's personal bodyguard, while she negotiates prisoner terms on Hypori.

Xeres:" Entering Hypori's space. Senator, I still think that this a trap."

Padme:" We have to get the hostage back."

Xeres:"And, with all due respect, you still haven't told me who the prisoner is?"

Padme:" That's classified, Xeres."

Xeres:" Permission to speak freely?"

Padme:" Granted."

Xeres:" Personally, I've never been in the dark when I was on previous missions, and I really don't want to start now."

Padme:" I know how your feeling, I really do. But you'll find that in some missions, you can't know everything. Leaders sometimes leave their soldiers in the dark for their own good. And that's what we're doing with you."

Xeres:" The hostage, he's a clone isn't he? Someone I'm close to?"

Padme:" Yes."

Xeres:" Fives, Fives is the hostage."

Padme:" Yes."

Xeres:"Why didn't you tell me?"

Padme:" We were worried that you'll put Fives first before the mission as my bodyguard."

Xeres:" We risk our lives on the battlefield everyday next to each other, knowing that one of us may die. Yes we do care if one of our squad mates dies, but we get past it, we've seen and been through squad mates deaths, I've personally saw two of my squad mates laying dead without a few of their limbs at the Battle of Geonosis. I was there when his best friend from training sacrificed himself to save the rest of the team. We know what sacrifice is, and the cost as well."

Padme:" Separatist Cruiser inbound."

Xeres:" That's Greivous' flagship!"

Padme:" Evasive maneuvers!"

But it was too late, the Cruiser's turbo-laser batteries hit the blockade runner's engine and reactor core. They were sent hurling into the planet's atmosphere, turning into a ball of fire as they crashed. Xeres woke up to the heat of the fire inside the ship. He looked around, trying to get in his surroundings. He saw Padme on the ground, unconscious. He quickly scooped her off the ground, and took her outside and set her down near a boulder. He waited until she woke up, hours it took. She woke up with a loud gasp for air.

Padme:" What happened?"

Xeres:" Ship crashed, pulled you out of the wreckage, and I waited for hours for you to wake up."

Padme:" Are comms down?"

Xeres:" They went down before he hit the surface. No help is coming, especially this deep in the sep territory. Our best bet is to find Fives, break him out and try to find a way out. Now get up, we need to search the wreckage."

Padme:" You didn't?"

Xeres:" I was too busy protecting you."

They both enter the wreck, Xeres checked the food storage and the armory, and salvaged as much he could find. A few crates of food, and ammo, a few blasters and rifles, two crates of grenades and four solar powered automated turrets. This is what he had to fight an army. Great. Xeres set up the turrets, while Padme made a fire and made makeshift beds. Xeres walked over to the fire and ate some rations.

Xeres:" The turrets are on full power and will shoot anything without a Republic signature. You'll stay here for the night, I'll be leaving in an hour to find Fives."

Padme:" So you're just going to leave me here under the protection of four turrets?"

Xeres:" With all due respect, I know you can handle your own in a firefight, but in case you haven't noticed, this is Hypori, one of the main droid manufacturing planets, and each base has to have well over a thousand droids each. So I'm leaving you here for your own good, whether you like it or not."

Xeres continued to eat, then he loaded up some food into a bag, along with several grenades, and ammo clips. He left after he packed his bag.

He kept walking until midnight, then he saw a Separatist prison about a mile to the east, he pulled out his binoculars, and took a good look at the prison, three droid patrols on each wall, with one SBD and four B1's. Bright spotlights as well. Xeres put a grapple hook on his blaster, moved up, threw a rock about fifty feet to his left, the spotlight went straight, Xeres took his chance, shot his grapple and hooked it on the wall. He climbed up the wall, looked over the railing, cleared of droids. Xeres lift himself up, and ran down to the detention center, evading several droid patrols, opened every cell, no sign of Fives. That's until he got to the cell with two droid patrols where guarding just one cell. He cooked a droid popper and rolled it over to the droids, seconds later, ten droids were on the ground deactivated. Xeres opened the cell and shot and hit four droids with four shots, and found Fives.

Fives:" Xeres?"

Xeres:" Yeah, its me. I'm breaking you out of here."

Fives:" Where's Senator Amidalla? Wasn't she suppose to negotiate a prisoner exchange?"

Xeres:" Prisoner terms, Fives. Take this blaster."

Xeres threw a blaster towards Fives, and he caught it.

Xeres:" Where's your gear?"

Fives:" It should be in the prisoner control room."

Xeres:" Where's that?"

Fives:" Follow me."

Xeres:" I got your six."

Fives:" Aye."

Fives took point, and Xeres watched his back, and followed Fives. He continued to follow, they were both at a door, Xeres assumed it was the prisoner control room.

Fives:" I estimate seven plus droids inside."

Xeres:" Get some droid poppers, and roll them inside, and hope for the best."

Fives:" Okay."

They both grabbed some droid poppers, opened the door, rolled them in, closed the door, waited for them to go off, breached and cleared the room. They both took a look around for Fives' armor, Fives found it in a weapons locker, suited up and left with Xeres to escape. The escape was fairly easy, they just took the route Xeres came in, and ran back to the crash site. When the two got back, Padme was working on what looked like a communication system.

Xeres:" We're back."

Padme:" Now we just need to escape the planet."

Xeres:" I see you're working on a comms system over there, any luck?"

Padme:" Yeah but a lot of static."

Xeres:" Any help coming?"

Padme:" I don't know exactly. I've made contact with Republic forces, they know our current situation, and everything. But we may just be too deep in Separatist territory."

Four days passed since the breakout, doing the same thing every single day, hiding, hunting, cooking and sleeping. Then on the fifth day, four Republic Venators came out of hyperspace and battled the Separatist fleet above. At first it looked like an even fight, then the Separatist turned the tables, and the Republic Venators were destroyed, launching several escape pods, at least fifty each. A half an hour later the escape pods landed, with thirty of them remaining. Xeres checked for survivors, twenty pods had ten clones each, the other ten was full of supplies. Xeres looked for the General of the fleet. Soldiers kept saying he died on a different pod. Xeres now had two hundred soldiers at his command, one ARC and a senator, and from the pods landing, Xeres expected a Separatist attack. Xeres sent some scouts out to recon. They came back an hour later with intel that the Separatist sent out a large attack force.

Xeres set up a perimeter around the camp, turrets and snipers overlooking the camp, with men setting up makeshift walls around the base. Xeres, Padme and Fives, were all devising a defense strategy to hold off the Droid attack until more help arrives. That's when they were approached by a squad of clones.

Xeres:"Trooper, what are you doing here?"

Trooper:"Me and my men had an idea of what we could do to help, sir."

Fives:" Well spit it out then."

Trooper:" Okay, well first some introductions, my name is Bones, CO of Theta Squad, and here with me is Slinger, Clasher and Headlock."

Xeres:" Wait, I've heard of your squad before, Bones, I just can't remember where." Xeres took a minute to figure out where he heard it from. Then it hit him, a few months before the invasion on Kamino, Xeres read that a squad of four soldiers caused a rebellion to rise on Taris and overthrew the Separatist government there. "You where the squad that overthrew Taris' government."

Bones nodded.

Bones:" And we did several other ops such as taking down a black sun operation, destroying a major shipyard on Mustafar and freed several Twi'leks on Ryloth."

Fives:" What's your plan?"

Bones:" Well, see me and my squad would set several traps on the Droid's path, ambushing them at every turn, hit and run tactics."

It was so simple but yet so brilliant.

Xeres:" Okay, I approve, but you're not going to be the only squad out there ambushing, you're going to set the traps, men will fill in the ambush positions and wait for the droids to advance."

A ARF trooper came up to Xeres.

ARF:" Sir, the droids will be within five miles of us in three hours."

Xeres:" Fives, Bones, move now."

The three of them got together six squads of men, and let Bones lead them from there. About two hours later, Xeres received a transmission from Bones.

Bones:"Sir, the droids are coming onto our traps."

A few seconds later, Xeres heard a loud explosion that ringed his ears. Then gunfire.

Bones:"First trap is a success, sir."

Xeres stayed on the transmission with Bones for the remaining six traps, all ending with explosions and gunfire. By the time Bones and the six squads returned, the droids were hot on their tail, but the attack force was much smaller due to Bones' traps. Xeres and his men began to hold off the droid force for two hours, that until more droids arrived. Clones were getting picked off one by one, until himself, Fives, Padme and Theta squad was surrounded by a massive droid force. All seven of them were cuffed and escorted back to the Separatist command compound. They were all separated from each other. Xeres was interrogated first.

Four Magnaguards approached Xeres. Two of them un-cuffed Xeres, while he saw the chance, he ripped one of the Magnaguard's arm off, hit another one to the ground, but was immediately shocked by the electric staff of another Magnaguard. Two Magnaguards lifted Xeres up and put him in a containment field. Greivous soon walked in.

Greivous:" Well, well, well, well. ARC Commander Xeres. May I have the honor to know why you are here?"

Xeres:" Cut the sarcasm General. You know why."

Greivous:" Oh yes I do, Xeres. Prisoner negotiations, or I would like to say, prisoner trading."

Trading was the word that stunned Xeres the most.

Xeres:" Trading?"

Greivous:" Oh, Senator Amidalla didn't tell you Commander? Well let me instead. The Republic's goal in this mission was too trade you for the Clone known as Fives, I believe that's what it is."

Xeres couldn't believe it.

Xeres:" Bu-but why?"

Greivous:" Since they know about your little incident on Ryloth, how you went nearly insane and critically harmed both my droids and your soldiers. They don't want another incident like that to happen."

It all made sense. Xeres was going to be imprisoned for the incident on Ryloth, by being involved in a prisoner trade. Xeres was now angrier than ever.

He began to start trying to escape from the containment field, even with Greivous and his guards in front of him. He ripped his left arm free, two guards tried to step in, but Xeres' right leg was also broken free, Xeres kicked and punched both the guards, Xeres didn't feel no pain, there was so much adrenaline rushing through his veins. He finally broke through the containment field, ripping an electric staff from a Magnaguards' hands, and began to fight all five of them. Xeres got shocked, had a lightsaber skin his right arm, and hit, but he didn't go down. He kept fighting, taking down the Magnaguards, leaving it Xeres versus Greivous.

Xeres:" Didn't think I was so tough, didn't ya?"

Greivous:" Well, you surprise me every time I begin to doubt you Xeres. Bravo."

Greivous started clapping.

Xeres:" So what, you give up? Or not, cause I'm thirsty for a fight."

Greivous stopped clapping.

Greivous:" If its a fight you want, a fight you will get."

Greivous lunged at Xeres igniting his two lightsabers, while Xeres charged with his electric staff. Xeres blocked several of Greivous' attacks, when Xeres finally saw an opening, Xeres hit Greivous straight in the chest, electrocuting him unconscious. Xeres heard gunfire outside the cell, Fives and Bones opened the door, while Headlock, Slinger, Clasher and Padme stayed out covering the three clones.

Fives:"Xeres, we got to move, now."

Xeres:" On it"

Xeres and Bones lifted up Greivous' body, they came out, Xeres had a pistol at Greivous' neck. The droids stopped firing. They all walked out of the compound, without being shot at. They started moving back towards the crash site. Once there, Greivous' holocom was going off. Bones grabbed it and handed to Xeres. Xeres started the call. He saw Nute Gunray.

Gunray:" Ah, the man who I've expected to pick up."

Xeres:" What do you want."

Gunray:"Cutting straight to the chase? Okay then. Well I know you want off this planet, but we want Greivous back. So how about a trade? We give you a ship, you give us Greivous back."

Xeres:"Deal. But when we meet, no artillery, no armored vehicles, only you and a few squads of droids with a ship. If there is anything outside my guidelines, you can kiss your General goodbye. We'll be meeting at this location," A holomap with grid and coordinates popped up with a large mountain in the middle.

Gunray:"Deal. I'll see you there Commander."

The transmission was cutoff.

Xeres took the holocom, and smashed it with his boot.

Bones:"Why did you do that sir?"

Xeres:" Because they were going to track our location and send a force out to us. Lets get moving."

And they were off to the mountain.

It took the group four days until they got to the mountain. When they got to the base of the mountain, Gunray wasn't there yet. The group decided to make camp there until he arrived. Gunray didn't arrive until the day after. And he kept true to his word, a ship, and a few squads of droids.

Gunray:"See, I've kept my promise, now you keep yours."

Xeres:"Slinger, go check if the ship is able to fly."

Slinger:"Yes sir!"

Slinger ran off to the ship.

Gunray:"What're you doing?"

Xeres:"To see if you weren't trying to scam us. That's all."

Slinger came out of the ship.

Slinger:"Its good to go sir!"

Xeres:"OK, good, go get her started."

Slinger went back inside the ship.

Xeres got on his helmet transmitter and contacted Slinger.

Xeres:"OK, Slinger, I don't intend to give Greivous up, activate the rear turrets and blast those droids to scrap."


The rear turrets activated and turned towards the droids, Slinger blasted them and destroyed nearly everyone, while Xeres grabbed Gunray by the throat and dragged him into the ship, while everyone else followed. Xeres threw Gunray onto the ground and pulled his pistol out and pointed it at him.

Gunray:"You wouldn't kill me. You're too scared."

Xeres:"Yes, I won't kill you, but I'll hurt you."

Gunray:"No you won't."

Xeres:"Watch me."

Xeres aimed at Gunray's leg and shot once. Gunray shot up from the ground and grabbed his leg in pain.

Xeres:"See. I will hurt you."

Xeres hit Gunray in the head and knocked him unconscious. Slinger went airborne and took for the skies. Padme came rushing into the cockpit.

Padme:"The cruisers will just shoot us down!"

Xeres:"Not if they know that we have Greivous and Gunray aboard. They won't even touch it."

Once in space, the Separatist command cruiser hailed the ship. Xeres accepted the transmission.

Droid officer:"Cargo ship, state your destination, and your cargo."

Xeres:"Destination is Coruscant, Cargo is General Greivous and Nute Gunray."

Droid officer:"Wait, what?"

Xeres:"You wanna see them?"

Droid officer:"Yes, I do."

Xeres told Fives and Charge to get Greivous and Gunray. Once they were in the cockpit, Xeres put them in the live video feed, between the cruiser and the cargo ship.

Xeres:"Permission to pass?"

There was no answer. Slinger then punched the throttle. The ship got even faster and faster, and soon fast enough where they were clear for hyperspace. They jumped to Coruscant. Mission success.

Investigation of Omega disappearance

Xeres was on standby for Omega squad to report back after D-Squad returned from Abafar, and reported that a commando "Gregor", saved them.

Xeres:"Its been too long, since Omega was deployed."

Skywalker:"Yes, but they are Commandos, and its Abafar, known as "The Void",it could take weeks, before they report back."

Xeres:"Still, Commandos, they are elite, but this is just a simple rescue mission, maybe more than that. I think we should send another rescue team."

Yularen:"General, we just received a Republic distress signal from Abafar. We have not confirmed that it is Omega's."

Skywalker:"Okay, Xeres. If you want another rescue team, form one, and we'll send you down there."


Xeres then formed his rescue team. He got his squad, Fives, Atom, Scorch, Fixer and some veteran members of Delta Company. He reported back to Skywalker, and he approved of the team. They boarded the Scorpion, and launched for Abafar. Once in orbit, they were caught into an asteroid field, 67 struggled to get them through, but still managed to land the Scorpion, with just a few scratches. Xeres opened the hatch.

Xeres:"No wonder they call it the Void. There's nothing out here, just dust. Reminds me of Tatooine."

Fixer:"I see a village out there, 67 can you get us there?"

67:"You bet."

67 flew the ship over to the village. From the sky view, it looked like it was attacked. When landed, it looked completely normal. The team split up into teams of two. Atom and Xeres, were one group.

Xeres:"Atom, your a veteran of the battle of Sarish, what does this Gregor look like?"

Atom:"He has yellow and white armor, blue visor lens. That's all I can tell you right now, because after the battle, he was gone."

Xeres:"I know what Omega squad looks like. But they could be here, or light years away from here."

They continued their search. Nothing..... Xeres was contacted by Fives.

Fives:"Xeres, me and Veck found a droid base. We're holding them off for now, but we need back up."

Xeres and Atom ran down an alley way, when they first heard blaster fire. They ran to the site of fire, Fives, Veck, Scorch and Fixer where currently holding the line against hundreds of droids. Xeres looked behind him, and saw Slice, Brace and more Delta Company members. Xeres ran up to the point of cover, and shot a few oncoming droids. Xeres looked up, and saw an opened hatch. Xeres ran over to the hatch. Scorch followed. Xeres climbed into the hatch, then helped Scorch in. It was pitch black, all that Xeres could see was two blue T visor lens'. He turned on night vision and saw Darman and Fi laying on the ground. Xeres ran over to them, checked their pulse; alive. Xeres felt relieved. He got out a med kit for both of them. Injected the bacta into them. They shook awake.

Xeres:"Are you guys okay?"

Darman:"Define 'okay'."

Scorch:"Well, the term 'okay' means are you alright or-"

Fi:"Learn something call 'sarcasm', Scorch."

Xeres:"Shut it down, both of you. Where's the rest of your squad?"

Darman:"Something about the Rugosa system. I heard them talk about it right before I was out cold."

Xeres:"Get up, we're moving."

Scorch helped Fi and Darman up. They ran out of the room, and straight through the battlefield. After they ran right past the cover line, the others followed. Xeres contacted 67 to prep the ship. They kept running. Blaster fire flew past them. 67 flew the ship into the city, opened the hatch, and everybody jumped on. 67 flew the Scorpion to Skywalker's fleet.

Black Sun bombers

The investigation of Niner and Atin continued. The rescue team went on the RAS Executor for a debriefing, of the rescue of Darman and Fi. Xeres went to the holotable and joined a holo session.

Mace:"Its just that the continuous bombings are happening here."

Kenobi:"We'll speak of this later. Xeres, was your mission successful?"

Xeres:"Partially. We found Darman and Fi, but our only clue on Niner and Atin is at Rugosa."

Skywalker:"Well it isn't a mission success if there is only half of the squad remaining."

Xeres:"But I may have a lead on where they might be."  A holo map of a series of rooms and tunnels underground of Rugosa.

Mace:"What is this?"

Xeres:"An abandoned mining facility. We believe that Seps may be holding Niner and Atin in here."

Mace:"This is troubling.......We just have recovered a Super Charged Proton Bomb found in Black Sun sector, more powerful than a regular Proton bomb, it eradicates everything in its blast radius, which was enlarged with the modifications, but we traced its location of creation, from Rugosa. But there are several of these abandoned mining facilities all over the planet. Just be carfeul. Current orders are to return to Coruscant for a mission briefing from Kal Skirata at the CSF base. Good luck, Commander."

The transmission was terminated.

The RAS Executor, jumped into light speed for Coruscant. They landed on a Gunship at the CSF base. Xeres was greeted by Kal Skirata.

Kal:"You.....Xeres, isn't it?"


Kal:"Great, I've heard about you saving two of my boys on Abafar, and several other ops, but lets get down to buisness. The council has ordered me to give you some extra members and new equipment for this mission. Nulls!"

Six ARC's ran over to Kal.

Kal:"Xeres, meet Captain Ordo, Lieutenant Prudii, Lieutenant Kom'rk, Lieutenant Mereel, Lieutenant Jaing, and Sergeant A'den. They will be your new additions to your team also Boss and Sev has requested to join as well."

Xeres:"Okay. Lets go see that tech."

Kal:"Follow me to the armory. My favorite place....."

They went into the Arca Company barracks armory, Kal opened the door, Modified Military Issue weapons and ordnance laid everywhere. Thermal Detonators, Flash Bangs, Sonic Grenades and EC Detonators. Extra large ammo clips were in crates everywhere. Some Verpine Shatter guns were in the racks, and other mods were on the walls.

Xeres:"Almost as impressive as Kamino's armory."


Kal:"Well, lets just look at what we have in the stock, so you'll probably have about twenty of you there, we need to arm you for any possible outcome. You'll also be taking a stolen Black Sun Freighter. We captured it when it was on its way from Coruscant to Rugosa."

It took them a few hours to get all the equipment loaded, but after that they took off for Rugosa. Once in orbit, Xeres sent down a signal to the base, surprisingly it responded that the bombs were ready. They landed in the base, got out, killed the guards carrying the bombs, got off, then ordered the pilots to go in orbit and stay there until a threat comes or until further orders. The hallways were dark, nothing that can be seen with normal vision. They ran until Fives ran into something; it was a Super Charged Proton bomb, right next to it was Niner and Atin, with Niner unconsciously moving his arm to the 'activate' button. Xeres quickly reacted and moved Niner out of the way. He got out a med kit and injected bacta into both of them, they shook awake. Xeres then tried to contact the freighter.....Static...... Niner and Atin got up, lights turned on. Black Sun members armed with blaster rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and shatter guns filled each of the three hallways.

Xeres:"Defensive formations!"

Everybody took cover and shot down the Black Sun members. But more just kept coming and coming. The rescue team was out manned but not outgunned, grenades exploded, rockets flew. Xeres looked behind him and saw the bomb become activated remotely. Five minutes.

Xeres:"Darman, Scorch, help me with the bomb!"

They both nodded their heads, and followed Xeres towards the bomb. Four and a half minutes. They hurried.

Ordo:"Hurry with the bomb!"

Scorch:"Can't rush an artist!"

Prudii:"Well under these circumstances, we need to rush the artist!"

Darman:"How 'bout you try to deactivate a bomb that can literatly put a crater into the planet!"

Prudii:"Never mind."

Boss:"Just keep shooting!"

Three minutes. Xeres never seen a Super Charged Proton bomb go off, or even seen it or the schematics, but things were not looking good. Blaster fire was raining down on the clones, some of the shots were very close to the bomb. And even one mistake in deactivating this bomb and there can be a crater on Rugosa that you can see from orbit. One and a half minutes.

Sev:"Scorch, I though you were good at your job!"

Scorch:"Never seen one of these things before!"

Xeres:"Sev, it would help if you start picking off these guys faster!"

Darman:"Thirty seconds!"

This could be the end.... Xeres thought. Xeres imagined on his record: Delta-3490, aka "Xeres" pressumed KIA, on a rescue mission to rescue two Commandos, "Niner" and "Atin", along with twenty others. But he kept trying, fifteen seconds. He finally decided to cut a random wire, despite the consequences. He cut the wire, the timer stopped at eight seconds.

Xeres:"Got it!"

Ordo:"Fortunately were not going to get fried by that bomb."

Scorch:"But we may be lying corpses by these guys."

Xeres:"Throw flash grenades!"

Everybody got out a flash grenade, and threw it.

Xeres:"Thermal sights on!"

Everybody turned on thermal vision and cleared out the rest of the Black Sun soldiers. Still no signal. They moved onto the command center. Jaing set a breach charge on the door, Kom'rk got out a flash grenade and a sonic grenade. The others followed with blaster fire. Xeres ran over to the control terminal and contacted the Executor for support. They cleared the rest of the base when the Executor arrived.

Mission to Mygeeto

Shortly after the mission with the proton bombs, Xeres and his squad have new orders.

Ki Adi:" There has been strange activity in this area of Mygeeto commander."

Xeres:"What kind of activity sir?"

Ki Adi:"Well according to scouts on the planet, there are slavers and droids in this city of the planet."

Xeres:"Are they renegades?"

Ki Adi:" Maybe, but that is what we want you to find out before we invade Mygeeto."

Xeres:" Understood General."

Soon after they landed on the planet,the squad thought the place was dead town. But they still continued their mission.Then they were starting to hear clanking sounds from droids, every time they went over to see what it was, nothing was there.

Brace:"Sir, this place gives me the creeps."

Xeres:"Eh,I've seen worst Brace."

Veck:"Everything gives you the creeps Brace."

Brace:"Be quiet Veck!"

Slice:" Knock it off, both of you! Can we just get this mission over with!?"

Brace:" Fine."

Later after the argument, Xeres started to see footprints on the ground. He realized the were trandoshan footprints. Then he saw four trandoshans on top of a building spying on them. Xeres got out his sniper then started shooting trando, after trando, after trando until they were all dead. Soon after the trandoshans were dead, Xeres saw trandoshans, assassin droids and commando droids marching down the streets of the city. Xeres contacted the republic to tell what he saw. But after he contacted the republic, a few trandos found the clones and stunned Veck and Brace, after Slice and Xeres saw the trandos stun them, they shot the trandos dead, but that was the least of their problems. The droid/trandoshan army was looking for them. After fighting through several mechs and reptiles,the squad was captured and Xeres was the only one who wasn't incapacitated,but very wounded. A assassin droid came up and put down a holoprojector and a hologram of Count Dooku (Tyranus) came up and started talking to Xeres.

Dooku:"Well,well,well. Who do we have here. Its the infamous commander Xeres."

Xeres:"Count Dooku, what a surprise to see someone weaker than me pop up on a hologram."

Dooku"You can keep joking all you want, but do you have any last words before my droids execute you?"

Right then, Xeres looked up in the sky and saw gunships landing.

Xeres:" Yeah, two words. Republic Invasion!"

Xeres then got up and grabbed a gun and started shooting droids. After the city was safe from the separatist, Xeres and his squad were in a medical bay when they were greeted by Master Yoda and Luminara, who were giving a briefing on their next mission to Ryloth, the third time.

Invasion of Foerost

*This story takes the perspective of several different characters*

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Attacking the Death Watch

Soon after Mygeeto, Xeres is deployed with the 212th attack battalion, to liberate the planet of the agressive terrorist. Xeres is deployed with his squad and a company of the legion, to destroy a large death watch base.

Xeres planned the attack in a advanced and complicated way. First, a quarter of the company would attack from the south, and Xeres squad would lead the rest the of the company to the death watch base.

Even though, there was several loses in the battle, the clones managed to capture the base. While he was searching the data files, he noticed that in a file, there where plans for an attack on mandalore. Xeres then picked up the Death watch lieutenant armor, and put it on. He soon told his squad of the plan he thought of. He contacted Kenobi, he also agreed with his plan. So Xeres and his men set a course to Carlac, in a mandalorion Death Watch ship.

Disguised as a Death watch

Soon after Xeres and his men went to Carlac, Xeres is on Mandalore protecting the people of the planet.

Soon after Duchess Satine was arrested, Xeres went to the prison to meet her.

Satine:"Why are you here, terrorist?"

Xeres:"Well, I am not a terrorist, I am a friend of Kenobi."

Satine:"I don't believe you..."

Xeres:"No, I am a clone soldier, and I was sent here to, help Kenobi when he gets here, I don't have much time, I was just contacted by Vizsla, and he wants me and my men with him when we confront Maul."

Satine:"I'll be waiting."

Soon after talking to Satine, Xeres and his men are with Vizla to help defeat Maul and Savage.

When Maul arrived, Xeres and his men preped their guns, but Maul and Vizla began to argue, then they began to duel, but Vizla was killed in the process, and Maul declared himself the leader of Death Watch. But Bo Katan refused then she and her soldiers took off on their jetpacks. Maul yelled at Xeres and his men to go after them. But when there was an explosion, Bo Katan thought they were dead, but Xeres and his men followed them, and asked them if they could join them on their rebellion to destroy Maul. Soon after being accepted, Xeres told Bo, who they really were, Bo understanded, and contacted the republic for help.

Rebelling against Death watch

Soon after uniting with Bo Katan, and her soldiers, Xeres and her have been destroying several outpost in the out skirts of Mandalore. Soon after fighting the Death Watch, Xeres noticed that Skywalkers ship "The Twilight", then he saw Obi-Wan Kenobi walking out in his bounty hunter gear, soon the ship exploded. Later Xeres met up with him and they talked about what they were going to do next. They then decided, to rally some civilians that are willing to fight, Xeres requested that he'd do the job, while Kenobi, an Bo, plan their attack.


Xeres, fighting alongside Bo Katan, and her "Nite Owls"

When Xeres was in a popular area for the people, Xeres started to speak out, and telling them whats wrong.

Then about ten or twelve people came up and wanted to join Xeres. Xeres then brought them back to base, and Kenobi, had an idea, Xeres would lead an attack to free Satine.

To be expanded...........

Defense on Malastare

Xeres was on Malastare along with his squad and the 212th attack battalion defending a crucial fuel base that would affect the Republic war effort. Xeres was guarding the main fuel supply container, until he saw a Seperatist fleet come straight out of hyperspace, demolishing the Republic fleet, landing drop-ships everywhere, then three squadrons of hyena bombers protecting the drop ship coming straight towards the fuel base.
20090420 Hyena Klasse Bomber

The Hyena bombers attacking the fuel base

Xeres warned the whole battalion, then soon Xeres seen canons go up and started to shoot the bombers out of the sky, until the bombers bombed them..... Soon the bombers launched bombs at a fuel container then it caused a chain reaction and began blowing up several fuel containers! Xeres got out of the way, then he saw the drop ship land. He contacted all nearby Republic fleets to give support, but none answered.....

But that didn't stop the clone, he kept on fighting defending the base at all cost, then he started to set up the anti-air defense system to give the clones a little air cover. It work for sometime, but then Xeres saw Slice, Veck and Brace, fighting off several battle droids. Xeres got out his rotary blaster canon, band began taking down the droids one-by-one! But by the time the droids were destroyed, he saw Cody fall back , following was several Super battle droids! Xeres got out his rocket launcher and started to pick off several groups of B2's, then COdy came in for extra support along with several other men. Xeres then looked up at the sky seeing the bombers swarming around looking for a target site, then he had an idea: he would go to the armory and equip a jetpack, grab several detpacks, and launch up to the sky and destroy the bombers manually. He was certain it would work, but he had no other choice, so he rushed to the armory. When he got everything he launched into the skies and began blowing up several bombers, but by the time they were gone, they just kept coming! He thought it was the end, until he saw four Republic fighter squadrons began blasting the bombers out of the sky, then he saw a Republic fleet in orbit and began landing down reinforcements.......

Hunting a Jedi

Xeres was with Commander Fox, and his shock troopers while they held the prisoner who is suspected to have set the bomb in the Jedi temple.

When everything started to seem boring, Commander Tano walked in to talk to the prisoner. Fox requested that she give her lightsabers and comlink to him. As Ashoka walked into the room, Xeres noticed that some video audio level has stopped working but one. Xeres was shocked when Lette (The prisoner) was killed by a force choke!

When Ashoka was accused of doing it by Captain Tarkin, she was put in the same cell as Lette. General Skywalker wanted to see Ashoka, but Captain Tarkin had already ordered that nobody would see Ashoka. Skywalker was furious, and was about to break in, but some shock troopers came in and stopped him.

Soon after that happened, Ashoka broke out of her cell. Xeres was running with Fox chasing Tano.When they where chasing her, they ran into dead clones, with lightsaber wounds!

Fox:"Attention all troops! Shoot to kill!!"

Skywalker:"Cancel that order Commander."

Capt. Rex:"I know Commander Tano, she wouldn't do this."

Fox:"Then who did!!?"

Xeres:"No time to ask questions now!"

Soon after Ashoka being chased down into the sewage pipes, Xeres had followed her and notified Skywalker to where she was. When she was at the the point between land and nowhere. Then Ashoka and Skywalker began to discuss about what was going on, Ashoka jumped on to a cargo ship. Soon after losing Ashoka, Xeres put on his jet pack, and tried to find her.

Searching in the Underworld

Soon after searching for Ashoka, Xeres lost contact from the Republic a few hours ago, and still, no Ashoka.

As Xeres was walking in level 13:14, he walked onto a weak platform, and fell through several floor boards, until he stopped after seven floors, crashing through.

As he got up, he saw a mandalorion in red armor, push him down and slam him against the wall, but Xeres grabbedhis DC-16 pistol, but the mandalorion shot it out of his hand, and slammed him against the wall, and knocked him out.

When he woke up, Xeres ran when he saw explosions coming from a munitions factory, and attached his cables and relayed down into the factory, when he got inside, he saw a sith running,he grabbed the sith's rist's, but she force pushed Xeres into a wall, and ran. When the clones found Xeres, they brought him to medical attention, but when he was healed, Xeres went down to the underworld, to search for that mandalorion.

After he warned security, he began to search in level 13:17.

As he was asking people if they saw the mandalorion, but all replies was no, until a rodian said that he saw him in level 13:16. Xeres went up there as soon as possible, but when he got up there he saw the mandalorion rushing into people and shot a few, then Xeres started to run after him faster then he stunned him.

When the mandalorion was brought to the prison, Xeres started to ask him questions.

Xeres:"Who are you and why are you assaulting civilians!?"

Manadalorion:"I do not seek crime, or death, but I am only here to warn the republic, the outcome of this war will end badly, a outcome that almost all the jedi will fall!"

Xeres:"How do you know this intel?"

Manadalorion:"I have my ways."

Soon after questioning the mandalorion, Xeres went to the council.

Xeres:"I've caught this mandalorion, and he said that soon the outcome of this war will make the jedi almost eliminated."

Windu:"How does he know this information?"

Xeres:"Well, thats the problem, we don't know. He said, that he had his ways. For all we know, he could've been spying on someone or something, and just came here to tell us."

Koon:"Well, then, I think one of us should see for ourselves."

Xeres:"I think thats a great idea general."

Kenobi:"Good, I'll go."

Yoda:"Then go, you must."

Soon after telling the council, when Xeres and Kenobi arrived, the mandalorion, was gone!

Mandalorian Assistance

After noticing the Mandalorian was gone, Xeres went down to the underworld, still no Mandalorian. He was about to give up the search, until he saw the Mandalorian kick a man out of his starship. Xeres threw a trackig beacon on the ship. After a day passed, Xeres got into the Scorpion and went to the Mandalorian's last known location. Mustafar. Xeres landed and saw the Mandalorians ship. But then he saw the Mandalorian running from battle droids.

Xeres noticed that there was super battle droids, with missiles. 67 flew the ship about fifty feet in the air, and opened the door, where Xeres was prepared to jump, along with his squad, until a super battle droid fired a missile at the Scorpion. The missile hit the outer plating of the ship, but the shake was enough to knock Xeres off his feet, and fell fifty feet in the air. He could feel the heat rising from the incoming lava. As he was getting closer to lava, he tried to redirect himself towards the ground. He then went to a more aerodynamic formation and went straight to the ground, then he blacked out....

He woke up in a prison cell, cuffed, alongside the Mandalorian.

Mandalorian:"Why did you follow me?"

Xeres:"Well, first, you escaped your cell, and second, you stole a ship. Well looks like we're stuck here together until they let us out."

Mandalorian:"If we get out. They'll either execute us in a few days. First they will ask questions;interrogate us. Then kill us."

Xeres:"How do you know this."

Mandalorian:"Fine! You want the truth? I was a prisoner of the Seperatist before, me and my clan; clan Ordo, broke into a major Seperatist base, and stole information. I transferred the info to my Mandal'or, then my team and I were captured. They interrogated us all. Sometimes killed us on the spot. I've seen my twin brother get killed by a headshot.....It....Was messy..... But I've seen every single friend, and family that was with me get killed....I was the only survivor. When I was about to be executed, I escaped, by stealing a droid blaster and blasting my way out. I went back to Mandalore, went back to the rest of my clan. My Mandal'or ordered me to take revenge on my fallen bretheren. He gave me the data, and ordered me to take it to the Republic, and see what I can change about the war, and see if the Seperatist fall, in the most destructive way. I went to Coruscant, where I first met you, and attacked you. Then you captured me, questioned me. But you guys really need to put more secure cells. I broke out through the vent at the ceiling. Stole a ship, went to one of my hideouts on Mustafar, but all I encountered was droids. Then thats where you came in. I tried to save you, but by the time I got down to you, Commando droids captured me and you. Then, tada! We are here...."

Xeres:"Got a name?"

Okaska:"Okaska Ordo. You?"

Xeres:"Xeres...Don't got a last name."

Okaska:"Well, don't feel bad about it, Xeres....."

Xeres:"Well, I want to get out of here, how about you?"

Okaska:"Same here. But we'll never get out of here....Alive..... This is one of the most dangerous Seperatist prisons."

Xeres:"I got out of the Citadel alive....We can make it."

Okaska:"No you won't. The Seperatist is well aware of your presence, and know you were in the strike force to free your allies. The warden here has called in three more battalions, and more on the way here to make sure you don't get out."

Xeres:"Well.....I'm out of ideas. Got anything?"

Okaska:"Yeah....But it might not work, but its the best I got."

Okaska told Xeres his plan. When a patrol of battle droids came around, Okaska and Xeres were 'fighting'. Xeres threw a punch. Okaska ducked and kicked Xeres in the leg. Xeres nailed Okaska in the face. The droids came inside the cell, Okaska gave Xeres a nod, Xeres nodded back. Xeres roundhouse kicked one of the droids, taking out its leg, and dropping the gun. Okaska lunged for it, but a droid tried to stop him. Xeres defended Okaska, until he could shoot the droids. Okaska killed the droid, and covered Xeres while he found a gun and ammo.

Once the patrol was dead, Okaska, and Xeres been taking out security patrols and cameras, wherever they saw them on their way to the armory. Once they found the armory, Xeres found his armor and weapons, ad several other weapons, and some that where even illegal weapons on both Republic and Separatist Governments. Xeres setted charges in the armory, hoping to take out the base's ammo and weapon supply. Okaska was grabbing his armor and weapons, and ran back towards Xeres. He just finished priming the charges. Both him and Okaska ran from the armory, but also causing a disturbance there as well. Xeres hacked into a terminal and got video feed from a hidden camera that Okaska set. About two dozen droids were inside the armory. Xeres saw more come in, then....Push! The armory went up in flames, along with everything in range of the blast radius. Xeres and Okaska ran towards the main cell area.

Xeres set a breach charge on the door. Okaska got out a thermal detonator, once the door blew open, Okaska rolled the detonator in, killing everyone inside when it exploded. Okaska ran towards a panel, used a system key card and opened the cells. Okaska and Xeres both dropped their back packs, and grabbed loads of weapons and grenades. They threw them down to the prisoners below, where they started to kill several droid guards. Xeres checked all the cameras video feed, most of them had prisoners started more and even more riots throughout the whole facility. Xeres and Okaska moved towards the Command Center, where the mysterious Warden was.

Xeres ran up to the door, kicked it down and started shooting, but soon was being overwelmed, Okaska was right behind Xeres, and started to shoot at the droids inside. Xeres checked his grenades and found a flashbang grenade. He grabbed it, activated it, and threw it inside. Once it went off, Xeres and Okaska ran inside, killing everybody but the Warden.

Seperatist Warden:"I've should've killed you when I had the chance."

Xeres:"Lost your chance then.....Okaska, guard him, I'm going to contact a nearby Republic fleet for support."

Okaska:"Why can't I do it?"

Xeres:"Because, they'll only answer to people who are affiliated with the Republic, and is known of that. They might know you as a criminal. They'll know me as a clone Commander."


Seperatist Warden:"Do you like being bossed around?"

Okaska:"Shut up before you end up like your droids; dead or destroyed...."

Seperatist Warden:"The Separatist could use someone like you. I could get you-"

Okaska:"I will not join you Seps! I've already been imprisoned by you, I've seen your blood thirsty Leaders, and their idiotic 'droids' slaughter my brothers, and sisters! I will never forgive you for that."

Seperatist Warden:"But we are on the winning side! Stay with this fool and-"

Okaska:"I'm pretty sure me and this 'fool' just disabled your entire prison. You'll never see the light of day again, you Separatist monster!"

Right then, the Warden pulled out a control tablet, he pressed a button, then the whole command tower shook, then it started crashing towards the ground!

Xeres:"Blast it! Power is out, I can't contact anyone, but my message did get out there."

Okaska:"We need to get out of here, but on the opposite side we are falling on. And do we really need him?"

Okaska pointed to the Warden.

Xeres:"Yes. We'll need him for questioning. I'll carry him, you protect the Warden at all cost, we just need to escape the command tower."


Xeres picked up the Warden. Okaska set a breach charge on the door, then the fall got real intense. They had to run on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Okaska pried open another door, and shot at droids having a hard time staying on the ground. Soon the tower hit the ground. Everything slid downwards. The two soldiers didn't really have much of a choice but go with the flow. So they slid down, and got back to the command center. Okaska shot a the windows, and attached a cable to it, and climbed down. Xeres followed.

Once on the ground, Xeres and Okaska ran towards where all the prisoners met up to watch the so call 'fireworks'. Next thing Xeres knew, the whole prison burst into flames. Without shelter for the night, Xeres, Okaska and the surviving prisoners, made a camp and waited for help to arrive. Its been days since the escape, with no support, Xeres looked up into the starry sky and saw a Republic fleet come out of hyperspace. Xeres contacted the Republic Fleet to send about thirty Gun Ships. After about an hour, Gun Ships arrived, Xeres and Okaska got on board. The Warden was put into a more highly secure Gun Ship, and sped off to the fleet. Alongside the highly secure Gun Ship, Xeres Gun Ship and twenty eight more followed.

Xeres was ready to get off that living fireball, until Vulture droids came and shot proton torpedoes, at three Gun Ships, including Xeres'. The Gun Ship shook in flames, going towards the ground even faster and faster, until there was nothing but a giant crater. All Xeres saw was burnt up prisoners, and two dead pilots. A hand reached for Xeres. Turns out it was Okaska, helping Xeres up. Xeres grabbed his rifle and moved alongside Okaska. Xeres looked up in the burnt up sky and Separatist drop ships land on where the prison was. Thousands of droids poured out of each drop ship. Xeres and Okaska ran away from the dropships, as far as they could, but all they saw was more and more drop ships inbound.

To be continued.........

Space battle of Coruscant

Soon after the mission to Mygeeto, Shadow squad has been to ordered to join the space battle and infiltrate a droid core ship that has clone prisoners. After being deployed in the scorpion with several new arcs that are now apart of the squad.Soon they were close to the core ship, until a squad of tri-fighters shot the left wing of the ship. Soon the ship began crashing down to the core ships hangar! Once out of the scorpion, the pilots had to make repairs, so Xeres ordered the new ARCs to protect the ship and pilots while the rest of the squad continues the mission.

Later after ordering the new arcs to protect the ship, the clones finally made it to the detetion level, undetected. After hiding from several droids, and located the cell the clones were in, and soon they freed the clones and they are making their way to the Scorpion. Once at the hangar, they saw the arcs being attacked by several droideka's and soon the arcs got killed. So Xeres just came up and threw several EC detonators and killed the droideka's in the process. After killing the droids, the squad was starting to get inside until more droids came, then Xeres pushed Slice into the Scorpion and closed the door and killed the droids. Soon after the scorpion left, Xeres began to look for a escape way and he found one. He hotwired a droid starfighter and took off into the battlefield. After taking off into the battlefield, he was making his way to an attack cruiser, until an ARC-170 starfighter squadron shot their lasers at Xeres which made him crash down to the surface of Coruscant.

Crashing to Coruscant

As he was crashing down to the surface, Xeres could feel the heat bursting as the speed rises! Soon the ship was going so fast that the ship was engulfed in a fireball! Soon the ship was heading toward the senate building! He tried to redirect the ship so it wouldn't hit the building. He tried everything but, the ship crashed into the buildings hangar! Xeres was severely wounded and couldn't get out! But right when the ship crashed, three senators, Amidalla, Organa and Orn free ta, came over with some guards and broke Xeres out and brought him to medical attention.

Recon on Kashyyyk

After their mission to Coursant, Shadow squad is deployed with the 41st elite corps to Kashyyyk. Their mission was to find a slaver base somewhere in a huge forest. Commander Gree said that many patrols went to find it but none came back. After the squads split up into the forest, Xeres had his squads vital signs on his visor lens. After hours and hours of walking through the forest, Brace's vitals went down and so did Vecks, Xeres tried to contacted them but just static. Soon Slice's vitals went down. Xeres was confused and didn't know what to do at all. Soon after searching for his lost squad
Kashyyyk Planet


members, he saw trandoshans dragging Slice who was incapacitated and couldn't get up. Xeres killed the trandos and revived his injured lieutenant.

"Slice! What happened?"

"Sir, the trandos were taking me to their base to be one of their prisoners."

"One of their prisoners?"

"Yes, I saw a few patrols take Brace and Veck to their base."

"Well do you know the location to their base?"

"Yeah, its just up north from here."

"Okay, lets move out!" - Xeres to Slice after he freed him from trandoshans

After searching for the base, the two clones found the base and saw Brace and Veck being put inside a cell.The clones had to infiltrate the base quietly or face death itself. Soon after infiltrating the base and reviving Brace and Veck, the squad started to make a plan to distract and destroy by setting charges all over the base. After setting the charges and escaping the base the republic finally began their assault on Kashyyyk.

Infiltration of Kachiro

Soon after destroying a trando supply base, shadow squad has a new mission in the captured city of Kachiro. They have to infiltrate and report any sightings of sep activity and report it back to command to give a briefing to a commando squad known as 'Delta squad', which is currently tasked to find and resuce the brave wookie leader "Tarful". After being deployed undetected inside Kachiro, Xeres and the rest of thee squad are checking the city of the city for any hostiles. Soon Xeres began to wonder where were the trandos and droids. Then he saw a probe that just flew off into the night sky.Soon after seeing the probe, Xeres yelled "Get that probe!". Slice quickly responded with his sniper rifle and shot in one straight shot, soon the probe was some pieces of scrap.

Xeres:"Well,lets hope that probe didn't warn the clankers of our presence."

Soon Veck heard droids marching down a bridge.

Veck:"Well I guess we are going to find out, the hard way."

Xeres saw the droids that where marching down the bridge, and ordered his squad to hide and take cover.

Soon the droids were about to cross the clones' line. But the clones stayed hidden and silent.

When the droids crossed, they didn't noticed the clones, until Brace accidentally dropped his blaster, which made a loud noise and alerted the droids! Xeres reacted quickly and threw several droid poppers, then he started blasting the remaining droids dead.

"Rule one boys: Kill them, before they kill you."- Xeres

Soon after the bridge fight, Xeres and his squad were on their way to a wookie controlled hangar to see Delta squad, begin their mission.

Boss:"Thanks Xeres, since of your mission, it'll make our mission alot easier."

Xeres:"Always glad to help, sir!"

Scorch:"Hey, didn't you at least leave a few clankers to scrap up?"

Xeres:"Yes, Scorch, we did."

Sev:"Good, 'cause I want to add some droid kills, to my kill count."

Fixer:"Well, I hope you don't get too carried away with counting, you forget to cover me."

Xeres:"Well, I am glad to see that you guys are arguing, so bye."

Delta squad:"Bye."

Soon after saying goodbye to Delta squad, Xeres and his squad are trying to find their way out, when suddenly, a charge went off at a platform were Xeres was standing on! He fell, on several tree branches, and hit the ground, and struggled to get up. When he got up, he saw a trandoshan dropship, and ran for the trees.

Lost on Kashyyyk

IMG 0409-1-

Xeres newly modified ARC armor, received after his journey to Kashyyyk

 Soon after being split from his squad, Xeres has setted up his camp site, and is on the lookout for the sep's, or slavers.

When he was about to fall asleep, he heard rustling in the woods.

Xeres:"Who's out there!?"

Deep trandoshan voice:"Its your death!"

Next thing he knew, Xeres saw several trandoshans jump out of the bushes and started shooting at him. Xeres reacted quickly and shot down several lizards, but a trandoshan elite shot down Xeres, and several trandoshan mercenaries, took him to their scouting base.

When he woke up, he was in a cell, with hand-cuffs on. Soon after he awoken, trandoshan mercenaries came in with their guns pointed at Xeres, incase of he attacked.

Trandoshan Merc:"Get up. Your coming with us."

Once he got up, their was four trandoshan elites out in the hallway, and they brought Xeres to the interrogation room.

Trandoshan merc:"Where is the Republic base!"

Xeres:"Wow, I thought you knew the forest as well as the wookies."

The trandoshan didn't like Xeres' sarcasm, and pointed his gun at him. Xeres quickly reacted and kicked the trando's gun out of his hands and kicked him in the head and knocked him out. Soon Xeres got out of his hand-cuffs and grabbed the trandoshans gun and soon found his weapons.

Soon after finding his weapons, Xeres managed to escape the base, with more supplies.

Being Reunited

Soon after escaping the trando's, Xeres was being chased by the trandoshans, with their speeders. Xeres managed to lose the trandoshans. When he was setting up camp, a small group of wookies, came up to Xeres and asked for help. Xeres quickly said that he will help. When the wookies brought him to their village, he saw droids and trandoshans everywhere, then when he saw that, he brought the wookies back to his camp site, and started to make a plan.

First, some wookies would attack from the trees, some will attack with Xeres, and finally the rest would give the other prisoner wookies weapons, and help the battle.

When everyone was in position, the wookies in the trees began shooting, then Xeres attack commenced, and soon the rest of the wookies joined with a lot more wookies, and soon more droids started coming in, but then republic troops came in, Xeres then recognized three ARCs, he soon identified them as his squad members, Slice, Veck and Brace.

Soon the village was free, and the Republic managed to liberate more parts of the planet.
IMG 0412-1-

Xeres being confronted by, a clone sergeant and his men, soon after order 66 was initiated

Rise of the empire/Fall of the republic

"True warriors, never betray their code, but the clones that followed Order 66, betrayed their code, since they were blinded by loyalty that they didn't think twice about what they were doing."- Xeres

Order 66

Xeres was loyal to both the chancellor and the Jedi, but he knew fought along side many Jedi, and he learned from their skills as well. But Xeres always knew that the chancellor was conspiring with the separatist, so thats why him and his squad didn't follow order 66 ( he always thought that order 66 was the worst order in all of war history).

Xeres' Dahgee lightsaber

Clone betrayal

Xeres saw Order 66 begin inside a Venator attack cruiser after walking from the mess, he saw a sergeant and his men kill a jedi. Xeres was shocked and picked up the lightsaber to remember him by. He contacted 67 to the prepare the ship.

Clone Sergeant:"What was that commander?"

Xeres:"Nothing you need to know sergeant."

Clone Sergeant:"Is that now? Men, arrest the commander here!"

Xeres and his squad then ran down to the hangar. After fighting through several brothers, Xeres and his squad made it to the hangar and boarded the Scorpion and took off to Coruscant

IMG 0419-1-

501st troopers cornering Xeres and his men

Destruction of the Jedi order

After landing inside the temple, Xeres and his men had their most important mission yet. They had to defend the remaining jedi or die. All the clones thought that Xeres and his men followed order 66 until Xeres shot them. Xeres found a hidden room, inside was a jedi knight and five other Padawns. The Padawns thought Xeres was going to kill them until he explained everything about him and his squad not following order 66. Xeres contacted the scorpion pilots and told them to land at the veranda. Xeres and his men would be right behind the jedi to the veranda. After reaching the landing point, the 501st troopers were moving in, after the Jedi got inside the ship, Xeres yelled at 67 to get out of there! Soon after the Scorpion left, Xeres and his squad was taken to the death star prison.
830px-Jedi Purge

The 501st attacking the Jedi temple.

IMG 0396-1-

Xeres using the control panel to free the rebel prisoners

Death star prison break

After bravely defending the jedi, Xeres finds himself in cell block 2490, with his squad and several other prisoners. A few storm troopers came in but Xeres and Slice snapped their necks and grabbed their rifles and started blasting more storm troopers and gave weapons to Veck and Brace and stopped the surveillance video and freed all the prisoners and gave them weapons. Xeres handed two lightsabers to a jedi and that jedi request to lead the prison riot while Xeres gets the plans for the battle station to a alliance that is worthy to take on the empire. After grabbing their DC-15A rifles, the squad started to move down to the hangar to steal a imperial shuttle. After escaping, Xeres contacted the scorpion to make a rendezvous point. The closest system was Kamino. But once at Kamino there wasan imperial star destroyer over the planet.

Clone Rebellion on Kamino

After landing on one of the still standing platforms, Xeres couldn't believe what he is seeing. Storm troopers fighting clones. Xeres saw a bounty hunter in a green mandalorion armor going inside one of the labs. Xeres followed him inside the lab and saw him destroy clone pods! He did everything he could to stop him but he destroy all of the pods and all the clone life support systems. He also saw him steal the clone DNA. After walking out of the lab, the lab was about to be bombed by a squad of tie bombers! Xeres ran to another platform and saw the lab be destroyed. As he was walking to the scorpion, he ran into a few clone troopers. Xeres took them along with him to join the rebellion.

Once in the scorpion, Xeres thought of every possibility for the rebel base planet, then he remembered one of the rebels saying on the death star that the rebel base planet was Alderaan.

Galactic civil war

The clone wars was over, order 66 was initiated. Xeres had his head wanted by the empire. He had no choice but fight back or die.Xeres was always a person who fights back harder. He had the death star plans and he knew what to do with them. Give it to the rebellion and join it.

Being hunted

Soon after order 66, and the rebellion on Kamino, Xeres has stopped on Ryloth to refuel the Scorpion.

While the pilots where refueling, Xeres saw a wanted poster of him, posted by the empire.

Xeres:"Looks, like the empire holds a grudge against me for breaking out of their 'Secret weapon'."

Soon after finding out the empire has Xeres head wanted, he knew it wasn't long until bounty hunters came after him.

Helping Kal

Coming Soon..........

Trip to Alderaan

The squad of clones and a small group of Jedi went to Alderaan to join the rebellion and give them am edge in the war from the plans. After joining the rebellion, shadow squad had their first mission: There was a distress signal from the medical asteroid of Polis Massa which had a rebel base on the surface.

The imperial raid of Polis massa

After joining the rebels, Xeres and his squad are sent to Polis massa to assist the rebel force there. Once there, the whole base was on red alert for a imperial invasion. Xeres heard that the base databank had imperial encryption codes to bypass imperial ship to ship communications. After preparing the rebels for hours, an imperial star destroyer came out of hyperspace and started landing shuttles. Xeres got his squad together and started to defend the base until there was an explosion that seperated Xeres and his squad from the main rebel force. He tried to manage his way through all the rubble, though he found several dead and wounded rebels. He fought against the surviving storm troopers who were battling the remaining rebels. After Xeres got out of the rubble, he got a transmission from a rebel captain.

"Sir! We retook the main hangar! But storm troopers are moving in! What the....AHHHH!"- The rebel captain talking to Xeres right before he dies.

The battle of Kalaan

As the galactic civil war rages on. Xeres finds himself on Kalaan to help the rebels to prepare for the incoming imperial attack. Xeres was in charge of preparing the explosive weapons for the battle until he quickly stopped when he saw AT-AT's and AT-ST's walking down the huge field along with several other imperial tanks and soldiers. Xeres got out his sniper rifle and started to shoot down several storm troopers and managed to force several storm troopers to fall back. He thought he had the upper hand until his sniper rifle got shot out of his hands. Right then he grabbed his rifle and went down to where the rest of the rebel force was. When he got down to the trenches, he saw his squad members helping the remaining rebel force. They fell back when the AT-AT's started to come closer to the trenches and causing masive damage. The rebels fell back to the city and got the civilians to safety. Soon the city was under imperial control. Xeres turned to Slice and gave him the authority to lead the squad to safety while Xeres finds the rest of the civilians in the city. Once he checked every house, he saw imperial commandos setting a ATOM bomb in the city center. Xeres ran out of the city and turned around and saw the city in flames.

The battle of Tatoonie

Soon after the battle of Kalaan, Xeres is deployed to Tatoonie to scout the planet of imperial activity. He was sent to Tatoonie with his squad and 3 or 4 rebel battalions. The battalions split up into their squads to cover more ground. After several hours of never ending sand, Xeres saw a imperial compound near a large palace. Xeres identified the palace to be Jabba thee hutt's palace. He contacted the other battalions to come to his position ASAP (as soon as possible). Soon he saw several AT-ST's coming his way. But it wasn't long before one of the battalions came to hold of the enemy until the rest of the battalions. Soon every battalion came, then the battle of Tatoonie began. During the battle, there was a huge sandstorm that was deadly to both sides. During the sandstorm, Xeres got shot and was knocked out. After the battle, the rebels couldn't find Xeres, so they left without him. Soon after the rebels left, a bounty hunter by the name of "Boba Fett" came to see the remains of the battle and brought Xeres back to Jabba..............

Captured by a Gangster

After the battle of Tatoonie, Xeres was captured by Jabba and put in a cell with many gammorean guards guarding him. He was starving every other day then eating very little the next. But he still had hope that the rebellion would come for him.

Battling a Rancor

Xeres was brought to Jabba's throne and being interrogated. Xeres didn't say a single word. Jabba was furious and press a button that open the floors below Xeres which made him fall into the Rancor pit. Once on the ground, he got up to see that a giant cage was opening, and out came a hulking Rancor! Xeres didn't have any of his weapons so he had to improvise. He saw one of jabba's guards axe's and picked it up and started attacking the Rancor. That plan was terrible until he made up a new one: he saw a door and ran over to it and tried to open it but it was locked, until he picked up the axe and started beating down the door. When got through he ran up the stairs until he was confronted by eight of Jabba's guards and put back in the cell with even more guards.

The rebel raid of Jabba's palace

After several weeks of being captured, Xeres found a way to turn on his tracking device on his inactive comlink. Both The Empire and Rebellion picked up the device signal. The Empire sent their forces over to Jabba's to see whats going on. After they found out what was sending that signal. The imperial commander requested to Jabba to stay to protect the palace. Jabba allowed the empire to protect the palace. After a while, the rebels came with a correllian corvette call the "Tantive IV" to raid the palace. After the rebels breached the door, and assaulted the imperials. After the main force was inside, shadow squad came out to the palace and entered to find Xeres. After finding the detention block, the squad threw flash bang grenades inside the cell Xeres was in and entered it with resulting killing the guards and freeing Xeres. Xeres was severely wounded he could barely walk. But they managed to get him to the ship in time before the rebels were over run. After the battle, Xeres was put inside a bacta tank and was healed up til no wounds where there.

The imperial raid of the Tantive IV

After being healed up to full health. Xeres is on board the Tantive IV with princess Leia Organa. But soon the ship was attacked and boarded the ship. Soon the 501st imperial legion boarded and started the assault to find the death star plans.After fighting back against the empire, Xeres was confronted by Lord Vader. Vader was surprised to see Xeres after several years.

"Xeres? Is that you?"

"Yeah its me. Why are you here?!"

"Wait are you part of the rebellion?"

"Yeah I am (gets out dahgee lightsaber ). Now why are you here. And who are you!?"

"Well anybody who is part of the Rebellion, is an enemy of me!"-Vader to Xeres right before they duel.

Vader grew tired of the duel and force pushed and choked Xeres against the wall and assuming he was dead. After a few minutes, he got back up and made his way to the escape pod bay and entered the last pod where his squad was waiting for him. Once entered the pod, it shot down to the sand dunes of Tatoonie.

Skirmish on Tatoonie

After being traped on Tatoonie. Again. The squad is in the escape pod, waiting out the day to travel at night. After nightfall, the squad began to move. Traveling across a sand dune made Xeres remember the tough times on Geonosis. After passing the pit of sarlaac, Slice saw jabba's palace and warned Xeres to that they were close to an enemy base. After that, the squad began to run once they saw an imperial patrol. After several hours of walking across the dune sea, the squad saw a settlement called Mos Eisely.

Survival in Mos Eisely

Once inside the city, bypassing the sand troopers guarding the entrance. The settlement was filled with several thugs, aliens and slaves. They had to find a ship so they can get off that rock for good. After finding a ship dealer, and buying a ship with the last of his credits. Xeres is about to board the ship for the take off to Yavin 4. Before take off, and imperial squad found the ship and also found Xeres, and opened fired at him, he called his squad outside to assist him. The battle was fierce, but Xeres and his men easily killed the sand troopers. But the sand trooper commander with his last breath, he got out his pistol and shot the fuel tank and caused a small leak.After flying through space, the ship is low on fuel and has to make a emergency stop to a local planet of Naboo........

Stranded on Naboo

After making a emergency landing on Naboo, the squad landed in Theed, but it seemed like nobody lived there anymore. Xeres began inspecting the area: he saw dead bodies of inocent civilians and dead Naboo guards also dead storm troopers and jedi. He walked over to the palace and saw the queen of Naboo lying dead at the palace steps right next to several guards. He continued to walk around and saw a surviving Naboo guard. He walked over to him and starting to talk to him.

"What happened here?"

"The empire noticed that our queen was sheltering fugitive jedi and attacked."

"Surviving jedi from order 66?"


"I've always hated that order."

"Your a clone aren't you?"

"Yeah I am."

"I thought all clones followed order 66?"

"Well, not all of them. Most of them followed it because they were blinded by loyalty so they couldn't see that they were causing so much pain and suffering."

"Yeah I agree."

"Do you want to help the rebellion win this war?"


"Come with me to Yavin 4 to join it."

"Ok." - Xeres to the surviving Naboo guard.

Rescuing a clone

Soon after recruiting a Naboo guard to the rebellion, Xeres is on Felucia leading a rebel attack on a imperial prison to free rebel prisoners. While he was searching for the rebels, he opened up a cell door and saw a clone inside as a prisoner.

Xeres:"Wait, are you a........Clone!?"

Clone:"Yes, I am."

Xeres:"Well, how did you end up in here?"

Clone:"I disobeyed order 66, and killed my squad,because they obeyed it, but, I managed to escape, and I made it to Felucia, but imperial soldiers found me, and took me in."

Xeres:"Well, my name is Xeres, and I am a clone the disobeyed order 66, do you have a name?"

Clone:"Yeah, it's Chrome."

Xeres:"Well, do you want to get out of here and try to end this war, or do you want to stay in your lonely prison cell?"

Chrome:"I really just want to get out of here, but I can give reward by helping in the war effort."

Xeres:"Okay, good."

More betrayals

Soon after freeing Chrome, Xeres is with a rebel battalion trying to liberate Felucia, also Chrome is helping to get some of his fighting skills back.

Soon Xeres and Chrome were at the imperial base, until they both confronted Vader.......

Xeres:"Well, well,well. We meet again, traitor......"

Vader:"No you are the traitor."

Chrome:"Lord Vader, I am at your service."

Vader:"Good, now kill this traitor!"

Xeres:"Wait, what?Were you deceiving me this whole time!?

Chrome:"Yes it was all apart of Vader's plan, and now that plan has one more step. Killing you!"

Xeres:"I survived several years of war, I bet I can survive against a sith and a clone traitor."

Chrome and Vader:"Well, lets see about that!"

Xeres:"Fine then.Its about time I finished both of you, once and for all!"

Soon Xeres shot Chrome, and wounded him, Xeres dueled Vader. Duel was intense but Vader retreated. Then Xeres picked up Chrome and slammed him against a tree, and put a blaster against his chest.

Chrome:"Please, take me prisoner. MERCY!

Xeres:"Well, it turns out I am not taking any prisoners who were traitors."

Chrome:"Please! NO!!"

Xeres:"I'm sorry, but you forced me to do this." (Xeres shoots Chrome)


Soon Shadow squad was there, to assist Xeres, but when they found Chrome, they asked him what happened to him.

Slice:"What happened to him?"

Xeres:"I shot and killed him."


Xeres:"Because, he betrayed us, it was a setup, it was all Vader's plan when we found him."

Slice:" Okay."

Training cadets

Soon after returning from his adventure on Tatoonine, Xeres was ordered by Mon Motha, to train new rebel cadets.

Xeres went to the place where he was suppose to meet the rebels, he found them talking among themselves, then when they saw him, they got into their squads and got into rows of five.

Xeres started to get to know the squads names, then he noticed that the last squad was named after a squad in the Clone Wars, "Warriors of Carlac". He then saw their previous leader, Ben, but he couldn't confirm that it was him. So he began training the rebels of what they need to know to go out to war.

Soon after the training was done, and squads walked off, he grabbed Ben by the shoulder and pulled him away from his squad.

Xeres:"Ben, is that you?"

Ben:"Um, no sir, your mistaken."

Xeres:"I know its you Ben."

Ben:"Okay, you caught me."

Xeres:" Okay, now I caught you, you can explain to me why you are a Rebel soldier! Not a Jedi!"

Ben:"Well, after Order 66, I knew I had to change my identity, or the empire would hunt me down."

Xeres:"Okay, but I'm a fugitive of the Empire, and I am not hiding."

Ben:"Well its different for you, your not a Jedi, I am."

Xeres:"Well, I know I am no Jedi, but I am a threat to the empire."

Ben:"I know you are, seeing you on the battlefield against droids proves it, but now can I get back with my squad?"

Xeres:"Sure buddy."

Battle of Yavin 4

After seeing the destruction of the death star. A surviving imperial star destroyer sent down several imperial shuttles to invade the planet. After the shuttles landed, and imperial troops started to move in. Xeres and his squad are ordered to help the rebel force to protect some of the rebel generals.The battle was deadly, rebels and stormtroopers coming after each other in an epic combat with several casulties. Xeres saw explosions coming up from every direction. He took cover from the tanks missiles, until he saw imperial commandos moving inside and killing the rebel leaders. Xeres realized that more and more rebels were being killed. They he realized that the battle was over with an Imperial victory.

Battle of Hoth

After the battle of Yavin 4, Xeres finds himself on Hoth helping General Rekaan, preparing for any imperial invasion. After seeing his pod brother Atom landing, he gave him a briefing on the whole area. After greeting Atom, he started to practice his aim with a blaster until the whole station went on red alert. He got his squad together and made his way outside of the base and saw AT-AT's and AT-ST's on the ground with snowtroopers following. After the snowspeeders went out, he got some rebels together and went out to the battle. The battle was furious, several casualties for both sides. After getting to the shield generator to reload and get more ammo, Xeres saw an AT-AT preparing to fire at the generator. He got his men and ran for it. After seeing the generator being destroyed, he saw Lord Vader, caring a orbital strike beacon to the final rebel transport. Xeres grabbed and ignited his lightsaber and charged at Vader. Vader noticed Xeres and grabbed and ignited his lightsaber and blocked Xeres blade. Then they began to duel. As Xeres men began to come up, Vader noticed that Xeres squad was coming an signaled his men to come up. The soldiers began blasting each other, but shadow squad came victorious and killed the snowtroopers. Vader soon force choked Xeres, but Slice blasted Vader, not hitting him but just making him lose focus on Xeres and the force. Soon the clones started to close in on Vader, but Vader did force repulse and all the clones flew back and hit the walls.After Xeres and his men got up they made their way to the final transport. Once there, an imperial star destroyer started to open fire at the transport.

"Sir, we need to meet up with the rest of the Rebel force with Mon Motha."

"Yeah I think its time for us to go." - Xeres to Slice.


Soon after the battle of Hoth, the rebels wanted to hit a big imperial planet, but they couldn't afford the troops and leaders to do it. So Xeres began to research the imperial planets, seeing when is the closet Solar eclipse, or Lunar Eclipse so they could plan a strike without the imperial scanners working. Xeres then noticed that Kashyyyk had an Solar eclipse was going to happen, so he told the rebel leaders about this and they decided to plan an attack on that day. After Several days of planning with the objective, of taking over Kachiro, Black sun was here, with Xeres leading the attack.

Initiating Black Sun

Before the attack, the engineers came up to Xeres and all of his men and handed the new cloaking armor.

Soon after being shipped off to Kashyyyk, the company was preparing for the attack, soon they were about be dropped from a drop ship, but before they did, Xeres said-

Xeres:"Okay! Before this lift opens, turn on your cloaking armor and turn your visor mode to heat sensors! Remember, since the eclipse is going on, it is going to temporally jam their scanners!GOT IT!?"

Rebel Troops:" YES SIR!"

Soon the door opened, and the rebels dropped to the surface, taking cover when a stormtrooper patrol was scouting. Soon after they past, the rebels moved forward and killed the patrol, silently. Soon the rebels were getting closer  Kachiro, but soon a rebel started to run up and he was shot in the head, soon the secret infiltration was an all out battle, but the rebels had to fall back, but they managed to find the refugee wookie base. Soon after Black Sun, Xeres and his squad was shipped off to Polis Massa to hear about their new mission.

The infiltration of the 2nd Death star

Soon after Black Sun, Xeres and his squad finally get to put on their Shadow Tech gear from the Clone Wars, letting stormtroopers believing they were elite stormtroopers. After getting deployed with another shuttle with Renegade squadron aboard, instead of going towards the Death Star requesting for landing.

" Imperial shuttle identify yourself."

"This is shuttle 3567842, requesting for landing operations."

"Shuttle identified. You may land."- The imperial officer talking to Xeres believing he is a stormtrooper.

After landing, and going through inspection. The squad of clones blended right in the crowd of stormtroopers. After making their way to a control room and find the directions to the control station to the main canon and the main power station. Veck and Brace were ordered to take down the canon control station while Xeres and Slice set charges at the power station. After moving through several stormtroopers, Xeres and his lieutenant finally made their way to the power station. After setting charges and meeting up with Veck and Brace, they made their way to the escape pod bay. Once there, the squad members started to get inside until an imperial elite squad encountered them. Xeres pushed Slice inside and closed the pod and launched the pod to the surface on the moon. The imperial squad knew exactly who Xeres and his squad was and what they were doing there.

Stormtrooper:" You've caused a lot of trouble with the Empire, now I expect you to surrender or we will execute you."

Xeres:"You don't expect me to give up so easily, do you?"

Xeres then set off the charges

After he set off the charges, he threw flashbang grenades and killed the stormtroopers. After the fight, Xeres made his way to the hangar and got inside a TIE fighter and took off to see that the space battle was over.

Victory on Endor

Soon after landing on the moon, Xeres met up with renegade squadron and shadow squad. Xeres was glad to see that his squad made it to the moon in one piece. Xeres felt that there should be a reward given out, so he promoted his lieutenant to a captain. Slice was so excited when he finally got promoted at the end of the war to end all wars for now that is.

The new Republic

After the Galactic civil war. Xeres has some time to rest knowing that war is over, but not all crime and trouble is over. Xeres was put in charge of riot control in the lower parts of Coruscant. He finds very strong enemies that he has to overcome or face the ultimate penalty..........

"Some people, think that warrior, and soldier mean the same thing, they don't. A warrior is someone who is apart of an army, and conquers worlds, a soldier is someone who is apart of an army, but protects the innocent. But the only question is: What are you?"- Xeres

The seal of the new republic

The Birth of  a New Era

Soon after the Galactic civil war, Xeres is going to the New Republic ceremony, to celebrate the birth of the New Republic.

Soon after hearing all of the speeches, Xeres walked up to the podium, and said-

"We are gathered here today to honor all of those soldiers who gave up their lives, so that this day could be possible, after decades of fighting, it left the galaxy scarred and divided, but together we can return it back to the way it was.Even it there is peace, the road ahead will be challenging, but we can get past that, together." -Xeres

After Xeres gave his speech, the crowd applauded.

A new hunt

As Xeres was searching for any criminal activity in the planets under world, he heard a rebel guard say "get him!" and pointing to a Rodian running. Xeres quickly responded and chased after him and tackled him to the ground and started to inspect him. The Rodian had a symbol on his jacket. Xeres recognized the symbol as the Sith triumvirate. A Sith army that was eliminated in the old republic. Xeres brought the Rodian for questioning at the temple.

Xeres:" How is the Sith Triumvirate rising again? Answer me! Now!"

Rodian:" You puny clone. A ancient order of Sith is rising. And when its at full strength nobody would be able to stop it!"

After questioning the Rodian, Xeres went to the Jedi council to tell them about the Sith.

Xeres:"I questioned the Rodian and he said that an ancient order of Sith is rising and when at full strength nothing would be able to stop it."

Skywalker:"Wasn't the Sith Triumvirate was destroyed at the end of the Old Republic?"

Xeres:"Yes, General."

Skywalker:"Well we have to do something to stop it before its at full strength."

Xeres:"I agree."

Xeres' Dreams

After finding out of the Sith Triumvirate, Xeres is sleeping and he keeps having dreams about a dark figure holding a lightsaber killing innocent lives!  He suddenly woke up and walked outside to his balcony and started to think more about the Sith Triumvirate. Soon after morning, Xeres went to the temple to talk to General Skywalker.

Xeres:"General. Last night I had a dream, or vision, I don't know."

Skywalker"What was this dream about?"

Xeres:"It was about a dark figure killing innocent lives. But the strange thing is, it felt so real."

Skywalker:"Well that could mean its a vision of the future. What was the terrain like?"

Xeres:"It looked like a twi'leik village! Its on Ryloth!"

Skywalker:"Then you must go to Ryloth."

Xeres:"Yes sir!"

Journey to Ryloth

Soon after getting in the scorpion with his squad, and going to Ryloth, Xeres was making sure his lightsaber was functional to fight. After landing in the village, Xeres confronted the dark figure and ignited his blade and charged. The Sith blocked his attack and began to duel.

Sith:"Who are you!?"

Xeres:"Your worst nightmare!!"

The Sith was growing tired of fighting a person not worthy of his skills and force him back and said-

Sith:"I will not be defeated by a non-force sensitive creature!"

Xeres got angry and felt a sudden power surging through his body and released it by the palm of his hand and forced pushed the figure back and back farther! The Sith was surprised and ran to his ship and took off. Before the ship could take off, Xeres threw a tracking device on the ship.

IMG 0421-1-

The ancient Sith language that Xeres read to figure out that the temple on Dathomir, was built in the honor of Maroon

Mission to Dathomir

Xeres knew he had to find this Sith, he read the tracking device to see where the Sith was. The device signal was transmitting from Dathomir. He requested to be sent to Dathomir with a rebel battalion to search for the Sith. Once on the planet, the battalion split up into their squads to cover more ground. Xeres and his squad searched the Sith's ship but it looked deserted. So they started to look for temples he might of went in. They checked all the temples on the whole planet, which took a few days. But when the squad was search through a canyon, there was a little entrance. Xeres went inside and saw a entrance to a temple! The squad went inside,prepared for any attack. Soon the clones started to read ancient Sith history. Xeres learned some ancient Sith symbols and read that the temple was constructed for a Sith lord known as "Maroon".

Xeres:"Guess this Sith we are hunting name is Maroon."

Soon the clones had the temple shrine in sight, the clones ran to the shrine to see that there was several dead Jedi below Maroon's throne, Xeres also saw that Maroon was sitting on his throne.

Maroon:"I've been expecting you."

Xeres:"You have?"

Maroon vs. Xeres

They both ignited their blades and began charging at each other with true force! Soon the battle was at hand. Sparks flying everywhere when a lightsaber blade hit the floor. They tried to stab each other several times. Soon Xeres had the upper hand and cut Maroon's blade straight in half, and pointed his light saber at his neck.

Xeres:"You're beaten. Shame that such great power had to fall to the dark side."

Maroon:"I'm more powerful than you think clone!"

Xeres:"Wait! What the!"

Soon after Xeres beat Maroon, he saw sand coming from the ceiling and realized that the temple was sinking to the ground! He ran out of the temple just in time to see it was completely buried underground.

Slice:"Do you think he is dead sir?"

Xeres:"Not sure Slice. But if I know him as well as I think, he could be still alive."

The mysterious cruiser

Soon after the duel between Xeres and Maroon, Xeres was looking on the scanners for any strange activity, such as mercenaries attacking planets, or pirates raiding a cargo ship or anything like that. He was searching until he stopped and looked at the scanners and saw a Venator attack cruiser on the probe sightings. He contacted his pod brother Atom to meet up with him at the temple hangar. Once at the hangar, he was waiting for several hours with an elite strike force. Once Atom was there, they got into the ship and flew to the coordinates the cruiser was. Once there, the cruiser's turrets were open firing like there's no tomorrow! Xeres and Atom had to do something about those turrets or the mission is over! Xeres and Atom put on their space gear and went out and started taking out those turrets.
Atom attacking the cruiser (2)

Xeres following Atom preparing to take out the turrets

Soon after the turrets were destroyed, the clones found out the ship was destroyed as well. They noticed that the engines were mysteriously offline and made their way to enter the ship. Once inside, the lights were off but they still had their lights from their armor. After setting charges at the reactor, they had to find a way off the ship. They went to the escape pod bay, but all the pods were launched! After finding out the pods were launched, Xeres saw a few dead clones right next to and escape pod console. One without a head, another without an arm and leg, and finally a clone with out his arms and head!

Xeres:" Atom, I think we're not alone."

Atom:" Why do you say tha-. What happened to them!?"

Xeres:" I have no clue! But keep an eye out for anything suspicious."

Atom:" Okay."

Soon after finding out they were not alone, the clones their way to the main hangar to find a lone gunship. Xeres knew how to hot wire/modify technology, so he tried to hot wire it to make it work. Soon after Xeres was almost finished, he could hear blaster fire coming from outside the ship. After he was done, the clones flew back to Coruscant and informed the Jedi about the trandoshans.

The strike at the temple

Soon after finding out that trandoshans took over a attack cruiser, Xeres was contacted by Atom that most of the temple guard staff that the an attack might be coming. Xeres got his squad together and went up to the temple to see if everything was alright. He met Atom in the temple hangar, and he gave him a briefing about everything.

Xeres:"So why does most of the guard staff think that an attack is coming?"

Atom:" One of the guard staff intercepted a transmission from a group of pirates, that they were going to attack the jedi temple."

Xeres:"Well, we must prepare for any attack."


After several hours of preparing, Xeres started to think the pirates weren't coming. Soon after he had that thought, a pirate drop ship came crashing through the temple walls and deploying several trandoshan slavers, mercenaries and elites along with pirates. He heard that there was over 60 drop ships and 6000 pirates in the temple! Xeres ordered his squad to fan out and destroy those drop ships ASAP! As Xeres was about to take down a trandoshan elite, he noticed the lizard had a ACP 150 heavy repeater and had to watch his back, because he saw several guards getting killed in one straight shot just from it! Xeres threw several flash bang grenades and blinded the elite and started to assault the lizard and killed it as well. Soon after he destroyed several drop ships, he heard that the last one, which was the main one was in the main hangar. Xeres ran as fast as he could, and once there, he set as much charges as possible and soon, his pod brother Atom came up with a rocket launcher, right then Xeres got out his rocket launcher and fired at the exact same time Atom did and blew up the ship with some extra firepower.

The Droids clank again

Soon after the temple attack, Xeres been scanning several planets, day and night, for any suspicious activity, that may be connected to the temple attack. He was about to fall asleep, until there was a disturbance in the training room.

He quickly contacted Atom. Atom seemed a little frustrated, and glad at the same time to scrap droids.

When they entered the training room, Xeres saw the cadets, and trainers, taking cover behind some crates. Soon they were taking out the droids, one by one! Soon Atom came in to join them. Later, the droids numbers were down to zero, then Atom, and Xeres wondered who, and why reactivated these droids.

Disturbance in the Geonosis system

Soon after the droid infiltration, Xeres has been trying to track down the planet where the droids been reactivated.

When he thought he couldn't find who reactivated those droids, he was contacted by Atom.

Atom:"Drive, we have a problem..."

Xeres:"What is now!?"

Atom:"Well, its droids again..."




Atom:"Yes, I was freaked out too."

Xeres:"Just tell me whats going on."

Atom:"Okay, we've encountered a droid core ship."

Xeres:"Go on."

Atom:"Sure, okay, we've sent a company inside it, but we've had no contact from them since. And since I thought that you can help me with this."

Xeres:"Understood, I am on my way."

Atom:"Good, come quick, we want to know what happened to those men."

Once Xeres was at the coordinates, Atom started to give a briefing on the situation.

Atom:"Good, you're here... We've been trying to contact the men inside, but so far we have no signal to them.."

Veck:"What are we waiting for? Lets go save those men!!"

Atom:"Veck, we can't do that right now, we need to coordinate or infiltration, because if there are reactivated droids in there, we need to know where the safest spots to land are at."

Xeres:"Veck, Atom's right. If we go in there, 'Guns Blazin' we don't know what could happen. That's why we need to plan our infiltration so we can save as much of men with us right now,.."

Slice:"Uh, sir, you're going to want to see this...."


Atom:"It seems like there are droids reactivated...."

Brace:"Oh, great.... The walking tin cans are back..."

Soon after realizing that the droids are back, Xeres and his men geared up to rescue those surviving men.

Slice:"I just can't wait to hear that clanking sound when they fall!"

Veck:"You, and me, both..."

Brace:"Don't forget about me! I still want to scrap some tin cans."

Xeres:"Enough talk, its time to go..."

Slice:"Uh...Yes, sir, right away!"

Soon after boarding the Republic drop-ship, Shadow Squad launched from the hangar, barely making through the battlefield, until when they where about to land, a vulture droid open fired at the ship's engines, and it began to fall down....

67:"Sir! We're hit I'll try to land in that hangar; In one piece."

Xeres:"I don't care what you have to do! We need to land in that cruiser, and save those men!"

After crash landing, Xeres and his squad began to move out to the sector were they lost contact with the company. They didn't encounter much droids as they expected, but they blew them away easily. When they reached the area, there was nothing, just bodies of Republic soldiers. But strangely, no battle droids....

Xeres immediately contacted Atom.

Xeres:"Atom, we are at the area were we lost contact with the company, but all we found was bodies...."

Atom:"How many?"

Xeres:"A lot, but not enough for a whole company....."

Atom:"Wait, Xeres, I am picking up several battle droids coming your way, stay cautious...."


Atom:"Wait! I (static) picki- (static) someth- (static) watch your-(lost contact)"

Slice:"There's to much interference..Were on our own...."

Soon after losing contact with command, it wasn't long until those droids came by. Even if they were outnumbered, Xeres never gave up against, these "Newly modified" battle droids; Shielded droids, combat vibroblades, upgraded droid blasters. Soon after the droids were eliminated, they started to head towards the bridge, but the way to the elevator was difficult, but when they were at the door to the elevator, Brace noticed something big was coming up one of the elevator shafts. He quickly warned the rest of the squad, Xeres quickly reloaded his gun, and prepared it for battle, but by the time he was finished, a giant war droid was towering over Shadow Squad......

Xeres:"What in the name of the Force is that thing!"

War droid:"Hostiles detected......Defense mode initiated!"

Xeres:"Offensive formation!"

Xeres quickly took cover, and threw several droid poppers, but from the looks of the droid, it did nothing!

Slice:"Sir! Droid poppers aren't doing anything!"

Xeres:"Just keep blasting!"

Soon, after shooting it several times, the war droid started shooting missiles, and grenades! It wasn't long until Xeres thought it would be the end, until he realized he had his lightsaber with him all along! He quickly ignited it, and charged at the war droid, but by the time he was in front of it, one of the war droids hand was a lightsaber beam, and blocked every attack Xeres did! He did retreated, and realized that there could be one way to stop this droid, he then attached his cables and shot up to the ceiling, and attached another cable and shot down at the war droids head, ripped open the head, started pulling out wires and set several thermal detonators, and a sonic detonator, and two droid poppers and jumped from the head, and soon, it exploded.....

Veck:"What the heck was that!"

Slice:"Well, I just hacked the systems and turns out that is a separatist war droid."

Brace:"Why didn't the seps send out these guys in the Clone wars?"

Xeres:"Well, from the looks of this data pad, they made the blueprints for this droid, at the end of the war, and when they started making it, Order 66 happened...."

Soon finding out what that war droid was, Shadow Squad continued their way to the bridge. Encountering several droids of course. At the bridge door, when they were about to open it, the door opened where two war droids in the entrance, and two right behind the clones.........

The war droids took them prisoner, and put them in a cell, separately. But Xeres just couldn't keep in there, he knew that there had to be some other way to get out. Xeres was getting frustrated, but then he realized he still had the use of his technology skills, and began ripping out  wires for the cell shield, then the shield lowered. Xeres was free. He quickly freed his squad and got their weapons, but then they found the remaining Republic troops in the lower cell block. Xeres freed the soldiers, but then their leader told Xeres that a old Separatist surviving leader has reactivated these droids on board, but the new war droids have came from somewhere else. Shortly after freeing the soldiers, Xeres led the remaining troops to the hangar and boarded the drop ship, barely making it to the Republic Cruiser.......

A New Threat

After dealing with the droid threat, Xeres was sleeping, but when suddenly he was in a dream, where he was in a strange place, like a temple of some sort, were Atom and his Convor, Aedalas, then out of nowhere there was a loud thud, then another, then another, then a combat droid came in and shot a huge laser beam at Atom, and Aedalas, and they just both disintegrated! Then the droid charged at Xeres, but then Xeres woke up in the same temple, but there was a person, he was dressed in some sort of tunic he never saw before.....

Voice:"Ah, he is awake."

Xeres:"Where am I!? Who are you!?"

Voice:"I am Tarel Gaither, member of the Gaither Clan."

Xeres:"The what?"

Tarel:"I've told you too much, now your blood is mine!"

Xeres:"Not if I have anything to say about it! And why do you want my blood?!"

Shortly Tarel got out his lightsaber, and Xeres got out his, and they began to duel, but soon Tarel began to run, but Xeres force gripped Tarel, and brought him back over to Xeres.

Tarel:"How is this possible!"

Xeres:"I've defeated Sith, and several other powerful people, compared to you, you are a tiny mouse droid!"

Tarel:"Well it seems I talk or die, eh. I will tell you the truth."

Xeres:"Good, start talking."

Tarel:"There was once a Gather Clan, a peaceful group. Until it was ruined when it was caught in your war."

Xeres:"The Clone Wars, good times....."

Tarel:"Well for you! But not for the Gaithers, our leader was in a ship with thousands of other members, until it was destroyed by a Republic Ship. Then the clans split into two,  the  Gaither o_o clan, and the Gaither +_+ clan."

Xeres:"Now what do you what from me?"

Tarel:"You are one of the last members of the Gaither o_o clan!"

Xeres:"This doesn't make sense, but I can tell you are telling the truth."

Tarel:"Yes, the people who raised and cared for you made a mistake along with your so called "Brother", Atom. They accidentally put our leaders DNA along with the DNA of Jango Fett, which is the reason you can feel the force."

Xeres:"But why can't Atom feel the force?"

Tarel:"Our leader was force-sensitive, but when the Kaminoans received the DNA of our leader, they split it, they put the force-sensitive blood in you, along with the DNA of Jango in you too. Then they put the rest of it in Atom, along with Jango's DNA."

Xeres:"Now it makes sense, but I already knew Atom wasn't a full replica of Jango, the Kaminoans noticed how close we were, and told me the mistake they made with him, but didn't tell me who's DNA they also put in him, or tell anything about me."

Tarel:"Well, I have made my purpose in life, now I must leave this world. For good........."

Soon, Xeres saw Tarel just disappeared in thin air, leave little peices of dust in the air. But when Xeres tried to leave the planet, he contacted the Republic but he had just static. He even tried to use a holo-map of the planet. He didn't recognize the planet he was on. Then he meditated and tried to use the Gaither side in him to help him. While meditating, he saw where he was, he was on a moon of some sort, then he realized where he was, he was on a asteroid that was orbiting Anaxes. He quickly contacted the Republic, then they sent the Scorpion to pick him up. But when the Scorpion arrived, he didn't mention anything that happened to him........

Xeres dreams or visions, again

Soon after the attack on the temple, Xeres is struggling to sleep and his dreams are confusing him. He keeps on hearing Maroons voice saying "I am going to kill you clone." over and over in his mind, he suddenly woke up when he heard and explosion coming from outside. He got up and ran out to his balcony and saw a part of a building completely on fire!

Maroon's back

After he got up and saw what happened, Xeres got his squad together and got on their speeder bikes and sped over to that building, and went inside. As they were moving inside the burning building, Xeres saw Maroon about to kill a person! Xeres ignited his lightsaber and blocked Maroons blade from killing the citizen. Xeres and Maroon started to duel like they did at the temple. Soon Maroon was started to weaken and force pushed Xeres straight through a window and started to fall down to the surface. While Xeres was falling, he landed on top of the scorpion and climbed inside.

Blast - Sith2


The finishing hunt

Soon after engaging Maroon in a building. Xeres has formed a strike team of 30 rebels, some of the notable members were Atom, Slice, Veck and Brace. Rebel intelligence says that the last sighting of Maroons ship was, Kamino. The strike force got into the scorpion and flew to Kamino, seeing on one of the still standing platforms was Maroons ship. But he wasn't inside it. Xeres and Atom went outside and checked the still standing laboratory and checked every inch of them. But no Maroon. Xeres started to lose hope that Maroon died there until he was contacted by a rebel being attacked by Maroon. Xeres ran over to his location to find Maroon standing there waiting for him.

Maroon:"Its about time I finished you, once and for all!"

Xeres:"Well, that depends if I finish you first!"


Maroon's ship "The scavenger"

The final duel

They both ignited their blades, they charged at each other and began dueling,The duel was and epic battle, good vs.evil, clone vs. Sith. The rebel force didn't engage Maroon, because they knew this was Xeres fight. Soon when the battle started to draw toward an end, Xeres did a jump strike but when he landed, Maroon used that time to cut off Xeres hand! Xeres was in to much pain he fell straight to the ground! Atom and Slice quickly got the men together and went inside the Scorpion, where they had a advantage against Maroon. Maroon prepared to jump on top of the Scorpion, but the scorpion evaded the attack and left without their commander. Everybody was devastated, especially Atom. Xeres was his pod brother but he had to leave him behind on their home world. Soon after they left, Maroon began gloating in front of the wounded clone.

Maroon:"You are weak. That's why the lord is mightier than the warrior!"

While Maroon was gloating, Xeres gathered enough strength and picked up his lightsaber and put up to his chest and ignited it. After that, Maroon fell into the water with his lifeless body.

Xeres:"Well this warrior is mightier than you think."

Soon after he defeated Maroon once and for all...... Xeres got inside his ship and made it work again and flew to Coruscant.

The flight to Coruscant

Soon after he left Kamino, he flew into the atmosphere of the planet, but the scorpion was in view and Atom saw Maroons ship "The scavenger". Atom then saw it then ordered to shot it down! Soon Xeres had missiles flying towards him faster than ever! Soon after dodging several missiles, a missile hit the ships left wing and started to go crashing down to the planet! After he crashed, the crew of the scorpion explored the scavenger for survivors and saw Xeres without a hand. After they found Xeres, they brought him to medical treatment ASAP.

Xeres:"I am just getting to old for this"

The apprentice.......

Soon after killing Maroon, Xeres has been seeing strange things occurring around the Coruscant underworld, such as more crime. Xeres had no idea what was going on. Until there was an ancient Sith transmission that hasn't been used in over 3,000 years. Xeres went alone in his personal star fighter, known as  "The Survivor" to the last place the transmission was used. Once there, there was a planet known as Korriban. As Xeres landed, he started to see what was nothing in sight. After he got out of the his ship, he thought that he was going to be attacked or something, but there was nothing. Soon after walking hundreds of miles, there was a temple, Xeres decided to go inside the temple to see if there is anybody who was responsible for using that signal. After checking out the whole temple, Xeres was confused about nobody inside, until he triggered a trap and  fell beneath the floor to find a Sith waiting for him.

Xeres:"Who are you!?"
Lord sith by young crice


Sith:"Your answers will be answered soon."

Xeres:" I want them answered now!"

Sith:"If you want to know, then duel me to see if your worthy."

Xeres:"Okay, fine then."

Soon they began to duel, the duel was fierce, but the duel was short, with Xeres as the victor.

Xeres:" Now tell me, who are you!"

Sith:"Okay, I am the Sith Maroon's apprentice."


Sith:" And my name is.......Raxel."

Xeres:"Okay, Raxel, I know I killed your master, but there is no need of revenge."

Raxel:"There is a need of revenge. And the revenge I have in mind is your death!"

Soon after receiving a death threat, Xeres managed to escape the temple in one piece.

The final battle

After finding out that Raxel was Maroon's apprentice, Xeres and a small rebel force went to Korriban to find Raxel and bring him to justice. Once inside the temple, they engaged Raxel at the temple shrine. Xeres ignited his blade and started fighting Raxel. The battle was deadly, most of the rebels got killed during it. Xeres could see that Raxel has became stronger since they last met. Soon the battle was drawing towards an end, Raxel could see that Shadow squad was with Xeres, so instead of attacking Xeres, he aimed his lightsaber at Slice and threw it! Xeres noticed that Raxel's lightsaber was flying towards Slice, before the lightsaber was close to get Slice, Xeres jumped in front of the lightsaber and stopped it from flying. Xeres had severe wounds, but he handed his lightsaber to Slice and let him kill Raxel. Soon after letting Slice kill Raxel, the squad quickly brought Xeres to medical attention on Corusant.

The Return of the Gaithers

Xeres was going on a very important meeting for Republic war leaders about the still living Imperial troops. Xeres was in the Scorpion with his squad and his pilots, when he started to noticed that the holomap was not working.

3667:"Uh, sir. I think the holomap is busted...."

Xeres:"Why's that?"

3667:"Well, 'cause it won't show us where our location is!"

Xeres:"Okay, relax. Are there any broken wires?"

3667:"No, I check it twice."


Soon after noticing that the holomap was busted, Xeres began to notice that they have passed the same sector several times.

Xeres:"Hey, 67, I think we've past this sector several times."

3667:"I know because I've seen that moon over there several times."

Xeres:"Thats not a moon, its a planet. Its just small 'cause of our distance from it."

3667:"Yeah, but wha-. Its getting closer! And brighter! AHHHH!!!"

Next thing the whole crew knew that a bright light came in, then they blacked out! When Xeres woke up, he only was by himself in a cell. Then some type of warrior came in.....

Warrior:"Hmmmmm, are you him?"


Warrior:"The leader. Bichak....."

Xeres:"Who the heck is Bichak?"

Warrior:"Our leader, the leader of the Gaithers......"

Xeres:"Gaithers! What! This is a Gaither base!?"

Warrior:"Yes, on our home planet, of Gaithia. But are you him?"

Xeres:"Well, I have two answers for you.... First one, yes, then second, no."

Warrior:"Which one is it!!?"

Xeres:"Technically I am, but I am a clone of him...."

Warrior:"A clone of him! You got to be kidding me!"


Warrior:"Well, since the Gaithers split into two, Bichak had a plan to bring them together again."

Xeres:"What is it?"

Warrior:"He was planning to marry the Leader of the Gaither +_+ clan's daughter."

Xeres:"Well what does this have to do with me?"

Warrior:"Well since you are the 'clone' of Bichak, you're the closest person to Bichak, so get up."

But before Xeres had a chance to get up, he was forced up by two Gaither bodyguards. He was brought to a room where a women was sitting in dress, seeming very irritated.

Xeres:"Um, who are you?"

Women:"My name is Tilyia, the daughter of the leader of Clan +_+."

Xeres:"Oh, so that's you."

Tilyia:"Whats the problem?"

Xeres:"Well, I've heard you where supposed to be married to Bichak...."

Tilyia:"How did you know that!?"

Xeres:" 'Cause I'm the clone of him. And the real copy is dead, so they just forced me."

Tilyia:"Well, I was forced as well...."

Xeres:"Do you even want to be married to Bichak?"

Tilyia:"No. All I wanted was peace for the Gaithers, but Bichak has been secretly making a massive army meant to conquer the galaxy."

Xeres:"Have you ever thought about escaping this place?"

Tilyia:"Yes but I can't."

Xeres:"Or can you."(Xeres pulls out two pistols)

Tilyia:"You brought weapons in here! I thought they searched you for weapons!"

Xeres:"They did, but it they didn't check my secret weapon compartments. Just take one of these pistols to take a chance of freedom."


After Tilyia picked up the pistol, Tilyia followed Xeres towards the cell block where his squad mates were. There were tons of Gaither guards, but once Xeres began hotwiring the panel to open the cell door, he turned and saw Tilyia pointing a gun a his head!

Xeres:"Put the pistol down!"

Tilyia:"I've lied to you this whole time! I've always want the Gaithers to control the galaxy, and now if I kill you, I will be the heir to the throne!"

Before she could say anything more, Xeres kicked the gun out of her hand and shot her in the head. Then he managed to open the door, get his squad mates out and leave the planet.

Hunt for the Gaither

Coming Soon................

Learning his family name

After the Gaither situation, Xeres was at the Jedi Temple being healed by a medical droid, and doing a blood test for diseases. General Skywalker came in and noticed on the blood analyzer there was more than just Jango's blood and Gaither blood, there was two more different peoples blood. Luke told the med droid to analyze both of the samples, as a result, Gorogdrive blood came up. The Gorogdrive family; a family of warriors. Luke said to Xeres that he could contact those two with the force, even though they are gone, from the Jedi Code: "There is no death; there is the force.". He could communicate with them, and find his true destiny.....

The greatest challenge

*NOTE* This story connects to the "Return to Ryloth" story in the Second Half of The Clone Wars If you didn't read it and you want  to read this story, read the Ryloth one first, it will make more sense.

Soon after being healed, Xeres has been having visions (for the third time!) but these visions were about more than one lone Sith, they were about a battalion's worth of Sith warriors! But the Sith lord, seems different out of all of the warriors,it seems that he wants Xeres dead, Xeres had no clue why, but he started to think that this could be his imagination. But when he was walking around the temple, he saw a Sith, then he blinked his eyes then he was gone! Then he was about to go into the armory, he saw the Sith again! Getting closer and closer, until he was face to face with Xeres! The Sith put his hand on Xeres neck and starts choking him! Slice walked in and only saw Xeres being choked in mid air! He saw no Sith. Soon the Sith stopped after Slice walked in, the sith said-

Sith:"If you want to live, go to Korriban, you'll find the temple on your own. Come alone.".

Going to Korriban

Soon after being choked by the Sith, he went to Korriban in his star fighter "The Survivor". He found the temple with the statue of the Sith lord that choked Xeres. The Siths name is "Brutkar".

The sith lord Brutkar

Xeres entered the temple, but when he found the main hallway, he saw a Sith army!

Brutkar:" If you think you are as strong as you believe, face my army, and win!"

Xeres engaged small numbers of Sith, but defeated them, barely. He knew he couldn't take them on at his status.

He decided to do the unthinkable, he decided to go into his Sith form, the last time he been in that form since the clone wars, but it also makes him go insane.

Xeres:"I promised myself, I wouldn't do this for as long as I live, but I have no choice."

Xeres managed to change into the Sith form, he killed several Sith in a matter of seconds!

He soon killed half of the Sith battalion, but there were more coming in, but he still managed to kill them all.

When Xeres confronted Brutkar, Brutkar ignited his lightsabers, and said-

Brutkar:" You, have amazing power and strength, but your final test of true power and strength is fighting me!"

Xeres:"Fine then. I'll destroy you, like I killed Maroon, and your whole army!."

Brutkar:"Maroon, our past leader. You, you killed Maroon, and his apprentice, Raxel?"

Xeres:"Well, I killed Maroon, but my squad mate, Slice, killed Raxel."

Brutkar:" Well, I'll have revenge for my fallen leader!"

The sith army that Xeres face's (notice this is only a small part of the army)

Xeres:"Do all of you Sith know each other!?"

Soon, Xeres and Brutkar dueled each other, Brutkar knew he was stronger than Xeres, and thought that he just could kill him easy, but it was not as easy as he thought. Brutkar then started to get weaker and weaker, when Xeres started to lose control of his Sith form! Soon, Xeres destroyed his lightsabers and put his blade up to his neck.

Brutkar:"Yes! Rely on anger and hate! Destroy me, if you are a true Sith!"

Soon Xeres started to regain control, and went back to his original form.

Xeres:"No, I am not a Sith, or Jedi, but I am a true soldier, that fights for what is right, but if I must strike you down, I will."

Brutkar:" Yes, yes! Strike me down!"

Xeres:" Fine then."

Xeres soon killed Brutkar, and left Korriban.

Yuuzhan Vong War

The Yuuzhan Vong, was a sentient species that nearly destroyed they New Republic,(And they also caused the birth of the Galactic Alliance) also they came from another galaxy.....

Battle of Fondor

"I've never dealt with anything like 'em before, but I can get used to killing these monterous aliens."-Xeres referring to Yuuzhan Vong strength After the First Battle of Helska, Xeres was sent to Fondor to defend the planet from Yuuzhan Vong Aliens. Once there he was greeted by Commander Turk Brand, and Prince Isolder. Xeres started to cut to the chase, he began preparing for the incoming attack that Xeres has been notified about. After several hours of preparing the troops and defenses, Xeres saw Vong cruisers began landing troops on the surface of the planet....


Corrupted by the Dark Side

Soon after slaying Brutkar, Xeres has been hearing strange messages in his head, day and night, non-stop, and it keeps on saying-

"Your destiny is to be a Dark lord of the Sith. And nothing can stop it!"

Soon after hearing that for several days.... He started to hear this-

"If you want your true destiny to be revealed.... Go to Dathomir."

After hearing that, it wasn't Xeres choice to go, it was the Sith spirit inside of him that did. When he reached Dathomir, he changed forms, and he lost control of himself, and his spirit was trapped inside
Sith Lord by Elder Of The Earth

Darth Heroxis

his body, again...

Soon after being transformed into his Sith side, he walked towards a temple, and at the temple shrine was a Sith lord.

Sith:"I am, Darth Heroxis, now why have you came before my throne."

Xeres sith:"I have came to learn from you, to be your apprentice."

Heroxis:"Good, I believe your name is, Darth Sorontos..."

Sorontos (Xeres):"Thank you, my master.What is thy bidding my master.."

Heroxis:"Your mission is to invade the Jedi Temple, and steal the data codes there."

Sorontos:"Yes, my master.."

Invading the temple

Soon after being given the title "Darth", Xeres, been flying to the Jedi Temple.

When he reached it, he started to infiltrate it at one of the side vents. He was hoping that no one noticed that he got inside using that entrance, but unfortunately, the guards noticed a disturbance at one of the vents and check the cameras, and saw Xeres breaking in....

The guards quickly warned security, and everybody inside was prepared to fight Xeres.

When Xeres made into the data room, Xeres put data tracers inside the consoles and stole all the data. When he walked out, there was temple security and several Jedi guards, including: Atom, his squad, and General Skywalker...

Atom:"Xeres, drop the data, or we won't hurt you.."

Sorontos:"You hurt me? Not possible!!"

Soon after refusing to surrender, there was a Jedi guard right behind Xeres, but he sensed him, and ignited his lightsaber and stabbed him! Soon after that happened, Xeres was fighting, and killing Jedi and temple guards!

Atom:"Xeres, this is not you!!"

Sorontos:"You're right, Xeres is no more!!! I am, Darth Sorontos!!"

Soon he managed to escape the temple and brought the data to his master....

Learning the "Force storm"

Soon after, breaking in the Jedi Temple, Heroxis thought that Xeres was ready to learn to most feared Dark side, The"Force Storm".

"This technique, is a ability that was created by Darth Sideous. Many Sith, and Jedi both, had tried, but either mastered it, or were killed in the process, only the truly powerful Jedi, and Sith alike, can master it..."-Darth Heroxis giving his reflection of the Force Storm

Heroxis:" You are ready, to learn the most powerful and feared technique in the Dark side.....The Force Storm..."

Sorontos:"Do you think I am ready, master?"

Heroxis:" I don't think, I know."

Sorontos:"Thank you, my master...."

Soon after being granted, of learning the Force Storm, Xeres has been wondering what kind of power he could hold.

When he started to learn it, he made the force storm, and then stopped it, immediately, on his first try.

Heroxis was impressed, so much, that he assigned Xeres to destroy a Rebel satellite base, on Rhen Var.

Attacking Rhen Var

Soon after learning, the Force Storm, Xeres has brought the codes he stole from the Jedi Temple to infiltrate the satellite base, undetected...

When he landed, He started to walk carefully towards the Republic base. When he arrived, he started to scope out the area. He saw auto turrets, heavy auto turrets, and several guards, including snipers....

He managed to get up to the roof of the base, killing the snipers, and stealing their access cards, and stealing their grenades. Once inside, he started to assassinate several guards. He dropped from the vents, and went towards the control room. When he entered, he mind controlled the Republic troops inside, and the troops went under Xeres command. He hacked the computer console and found information of ancient Sith temples and sanctuaries. When he was leaving, he mind controlled the rest of the guards, and they left with Xeres, back to Heroxis.

Death of Heroxis

When he returned to the Temple, Heroxis questioned who were the Republic troops that Xeres has brought to him.

Heroxis:"Sorontos, who are these soldiers that came with you?"

Sorontos:"Well, these are our troops, Master."

Heroxis:"Well. What do you propose to do when there mind trick wears off?"

Sorontos:"I have that taken care of: See I have sealed their minds with a permanent mind trick that only wears off when they die."

Heroxis:"Well done, apprentice..."

Sorontos:"I have to go, I will be back with more troops under our command."

Heroxis:"Then we can conquer the galaxy! But this time, the Republic will not get in the way of our new Sith Empire!"

Sorontos:"The Republic has deafeted The Galactic empire, and Darth Revan and Malak's Sith empire... But they won't get away this time, I can feel it within the force...."

Soon, Xeres came back with force-sensitive people, and a whole army of Republic, and exiled Imperial troops, along with their tanks and ships.

Later Xeres brought back over fifty force-sensitive people and trained them as Dark acolytes.

Meanwhile, at the Jedi Temple, Luke, Atom, and several other Jedi and war leaders are in a war room, trying to find Xeres, before its to late...

Luke:"I can sense it....Xeres future is surrounded by the Dark side..."

Atom:"Well I think we can see that...But off topic, we need to find Xeres."

Luke:"Yes, you're right... Sorry... Atom can you track Xeres' ship?"

Atom:"I wish I could. He built his ship himself, he didn't put a Republic code in it, in case of if he needed to handle something on his own."

Luke:"But why, doesn't he like the help?"

Atom:"Well sometimes he does, but not when he has things under control, he doesn't really like the help. Because he mainly has everything under control... Most of the time..."

Luke:"Well, what are the main Sith planets?"

Atom:"Well, lets see what planets Sith temples are found on: Korriban, Dantooine, Dathomir."

Luke:"Dathomir! It has to be Dathomir!"

Atom:"Why do you say that?"

Luke:"I checked Xeres recent records, and it says that he reported that he was going to Dathomir."

Atom:"Well, its a start.. But we need to be prepared for any encounter.. Admiral Ackbar! Get your fleet prepared, we will be up there soon."

Ackbar:"Affirmative, Commander. We will be ready in moments."

Several days later, Xeres could sense that the Jedi were coming. He warned Heroxis. Heroxis took advantage of this warning, and ordered all troops to set mines around the temple.

When the Jedi arrived, Xeres prepared himself and his Dark Aclyotes for battle, but when the Jedi landed, and launched their troops, Xeres led the defense and killed over a battalion of Republic troops in minutes! He was going to board the main cruiser, until they launched their bombers. Xeres ordered all units inside the temple, and launched all fighters. When Atom,Luke, and several other Jedi came out with a group of Republic troops, they entered the temple and killed both Sith troops, and Sith. It was only a matter of time until they reached Heroxis, and when they did, Luke encountered him, and killed him. They also spotted Xeres, and tried to bring him back to the Republic, but Xeres left the Temple, and the planet, barely escaping the Republic fleet.

Escaping the Darkness

Soon after the death of his master, Heroxis. Xeres been living in exile on Korriban, ever since the attack, but he has mastered several force abilities, and started to meditate on what to do next.....

While he was meditating, he sensed that the Republic has found him, and they where over the planet currently. Xeres knew what he had to do: he used the Force Storm, against the fleet. When the Storm was unleashed, all of the Republic cruisers began crashing down in a fire ball!

Soon after he confirmed that all cruisers hit the ground, it wasn't long 'til a Republic and Jedi strike force came to bring Xeres back to the light.

Atom:"Xeres, come back to the Republic, or we will have to use force..."

Xeres:"Well, your force is weak, mine is powerful!!!!"

Luke:"All the Dark Side does is cause death, and destruction, thats all you will accomplish."

Xeres:"Well that's what the Dark side of the Force is..."

Atom:"Also Luke forgot something:The Dark Side of the Force always leads to death....Always..."

Xeres:"You didn't think I already knew that? If you didn't already notice, that everything leads to death, the ways of the Jedi, lead to death, the ways of the Sith lead to death... Everything leads to death...Even this Duel!!"

Soon, Luke and Xeres began to duel. The duel was long and intense, but when it looked like Luke was about to win, Xeres electrocuted him with lightning! Atom, ran up and tried to attack Xeres, but Xeres force pushed him, and put his lightsaber up to his neck, then he started to gain control, and went back to his normal self....

Xeres:"Wha-t happened?"

Atom:"You went in your Sith form for longer than supposed to..."

Luke:"I agree, as well...."

Xeres:"How much damage have I done?"


Xeres:"Oh, great...."

Luke:"Xeres, I sense that you have force abilities... In, your 'normal form'."

Xeres:"I...I do?"

Luke:"Yes, it would be one of the answers you killed several Sith, and survived several years of war."

Xeres:"So, I can become a Jedi?"

Luke:"Its possible...Well lets go."

Becoming a Jedi

Shortly after defeating the Sith spirit inside of him, Xeres was trained as a Jedi, and found every challenge to be easy, and became a Jedi Master within a year. From what he heard it was the shortest training from a Initiate to a Master.

War with The First Order

(I am writing this directly after I've seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens December 17th, 2015)


It was 29 years after the Battle of Yavin 4. And only fragments of the Empire are still remaining. But one in particular has risen over the past several years. The First Order. Led by the mysterious Snoke. The Republic's forces were spread thing throughout the galaxy. But a rebel group has taken the challenge to fight and defeat The First Order. They call themselves the Resistance. A group of freedom fighters that is much like the previous Rebellion that took on the challenge to defeat the Galactic Empire. The Resistance called upon the assistance of Xeres, since of his success in the Galactic Civil War. Xeres gladly accepted the call for help, and has been granted the rank of General. Xeres led the Resistance into several battles, most of them, The Resistance came out victorious.

Surprise Attack

Xeres and his men were stationed on Tatooine, the desert planet of the Outer Rim. Xeres had complete command over 500 soldiers. The base served as a listening post for any impending attacks on the Republic. Xeres woke up in a sweat. Bad dream, he thought. But he couldn't remember what the dream was about. He went onto the day as usual; he would eat breakfast in the mess then go about his duties as the commanding officer of the post. That was until he could see what reminded him of a TIE bomber, escorted by two TIE fighters. The bomber bombed the base into submission.

Xeres had little time to react, he gather his squad and ran outside to see five troop transports landing Storm Troopers. Xeres did the best he could to slow down the onslaught, but eventually Slice was hit, followd by Veck and Brace. Xeres started to fall back, but a grenade was thrown and landed behind him. It exploded and hurled Xeres forward. He blacked out.

Xeres woke up in a haze, his vision was blurry, his muscles ached. He looked to his left and right and saw that he was being dragged by two Storm Troopers by his arms. He was brought to a figure in a all black, with a hood and mask on.

Sith:"Look who we have here."


Storm Troopers storming the base

Xeres was in confusion.

Sith:"Do you know who I am?"

Xeres:"No, I don't."

The Sith chuckled.

Sith:"I didn't think so. I haven't had the honor to make an acquaintance of the great Xeres."

Big 1471525737 image

Storm Troopers rushing out of the transports

Xeres:"Who are you?"

Kylo:"Me? I'm Kylo Ren. Leader of the Knights of Ren."

Xeres:"Weren't you Skywalkers failed apprentice?"

Xeres could feel the anger rise inside of him. Kylo Force gripped him and threw him several meters back. Xeres struggled to get up.

Kylo was yelling at him

Kylo:"You know nothing! You ignorant Clone! Take him away."

Storm Trooper:"Yes, sir."

Xeres was then dragged to a troop transport. Xeres overheard what some of the Storm Troopers were talking about.

Trooper 1:"So how old is this guy? Like 80?"

Trooper 2:"He should be around 90."

Xeres:"Try 70."

Trooper 1:"Shut up, prisoner."

Trooper 2:"So this guy could literally take on armies by himself?"

Trooper 1:"That's at least what the stories say."

Stories? Xeres thought.

Trooper 2:"He doesn't look that impressive."

The Shuttle was landing. The troopers brought Xeres to his feet, cuffed him, and brought him to his cell. He was put into a containment field. After several hours, he was approached by Kylo Ren.

Kylo:"Ah, my prized prisoner. You're fortunate enough that I don't have to kill you. My master wishes to speak with you."

Kylo threw down a holocom. A large figured appeared. Xeres assumed that it was human but with a deformed face.

Snoke:"You've done well, my apprentice."

Kylo:"Thank you, my lord."

Xeres:"Who are you?"

Snoke:"You'll learn in due time, I just had to see for myself if my apprentice actually did capture the great Xeres. Well done. Now, separate him from his squad, put them on opposite corners of the galaxy if you have to."

Kylo:"I must ask why, my lord."

Snoke:"If at least one of them escapes, they're fairly dangerous. But if they all manage to escape, it'll be a disaster. Separate them."

Kylo:"As you wish, my lord."

The transmission ended. Kylo walked out of the room.

Freedom at last

The end of Xeres?


Xeres and his squad were deployed with a Mon Calamari cruiser, due to the distress signal on the rebel planet, Yavin 4.

While in orbit, there was an explosion at the lower hull! Xeres went there as soon as possible, but the people who caused the explosions, were gone, then there was a disturbance at the bridge, then the cruiser started to head toward the Ice planet of Hoth. When the cruiser hit the planet, the cruiser started to be encased in ice!


Xeres was encased in a block of ice, then he began to see, then breath, then he finally began to speak.

Xeres:"What happened!."

Rebel Lieutenant:" Well, you were frozen in ice."

Xeres:"Well, I can see that, but for how long?"

Rebel Lieutenant:"Your not going to like it."

Xeres:" Just tell me what year it is?"

Rebel Lieutenant:" 40 years after the battle of Yavin."

Xeres:" WHAT!!!???"

Rebel Lieutenant:" I told you, you weren't going to like it."

Xeres:"Well can you tell what happened n the time I was gone?"

Rebel Lieutenant:"Even more bad news."

Xeres:"Oh, come on!"

Rebel Lieutenant:"Well, a war started, a few months after you disappeared."

Xeres:"With who!? Slavers! NO, Pirates!?"

Rebel Lieutenant:" Both, but you missed one more."


Rebel Lieutenant:"The Sith triumvirate."

Xeres:"WHAT! I thought I destroyed it when I killed Brutkar."

Rebel Lieutenant:" Well you didn't. You know how your cruiser crashed?"

Xeres:" Yeah. It probably was an asteroid."

Rebel Lieutenant:"Well, it was the Sith, that purposely crashed and made their way to the bridge, and drove the ship into Hoth."

Xeres:"But why?"

Rebel Lieutenant:"You. Since you could change into that insane sith form, you were a huge threat to them."

Xeres:"Ok, but I don't want to be in that form?"

Rebel Lieutenant:" Why not? Your completely invincible!"

Xeres:"No, I am not."

Rebel Lieutenant:"What? I've heard that you can't get hurt, when you are in that form."

Xeres:" I am almost invincible, but I am also most vulnerable. I am not invincible, it takes more than a gigantic fleet, to take out that form, but if I get killed, there will be a huge explosion, due to the huge amount of force power and cosmic energy, the explosion will cause a huge affect on the galaxy, that it can destroy our galaxy and surrounding galaxies."

Rebel:"What now."

Xeres:"Wait, can I ask you a few questions."

Rebel Lieutenant:"Yeah sure."

Xeres:"Is my brother, Atom alive? And my great friends, Ben, Axe, Ace and Wes?

Rebel Lieutenant:"I am for sure that Atom, and Ben are alive."

Xeres:"Where are they!?"

Rebel Lieutenant:"Last we heard of Atom, he is on Jabiim fighting the sith. But we lost contact with him a few weeks ago, after he engaged their commanding base on Jabiim. And Ben, is on Kashyyyk helping the wookies, defend their home from the slavers."

Xeres:"Ok, good. Lets find Atom first. And I didn't catch your name, what is it again?"

Rebel Lieutenant:"Jack, its Jack."

Xeres:"Okay(Xeres points to three rebels). You three! Get my squad members out of the ice, we are going to need them."

Rebels:"YES SIR!!"

Jack:" Some of my men are holding off Wampas, I think they need help."

Xeres:"Okay,wait....Wheres my lightsaber!"

Jack:"Oh, is it this one?"

Xeres:"Yeah, thanks."

Soon after talking with Jack. Xeres killed the Wampas and helped the rebels get his squad members out.

Xeres:"Hey, Jack. Do you have a base?"

Jack:"Yeah, its the remainder of Echo Base."

Xeres:"So Echo Base is up and running again?"


Xeres:"Hey,Jack, how much of the war spread?"

Jack:"Only a few planets, its like a small civil war."


Soon after walking inside Echo base, he thought that the base would be better than ever, but when he saw the inside of it, he only saw, a control room, barracks, the mess, and a hangar.

Xeres:"So this is Echo base?"


Xeres:"Did you manage to get the scorpion out of the ice?"

Jack:"Yeah, and we got 3667 and his other pilots out."


3667:"Reporting for duty, SIR!"

Xeres:"Okay, 67, you and your men take a break."

3667:"Yes sir."

Slice:"So whats our next mission,sir?"

Xeres:"Slice! They got you out of the ice, and we are going to Jabiim to find Atom."

Slice:"Okay, the rebels got Veck and Brace out to, and are you sure, Atom is alive?"

Xeres:"Well, no. But I have to figure this out for myself."

Slice:"But how do we know its not a trap?"

Xeres:"I'm not sure.But it takes more than simple traps to take down Shadow squad."

Slice:"You're right sir!"

Mission to Jabiim

Soon after sleeping for a few hours in the barracks, Xeres and his squad, accompanied by Jack and his men, are going to Jabiim to find Xeres brother, Atom.

Once landed, Xeres and the men set up camp, and did a little recon, but found the base. Xeres knew they couldn't take on that base if they go out guns blazin'. So he had an idea planned out. First, the scorpion will drop bombs at the base, which will cause a distraction, second, Xeres and his squad will attack the main door, while Jack and his men will attack the back.

When the attack began, everything went according to plan, but when Xeres assaulted Atom's cell, there was a Sith holding his lightsaber up to his neck.

Sith:"Take one more step forward, and he dies!"

Xeres(whisper):"Slice snipe him."

Slice(whisper):"Yes sir."

Soon after the Sith was killed, Xeres began to talk to Atom.

Atom:"Drive, I thought you were dead!"

Xeres:"I did too, now lets go! And I need to ask a question. Do you know anything about Axe, Wes or Ace?"

Atom:"Hmmm,let me think....Ahhh, Axe is on Felucia doing attacks on sith bases, Ace is on Mustafar, searching for General Skywalker, who mysteriously disappeared searching for the Sith leader, Vectray.

Xeres:"But what about Wes?"

Atom:"I haven't heard anything from Wes since your disappearance."

Xeres:"Okay, lets go for Ben."

Atom:"Where is he?"

Xeres:"Kashyyyk. Now lets go!"

Rescue on Kashyyyk

Soon after rescuing Atom, Xeres and his men, are going to Kashyyyk to rescue Ben.

Soon after landing in a secluded area,Xeres and Atom, start to move forward with their men to Kachrio. When they were at one of the entrances to Kachrio, they could already see that the city has been scard from battled hardened years. Once inside, they ran into a few wookies, the wookies told them that Ben and his men were at the bridge holding the line until more reinforcements could arrive. Soon after they figured out where he was, they moved forward with a few squads of wookies to the bridge, but on the way there, there was several slavers and some wookies had to stay behind,due to the slaver invasion, while Xeres and the rest could reach Ben.

Once at the bridge, Xeres could see that Ben and the remaining wookies and rebels, were holding the line. Once Xeres and his men cut in, Ben was surprised to see him alive.

Ben:"Drive! You're alive!"

Xeres:"Yeah I know, now less talking more blastin'."

Soon after the slavers ran off, Ben, Xeres and Atom began to talk, while the scorpion was driving over to pick them up.

Ben:"Thanks guys, you really saved our lives."

Atom:"We're glad to help."

Xeres:"But Ben, do you know where Wes is?"

Ben:"Unfortunately, no...."

Atom:"Ugh!! We've now have Ben, but we still need that information!"

Xeres:"Don't worry Atom, maybe Axe or Ace may know."

Ben:"Where to next?"

Xeres:"The closest system, is Felucia, Axe is on Felucia attacking sith bases."


Journey to Felucia

Soon after saving Ben, Xeres is on route to Felucia to find Axe.

Once landed, Xeres encountered Felucian warriors right away. Once the felucians saw Xeres, they immediately stood at attention when he passed by.

Xeres asked the warriors where was Axe, but they said, he was at the northern rebel base preparing to launch an attack.

Once at the rebel base, Xeres, Atom and Ben were welcomed by several rebel soldiers, who brought them to Axe.

Axe:"Drive you're al-"

Xeres:"I know, I know! I am alive!"

Axe:"Okay, but why are you here?"

Atom:"We need to ask you a question, do you know where Wes is?"

Axe:"Wes, no.. I don't, why?"

Ben:"Well, we need to find him, and Ace fast.... We don't have much time!"

Xeres, Atom and Axe:"How much time for what?"

Ben:"Well, when I was on Kashyyyk, we captured some slavers, and they were talking about some plans for a galaxy wide invasion, which will be initiated, in a few weeks."

Xeres:"Why didn't you tell us that!?"

Ben:"You didn't give me the chance!"

Atom:"No time to argue! We need to find Ace and Wes, fast or there won't be any need of stoping the war."

Axe:"Okay, I will join you. Where's Ace?"

Xeres:"Mustafar. Hurry lets go! Take some rebel soldiers to!"


Adventure on Mustafar

Soon after Axe joined their group, they started to head out for Mustafar, to find Ace, before the invasion.

Once landed, Xeres could feel all of the heat from the lava surging through his body.

Xeres:"I wished we had heat like this on Hoth!"

Soon after several hours of searching, the group found a abandoned droid factory, and entered it.

Axe:"I can't believe that a droid factory is still standing."

Xeres:"Okay, but whatever you do, don't push any buttons,we don't want the droid army to invade the galaxy again."

Soon after going through the main entrance, they started to make their way to the control center, where they saw Ace, his men and Luke chained up against a wall, guarded by Magnaguards! Xeres, Atom, Ben and Axe engaged the guards and destroyed them with ease, and freed Ace, the rebels and Luke.

Xeres:"What happened!"

Ace:"Vectray defeated us, soon after he did, he chained us up here, Luke was already here when I was chained up."

Atom:"Well do you know where Wes is!?"

Ace:"Yeah, I do. I believe he is on,Mygeeto, defending a rebel base."

Axe:"Okay, lets go before the invasion."


Ben:"In a few weeks, the Sith is going unleash their army on the galaxy, and we need to stop them before they start it."


Journey to Mygeeto

Soon after rescuing Ace, and Luke. Xeres and the others are on their last journey on to find their war friends.

Soon after landing, in the abandoned city,where Xeres mission to Mygeeto (See mission to Mygeeto, if you haven't).But when they started to look around the city, Xeres accidentally opened a door which lead down to a rebel base! Xeres notified the others that he found the base, and started to go down, and found several rebels surprised to see Xeres, and notified Wes.

Wes:"Drive, I see you're alive!"

Xeres:"Yeah, I know, Atom,Ace, Axe and Ben are here with me."


Xeres:"Well, there is going to be a huge invasion on the galaxy, and we are tracking down my old war time friends.

Wes:"Okay, now I see why, so how many are left to find?"

Xeres:"You were the last one, and the hardest one to find.So are you in, or out?"

Wes:"I'm in."

Xeres:"Good, now lets get to the Scorpion."

The invasion

After a few weeks of trying to find the Sith base planet, Xeres found out that the planet, Dathomir.

Xeres got all of his friends, and the rebels he picked up along the way of finding his friends, and they set a course to Dathomir.

Once at the fleet base, they managed to infiltrate it and board the HUGE command cruiser, the cruiser started to take off,then Xeres and the rest, started to go toward the bridge. Once at the bridge, they assaulted the slavers, and killed them in the process. Xeres walked up to the main terminal and  reprogrammed the auto turret defense system, to fire at the Sith, pirates and slavers. He also reprogrammed the canons to fire at the enemy cruisers, and soon several cruiser started to one crashing down. Then Xeres noticed the scorpion was landing in the hangar, he told the men he was with to go down to the hangar and escape on the scorpion. But before Atom and Slice left, they asked Xeres what was going to happen to him.


Atom:"Whats going to happen to you?"

Xeres:"Well, I am probably going to die, but at least I die fighting."

Slice:"Sir,I don't want you to die! Who will teach me to be a better leader!?"

Xeres:"Atom, will you do it?"

Atom:"Sure buddy."

Xeres:"Thanks. Now go."

Slice:"We'll never forget you sir."

Soon after the scorpion left, Xeres has set the cruiser on a collision course, with another cruiser, then set the cruiser on auto pilot, and smashed the controls. But while the ship was about to crash into a cruiser, Vectray came crashing through the doors through the bridge.

Vectray:"This invasion will succeed!"

Xeres:"Or will it!?"

Vectray:"Lets find out!"

Xeres ignited his lightsaber and charged at Vectray, and duel him.The duel was fierce and intense. But Vectray's lightsaber was cut in half, soon after his lightsaber was destroyed, the cruiser crashed into the other cruiser, and stopped the invasion.

Reappearance of Xeres

Being discovered

A few days after the invasion, a scavenger ship set out to salvage the remains of the battle, and along with the salvage was the lifeless body of Xeres, but the salvage crew got a medical droid to heal him, and soon he was breathing, but unconscious. After a few hours Xeres woke up, and saw himself inside a ship he didn't remember being put in, but also he found his weapons right next to him, and got up and grabbed his rifle, lightsaber, pistols and grenades. When the salvage crew noticed he was alive they took out their weapons and began firing, but Xeres ignited his lightsaber and began slashing through the scavengers, and took control of the ship. He set a course to Coruscant, but when he got there, Republic cruisers began firing at the ship and he quickly turned away. He soon realized that the scavengers were probably criminals, and the Republic has the I&D codes of their ship. He had to change the I&D codes, somehow, then set a course to Nar Shadda......

Trouble on Nar Shadda

Shortly after being revived, Xeres made a course to Nar Shadda. Once landed he walked out and found a Todyarian and two Trandoshan thugs with vibroblades. But once Xeres the walked out the Todydarian questioned where was the crew of the ship.

Todyarian:"Who are you? I was expecting a drop off from this ship and its crew who were salvaging the remains of the "Invasion"."

Xeres:"My name is not important. But who I am, I am your worst nightmare, and stay out of my way....."

Trandoshan:"Well lets see this worst nightmare in a fight!"

The next thing he knew that he had two Trandoshans charging at him with vibroblades! Xeres grabbed and ignited his lightsaber and began dueling the thugs, and killed them easily.

Todyarian:"M-my guards! Please spare me!"

Xeres:"I told you to stay out of my way, now this is a warning, but the next time I see you with an army coming at me, you'll regret it, now get."

Before Xeres moved another step, he felt like he forgot something, and went back to the ship and found a deactivated astromech droid. He reactivated him and noticed his name was R5 X7.

Xeres:"Hey R5, can you watch the ship, I don't want anymore thugs trying to steal it, ok?"


Shortly after reactivating R5, Xeres made his way into Nar Shadda, seeing refuges and thugs everywhere. He made his way to a droid shop, where he found some deactivated HK-series assasin droids.

Droid Dealer:"I see you notice the HK droids, do you want to buy 'em?"

Xeres:"Yeah, sure. How much?"

Droid Dealer:"Ah, just a simple two thousand credits each, and I have seven of them, they are pretty good guards, I have to admit, and really good assasins."

Xeres:"Good, I'll take them all."

Droid Dealer:"All of them? I never had a customer that had more that one thousand credits! Well, thanks for your purchase."

Xeres:"No problem...."

After he reactivated the droids, the first one to speak was a HK-47 unit by the name of HK-38.

HK-38:"Greeting:Hello, master. I am your personal guard droid, along with the rest of us."

Xeres:"Rest of you? I thought your memory was wiped?"

HK-38:"Yes, master, my memory was wiped but I still remember these six other units."

Xeres:"Well, good, I'll show you to my ship, but after that I want you guys to guard it at all cost, got it?"

HK-38:"Affirmative, master....."

Soon Xeres showed his new HK droids to his ship, and left them there to guard, now he was going to get the ship's I.D. changed.....

Xeres searched all around the moon, but he heard the only one way to get your ship's I.D. changed, was to get it changed for Kesro the Hutt.... Soon Xeres found out where Kesro's estate was, and went inside the estate, being confronted by several guards.

Kesro's Guard:"Halt, stranger. Whats your business with Kesro?"

Xeres:"I was told that Kesro was the only guy in the area to change a ships I.D."

Kesro's Guard:"Yes it is true, but before you do that, you will have to fight in the arena against our greatest warriors to get Kesro's respect."


After finding out that he had to fight warriors in a arena, he was brought to the arena immediately. A guard ordered to get out all of his weapons and set them on a table, and he could only pick two. Xeres set all of his weapons on the table, he picked his lightsaber, and his pistols. The the guard took the rest of his weapons and put them in a locker. When the matches were about to start, Kesro was preparing to warn Xeres.

Kesro:"Brave warrior, you are. I must warn you, that so far everybody was killed who challenge my greatest warriors."

Xeres:"I'm going to break that record. Send the first warrior."

Shortly a Rodian came out with two vibroblades, and grenades. The Rodian threw a grenade at Xeres, but force gripped it, and threw it back at him!

Xeres:"That was too easy."

Then a Twi'lek came out, with a rifle, and poison darts. The Twi'lek started shooting darts at Xeres, but he kept on dodging them, then threw his lightsaber at the Twi'lek, cutting him in half.

Xeres:"When are you going to send out a real warrior?"

Shortly a Trandoshan came out, with a rocket launcher, and a gammorean battle ax! The Trando fired missiles at Xeres, but he forced one back and hit another missile causing a huge explosion, knocking down Xeres, and the Trando, and making a big smoke cloud. Xeres got up, when the Trando did. The Trando thought Xeres was dead, and began walking away, but when he was walking away, Xeres shot him dead. Then a fourth warrior came out, then fifth, then sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, Xeres killed them all.....

Kesro:"What a fine warrior, you are."

Xeres:"Now, you change my ship's I.D. codes."

Kesro:"No, no. You'll be my warrior, my greatest warrior."

Xeres:"No, I will not, become your 'warrior'."

Kesro:"Then I will force you to. Guards, capture him."

Then the next thing Xeres knew, he had several guards coming at him, but Xeres killed them. He jumped up to where Kesro was, killed his guards, and said-

Xeres:"Change my I.D. codes!"

Kesro:"Fine, I'll get my technicians on the new code."


After having his ship's I.D. codes changed, Xeres ordered R5 to set a course to Coruscant. But before they left, Kesro wanted revenge for forcing him to change the codes, so he ordered his sniper to shoot the fuel tank and make a leak. But when he shot the tank, there was a leak, and R5 had to make a emergency landing on Kashyyyk.....

Deserted on Kashyyyk

After landing on Kashyyyk, a few Wookies came to check out the scene. They opened the door and they saw HK-38 pointing his gun at them. Xeres cutted in and ordered HK-38 to stand down. Xeres introduced himself, but once the Wookies realized he was a Republic War hero, they requested his help on defending their city from Trandoshan slavers. Xeres accepted the request, and brought HK-38 and four other HK units and left the other two to guard the ship, along with R5. Once seeing the city in ruins, Xeres ran into the city of Chenachochan, he saw several Wookies defending the city, but among the fire, came out running was Rey, and Chewbacca shooting at Trandoshans. Xeres ran up pulled out his pistols and began shooting down the slavers. After the trandos were dead, Han and Chewbacca came up to Xeres and thanked him.

Rey:"Thank you for the assist."

Chewbacca(translated):"What is your name?"

Xeres:"Xeres, the name is Xeres. I work for the Republic as a Commander."

Rey:"A Commander, huh. How long have you been a Commander, Xeres?"

Xeres:"Ever since the Clone Wars....."

Rey:"The Clone Wars! You are from the Clone Wars!"

Xeres:"Yeah I fought with the Republic..."

Chewbacca:"Well did yuo follow order 66?"

Xeres:"No, thats how much of a Rebel I am, to encourage me to join the Rebellion. So I need to get to Corusant, and the Trandoshan fleet is blocking anyways of escaping. Do you have any other way of escaping?"

Rey:"Well you can hitch a ride on the Falcon, if you want. You can bring your droids as well."

Xeres:"Okay I got three more back at where my ship is."

After they got the rest of his droids, Xeres took a ride on the Falcon where they fought through several Trandoshan fighters, where out of nowhere, Xeres told Han to land in the capital ships hangar.

More secrets to be revealed

After landing in the Trandoshan capital ship's hangar, the hangar was strangely empty. Xeres told Rey and Chewbacca to stay with the Falcon. Xeres managed to sneak into a ventilation duck and began crawling through it, until he stopped and saw complete armies of Trandoshans, Sith, and Gaithers.......

Xeres gasped, he began hearing a man talking, he was wearing Gaither but had a lightsaber at his belt. He was giving a speech to encourage his soldiers that the Republic would fall in one week. He mentioned his name; Kahrak, and his grandfathers name, and his fathers name; Bichak, and Maroon....... He mentioned his plan on how to bring back the true ruler of the galaxy. After hearing it, Xeres quickly rushed down the vents and ran to the Falcon yelling at Rey to start the ship and go to Coruscant!

Once at Coruscant, Xeres rushed to the Jedi Council Chambers were they currently were having a meeting, but he rushed through the door anyway, and saw Atom, Slice, Veck and Brace, and the rest of the council. Everybody was shock(again) that he was alive. He told everybody about Kahrak's plan. He said that there was more than five armies in that capital ship, alone, and the Republic army couldn't deal with that kind of military. Shortly after yelling at the council, Xeres was brought to the hangar where Slice showed him the Survivor, and its new attachment for more space in the ship.

Slice:"Yeah, originally the Survivor, was going to be the squads stealth ship, but since you came back, its going to be your ship again...."

Xeres:"Now's your chance to tell me what's the new attachment includes, and why didn't you make it?"

Slice:"The new attachment includes Gaither tech, we found a whole warehouse in the underworld full of it. And we made it so we could rest in it, and hold our weapons, and adds extra canons."

Xeres:"Nice...Well, when the Gaithers come to Coruscant,  I'll be leaving, nobody is coming with me, just my droids...."

Slice:"Why can't I come with you?"

Xeres:"Because I don't want to attract to much attention. I'll go and find my friends, some are very powerful and dangerous, and some are powerful and have armies."

Slice:"We'll be counting on you....."

The Gaither War

As Xeres was just enhancing the speed on the Survivor, Xeres saw the Gaither fleet coming. He quickly said goodbye and he took off, on a quest to find his friends.

Xeres took off from the planet of Coruscant, barely being detected from the Gaithers, and where his first destination; Mandalore.

Helping the Mandalorians

As Xeres came out of hyperspace, Xeres saw the planet of Mandalore, where his friend; Okaska Ordo, the Mandalor' of one of the most powerful Clans; Clan Ordo. As Xeres landed in Ordo territory, he was personally greated by Okaska himself, and his fellow Mandalorians. Xeres yelled the situation at Okaska, and soon he was hyperventilating and passed out! He soon woked up and saw Okaska talking to him.

Okaska:"Xeres, calm down! Now tell me whats happening."

Xeres:"Okay....Courscant has been captured.....By the Gaithers....?"

Okaska:"What the heck is a Gaither?!"

Xeres:"Its kind of like a human pumped up with simulators, but they aren't, and the bad thing is, there is an entire empire of them, and it seems like all of them are looking for me...."

Okaska:"Let me guess you need my Clans help?"

Xeres:"No....I need for than just one Mandalorian Clan, I need all of them......"

Okaska:"All of them! How do you suppose me and my clan do that!?"

Xeres:"Track 'em all down. Convince them do fight for the Republic for just this once. But you have to find them all before I gather the rest of my friends and their armies. But once you have all the clans, take them to this planet."

Okaska:"Okay, so you want me to rendezvous with you on Maridun?"

Xeres:"Yes, thats were the army is going to rendezvous at, then once we have a huge force, we strike!"

Okaska:"A head on attack....I like it. Okay I will find all of the other Mandalorian clans."

Xeres:"And remember if they do not cooperate, try to leave peacefully, but if not, go to battle...."

After getting Okaska to find the clans, Xeres sets his course to Naboo....

Trouble on Naboo

As Xeres was landing in Theed, Xeres was greeted by Royal Guards, then he saw the Royal Naboo Army, then he met the Commander.

Royal Naboo Commander:" Ah Xeres, its nice to see you again!"

Xeres:"Um.....Who are you exactly?"

Royal Naboo Commander:"Don't you remember? I was the last Naboo royal guard, that survived order 66, and you recruited me!"

Xeres:"Oh! Hey, by the way, I didn't catch your name?"

Charlie:"Charlie, the names Charlie."

Xeres:"Okay, but now I need your help more than ever....."

Charlie:"What is it?"

Xeres:"I need the that army over there, to go to these coordinates...."

Charlie:"Well why?"

Xeres:"Coruscant is under attack, the Republic is practically defenseless right now. So I'm planning a attack to take back Coruscant. Please, the Republic needs the army more than ever."

Charlie:"Well, it'll have to be the Queen's decision."

After hearing that the Queen will have  to decide, Xeres called a emergency meeting, with the Naboo government.

Naboo Queen:"Commander, why has this meeting been called?"

Charlie:"The Republic is in completely in it's darkest days, I have been told by one of the Republic's most heroic war hero's....Xeres Gorogdrive....."

Xeres:"Thank you Charlie..."

Naboo Queen:"Now, Xeres, what kind of 'danger' is the Republic in?"

Xeres:"Major....A advanced kind known as "The Gaithers", have controlled Coruscant days ago.... My plan is to gather as many armies as I possibly can, and take Coruscant back..."

Naboo Queen:"Now why do you even think we will even help you?"

Xeres:"Because if you don't help us, I can guarantee to you that in a matter of weeks, Naboo will be conquered, Theed will be destroyed, and it'll be your fault. So you can sit back and watch your city be destroyed, or take it to the offensive, and be on the winning side. its your choice, one of it is taking a huge risk, and taking it to the offensive, or take an even bigger risk, and risk everything that you care about....."

Naboo Queen:"Fine, but if we lose, and if you survive, you will be executed, for loosing that many loyal soldiers. Commander, take the army to Maridun, and meet Xeres there...."

After convincing the Queen to send the army to Maridun, Xeres set a course to Kashyyyk, hoping to get the Wookies to help....

Hard Contact with the Empire

When Xeres landed in Kachiro, Xeres was greeted by a squad of Wookies. Xeres explained everything, then the Wookies brought Xeres to the command room, were Chewbacca was planning out a strategy to take back Coruscant.

Chewbacca(translated):"Get the army, we need to take the prison first, then the senate tower....."

Xeres:"May I interrupt, but I need a favor from you Chewie...."

Chewbacca:"What is it, Xeres?"

Xeres:"I need your Wookie army to go to Maridun, where my army is meeting at, then we will take back, with everything we've got!"

Chewbacca:"Ok, but I have a few people that want to see you....Atom, Slice, Veck, Brace!"

After Chewie called for them, Atom, and the squad came in.

Atom:"Hey Xeres, got to see you alive...."

Xeres:"Heh, I can survive anything the Gaither throw at me....."

Slice:"Well don't jinx yourself!"

Veck:"The last thing we need is you dead sir!"

Brace:"Veck, shut up!"

Atom:"Okay, me, and your squad, and the army will head to Maridun, then we will meet you there, okay?"


As everybody was  walking towards their ships, and seeing the cruisers taking off to Maridun, a Gaither Cruiser, came straight out of hyperspace! The cruiser started sending bombers, and bombed Kachiro!

Xeres' leg was injured, then he yelled at Atom-

Xeres:"Atom! get everybody to Maridun safely! Make sure that the Gaithers do not find out about the army! That army is our only shot at winning!"

Atom:"But what about you!?"

Xeres:"Don't worry about me! I'll destroy that cruiser, and get to Maridun, just get to the rendezvous, hurry!!"

As Xeres said goodbye to Atom, Xeres looked up at the sky, and saw a bomber launch a bomb straight at Xeres! Xeres built up enough rage and pain, and turned to Sorontos; force gripped the bomb, and force pushed it back at the bomber.

As Xeres ran to the Survivor, he saw his HK droids shooting Gaither soldiers. Xeres ignited his lightsaber, and killed the Gaithers, told R5 to land on that cruiser.

Once landed, Xeres turned to Sorontos, and began blowing his way through the cruiser, until he was at the bridge....

Sith Commander:"So this is one of "the clones of Bichak"?"

Xeres:"Maybe, but I can assure you, I am your death!"

Xeres then force pushed the Gaither Commander, straight out of the bridge. He air locked his helmet, went outside, and force gripped the entire bridge, and ripped it off! Xeres then got back inside, set charges at the reactor, and got off the float space bomb, and took of to Maridun....

The Army

As Xeres landed, he saw Wookie cruisers, Naboo cruisers, and Mandalorian Cruisers. He went to Okaska, to see if he got at least most of the clans to help.

Xeres:"He Okaska, did you get the clans?"

Okaska:"Yeah, I only had to wiped out two small ones."


Then after seeing everything was okay, Xeres got everyone's attention, and gave a speech that was supposed to motivate the soldiers tthat they could win back Coruscant-

"Today, we are fighting for more than the Republic, we are fighting for all of our planets, for every little thing we've cared about, that the Gaithers will take away; We have our Mandalorians, the more of our strength of military;We've got the Royal Naboo, our main infantry, and we've got the Wookies, or more heavy soldiers; together even the Gaithers can't take us down, but I promise, we will fail if we do not work together, we will die by the Gaither, begging for mercy before our deaths, but I will not beg for mercy, I will not bow to the Gaither empire; I will not be held back by them, I will not let them get in my way, now are you with me , or not!?" -Xeres speech

The Battle of Coruscant

As the day has come, Xeres, Atom, and everybody else was in a meeting chamber.

Xeres:"Now I have a attack plan ready: Wes, you'll free the senate tower."

Wes:"Not a problem...."

Xeres:"Ace, you'll free the prisoners at the prison, try to cooperate with them, but if not, kill....."

Ace:"Prison Break!"

Xeres:"Ben, you'll free, Republic soldiers, down in the underworld..."

Ben:"I always hated the underworld...."

Xeres:"Now, Axe, you'll take out the Gaithers in Black Sun territory...."

Axe:"Finally, a gang war!"

Xeres:"Then that leaves me an Atom, freeing the Jedi Temple...."

Atom:"No backup?"



Xere:"Well, I've meditated on this, an it just seems what the Force wants us to do...."

Atom:"If you say so...."

Breaking the fleet

As The fleet came out of hyperspace,  Atom took charge of the fleet. He ordered all fighter squads to attack the Gaither Cruisers in the front, and ordered all canons to shoot at the cruisers in the back. Xeres got in the Survivor, and began shooting at the Cruiser's bridges. While Xeres was shooting at the bridge, his HK units were manning other canons, and the main canon; a canon that can make a huge hole in a cruiser, when the HK unit manning the main canon fired at the bridge, a whole Gaither cruiser fell.

Xeres:"Wow, the main canon more powerful than I thought...."

As the Gaither fleet was decimated, Atom called back all fighters, and landed the Cruisers.

The Battle of the Gaithers

As everyone was heading towards their destination on the Planet, while Xeres and Atom landed at the Temple, going through several Gaither soldiers. After going through the whole Temple, the two clones were at the council chamber, where Kahrak was waiting for them.

Kahrak:"Ah.....Xeres, and Atom, you've fallen into my trap....Once again...."


After Kahrak has spoken, several Sith has jumped from the ceiling, knocking Xeres, and Atom of their feet, until they were at their knees. The Kahrak comes to them, with a giant needle, takes blood from each of them, mixes it together, then uses the Force, and somehow, makes a brain! Then yells at his Sith, and brings up a dead Gaither body, sets him up on an operating table, and places the brain inside of the head, and each of the sith shock the body, until he was alive.

Kahrak:"Grandfather, are you alive?"

Bichak:"Yes, Kahrak, I am alive....Are these the clones?"

Kahrak:"Yes, Grandfather, they are....."

Bichak:"Good Kahrak, now bring back Maroon, Brutkar, Vectray, and Raxel....."

Xeres:"What! I killed Maroon, Brutkar and Vectray, almost Raxel, but how?"

Kahrak did the same process, but with different people, then all four of them came back.....

Maroon/Vectray/Brutkar/Raxel:"Thank you for bringing us back to your empire, father....."

Bichak:"Now show me that you are my true sons, and kill these fools!"

Maroon/Vectray/Brutkar/Raxel:"Yes, father...."

As the four sith came up to Xeres and Atom, Xeres begins talking to Atom.

Xeres:"We can get out of this!"

Atom:"It'll be a miracle to get out of this! We don't have our Gaither extra strength to help us!"

Xeres:"No we don't have that, but I have: Sorontos!"

Xeres' eyes glowed red, then he turned to Sorontos, he dueled each one of the Sith at once! He killed Raxel first, the Vectray, the Brutkar, then he beheaded Maroon..... He charged up to Kahrak, and killed him easily, then Bichak, ignited his lightsaber, Xeres ignited his, and every time the lightsbaers clashed, there was an explosion, but Bichak didn't go down due to some explosions. Xeres then gathered up enough anger, force lightning at Bichak, threw his lightsaber at him, force gripped the lightsaber back, then force pushed him through the wall, then Xeres force gripped a Gaither fighter, and threw it at Bichak, where his death happened.....

As the Battle ended, Xeres looked at Coruscant gray sky, seeing the Republic victory, Xeres thought why did he fight, why did he resist, why did he do all of those choices, that made him who he is..... Then he had a strange feeling that all of his answers will be revealed on Felucia.....

The Temple of the Gorogdrives

As Xeres landed at Felucia, he saw a Temple in a distance. He ran towards it, and saw Rancors, Gundarks, and Anoobas, all bowing to Xeres as he walked by.... As Xeres slowly entered the temple, he saw some sort of a Temple care taker, with a lightsaber.....

Xeres:"Who are you?"

Temple Care Taker:"I am Zhan, the Temple Care Taker of the temple of the Gorogdrives, also, the last Jedi, and person alive who knows the secrets of the Gorogdrives...."

Xeres:"Wait....Did you say this was the Temple of the Gorogdrives?"

Zhan:"Yes.....And I can sense that you are the last Gorogdrive......"

Xeres:"Yes, I've been told that I am....."

Zhan:"Well, if you want to meet your ancestors, they are in the Council Chamber, in the floor above. But you need to be a True Jedi, where I will teach you...."

Xeres:"Um...If you haven't gotten your facts right, I'm already a Jedi Master."

Zhan:"Yes, but you are in modern time, but your two Ancestors, Hesketo, and Ortikasion, were both true Jedi, and became stronger than the Sith themselves! If you want to see your true destiny, you must be retrained....."

As Xeres was being trained for years, and years of constant training, Xeres finally realized the meaning of being a Jedi, and being grateful to have the gift of the force. But by the time that his training ended, Zhan fell ill, and died....

As Xeres buried Zhan,Xeres went to the temple, opened the Council Chamber, and saw all eight of his Ancestors, debating on what guidance they should give Xeres, then they noticed he walked in.....

Hesketo:"So, Zhan finally fulfilled his purpose in life....."

Ortikasion:"Yes, he'll be remembered....."


Sorontos:"Ah. Xeres, you've finally have opened the chamber..... And now you meet us, and you discovery your true destiny....."

Aurruian:"Yes, you will find, what your real purpose in life is."

Arddorac:"Xeres, you've face many challenges, during your life, like we did, during our lifetime...."

Hesketo:"You must meditate on this, until you find your destiny, now go....."

The Challenge of Immortality

As years, and years pasted, Xeres kept meditating, until finally something was talking to him...

Voice:"Xeres......For thousands of years, people died, but some people, people like you, has discovered a way, a chance of immortality.....Now....Speak to your masters about this...."

After hearing the voice, Xeres went to the Council Chamber.

Artthewon:"Xeres, why have you've entered?"

Xeres:"Well....When I was meditating, I heard a voice, and the voice said that there was a chance of immortality, and the voice said that I had a chance of being immortal...."

Aurruian:"Immortality has its good things and bad things; A good thing is that you can never die by age, but a bad thing is that you can never die, and end your life and become one with the Force....."

Ordelum:"Aurruian is right, Xeres. But if you are willing to do the challenge......Hesketo, tell him....."

Hesketo:"Okay, but Xeres, the challenge begins on Hoth, you'll find a Temple on Hoth, you will have to find your way from there...."

As Xeres saw the Temple, he landed, then he saw heads of fallen Jedi on the walls. Xeres then went deeper into the Temple, seeing Sith Acolytes attacking him non-stop. He fought unending waves against the Acolytes, until Xeres, entered the shrine of the Temple, seeing a Sith Lord meditating, until he sensed Xeres walked in.

Sith Lord:"Why have you came here!"

Xeres:"On my own reasons!"

Sith Lord:"Well those reasons, die along with you!"

The Sith then attacked, Xeres then blocked every hit. But when Xeres nearly had the Sith about to kill him, then he quickly stabbed him through the neck, then Xeres kicked him against the wall, and started to meditate on what to do next.

After meditating, Xeres saw a engraved rock, then the engraving started to glow, then a spirit came out of the engraving.

Spirit:"Xeres, you've have completed the Challenge of Immortality, now you will have a choice; Become Immortal, and live forever, or don't be Immortal, and die in a few years...."

Xeres:"I choose to....Become Immortal......"

Spirit:"By choosing to become Immortal, you will have to face another Challenge in a 150 year cycle, then if you pass, you will have to face the choice again..........."

After becoming Immortal, Xeres went back to the Temple of Felucia, and waited, and waited until the Galaxy was facing its darkest hour, awaiting his return.....

The Revenge of the Imperials

As Xeres was meditating for decades, he finally senses something, a disturbance in the Force.... Xeres then gets up, ran to his ship, and goes off to Coruscant. As seeing the Planet's surface, seeing the Jedi Temple being completely obliterated, and seeing Imperial Flags everywhere.....Xeres then landed, seeing Coruscant in ruins, seeing Imperial Soldiers patrolling. Xeres then gets down low, making sure that they don't see him. As the patrol walks away, Xeres walks up to a small diner. Putting on his cloak he had in his ship, Xeres did what normal people did at a diner; ordered food. As he was getting his food, a Imperial loyalist saw Xeres lightsaber, and quickly contacted the Empire. Then just in moments, several squads of Imperials were surrounding the building, and moving inside the building.

Imperial Commander:"Surrender, Jedi, and bow to Darth Krayt!"

Xeres said nothing, he just ignited his lightsaber, killed the Imperial Commander, killed the soldiers inside the diner, then he killed the Imperial soldiers outside of the diner. As he walked back in the diner, everybody looked shocked, scared, and some were hiding.

Xeres:"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you."

Patron:"How do we know!"

Xeres:"Well, I am going to hurt the person who contacted the Empire....Now, I can use the force, and I can sense your thoughts, now no games...."

As Xeres was still talking the Imperial Loyalist ran out the door, Xeres force gripped him, and brought him back to him. Xeres was interrogating him, then finally the Loyalist gave up, broke through Xeres gripped, and stabbed himself with a poison knife. Xeres then started to walk out of the building slowly, but as he got out, more Imperial Soldiers than the first time since he landed, wanted posters everywhere of Xeres, being wanted for 100,000 credits alive, and 50,000 credits dead. Xeres, then started to try to ruin the Imperial operations on Coruscant....

Wrecking the Empire

As Xeres was hiding, Xeres was looking for some type of resistance, but all he saw was the Black Sun defending their territory. Xeres promised himself that he would never work with gangsters, but it might be his last resort. But Xeres then saw a old weapons factory, and decided to recruit people to take back Coruscant. As Xeres was secretly talking to people about the recruitment, and has recruited about 200 suppliers for weapons, credits and food, while he recruited 30,000 soldiers to his cause.

But as more and more soldiers were recruited, Xeres spy's have reported that the remaining Republic Senators were being held captive in the Senate tower for days. Xeres then made a plan, not a head on attack where the Empire may kill the Senators, but Xeres did his plan to save the Senators.

As Xeres landed at the landing pad at the tower, he walked into the tower, when the Imperials saw him, he gave a signal, then four heavily armored ships rammed straight through the walls, releasing Xeres' soldiers, overwhelming the Imperials, where they were later captured. Xeres then went towards the Senators, where the Senators seemed scared, starving and cold.

Senator:"Whatever you do, just don't kill us, please!"

Xeres:"Look, I am not here to kill you, I'm here to get you guys out of here, but here is the first question: Do you know who I am?"

Senator:"No....Sorry I just don't.........."

Xeres:"So it has been that long, well.... The name's Xeres, Xeres Gorogdrive, Jedi Knight and Clone Soldier."

Senator:"Wait, did you just say 'Clone Soldier'?"

Xeres:"Yes, I was in the Clone Wars as a ARC trooper, and then after the Galactic Civil War, I became a Jedi Knight."

Senator:"Wait, your that Jedi that disappeared shortly after the Gaither War, right? Wow, we've must've sent tons of expeditions to find you."

Xeres:"Who exactly was leading those expeditions?"

Senator:"Well, Atom, led one, Ace led one, Wes, Ben, and Axe all led one, but none returned, they each had  a whole battalion of soldiers!"

Xeres:"So my squad didn't try to find me?"

Senator:"No, they were just being saved for expeditions to find the expedition crews to find you, but they never returned either...."

Xeres:"Well, I still need to help you guys get out of here!"

After Xeres called in a evac, the Empire sent reinforcements, in large numbers, Xeres ordered to stand their ground until the evac comes. But once the formations were in check, the Empire was coming, but at least Xeres was ready.....

As the doors blew open, blaster fire everywhere, Xeres dodging and blocking laser bolts as they were flying by. But, Xeres' soldiers didn't give in just yet, shooting at the Imperials, but then Xeres then saw the evac ship. He ordered the senators to get inside the ship, while the soldiers followed in. As the ship took off, Xeres jumped from the building onto the ship.

Senator:"Wow, that was a little more action than we're used too."

Xeres:"Now what kind of action are you talking about?"

Senator:"The type where you speak in front of people and where your choices can either change the galaxy in a good way or a bad one."

Xeres:"Well I'm used to the one where your on the front lines getting shot at with a high chance of death."

As the evac ship was heading towards the Underworld, the ship was contacted by the infamous Darth Krayt....

Darth Krayt:"Well, well, well.... A Jedi, Xeres is it?"

Xeres:"Yeah, but I heard you were responsible for the totally destruction of the Jedi Order?"

Darth Krayt:"Yes, that was me. Impressive, wasn't it? You've should've seen the explosion, I have been hearing you were a demolition expert from the Clone Wars, but you still like a good explosion every now an then...."

Xeres:"What do you want...."

Darth Krayt:"Your death, obviously, and I want your family, the infamous "Gorogdrives" gone. My ancestors were hunters apart of a Grand Sith Empire, where they were at war with your families empire."

Xeres:"My family had a empire....?"

Darth Krayt:"Yes a powerful one, I've had raided several Gorogdrive temples, and found out that the rest of the Gorogdrive empire was encased in rock on Balmorra....."

Xeres:"Now, its a race."

Xeres then cut off all comms, then he got his army, and went to Balmorra.....

The army on Balmorra

As Xeres landed at a abandoned Republic Base, and began his search for his empire. As he searched for weeks, and weeks and weeks, he finally found a cave that had the same symbols on the wall that he saw on the temple on Felucia, and as he went in deeper, he found the army encased in rocks just as Krayt said. Then he saw even more symbols and then he meditated to read the symbols, then while he was meditating the rock armies' eyes all glowed blue, then the rock started to shed off then, the army bowed at Xeres.

Once Xeres realized that the army was alive, he got up and turned around and saw his families empire; troops, ships, tanks, and cruisers.....

Gorogdrive General:"At your disposal, sir!"

Xeres:"How did you get a army like this?"

Gorogdrivwe General:"We mined the stone out of the cave and used the force to make them alive."

Xeres:"Impressive, but we are currently at war with the Sith, this army and its production should be enough to defeat them.........."

Rebel Soldier:"Sir, I just received word, that another Rebel force destroyed the Sith Empire and killed Darth Krayt."

Xeres:"You mean we've been searching for the army for months to destroy the Sith Empire, and now what do we do!?"

Gorogdrive General:"But sir there has been some disturbances of pirates and slavers, raiding several villages on the planet."

Xeres:"Okay, but there must've been a reason why Krayt told us that the army was here. But General send a Battalion to the location where the pirates were spotted, but I just need time alone..."

Gorogdrive General:"Yes sir!"

The day of doom

As Xeres been meditating, he foresaw his death, Xeres destroying himself, all the jedi all of the Sith, and ending the force ability to the living. Xeres then opened his eyes, trembling in fear. But as he went to the war room, he told his General to go to Coruscant and serve the Republic. After the cruisers left, Xeres went to Tatooine and built a moisture farm and hut.

After years of living on Tatooine, he saw Mandalorian Cruiser soaring over the planet, landing drop ships, but the most peculiar thing, he saw the symbol for clan Ordo on each other the ships. Xeres fought back against the Mandalorians, but then he was later captured, and was brought to the Capital Ship, were Xeres met the Mandalor' of the clan: Jenet Ordo, a descendant of Orkaska Ordo.

Jenet:"Well, what do we have here, a Jedi...."

Xeres:"Impressive, right, but I am more than a Jedi, I'm a clone, and do you really think you can hold me here?"

Jenet:"I'm well aware who you are, Xeres Gorogdrive, but I doubt that your 'special abilities' can take me down."

Xeres:"Do not underestimate Sorontos, if you do, it just gets ugly."

Jenet:"Oh really."

Shortly ten Mandalorian Commandos came in, pointing their rifles at him preparing to shoot, Jenet then walked out the room, but shortly Xeres activated Sorontos, then inside the room a explosion, blowing door straight out. Jenet ran back to see that Xeres was free.

Jenet:"How did you?"

Xeres:"I told you, never underestimate Sorontos."

Jenet:"But how did you?"

Xeres:"The Force flows through you."

Jenet:"What! Impossible!"

Xeres:"Never impossible. The force is always a gift, and you that gift. Come to the Jedi Temple, call off your forces, leave peacefully."

Jenet:"Fine, but who'll lead my clan?"

Xeres:"You have a brother, don't you?"

Jenet:"Yes, Craod, why?"

Xeres:"He could lead while you leave."

After Craod was turned Mandalor', Xeres took Jenet to the newly rebuilt Jedi Temple, to be trained as a Jedi.

A new Apprentice

After Xeres landed his ship at the temple, they were greeted by Temple guardians, and brought them to the council.

Grand Master:"Visitors?"

Temple Guardian:"Yes Master, one of them claiming to be 'Xeres Gorogdrive'."

Grand Master:"Send them in."

Xeres:"Been awhile since I've been in a room with more than one Jedi."

Council Member:"So you are claiming to be the Xeres Gorogdrive, the last Gorogdrive, the Last Jedi for a few decades and the one who sent those forces that are now the main military power?"


Council Member:"Impressive. Now why have you returned?"

Xeres:"To be reconized as a former Jedi Council Member, and to bring a future Padawan."

Grand Master:"You will have to go through your tests again to become a Council Member, but who is this future padawan?"

Jenet:"That would be me, master."

Grand Master:"Hmm, the force does flow through her well, she'll make a fine Jedi, but her training must begin! Xeres, you found her, now you train her."

Xeres:"But she hasn't been through youngling training, yet!"

Grand Master:"Xeres, she's too old to be a youngling, a little old to be a Padawan, but still she needs to be trained."


Xeres then left the chamber, while the Council gives Jenet some force training. During Xeres test he had to face every great swordsman in the Temple, then he had too meditate for five days straight, then he had to face the best force users in the Temple, then he had to train Jenet....

Xeres:"Okay....I'm not used to training others, let alone jedi training, but I think you are familiar with the Jedi lightsaber forms?"

Jenet:"Yes, master."

Xeres:"Okay, I am the kind of Jedi that wants to rush in for the attack, what form is that?"

Jenet::"I think, Joyu?"

Xeres:"Good, the most aggressive type of form, I am a master of, now lets go start off with some basic blocking."

After a few months of training, Jenet was getting better and better with her training. During a free hour of no training, Xeres was meditating, then he saw himself ending the jedi and Sith again but a voice was in the background.

"The Jedi Warrior ends the Light. The Jedi Warrior ends the Dark. The Jedi Warrior ends the Force. The Jedi Warrior will free me!"

Xeres immediately stopped meditating, ran to the council chamber, and explained everything.

Grand Master:"So, this "Jedi Warrior" ends both the Jedi and Sith, also the Force, and you believe that you are the "Jedi Warrior", because....."

Xeres:"Because, I'm the only one in the whole New Order that uses the Joyu form, and also in my vision I saw myself detonating a bomb, both ending the Jedi and Sith and ending the Force!"

Council Member:"This is disturbing, but the Sith haven't shown themselves in decades!"

Xeres:"But they will rise again...I just know it."

Grand Master:"Xeres, leave so we can discuss this matter."

Rise of the Sith

As Jenet's training was going towards an end, Xeres was training Jenet for one last time, then she'll be dubbed as a Jedi Knight.

Xeres:"Okay, Joyu form!"

Jenet quickly acted an began attacking Xeres.

Xeres:"Good, now Soresu!"

Jenet then turned to a defensive form while Xeres attacked, then Xeres yelled several other forms, then Xeres knew Jenet was ready. Xeres took her to the council chamber, were the members were waiting for the two of them. They first made Xeres a council member, then Xeres ignited his lightsaber, while Jenet bowed, then Xeres dubbed Jenet as a Jedi Knight. But shortly after her dubbing, Sith Cruisers came out of hyperspace! Xeres then ran to the war room, where the war leaders were discussing the situation.

Republic General:"Okau, so where did these ships come from?"


Republic General:"How can you be so sure?"

Xeres:"Its the Sith home world, duh? But is there any way to destroy a Cruiser that big!?"

Republic General:"Well we did find a bomb from the Clone Wars, it has the power to blow half of Coruscant into space dust."

Xeres:"Wow, so who's blowing it?"

Republic General:"Your strike team, you will go in with the Republic fleet, land, set the bomb, get off, then blow it."

Xeres:"So who's coming with me?"

Republic:"Some of your Gorogdrive soldiers, Jenet then Republic demo soldiers."

The End of The Force

As Xeres was in his ship, heading for the Capital Cruiser, Xeres saw his vision again with the voice saying-

"Once the bomb is lit, it will shake the galaxy in a endless echo, and my power will be released. You are only a pawn in my little game. Do what you must, but in the end, I will win, I always win, no matter if you have your ancestors backing you up, I will win. Just do what you do best; blowing stuff up."

Xeres was terrified, but he had to lite the bomb, he had too. After he landed, Xeres then followed the map towards the reactor core, fighting several Sith, but once they got there, Xeres set and got the remote detonation activated, and he gave it to the demolition team. Xeres called for reinforcements. Then later every Jedi from the temple came in and assisted Xeres. Xeres then later found the demolition team dead, with the remote detonation nowhere. Xeres told the Grand Master that he had to do it, he had to lite the bomb.

Grand Master:"We'll do this together."

Xeres:"No, I'm the only one from the Clone Wars here, I can lite the bomb, but I'll have to do it manually, just get out of here, and bye to all of you."

Jenet:"But Master, you can't!"

Xeres:"Jenet! I have to do this, no one else can, save yourself."

Xeres then ran towards the reactor while the rest left the Cruiser. Once at the reactor, Xeres was surrounded by Sith, all he had to do was press one more button, but before he did, he said-

"I've always liked explosions, blew up several things with them, but if I go out, I'm going out in style, time to go out in a bang!"-Xeres

Xeres then pressed the button, but when he lit it Sorontos was forced to protect Xeres, while te bomb ended the force and released that ancient evil.

Light vs. Dark

After the explosion, Scavengers came and found Xeres body, they quickly realized who he was, an put him in their Scavenger "palace" as a trophy. Thousands of years later, Xeres finally regained his strength and escaped his carbonated prison and woke up with several bodies on the ground with his weapons on the wall next to his carbon chamber. He picked up his weapons still feeling weak, he walked outside of the palace wondering what planet he was on. He saw that he was walking on destroyed buildings, he then realized he was walking on the remains of Coruscant! He saw several more bodies on the ground. He found the Jedi Temple hangar, forutnately it wasn't completely destroyed, where he found the Survivor and The Scorpion. He saw that someone built a small hangar bay inside the Scorpion on the Upper floor, where it was big enough to hold the Survivor. He then flew the Scorpion into orbit where he saw the remains of the Cruiser. He tried to think of a planet where he thought he would be safe for him; Kamino went straight to his mind, if it hasn't been destroyed yet. He jumped into hyperspace, seeing Kamino was still intact. He landed on the nearest platform, and went inside. He tried to regain his energy again after breaking from pure carbonite.

Xeres found the Delta Batch lockers and bed capsules, he then found his locker and bed, he then remembered his training years, with everybody that was gone now. Xeres then walked away, went back to the Scorpion, and found several crates in the storage area, in one of the crates he found his ARC armor and weapons. He grabbed his helmet, and stared into the visor lens. He then tried to contact Sorontos, Hesketo, Revan, or somebody that could help him. He couldn't. He then thought he was to weak to use the Force. He ached for days of pain, slowly regaining his energy. After he was feeling better, he then started to reflect on what this ancient evil, then he found himself inside the Gorogdrive Council Chamber on Felucia.

Xeres:"Masters.....I need to know who or what this evil is."

Sororntos:"His name is Tygenthua. One of the original Council Members, and one of the first Sith."

Hesketo:"Yes, after he turned to the Dark Side, he became more powerful that both Jedi and Sith didn't like him, that this was one of the only times that both Jedi and Sith teamed up to defeat him. After Tygenthua was defeated, the Sith made a Temple for him and put Tygenthua captured body and soul inside and was only to be awaken by you and you alone."

Revan:"Yes, prophecy says that once the Force is destroyed, The Jedi Warrior and Tygenthua must fight off to see whole will either free or enslave the galaxy. Obviously Tygenthua wants to enslave the galaxy. But there is one other thing, only you and Tygenthua can use the Force. After all the Force was drained, each of you got equal amounts of Force Power. Back when Tygenthua was still alive, that was more power than he ever had, I can't imagine what he would do now."

Xeres:"He reduced Coruscant to rubble......."

Revan:"Yes, he did do that. But he can destroy entire speices, and every speices has their purpose in the galaxy. Without one, there will be more trouble after you defeat Tygenthua."

Aurruian:"Yes, but you'll need to enhance all of your attributes to defeat him. Both Light and Dark sides, both Pistol, and Rifle shooting."

Hesketo:"Ortikastian and Aurruian will teach you both sides of the Force abilities, Artthewon and Ordelum will help you with your pistol shooting, Arddorac and Ordilam will help you with you Rifle shooting, while me and Sorontos will teach you Lightsaber combat."

Artthewon:"All these abilities will help you in some sort of combat, whether your fighting Tygenthua, or just shooting or cutting down his soldiers."

Xeres:"He has soldiers?"

Sorontos:"Only to look more menacing than he already is."

Revan:"Lets get started."

Battle of Kashyyyk

After a few weeks of Xeres retraining, Xeres felt something was calling him on Kashyyyk. Probably Tygenthua, but he couldn't be so sure. He got to the Scorpion and took off to Kashyyyk, where on the surface he saw Tygenthua's soldiers marching down the bridges of the cities, mainly Kachiro, but something about Kachiro was really different, something powerful was at the center of the city. He landed, where he was making sure he wasn't spotted. He managed to make it to the center, where he saw someone in a dark robe, covering his face. He took off his hood, then Xeres realized he was a copy of him!

Xeres Clone:"Hello, Xeres.....I am Xeres 2, the exact copy of you......."

Xeres:"How is this possible!!"

Xeres 2:"You underestimate my master. He gave me some of his power and promised me more if I kill you!"

Then Xeres was fighting himself....Well an exact copy of himself who seemed to follow the Dark Side. Xeres 2 knew every move Xeres knew. Blocked every attack and countered it. Even if he turned to Sorontos, Xeres 2 turned to a very Dark Side Hesketo.

Xeres then tried to do a counter attack, but his copy tried to block it. Xeres jumped out of the way, while Xeres 2 sliced a hole into the floor, and fell down the Worshyr trees. Xeres forced him up, bashed him against the trees, dropped him, electrocuted his lightsaber, and threw down at his copy. After the death of his copy, Xeres felt a sudden power; a new power coarse threw him. Then Hesketo was speaking to him, telling him that Hesketo could help Xeres, like Sorontos does. Hesketo also told him that there are six more copies of Xeres, each specializing in one of Xeres ancestors weapons. Xeres then used his new power, and freed Kashyyyk.

Wrath of Artthewon

Shortly after learning that Xeres had six other clones of him, each controlling one of the six of eight original Gorogdrives. He was trying to track each and everyone of them down, by detecting power surges on planets. Xeres then found a huge power surge on Nar Shadda; The Smugglers moon, and where each of the eight Gorogdrives were born on.

Xeres flew to the moon, wanting to get in, and get out, but he ran into more trouble he should've on the moon. He was watching were he was going, ran into a Imperial officer. The officer called backup. Xeres ran, being cornerd by Imperials. Xeres force slammed the ground, subduing the Imps. Xeres ran even faster, but he saw on a side board: Xeres Gorogdrive, wanted dead,  500,000,000 credits dead, 100 credits alive. Tygenthua must want Xeres dead, more than alive. Xeres looked down a bridge gap, seeing tons of Imperials searching for him, so that a random bounty hunter doesn't get to Xeres and makes the Empire bankrupt. Like always, Xeres ran, trying to find his copy, or if he was really lucky he would find the other six copies at the same place, and same time. But Xeres continued his search, but he fortunately did find his copy, but he saw his weapons; pistols, thermal detonators, flash bang grenades and deflector shields. He then had one name in his mind......Artthewon.......The Gunslinger Gorogdrive, known to kill his opponents in a matter of seconds.

Xeres stayed in the dark, scoping out his surroundings, seeing several IED's (improvised explosive devices). Xeres hoped off the ledge, landing on his feet, trying to stay in the dark, but this clone could see Xeres perfectly clear, then started shooting. Xeres leaped, then rolled, and his behind a pillar.

Xeres 3:"Come out, you coward. Die honorably!"

Xeres continued to stay in the dark, thinking how to beat his clone. He then had the idea, beat pistols with pistols. He grabbed his DC-16 pistols, looked where his clone was, and saw he was next to several IED's. Xeres had to make this shot, or get shot dead by his own clone. Xeres charged, exposed from the dark, and visible, Xeres quickly aimed his pistol, only for his pistols to get shot out of his hands! Xeres grabbed his lightsabers, charging and blocking his clone shots, cutting his pistols in half, and beheading his clone. Xeres then felt the spirit of Artthewon enter him. He turned to Artt, and killing all Imperials on the moon, and leaving that moon.

Infection on Polis Massa

After two months passed since Xeres encountered Artthewon, Xeres was in the Scorpion, just relaxing from his day of no training. Then, he received a distress signal from the medical asteroid of Polis Massa.

"Help! An infectious disease has broken out, and infected most of the hospital, turning them into blood thirsty beast! We need assistance, before they break threw the blast doors. What the! Get back! (Loud Bangs, snarls, growls, screams) AHHHH!"

Xeres traveled to Polis Massa, hoping he was not too late to save the hospital. He landed into a hangar, looking around to find any infected in the area. He ran towards a closed blast door. He forced it open, walked through, then forced it closed. He continued to run down the hallway, and at the end he saw several doctors, patients and nurses, struggling to keep the door closed. Xeres saw an infected person almost get in, he ran up to it, and cut it in half with his lightsaber. Then he yelled at the people to stand back. He gripped the door, and slammed it closed. He ran up to the doctors, and asked what is going on.

Doctor:"Just a spread of a infectious disease, we have no cure for it yet, since our labs have been overrun. We just need to get there and make a antidote."

Patient:"Or we can kill all of them!"

Xeres:"If these people can be saved, I will not kill all of them. Follow me back to my ship, and I'll get my HK droids to assist on getting us to the labs. But if there is no antidote, I will be forced to kill all of them, I'm sorry if I have to, because I really don't want to have infected monsters running around the galaxy."

Everyone followed Xeres back to his ship, where he got his HK droids, then the doctors led him to the lab. Once there, Xeres ordered his droids to spread out, and to aim at the only door there.

After hours of waiting for a antidote, Xeres sensed something powerful walking through the hallways to the lab. As the great power kept moving towards, then the sealed blast doors, flew open.

Xeres 4:" Hello, Xeres, I'm your fourth copy, Xeres 4, but I believe you have fallen into my trap."

The doctors, patients and nurses turned with a wide creepy smile, then slowly faded away into a black mist. Xeres turned, to face his clone. He charged, but his clone, force gripped him, and threw him against a wall.

Xeres:"Immense power of the darkside......Aurrian..........."

Xeres 4:"Yes.....I'm surprised you had the brain to figure that out....."

Xeres charged in pure anger, wanting to behead his clone for making an insult to him. His copy dodged. Xeres charged again, and again, and again. But his copy dodged, dodged and dodged.

Xeres 4:"I grow bored of this, time for me to finish this...."

Xeres 4 slammed his fist into the ground, the floor began to crack, and Xeres could feel the gravity levels getting higher. He started to float in the air. But then Xeres used all of his might and slammed back onto the ground, setting off Xeres 4, making him off balance. Xeres charged with his lightsaber, and cut him in half. Xeres then felt a great darkness dwell inside of him. He knew it was the spirit of Aurrian.

Tygenthua strikes

Xeres was on Maridun saving a city from a Imperial attack. After the fifth and final wave of Imperials, a new Imperial fleet came out of hyperspace. It did nothing, but send down a small ship. The ship landed, and only one person came out. A man in pure black armor, a black cape, black helmet, and a black lightsaber, and probably a black lightsaber crystal. He walked up to Xeres and said.

Warrior:"So this is him?"


Tygenthua:"Excuse me, I am not being polite to the 'all powerful Xeres'. I am Tygenthua, your worst nightmare. Yes, I know I've caused billions of deaths, and destruction of thousands of planets across the galaxy. But it was all for you to get angry at me, you know. Be at my side and we'll be victorious!"

Xeres:"Never........I've se----.....(Tygenthua chokes Xeres)."

Tygenthua:"No one says 'never' or 'no' to me! I can't believe this is the one in the prophecy. Powerless.....Even with the power of your ancestors, you'll be no match for me....I'll give you this. (releases Xeres) Our final and only battle will be on Kamino. You win, I die and Kamino is saved. I win, you die and Kamino is destroyed. Now, goodbye."

Double trouble

After his 'meeting' with Tygenthua, Xeres went back to monitoring several planets for unusual activity. After a few days of searching, Xeres finally got something that caught his attention; A smuggler station on Hoth, exploding.....

Xeres flew straight to Hoth, landed at the smuggler station. Xeres ran down a hall, and saw about twenty smugglers holding off something that was shooting at them. Xeres ran with more smugglers responding to the situation. He took aim, and fired at Imperial Soldiers. He managed to kill several Imps, but right behind them, Xeres saw two heavily armed soldiers. They were killing smugglers like it was no problem. He yelled at the smugglers to fall back and lock down the hangar. They listened and ran towards the hangar. Xeres put his rifle away,and grabbed his lightsabers, and charged. One of the soldiers pistol whipped Xeres, the other kicked him in the gut, and hit him with his blaster cannon. Each of the soldiers stomped on one of Xeres's wrist, making Xeres drop his lightsabers.

Armed Soldier #1:"Heheh, I thought you were going to be easy. But this, is ridiculous."

Armed Soldier #2:"Your right...... Should we kill him now, or save him, but torture him, in horriffying ways. And let our Master kill him. And end the Gorogdrives for good!"

Xeres:"Your servants of Tygenthua. Clones of me probably...."

Xeres 5:"Yes, we are, but can you guess who we are, exactly?"

Xeres:"Hmm, blaster cannon; Arddorac. Pistols.... Could be Artthewon but I killed him, so....Ordelum?"

Xeres 6:"Yes! Finally this fool doesn't seem so stupid as he already is!"

Xeres 5:"So torture him! Lets start to see if he is worthy to fight our master, if not...He dies...."

Xeres got up, grabbed his lightsabers, took a breather for a few minutes, then charged at his clones. His clones responded, and charged as well. Xeres was focused on the clone based on Ordelum (Xeres 6) not Arddorac (Xeres 5). He charged at his clone, but was quickly knocked down by the other. He got back up to find that his lightsabers were is Xeres 6 hands. He handed one to his brother. Xeres grabbed his rifle, aimed and fired. He threw a sonic grenade, and flash bang and charged. Through the smoke, Xeres grabbed his lightsabers, and set thermals, and sonic grenades on his clones. He ran and took cover, only to see that his clones disintegrated, and felt their power surge through himself. He knocked on the locked hangar door. The smugglers opened it, and followed Xeres into his ship, now as his new soldiers.

Tying up loose ends

As Xeres was heading towards Kamino, seeing if he'll find and finish Tygenthua, once and for all. He came out of hyperspace, and saw multiple fleets, all with Tygenthua's emblem. He went to the intercom of his ship and ordered everybody to prepare for battle. Xeres activated his droids, and got boarding parties ready. Xeres scanned each Cruiser. each had large numbers of Imps, but on the Command Cruiser had his last two clones on board. Xeres then focused on the guns on the cruisers. Grade A guns, Modified, Lock on guns. Then he looked at his guns. Grade B guns, plus a heavy turret, both modified, and lock on guns. His only chance would be the heavy gun, since of its first use back in the Gaither War, but he checked the ships shields; very heavy shields, thick hull, and armored bridge. With hesitation, he punched the throttle, and sped towards the cruisers. He got the modified proton misses, aimed at a frigate's bridge, and fired. The bridge exploded on contact. Xeres landed on the frigate, and went for the reactor. He set charges, got on board his ship and took off. Soon the ship turned into a giant fireball, and crashed into another frigate. Soon all the frigates were gone, then he went for the Command Cruiser. He landed, got his best men, and HK-38, and HK-37 and went for the bridge. Against heavy fire, the team continued their long journey for the bridge. Not a single casualty, the team made it. Xeres set a breach charge on the door, four smugglers grabbed thermal detonators. Once the door was breached, they threw the detonators, and ran. Once the bridge was set ablaze. They ran for the ship, once everybody was on board, Xeres started to enter, until, he was being force choked.

Xeres force repulsed himself out of the hold, he turned around and saw one heavily armed soldier, and one Jedi with darkness filled in his eyes. Xeres charged without a doubt that these were the final clones of him. Both of his clones took action, one grabbed out a sniper and tried to take a shot, the other charged with a double bladed lightsaber, then turned invisible! Xeres tried to find him, but no luck. He charged at the one with the sniper rifle, obviously based on Oralid (Xeres 8), and the other Ortikasion, (Xeres 7). His lightsaber was at Xeres 8's neck. He went in for the kill, then he was force gripped and was slammed into the wall. He dropped his lightaber, as he fell. He got up and waved off his allies to get out of the cruiser. Xeres picked his lightsaber up, ran up to his clones, disarmed them, and shoved them against the wall. Xeres 7 pulled out a detonator, and pressed the button. The cruiser shook, Xeres then killed his remaining clones, and threw there bodies into the endless space. He raced to the escape pods; he launched all but one, he got into the last one and launched it.

Ending the dark

As he crashed down to his home, he directed the pod towards Tipoca City. He crashed inside a comms building. He opened the pod, and ran towards the Capitol of the city. In front of the Capitol was a dark figure meditating. Xeres walked closer, the figure opened his eyes, stood up, and ignited his black lightsaber. Xeres ignited his, and ran for the kill. Xeres got closer and closer, and noticed it was Tygenthua, finally he could end this threat once and for all. Tygenthua ignited his lightsaber and blocked every single strike, and swing Xeres threw. Xeres managed to push Tygenthua back at the end of a platform. Xeres tried to force push Tygenthua, but Tygenthua struck first, and pushed Xeres back until he was hanging for dear life. He struggled to pull himself up, aching in pain, he grabbed his lightsaber, and charged at Tygenthua. He had fire in his eyes, charged with hatred fueling himself, but Tygenthua struck back, as he controlled his own. The pain was unbearable, blood covered his hands, he looked down and saw it all over the ground, even dripping off the platform and into the water. He reached for his lightsaber and charged again, again and again! He didn't stop, his only goal was to see Tygenthua dead no matter the cost, even if his life was taken as well.He continued his attack, but got struck back every single time. As soon as Xeres met his match, he fell to the ground, suffering in pain. He dropped his lightsaber, but he tried to crawl towards it, but Tygenthua stomped on Xeres' hand. Xeres yelped in pain.

Xeres:"I'll kill you! monster!"

Tygenthua:"Look who's talkin'. Your the one that tried to fight force against force! Everybody but you seems to know, that'll fail. Its over Xeres, give up.....And you shall be spared."


Xeres continued to suffer, then his eyes began to rapidly glow into different colors! He rose up to his feet, he spoke but the voice wasn't his, he drew his lightsaber, one swing at Tygenthua and he went flying. Xeres continued to do this same routine, until Tygenthua was on his knees.

Tygenthua:"Looks like you pulled another trick from your sleeve. So what your taking me prisoner?"

Xeres:"No....You did not give those lives you took a chance to fight, or a chance to run, what do you expect I do to you. Your to dangerous, you took more lives than ten full lifetimes. You reduced planets to rubble, you ended billions, you disgraced my family!" Xeres swung his lightsaber. Tygenthua fell into the water......

Republic reconstruction era

Coruscant Rebuilt

After two hundred years since Tygenthua's death, Xeres, and millions of others, managed to rebuild the Republic, and Coruscant along with it. After the senate toer was built, Xeres became the senator of Kamino, since there are still Kaminoans living there. He has been the senator of Kamino for hundreds of more years, until the recent Chancellor repealed the Jedi for protecting the Republic, ad began a three year debate.

Jedi or Sith?

Xeres walked into his booth on day one of the debate between either the Jedi or Sith should protect the Republic. The Chancellor started to senate meeting and said so many bad things about the Jedi, and so many 'good' things about the Sith. Xeres ran to a speaker and started to say the good things about the Jedi and bad things about the Sith. It was a seemingly endless day, with no one standing up with him, but the Senator's from Naboo and Rodia; Sierra Kol, and Graos. After the meeting, he walked down the hallway along with Sierra and Graos. That afternoon, Graos and Xeres flew over to Naboo went to Seirra's house to discuss things for the next meeting. Xeres and Graos entered Sierra's house, she was sitting with the Queen of Naboo, about politics of the planet. Sierra then greeted both Xeres and Graos, but the discussion went on for hours and hours and hours. Xeres felt he was lucky because he was wearing his ARC armor and and closed his eyes and fell asleep while he was wearing his helmet. Graos soon woke Xeres up, and left. Xeres got into his ship and left for Kamino. He went to Tipoca City, and to his quarters. He sat down and meditated, trying to contact one of his masters. He then heard a voice inside of his head, he questioned the voice, the voice responded in acknowlegdement that his name was Revan.

Revan:"Now, Xeres why have you contacted me?"

Xeres:"The Republic Chancellor now wants the Sith to be the Republic Guardians, even though the Jedi have been the guardians of the Republic for over fifteen thousand years!"

Revan:"Hmm, change can affect everybody. But this kind of change is bigger than that, its changing an entire government, with millions, maybe billions of citizens within it!"

Xeres:"Maybe you can explain the good things about the Jedi and the bad things about the Sith at the next Senate Meeting?"

Revan:"The only way to do that is to use your Force abilities to project my spiritual form infront of the entire Senate."

Xeres:"I am aware of that."

Revan:"Fine..When is the next meeting?"

Xeres:"In two days...."

The Start of War

Xeres landed his ship, in the Senate hangar, and walked to his booth, to continue the debate between Jedi or Sith. Like always the Chancellor started the meeting and said several bad things about the Jedi and good things about the Sith. Xeres couldn't hear no more of this. He interrupted the Chancellor and summoned Revan. A spiritual form appeared throughout the whole room. Revan kept talking and talking about good things about the Jedi and bad things about the Sith. But the Chancellor retaliated and thought that Revan was a hologram not a real spiritual form. He ordered security to take Xeres out of the Senate building. Guards came up to Xeres and tried to take him to his ship. Xeres knocked the guards out, and continued his speech. More guards came in and started to take in to the hangar.

Xeres:"Don't listen to him! He just hidding his identity as a Sith Lord!"

Chancellor:"Well, Xeres. Its either you start to listen, or....We go to war with your people."

Xeres:"You know my people are peaceful! If you go to war with a planet which its inhabitants are peaceful, it'll make you look even worse!"

Chancellor:"Okay fine....War it is...Guards take this traitor out and execute him."

Senators roared in outrage.

Senator #1:"His people are peaceful!"

Senator #2:"What did he do too you!?"

Chancellor:"Now, now, Senators....He-."

Xeres:"Losing your edge?"

Chancellor:""Execute him right here, right now!"

Even more Senators roared in rampage. Most started to riot. Blaster fire echoed throughout the whole room. Senators fell as they were shot dead.

Chancellor:"You see what you did Xeres? All their lives are on your hand!"

Xere grabbed his lightsabers and started to cut through every guard that crossed his path, but he escaped with seven senators; Senators of Naboo, Rodia, Dantooine, Kalaan, Alderraan, Balmora, and Corriellia. He fled to Kamino, to start preparations of building a army with the other seven planets and others that may join against the Republic.

Searching for allies

He went searching for people he could trust in this civil war. He started in the Raxus Prime sector, but all he found was a Republic Attack cruiser. He noticed that it was one of Delta Company's cruisers; Xeres' flag ship, the Destroyer. He went inside the cruiser, only to find dead rebels, clones, trandoshans, but when he entered the bridge, he found Atom, Ace, Ben, Axe, Wes, Slice, Veck and Brace dead. He reactivated the ship's power system and put their bodies in the med bay. He used some force techniques and brought them back to life. One by one, they all woke up.

Xeres explained to all of them that he was at war with the Republic, but he went back to the bridge, he looked at Republic movements. He went for Felucia, he landed the Survivor down on the surface near the Gorogdrive temple. He went inside the Temple, and into the council chamber. Sorontos was the only one there.

Sorontos:"I've been waiting for you....."

Xeres:"Okay, where is the rest of the council?"

Sorontos:"On the Gorogdrive home planet.....Karakas....."

Xeres:"Where is that?"

Sorontos:"Actually a few clicks away from Kamino."

Xeres:"Really? Wow......."

Sorontos:"Yes but the only problem is that only Gorogdrives can see or enter it. And their is a prophecy with you and remaining cloned brethren. And it begins on Karakas."

Xeres:"Wait, is there more Gorogdrives on the planet?"

Sorontos:"Yes, actually my superior, the Gorogdrive king, he has been ruling Karakas for a few thousand years now. We have our grand army, with a unit count of more than fifty billion soldiers, all completely trained. About three hundred cities and including the capitol."

Xeres:"Okay, but my brothers aren't Gorogdrive's, I'm the only one out of the group that is, how will they enter the planet, better yet see it?"

Sorontos:"I will give them some Gorogdrive DNA, but not as much as you have, because if they do, they will be corrupted in complete anger, and darkness, that the darkness will consume their life force, and their soul....... Rally your allies. Send them to the cargo bay, where they will find me. Now off."

Xeres called down the others to the cargo bay. He met them at the elevator from the Bridge.

Xeres:"Hey guys."

Axe:"'Now why did you call us down here?"

Xeres:"I wanted you to meet somebody."

Ben:"Who, exactly?"

Xeres:"Actually you've met him several times. Atom, you fought him a few times..."

Atom:"Wait.....Is it......-"

They walked into the cargo bay, where Xeres saw Sorontos waiting for them.


Atom readied his rifle.

Sorontos:"Their is no need for combat, Admiral....."

Ben:"Xeres! Are you betraying us?!"

Xeres:"No! Sorontos, explain!"

Sorontos:"Fine, Xeres. War is upon the Galaxy once again. You nine, Jedi, and Soldiers of the Republic, are fighting a force you'd never imagined. Each of you have special talents that got you too this point. But to destroy this force, all of you are involved in a prophecy, but yet there are more people involved in it as well. Your first task is to track each of them down. The prophecy states that eighteen brave warriors shall destroy the ancient evil that is destined to consume everything in its path."

Xeres:"But we have a war too fight. How are we supposed to track people, and fight a war at the same time?"

Sorontos:"That is none of my concern. But please visit Karakas. My people may be able to help you in the fight."

Sorontos lifted his arms, stretched his hands, his eyes glew red, Atom, Axe, Ace, Ben, Wes, Slice, Veck, and Brace raised in the air, their bodies glew in a dark green, then lowered. Sorontos was gone. Xeres went up to the bridge, punched in the corodinates for Karakas. Went through hyperspace. Then Karakas was there. Him and the others went inside the Survivor and flew down to the planet's surface. They landed. Xeres walked out of the ship to have about thirty soldiers bow down to him as he walked. One of the officers brought Xeres and the others to the King, where he was having a discussion with Sorontos.

Gorogdrive King:"Sorontos, you do understand that no Gorogdrive that was born and raised on this planet ever been to see the dangers of the galaxy!"

Sorontos:"But you do know that if this prophecy is failed that Karakas will be found, and destroyed!"

Gorogdrive King:"My ancestors created this evil, and eighteen non-Gorogdrives somehow deserve the honor to destroy it! For every right that I have, it should be me to destroy it, not these eighteen so called 'warriors'!"

Sorontos:"Actually, we have visitors."

Xeres:"Thank you, Sorontos."

Gorogdrive King:"Ah, greetings, Xeres Gorogdrive, The Last Gorogdrive...."

Sorontos:"We were just discussing if the prophecy should commence or not. And the king does not agree with me."

Gorogdrive King:"Yes, but Sorontos believes that you nine are the first set of 'warriors' in the prophecy, but I actually agree on Xeres being one of them. The rest, I have not seen in combat, nor know their abilities."

Xeres:"My lord, I assure you, that my friends, are capable, of any task that you give them."

Gorogdrive King:"Well, I will believe that your friends, are capable, but they must be tested first!"


About three dozen Gorogdrive Royal guards came up, grabbed each of them, and started taking them away, to who knows where! The Gorogdrive king followed them, Xeres knew he had to keep his friends alive. So he followed. He followed the king up to booth, that stood over a arena. Xeres looked over the fence to see his friends get thrown inside the arena. Xeres looked around and saw a giant gate at the end of the arena. Xeres thought, Rancors. The gate was huge, but he looked farther back, and noticed that the cage was bigger. He looked down again and saw everybody grabbed their weapons, even people in the stands grabbed weapons. The cage opened. Three Rancors walked out, then the ground shook. A giant roar came next, not from any of the Rancors that were already out. This one was much bigger. It had bigger a body, ginormous teeth. Huge claws, and had feet that looked like it could smash Jedi Temple.

Xeres:"What is that thing?"

Gorogdrive King:"The Rancor mother. People say that the Rancors originated on Dathomir. Nope originated right here on Karakas."

Xeres:"How did it leave the planet?"

Gorogdrive King:"When we were seen as a planet. A cargo freighter, was carrying Rancor eggs, its first stop was Dathomir, were the buyer was from. The eggs hatched and then there was Rancors all across the Galaxy."

Xeres looked back at the arena. Ben and Ace were handling a Rancor pretty well. Ben had his lightsaber in the head, while Ace was shooting its eyes out. Atom, Slice and Axe, were handling the other two. But then, Wes, Veck and Brace were having trouble with the mother. They just kept shooting it and shooting it, but nothing worked. Ben, Ace, Axe, Atom and Slice killed the three other Rancors, and rushed to help. The crowd cheered, but the Mother Rancor was getting angry, and started to go on a rampage. They ducked as the Rancor smashed through the bleachers. Civilians screamed. Xeres ignited his lightsaber, jumped and rushed to help.

Atom:"Xeres! We got this!"

Xeres backed off. Now it looked like they could take it. Xeres looked on a computer, which had the Rancors vitals. Very low. The king yelled stop. Guards rushed in to stun the Rancor into slumber.

Gorogdrive King:"Now, I believe they are warriors."

The guards brought the Rancor back to its cage. Xeres ran down to the arena and congratulated his friends victory. The king walked in as the celebration of surviving was just getting started.

Gorogdrive King:"Okay, I approve of this quest or whatever it is. Now, each of you are assigned to find the second set of warriors in the prophecy. They may not know about the prophecy, or they know about the prophecy, either way, we need to find them so we can stop what your Republic Chancellor is going to release."

Xeres:"He's releasing the ancient evil that your ancestors created?"

Gorogdrive king:"Yes, many things has happened since your masacre at the Senate Building. The Sith have moved in, more Bounty Hunters have been hired to kill you, and all of your Rebellion's leaders. Riots have been breaking out in the streets. Buildings set ablaze in anger. Many civilian deaths, entire buildings lay empty with nothing but bodies. Guards ransack buildings, taking and forcing men to join the army. Jedi being hunted down and killed on sight. You need to the stop the Chancellor, before he finds and destroys Karakas....."

Xeres began his search right after his discussion with the King. He started his search on Nar Shadda, he didn't know why, he just felt a strong presence there.....He landed, he walked into a cantina. He sat at the bar, the bartender walked over to Xeres.

Bartender:"May I help you with anything?"

Xeres:"I need information...."

Bartender:"You've came to the right place.I can give you all the info you want, for a price....."

Xeres placed down some credits. The bartender scooped them up, and looked pleased.

Bartender:"Ask away."

Xeres:"Is there anybody whose is notoriety famous, around here?"

Bartender:"Actually, there is a Mercenary, Lauren Kihn.I've seen posters of here all around, she has a bounty of about five million credits, by the crime lords."

Xeres:"Where can I find her?"

Bartender:" She has her own booth in this cantina. Her booth is right over there."


Xeres walked towards to her booth. Lauren was drinking and minding her own business. She shot a look at Xeres as he got closer.

Xeres:"Lauren Kihn?"

Lauren:"What's it to you? Are you a bounty hunter intending to collect?"

Xeres:"I am not a Bounty Hunter, I'm a friend, I'm an ally. My name is Xeres. Xeres Gorogdrive."

Lauren:"Gorogdrive? Heh, I've heard of your little fight at the senate building. Great work by the way. I've hated most of those senators for years, and you got them killed."

Xeres:"I was meant to protect them."

Lauren:"Why are you here anyway?"

Xeres:"I need your help. I need to the stop the Chancellor before he releases-"

Lauren:"Say no more. I'm with you, as long as I get to kill the Chancellor, then I'm in."

Xeres:"Great! We should get back to my ship. I need to continue the search for more allies."

Lauren:"Why are you searching for allies? How badly do you want to win the war?"

Xeres:"It's just not about the war.....Its hard to explain....Lets just get back to the ship, and I'll explain everything."

Xeres took Lauren to the Survivor, where he took off to the Destroyer, and tried to explain everything.

Lauren:"So....Your family's ancestors created this evil thing. And there is this prophecy with you, your friends and possibly me?"

Xeres:"And seven other people. But the Chancellor is the guy who is releasing the evil. Now, we need to find the others."

Xeres activated his comlink, and contacted Ben.

Xeres:"Ben, status update."

Ben:"Found the guy, apparently he is a exiled Sith, and wants to kill the Chancellor for making his brother Sith leave him in exile. But he'll fight with us."

Xeres:"Good.I'm going to check up on Atom and Axe."

Xeres disconnected the signal, then contacted Atom.

Xeres:"Atom, status update."

Atom:"I've have clues on where the guy is. Apparently he is a famous Bounty Hunter, how about you?"

Xeres:"I've found her, she is Lauren Kihn, mercenary, wants to kill the Chancellor, like we all do. I'm going to contact Axe, now goodbye."

Xeres contacted Axe.

Xeres:"Axe, status update."

Axe:"Kind of busy right now! Fighting against Republic Soldiers! There jamming the signal------Send---he-!"

Xeres:"'Axe! Axe! Blast it! Lauren we're heading to Tython....."

Xeres plotted a course for Tython. He jumped through hyperspace. Rebellion Cruisers were fighting off against Republic Cruisers. Starfighters dog fighting against other Star fighters. Cruisers exploding, crashing down to the planet or barely managing to stay in air. Xeres ordered his cruiser to stay on the defensive. Then he contacted Axe's flagship.

Xeres:"Admiral! Where is Axe!?"

Admiral:"Currently on the planet below. We lost contact with him and Alpha base once the Republic Fleet arrived. We sent down search parties but none have returned."

Xeres:"Okay, I'm going down to the surface. Admiral, just make sure our fleet doesn't get destroyed. My ship is a relic and a destroyer."

Admiral:"Affirmative, General.I will do my best to make sure it doesn't explode."

Xeres raced down to the hangar, boarded the Survivor. Got his HK team together. Lauren jumped on at the last minute. Xeres punched the throttle, and raced down to the planet. He landed at the remains of Alpha base. Everything was reduced to rubble. Xeres heard marching. He ran outside, to see a Republic company march off from the base. Xeres and his team planned up a ambush. Xeres, HK-38, HK-45, and HK-75, where blocking the road ahead of the Company. Xeres threw some mines and smoke bombs out. Once the company noticed Xeres, they walked forward, with the first two rows aiming their rifles at Xeres and his HK droids. Xeres pulled out his pistol, and shot up in the air. In a matter of seconds, the bombs went off, Lauren and the rest of the HK units raced out shooting. Xeres and his units followed their example. Xeres looked up after the company was dead, and saw Republic bombers come in on their position. They ventured forth into the jungle, where they were attacked by Republic scouts, but they managed to find Axe. Xeres introduced Lauren, while Axe introduced Jackson, a Jedi master, sent to Tython to make a better connection with the force. Xeres raced back to the Survivor.Everybody got in, then he took off. Xeres dropped Axe off at his cruiser, and Xeres landed on the Destroyer. Xeres punched in coordinates for Kamino, and jumped through hyperspace. The Rebel Fleet was there, so were the surviving senators from the firefight at Coruscant. Xeres landed on the surface below, where he met up with Atom, Ben and Axe. Right behind them was Jackson, Vehly, a exiled Sith Warrior, and Malex, a bounty hunter.

Xeres:"So thats thirteen down, five more to go."

Atom:"Great, I just want to get this done."

Ben:"I'll check in with Ace and Wes. Xeres why don't you check in with your squad."

Xeres checked in with his squad. No response.

Xeres:"Guys, I got nothing from them. Ben what did you got?"

Ben:"Wes, found a Mandalorian, by the name of Freuno Verd. And Ace found a exiled Sith, by the name of Rekny Sino."

Xeres:"We need to find my squad. I'll check their recent records, and start there."

Xeres checked Slice's records, Raxus Prime. He checked Veck's records, Tatooine. Then he check Brace's records, Dantooine. Xeres thought about the routes, and how fst it would take to get to them. Veck was closest. Xeres boarded the Destroyer, and zoomed through light speed, until he arrived at Tatooine. He tried to contact Veck again, someone answered it, but it wasn't Veck, it sounded like a Hutt.

Hutt(translated):"Who is this contacting Ropla the Hutt!"

Xeres:"First things first, Ropla. Do you have a soldier held prisoner by the name of Veck?"

Ropla:"What are you a bounty hunter?"

Xeres:"You could say that. Do you have him or not?"

Ropla:"Actually we do, and his Jedi friend."

Xeres:"Ropla, how about we make a deal. I'll take Veck, you'll keep the Jedi. The Republic pays big for even the weakest Padawan."

Ropla:"You got yourself a deal. I'll give you clearance to land. And maybe, we can be partners in crime...."

Xeres disconnected the signal, readied his ship, took off and landed at Ropla's palace. Xeres had his ship checked, and all his weapons were taken and put back into his ship. Lauren stayed behind in the Survivor, to keep any Jawa's away from stealing the ship. The gate opened. Xeres was escorted inside, and greeted by Ropla. Veck was in a carbon chamber, right next to the Jedi in a carbon chamber. Xeres raced over to Veck, and unfroze him. He kept muttering that the Jedi was one of the eighteen.

Xeres:"Deals off, I need the Jedi too."

Ropla:"You do know what happens to deal breakers? Death."

Xeres force choked a guard, gripped his rifle, readied it and fired. He contacted Lauren to get the ship ready. He just kept firing and firing. Soon Veck was up and ready to go. He grabbed a rifle, unfroze the Jedi, grabbed his lightsaber and followed Xeres out. They jumped onto the ship. Xeres took position at the pilot.

Xeres:"Veck, contact 67, to get the Destroyer ready for hyperspace for Raxus Prime."

Veck:"On it, sir."

They landed on the Destroyer, but right away, 67 took off, to Raxus Prime. After the Jedi came too, he introduced himself: Jay Yivn, Jedi Guardian. Once Raxus was in view, Xeres contacted Slice, Slice answered in distress. He was attacked by scavengers. Slice sent in coordinates. Xeres jumped in the Survivor, and flew down to Slice's position. From the sky view, Slice and his team were extremely outnumbered. Xeres laid down some air support. He got in closer, opened the hatch, yelled at Slice to jump in, along with him was a Bounty Hunter of some sort, an Arkanian, to the looks of it. They both jumped in, and Xeres closed the hatch and took off. The Arkanian was Jin Ko, a Bounty Hunter. Xeres had to find Brace, who was on Dantooine, and probably with the last of the eighteen. They landed on Dantooine. Xeres took a BARC speeder out to find Brace, Xeres activated his comlink, trying to contact Brace, all he gets is static. He sped over to a local village, he parked his speeder, and walked into a cantina. The first moment he walked in, he heard blaster fire, tables flipped, people taking cover.Xeres took cover behind a wall, he grabbed his rifle, ran and shoot. He took cover, he looked throughout the cantina, and found Brace, right next to him was mercenary to the looks of it. Xeres ran over there. He met up with Brace and the mercenary, Bailey Kad. Xeres threw a smoke grenade and ran outside. Brace and Bailey stole two speeders and followed Xeres back to the Destroyer. They took off to Karakas. Xeres landed, where he met up with Atom, Ace, Wes, Ben, and Axe. The King interupted their meeting.

Gorogdrive King:"Great the prophecy is almost complete, now we need to kill the Chancellor before he releases the evil."

Xeres:"What is it exactly?"

Gorogdrive King:"Have you ever heard of Revan's story? The Star Forge, we helped the Ancients build it. The Chancellor is planning to release it, so he will have an infinite Empire! I sense it that the time is near, go now. Quickly."

The eighteen warriors ran into the Destroyer. Xeres punched in coordinates for Coruscant. Xeres contacted the Rebel Fleet to go to Coruscant. The Destroyer jumped through hyperspace. Once Coruscant was in view, a dark sphere was in sight, more rebel ships came in, but Republic ships kept coming in. The dark sphere took shape, and turned into the Star Forge.....

Xeres:"We're too late....."

Battlling the Star Forge

The Destroyer looked weak against the massive Star Forge. Xeres sent out bomber squads to take out the opposing cruisers, once the first enemy cruiser went down, Xeres sent out boarding parties to the Star Forge. Xeres, Slice and Lauren led one party, while the others stayed behind until the area is safe for clearence. The boarding pod hit the Star Forge, the thing was a Labyrinth on the inside. Sith were at every corner. The area was cleared for more parties to land. Xeres contacted Atom to get him and the others on the Star Forge. In moments, friendly pods hit the Star Forge. Atom, Axe, Veck and Brace came out. Malex, Vehly, Jackson came from another hallway. Jin, Bailey, Jay, Ace Wes and Ben came from another. They moved together as they fought against endless Sith. They ventured forth through the space station, soon they were at the bridge. The Chancellor stood watching the battle. Standing perfect formation, were eighteen Sith. The Chancellor turned, a Sith turned, the Chancellor nodded, so did the Sith. The Sith ran over to a control panel. A ray sheild was activated. The Sith ignited their lightsabers, and charged. Xeres, Vehly, Jackson, Jay and Ben ignited their lightsabers. Jin, Bailey, Ace, Wes Atom Slice, Veck, Brace, Lauren and Malex readied their weapons, and together they charged. Xeres charged at the Sith, he attacked, the Sith countered. Xeres kicked the lightsaber out of the Sith's hand, the Sith dove for his lightsaber, but while he was mid air, Xeres shot him dead. The others just killed their opponents, Slice rushed to the control panel, and deactivated the shield. All rifles were aimed at the Chancellor. Xeres and Lauren moved in closer to him. The Chancellor reacted quickly and closed blast doors right behind Xeres and Lauren. Xeres contacted Atom.

Xeres:"Atom, you have to set charges at the reactor, I don't see anyway of getting this door open, it looks to thick to cut it through with a lightsaber."

Atom:"You guys oksy in there? Can you take him?"

Xeres:"Yeah were fine. The prophecy states that we're meant to take out the Star Forge, not the Chancellor, he's just a bonus. Just set charges at the reactor, and get off this station!"

Atom:"Okay.....For the good of the galaxy...."

Xeres ignited his lightsaber. Lauren drew her pistols. The Chancellor turned and ignited his lightsaber. Xeres charged, Lauren stood back and took aim and fired. Xeres attacked and attacked and attacked. But the Chancellor just continued to make a defensive stance. Xeres continued to take the offensive. Lauren grabbed her vibrosword, and joined Xeres in combat. Xeres went into Joyu form, and broke the Chancellors defensive stance, sliced his lightsaber in half, then cut off his left arm.

Lauren:"Hey. I thought I was going to kill him?"

Xeres:"Go right ahead."

Lauren:"With pleasure."(Lauren shoots the Chancellor)

Xeres:"Atom, did you find the reactor?"

Atom:"Turns out there is no reactor. This place runs on complete darkness. We better get off this place before it blows."

Xeres:"You got it."

Xeres scavenged on the Chancellor's dead body, and found a access card for the door. Xeres put it in the console. The door opened. Xeres and Lauren ran straight for the escape pods. They met up with the others at the last few escape pods. They launched them, and directed them towards the Destroyer hangar. Once inside, they ran for the bridge. They all watched the Star Forge explode. Xeres landed down on the surface. Rebellion troops started to take control over the city, Republic troops withdrew from the planet. Xeres watched as the Republic ships fled, and Rebellion ships moved in. Xeres looked at Rebel soldiers overwhelming Republic soldiers. The Battle was over. Victory.......

Personal Life

After the war, Xeres retired from being a Republic General. Even though he couldn't die of age, he retired, and became a training officer. Over the years, Xeres trained thousands, but he's gotten closer and closer to Lauren, and eventually married her. Over the past five years, Xeres had three sons and one daughter. But since the recent pirate attacks, he was requested to join in the hunt.He accepted the request. He said his goodbyes, and left.

Ship Destruction

After the Republic Cruiser "Peacekeeper" left, and went into Pirate territory. Suddenly, Pirate Cruisers came out of Hyperspace, launching Drop ships. The Cruisers blew a hole into the Peacekeeper. Drop ships landed into the hole. Pirates flooded the Cruiser. Soon they were up at the bridge. They launched all escape pods, destroyed all possible ways of escape. Xeres had to no choice, but to set the Cruiser on self destruct. Xeres heard the Pirates behind the Bridge door. They set a breach charge. 3....2.....1......Ka-Boom.....The Cruiser was gone. Sorontos protected Xeres during the explosion.

Family Betrayal

Xeres woke up on a floor of a prison cell. He looked around, his vision blurry, but he still made out what he was seeing. He looked behind him, and saw a empty carbon chamber. He looked in front of him and saw a Sith like figure.

Sith:"Finally, your up."

Xeres:"What? Where am I?"

Sith:"Save the questions. I am your son, Chrome..... Welcome...."

Xeres:"Chrome.......Why are you doing this!?"

Chrome:"To follow the path of your ancestor, Sorontos!"

Xeres:"He didn't lock up his father!"

Chrome:"Or his, sister, brothers, mother, and uncles."

Xeres:"What are you talking about?"

Suddenlly, lights turned on around all the other carbon chambers. He looked at the one behind Chrome, It was Lauren. He looked next to her, it was Cole, Xeres oldest son. Then it just continued down the line, Ben, Ace, Axe, Atom, Zhan, Jenet, Wes, Slice, Veck and Brace.

Xeres:"No......This can't be happening...."

Chrome:"Believe it Father...But since I still have some self respect for you and the rest. I will let you go. But you got three hours to get off my space station, before you become space dust."

Chrome unlocked all carbon chambers. Everybody fell to the floor. Xeres helped them get up. They ran to the hangar, fortunately, the Scorpion was there. 67 was in a carbon chamber inside. Slice ran over to him, and defrosted him. Xeres took off in the Scorpion. Soon 67 took over. They flew to Karakas. The three hours were up, Chrome is now hunting them. Meanwhile, Xeres actually got to know his sons and daughter. Cole, is a Commander of a Republic Battalion. Zhan, twin of Chrome, is a Jedi Sentinel. And Jenet, is a Jedi Padawan.

Xeres gave a tour of Karakas to his kids. Explained the whole history of the Gorogdrives, and the power that they hold. Xeres explained his power that he holds. Xeres then met up with the King.

Gorogdrive King:"One question....Does Chrome, know where Karakas is?"

Xeres:"I don't know. He can still see the planet though, but I'll ask Lauren if he has ever been to Karakas during his childhood."

Gorogdrive King:"He is a threat to us all. As long as he is in control of his Empire, he'll won't stop until we're all dead."

Rip in the Family

Xeres went to Lauren to talk to her about Chrome. He found her in the Main Hall talking to Sorontos. Xeres gave a nod to Sorontos, he nodded back and walked away.

Xeres:"Lauren, can I ask you anything?"

Lauren:"Sure, Xeres. What is it?"

Xeres:"Has Chrome ever been to Karakas, or heard about it during his childhood?"

Lauren:"I don't think so, but he may have. Its just so confusing. If he knows, we might all die in a matter of days...."

Xeres:"No. No he won't. I won't allow it. He wants to follow the path of Sorontos, but he doesn't know how it ends."

Xeres walked away. He walked on to the War Room. Inside was Hesketo, Artthewon and Aurrunian.

Xeres:"Status on Chrome."

Hesketo:"He is in Korriban's orbit. Probably trying to find advice from past Sith Lords."

Xeres:"Such as?"

Hesketo:" Ajunta Pall, and Naga Sadow. There are several more, but too many to name."

Xeres:"Good, we need to set up a base of operations, somewhere outside Karakas."

Artthewon:"We actually found one, its as old as the Clone wars. You actually served there during the battle of Carlac."

Xeres:"Really.....Good, now we need another trooper source."

Aurrunian:"Mandalorians have been merging together, and fighting against the empire."

Xeres:"I'll find them, and try to convince them to join a better cause."

Mandalorian deeds

"In five millennia, the Manalorians fought with and against a thousand armies on a thousand worlds. They learned to speak as many languages and absorbed weapons technology and tactics from every war. And yet, despite the overwhelming influence of alien cultures, and the absence of a true homeworld and even species, their own languages not only survived but changed little, their way of life and their philosophy remained untouched, and their ideals and sense of family, of identity, of nation, were only strengthened. Armor does not make a Mandalorian.  The armor is simply a manifestation of an impenetrable, unassailable heart." - Mandalorians: Identity and Language.

Xeres landed on Concord Dawn, inside the Clan Ordo's airfield. He got out to be greeted by three Mandalorian guards. The Captain came up behind the three others.

Mandalorian Captain:" Your reason on coming here. You got three seconds to say it or you'll be shot dead before you know it."

Xeres:"I need the Mandalorians help, I've heard that you've been attacking Sith targets, now I will to see your Manda'lore, to discuss terms."

Mandalorian Captain:"Follow."

Xeres followed the Mandalorian to the Clan Ordo's Manda'lore, where he was in the war room. The holo table had a map of a fortress of some sort. Trying everything to siege it. He looked up and saw  Xeres walk in.

Manda'lore:"Carv, who is this?"

Carv:"Someone by the name of Xeres. Looking for help against the Sith."

Manda'lore:"Okay....We'll help if you got a good enough reason."

Xeres:"Their leader is my son.....Darth Chrome. I don't have a army to fight against him, while he has an Empire. And I heard that Mandalorians are one of the only people that can stand against the Sith."

Manda'lore:"True, but we are currently struggling. There's a Sith fortress a few klicks north from here, that has been restricting us from leaving Concord Dawn. If you destroy it, we'll help you."

Xeres:"Deal. First things first; Name."

Manda'lore:"Laon. Laon Ordo."

Xeres:"Good....Now defenses on the fortress."

Laon:"Grade B turrets, Grade B shields, Blast Proof door, Guards on top of each wall, with Military issue heavy repeaters."

Xeres:"I'll infiltrate it, then you get your men together, I'll contact you when to attack."

Xeres studied the fortress till he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. He slept. He woke up in the morning, went out to see the fort for himself. On the way he encountered a few Sith soldiers. He took a uniform of a Sith Commander, and wore it. He walked up to the doors of the fort. A soldier questioned him where the rest of his squad was, Xeres' excuse was that he was ambushed and he was the only survivor. Happens alot apparently. The soldier opened the door, and Xeres walked in. Next step, sabotage the base somehow to get the Mandalorians to attack without getting most of them killed. He walked into the barracks. He found IED's in the armory, and planted them in the barracks. He got the remote detonator ready. He walked into the Command Center, soldiers stood at attention, he went over to the intercom and ordered all soldiers to the barracks. Moments later he saw several Sith walking to the barracks. Once everything was clear, he pushed the detonator. The barracks went up in flames, and so went the Sith souls. He walked over to the command terminal, disabled the turrets, shields and opened the doors. He then contacted Laon.

Xeres:"Laon, fort just been besieged."

Laon:"Good. Men! Battle Formations!"

Xeres looked out in the distance and saw Mandalorians following Laon ready to attack, but no Sith came. The fort was already besieged. And all it took was a good disguise. Laon met up with Xeres at the Command Center.

Xeres:"So, will you help?"

Laon:"I'm a man of word. We had a deal, now we need to destroy the rest of the outpost that the Sith have here, but without the support of this fort, their gonners."

That night at Fort Ordo, the Mandalorians sang Vode An, as a battle cry to the Sith.

"Kote! Kandosii sa ka'rta, Vode An. Manda'yaim a'den mhi, Vode An. Bal kote, darasum kote, Jorso'ran kando a tome. Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode An. Kandosii sa ka'rta, Vode An. Manda'yaim a'den mhi, Vode An. Bal..... Motir ca'tra nau tracinya. Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a. Aruetyc talyc runi'la solus cet'or. Motir ca'tra nau tracinya. Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a. Aruetyc talyc runi'la solus cet'or. Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode An!"- Vode An (Brothers All)

Time to strike

Mandalorian after Mandalorian, two-hundred thousand Mandalorians divided up into Battalions of a thousand men each. Xeres saw Atom land the Destroyer, walking out was Atom, Axe, Ben, Wes, Ace, Wes, Lauren, Cole, Zhan, Jenet, Slice, Veck and Brace.

Xeres:"Mando'ad! Attention!"

All the Mandalorian soldiers stood at attention.

Xeres:"Now.....You may know that we are preparing to go to war. But our first attack will have to be a big one. Me and Laon have discussed our first target. One of the only cruisers in its class; Conquerer class, the Devastator. A well know cruiser and its fleet. But more importantly, whats it guarding. A major Imperial ship yard. Now you know your Battalions, dismissed."

Xeres' Battalion, the 522nd Mandalorian Division, lined up and made their way into the Destroyer, and the other Mandalorian cruisers; The Savior, The Venturer, and The Marksman. Xeres and Laon met up and knew that the Devastator was going to be a tough target. Laon and Atom would be helping Xeres in the battle. The three fleets left for Mustafar, on the way they made their plan; Atom would be leading the fleet, while Laon and Xeres would be in ships hitting critical targets of the cruiser. The three leaders went into their Command Cruisers, Xeres; A Ventor Attack Cruiser the Destroyer, Laon's; A Mandalorian Devastator the Avenger, and Atom's; A Republic Attack Cruiser the Path-Maker. Once in orbit, Xeres left all command of the fleet to Atom.

Xeres:"Make sure my cruiser doesn't get destroyed."

Atom:"Its a battle.....Anything can happen."

Xeres:"Just try to keep it in good shape."

Atom:"Will do, good luck."

Xeres:"You too."

Xeres went to the hangar, where the Survivor was landed detached from its living attachment and back into fighter mode. He was going to be leading a assault ship squad known as Dark Titans. Xeres ignited his engine. He heard the sweet sound of his ship roar. Red light. The others ignited their engines. Green. Takeoff.

Xeres:"Okay boys, check in."

Titan 2:"Titan 2, checking in."

Titan 3:"Titan 3, checking in."

Titan after Titan, every twelve Titan was there.

Xeres:"Okay, you know your orders. Lets just see if you'll do 'em right."

And so on they went to the Devastator. Laon's squad lined up next to Xeres'.

Laon:"Ready for a party, Xeres?"

Xeres:"You should know that answer."



The two fighter squads got closer and closer to the Devastator. Once the Devastator was looking like a Behemoth, it released six fighter squadrons of eight each.

Xeres:"Lock 'n load boys! We're going in!"

Blaster fire zoomed past the Survivor, Titan 12's left engine was hit, he went down fast. Titan 6's right engine was hit, he managed to get stabilized quickly. Xeres continued to shoot down more Imperials. Imperial ships crashed faster than they came out. Then the two fighter squads were at their destination; the tunnel to the reactor.

Xeres:"Okay, everybody, cover the tunnel entrance, I'm going in!"

Everybody took evasive maneuvers the last time Xeres saw them as he entered. The tunnel was wide, then got smaller and smaller to the point where Xeres had to shorten the Survivor's wing span. He then was at the reactor core. He readied his proton torpedoes, and fired. The next thing knew, was that explosions broke out everywhere. He punched the throttle and bolted down the tunnel. R5 monitored the engine power and occasionally lowered the speed while Xeres boosted it. He looked behind him, the rain of explosions where getting closer. He didn't care if his engines blew out due to speed exhaustion. But he had his hand on the throttle the whole way. He turned and saw the exit. He diverted all power to the engines, and zoomed down the tunnel, and flew out of the hole followed by explosions and the Devastator being destroyed, along with its fleet. The war has began.

Battle of Balmorra

Since the galaxy was controlled by the Empire, the Mandalorians had to regain planet control. Balmorra was a important world, due to its weapons and armor industry, it would play a key role into supporting an army. The 522nd came out of hyperspace from Condcore Dawn, an Imperial fleet orbited Balmorra. The 522nd easily defeated them. After the space battle, Xeres got into his Gunship, with his Mandalorian Captain Carv, and his squad; Lieutenant Jay, Sergeant Hakar, Private Jund, and Private Kilas. Along with his Shadow squad.

Carv:"Whats our plan of attack?"

Xeres:"Fight and kill imps, what else?"

Slice:"I think he ment what to do once on the ground."

Jay:"Learn something called 'sarcasm'."

Slice:"Shut up."

The gunship took off to the surface of Balmorra, AA turrets filled the ground below, and shot down several gunships, fortunately, only the left wing was hit with minor damage. Mandalorians jumped out and charged at the Imperials, shooting and throwing grenades. Xeres and his squad moved forward towards a high ridge, Carv and Kilas assisted some struggling Mandalorians with a wounded man. They made their encampment on the ridge, after they cleared it. Med tents filled the ridge. About a hundred men wounded, seventie five dead, thirty MIA. Jay and Jund were loading tank shells into the assault tanks. Xeres scanned the northern land of any hostiles. None. After three hours, the battalion pressed on.  Imperials were shot and killed on the way, the 522nd mowed straight through every Imperial force on the planet. The Capital was the hardest. Heavy resistance throughout the whole city. Xeres led the march. Grade A turrets, Grade A shields protected the Capital Building, along with hundreds of Imperial soldiers and tanks. Xeres took cover, shot a few rounds, took cover, and saw Carv helping Brace from a tank shell explosion.

Carv:"The medic needs a medic!"

Xeres:"Get Brace to some cover! Slice, I'll escort him, you cover us!"

Slice:"Copy that."

Xeres helped Carv carry Brace over to a Troop Transport, while Slice backed them up with the usual blaster fire and grenades. Xeres and Carv opened the hatch, and set Brace down in the seat. A Mandalorian medic ran over to help. Xeres started to walk out, until Carv stopped him.

Carv:"We can't take Balmorra and you know it."

Xeres:"Not with this strategy, no. Carv, your taking command of the battalion now, until I arrive back."

Carv:"From where!"

Xeres:"The Capitol."

Carv:"Are you crazy!"

Xeres:"That is correct. Slice, Veck and I will go in. Your current orders are to hold out, disable all turrets, if possible."

Xeres ran out, leaving Carv frozen in confusion. Xeres rounded up Slice and Veck, and went around the eastern barrier, shot cabels up to a window, and climbed. Xeres smashed the window open, and breached the room; throwing in flash grenades and shooting. Veck hid the bodies, and met up with Xeres at the door. Xeres setted a breach charge on the door, the door blew open, Slice threw a grenade in, Veck came in shooting. The room was cleared, then the next, the next, the next, hundreds of dead Imperials lay dead in the Capitol. Soon they were at the entrance gate. Xeres hacked the doors while Slice hacked the turrets. The doors opened, Mandalorian soldiers ran inside, rushing the Capitol, and capturing Balmorra.

Assistinance on Kuat

After the Battle of Balmorra, Xeres recieved a transmission from Laon, who was in orbit around Kuat.

Xeres' fleet came out of hyperspace, Laon's fleet was badly damaged but still pushing through the fight. Xeres launched the fighters, and contacted Laon.

Xeres:"Can I join the party?"

Laon:"Just give us support!"

Xeres:"First let me put this on my 'you owe me' list."

Laon:"Fine, just kill them imps!"

Xeres stayed in the bridge, and commanded the fleet. Before the battle, Atom gave him a few pointers on commanding a fleet, which really came in handy. Hours of ships exploding, fighters crashing into the planet's surface and cruiser's, the Imperial fleet fell back into hyperspace. Laon met up with Xeres in the Destroyer's bridge.

Xeres:"So what's the primary target?"

Laon:"There's two. First target; Kuat's planetary ring. Here the Empire controls and makes the most advanced ships in the galaxy, with this, all of our ships will get upgrades that will help in a space battle. Second target, the planet. Controlling this will give us an extreme advantage to earning the support of the planet's civilians."

Xeres:"Now where do I come in?"

Laon:"You're going to attack the ring, then both of us are going to invade the planet. I brief you on the planet objectives after you take the ring."


Xeres left the bridge and rallied the 522nd ground forces into the drop ships. Then the drop ships went towards the ring. Xeres' drop ship and four other landed in hangar bay 097, and regrouped with the rest of the battalion.A thousand soldiers, all ready to take a ring. They ran down the hallways, fighting and killing imps along the way. But the command center was the most difficult. Imperials surrounded each corridor. But Mandalorians flooded the room, Carv leading a team from the southern entrance, and Xeres leading from the northern. Intense battle, both imps and Mandalorians died at the same rate, but the battle continued with no end in sight. But Xeres rained down blaster fire, but with each kill, five more kept coming in, and they kept coming in with seemingly endless soldiers. But the plan continued, and after heavy losses, the ring was under Republic control. Then the planetary invasion began, Laon already released his forces, and made a horrendous point a mile away from the Imperial HQ. The two forces met up, and charged towards the structure, so did the imps. Both forces clashed with thousands of soldiers, waiting for the other to run out. Bbut the Mandalorians couldn't hold out much longer, until a Mandalorian bomber squadron, bombed the Imperial area, killing every remaining imp near the Imperial HQ, with a final result, a victory for the Republic.

Finding the Pride

After the Battle of Kuat, Xeres was scouting out more sectors where new possible bases can be located, but with doing so, in Hutt space, Xeres found the Pride of the Core. A Republic Star Dreadnought, which devastated the enemy cruisers, during the Clone Wars. He notified, Atom, Axe, Laon, Ben, Ace and Wes, his location and what he found. They all arrived in a Mandalorian transport, and were amazed about the Pride's size.

Atom:"Is it able to fly?"

Xeres:"Not with these damages. Its lucky how it survived the damages. I'm planning to take it into the Kuat Shipyards for repairs and upgrades."

Axe:"What kind of upgrades?"

Xeres:"Enhanced shields, several more turbo laser canons, an additional five-hundred meter length, thicker hull, more powerful engines, more hangars and a few larger hangars able to hold two of our cruisers."

Atom:"Now those are some expensive upgrades, I'm averaging about two to three million credits. I hope that we have enough funds for that."

Laon:"We do. We have around fifteen million credits, but don't go using it by buying useless stuff. We need that money. But the question is how are we going to get it to Kuat, when we're in Hutt Space."

Xeres:"We can repair the engines, and escort it to Kuat. I'm going to call in reinforcements."

Reinforcements arrived, engines repaired, and now being escorted to Kuat. Once at Kuat, the Pride was being repaired, and Xeres was discussing with the Kuat Foreman the upgrades and repairs cost.

Foreman:"This is a lot of upgrades, Xeres."

Xeres:"How much."

Foreman:"Four million credits. And it should take a couple months to get the repairs and upgrades in."

Xeres:"I'll transfer the credits into your account, and get it repaired and upgraded ASAP."

Xeres left Kuat and rendezvous with his fleet, and traveled to Aeten 2, preparing for a strike on Coruscant.


Xeres was scouting the field in Coruscant orbit. Millions of Imperial cruisers surrounded the planet. Xeres sent the intel to the fleet, but before he could jump into hyperspace, he was caught in a tractor beam, and was drawn to the capital cruiser, the 'Black Sky'. When he was in the hangar bay, the door opened, Chrome and several imperial commandos entered.

Chrome:"Father, stand down, and we won't hurt you."

Xeres stood down, and was taken captive. His cell was specially designed to keep Xeres in, and disable all of his contact to the force. Xeres was waiting for hours in the cell, until Chrome came in.

Xeres:"Why are you here?"

Chrome:"I was about to ask you the same question."

Xeres:"Why would I tell you, you're the enemy."

Chrome:"Respect the fact that I'm your son."

Xeres:"Another question, why do you want to follow the path of Sorontos?"

Chrome:"Because he was one of the most powerful Sith lords in history."

Xeres:"Do you know how his path ends?"

Chrome:"Imperial archives have no data on how Sorontos died."

Xeres:"Don't always rely on archives. He was literately consumed by his own darkness. He was more powerful than he could ever expect, and the darkness consumed his soul. Do you really want that to happen to you?"

Chrome:"I want to be powerful, but not kill myself in the process."

Xeres:"Chrome, we all know this is not you. Your mother worries about you, your siblings already don't want to fight you, I want you to become the way you were, not this."

Chrome:"You mean the way I was before or after you left!"


Chrome:"Well, that part of me died like you should've have all those years ago!"


Chrome pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Xeres' head.

Chrome:"No one can change me. No one. Not even you. Light can not save me, but the dark side can."

Xeres:"Chrome you can be saved."

Chrome:"Silence! The light can never save me, and what side do you even fight for!?"

That question stunned Xeres, and made him question, what side did he fight for? He believes in peace and harmony, like a jedi, but yet fights ruthlessly and won't let his enemy win, like a Sith. He was a Gray Jedi, he walked both the path of the Jedi and Sith.

Xeres:"I'm a Gray Jedi."

Chrome:"So your neutral then."


Chrome:"This conversation has gone on for long enough."

Chrome left. Days past, Xeres was meditating, trying to communicate to his masters, even though he was in his cell, and 'unable' to use the force. He did manage to do so, and called for assistance, next thing he knew, was that he felt a sudden power surge, stood up, punched the door, and it went flying. Imperial guards rushed to the scene, kept shooting at him, got hit and remained undamaged. He kept moving, sabotaged the tractor beam, went to the hangar, boarded the Survivor, and escaped to Aeten 2.

Battle of Coruscant

Preparations for a final charge were almost complete, the Pride was on it's way. There was a meeting with the other Generals, and Admirals.

Laon:"We'll make a staging ground at the prison, then we'll move towards the senate tower, then the temple. With these three locations controlled we can start eliminating the rest of Imperials left on the planet."

Atom:"But that's just for our planetary invasion, we need to focus on our orbital battle as well. Once the rest of the fleet is here, I'll take command of it from there, and from Xeres latest intel, there's millions of cruisers in orbit."

Xeres:"I'm also putting up a capture order on Chrome. I want him alive, not dead, since there is still a chance to save him."

Ace:"Can I smack him at lest once?"


Axe:"Why would you want to smack him anyway?"

Ace:"I've never smacked a Sith lord before."

Laon:"Back to the plans. In three hours we're going to Anaxes to rendezvous with the Pride and several other cruisers."

Ben:"Is there any specifics once we're on the ground?"

Laon:"Thats a negative."

Xeres:"We're all set, everybody get to your ships, we leave in three hours."

Three hours past, the fleet met up with the Pride of the Core. Atom was transferred from his cruiser to the Pride. Then they traveled to Coruscant, were the battle began. Xeres got in the Survivor, and led The Dark Titans out of the hangar and into battle. He met up with Laon, Axe and Ben and charged for several bombing runs. They continued the runs, and eliminated the shields, then Atom would destroy the cruiser, one by one, each cruiser fell to the same strategy, but they spared the Black Sky, Chrome's capital ship. They boarded it and cleared it.

Atom:"Is Chrome on there or not?"

Xeres:"Negative. He must be on the surface. Laon get the ground troops ready."

Laon:"Copy that."

Xeres flew back to the Destroyer, and readied the 522nd for the ground invasion, they all got in the gunships, and were escorted with several fighter squadrons and landed at the prison. Troops jumped out, and killed imps left and right, and soon took over the prison. Xeres then landed with his squad and helped Laon prepare the staging ground, by setting up AA turrets, some ground turrets, then more forces arrived, then they assaulted the senate building. The whole building was on lock down. Xeres set a breach charge on the main door, and set off, the door flew open, Carv threw in two thermal detonators, once they exploded, Xeres rushed in and cleared the room. Reinforcements arrived. Imperial soldiers rushed down the hallways as the Mandalorians overran them. Senators panicked as they saw Imperial soldiers die right in front of them. Next was the temple. Xeres flew straight into the hangar with a strike team. They rushed through the temple, shooting imps left and right, then the council chamber. Xeres ordered his squad to guard the door. Xeres pressed the button, the door opened; Chrome waited in a black robe.

Chrome:"Finally, Father."

Xeres:"Chrome, stand down. We can have negotiations. There is no need for bloodshed."

Chrome:"For a man of peace, you have thousands of lives slain by your hand."

Xeres:"To take a life, to save two more is worth it."

Chrome:"But yet you still killed good and loyal men."

Xeres:"And if you don't agree to my peace offering, more will die by the minute!"

Chrome ignited his lightsaber, and charged. Xeres retaliated, and cut Chrome's lightsaber in half, kicked him down with ease.

Chrome:"What are you waiting for! Do it! Smite me and end this war for good!"

Xeres:"I don't kill family, no matter how dangerous they are. Call off your forces, end the pain and suffering."

A soldier came in.

Soldier:"General! Commander Lauren, Captain Jenet, Commander Zhan and Cole are wanting entrance."

Xeres:"Let them in."

Lauren, Jenet, Zhan and Cole came in.

Lauren ran over and hugged Chrome, and cried.

Lauren:"I never thought I'd see you again!"

Chrome:"Get off me!"

Xeres:"Chrome! Give your mother some respect!"

Cole:"Chrome, stand down, please. For me, Jenet, Zhan, Mom, and Dad."

Jenet looked at Chrome wide eyed, and begging.

Chrome:"Fine, but what will happen with my men?"

Xeres:"Our two forces will combine into one."

Two is better than one

After the Battle of Coruscant, The Empire and the Galactic Mandalorian Republic, became one and formed the Mandalorian Republic.

The Great Force War

Seven years after the Sith Mandalorian War, Xeres was hoping to get some peace in the galaxy, but peace never last.


Xeres was sleeping, where a Sith assassin broke into his home and poisoned Xeres. Xeres woke up hours earlier, barely knowing who he was. Xeres went to the Republic research facility, with Lauren. The Director Scientist, took a sample of Xeres' blood, and analyzed it, and found out Xeres was poisoned with the gaither disease known as 'amniea'.

Scientist:"This isn't any normal disease. It's a stronger form of amnesia, but it'll take time for the victim to loose all of his memory, but once there is no memory left, the brain will destroy itself."

Lauren:"So is Xeres infected with the diease? And is it contagious?"

Scientist:"He is infected, but it's not contagious. Unfortunately there is no known cure. But legend has it on Gaithia, there is a man who can heal any disease, including amniea."

Lauren:" So can we take him there and find this man who can heal him?"

Scientist:" I'm not educated enough in that field to answer that question, my best guess is that Xeres would have to do that on his own."

Lauren:" Who is then?"

Scientist:" I would say the people of Gaithia, other than that I don't know."

Xeres was half asleep, but couldn't move his body, he looked around with his half open eye and saw he was chained to the operating table. He freaked out, and tried to force his way out, but no luck. He even tried to use the Force to break out, but his connection felt lost somehow. The doctor came in and realized Xeres was awake.

Doctor:" You're awake? I thought it'll take longer for you to wake up."

Xeres:" What? Where am I?"

Doctor:" At the Mandalorian Republic Veterans Research and Medical facility. You are much different than our usual patients. Your body and mind is under so much stress, that I'm surprised that you haven't mentally broken down yet. Fascinating."

Xeres:" How is that fascinating?"

Doctor:" Because most of our patients have or are going through post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of them tried to kill themselves, or kill their squad mates because of this. Its a very serious disorder, found mainly in soldiers that seen several years of war. I'm extremely surprised that you haven't had it yet. Do you even know your kill count?"

Xeres:" No I don't."

Doctor:" An estimated 100,000- 120,000. You've killed so much, what do you feel when you kill someone?"

Xeres:" If he or she is a threat, nothing I keep the kills racking up, protecting me and my squad."

Doctor:" Interesting......"

Xeres:" What did happened to me?"

Doctor:" You have been infected with the disease know as amniea. A disease which only infects people with Gaither blood. It destroys the part of your brain that stores all your memories, starting from birth to present, after that, the brain destroys itself."

Xeres:" How long do I have?"

Doctor:" Oh, its a year cycle until the whole process of destroying your memories is done, then a few days until your brain destroys itself."

Xeres:" Cure?"

Doctor:" Unfortunately, no. No cure has been discovered since it only affects people how have Gaither blood, which is a select group of people."

Xeres:" Are you doing research on it?"

Doctor:" Yes, I am, but I am not leading the research team. The man you want to ask for information about this disease is Doctor Luthrin Alai. He's been leading the research team and knows more than anyone in this facility about amniea.

Doctor's Appointment

Once Xeres was released from the medical facility, he went to go meet Doctor Luthrin.

He walked into Luthrin's office, where Xeres found him dissecting a dead Trandoshan.

Xeres:" Umm, excuse me, Doctor Luthrin."

Luthrin:" Yes? Who is it?"

Xeres:" Its Xeres, the one infected with amniea."

Luthrin:" Oh, that's you. Come, take a seat."

Luthrin walked over to his desk and gave Xeres a gesture to sit in the seat in front of it.

Luthrin:" So, what brings you to my office today?"

Xeres:" I was wondering if you could give me some information on amniea."

Something about Luthrin didn't make Xeres comfortable.

Luthrin:" Oh. Amniea, let me find my files on it."

Luthrin started to check his desk for the files. Then the filing cabinet, where he found it at the back of the bottom drawer.

Luthrin:" Ah! Here we go!" Luthrin handed Xeres a copy of the files.

Xeres looked at the files. Originated five thousand years before the battle of Yavin 4. Was first noticed on Gathia when it eliminated half of the planet's population. Only effects the mind, primarily the section which controls memory. Erases all memory slowly over a year's course, once a year is over the brain destroys itself. No known cure. Not contagious. Only infects from blood to blood contact .Possibly hereditary. End of file.

Xeres:" So is this hereditary?"

Luthrin:" Possibly. There is a 50/50 chance that it is. And if it is, you better get your sons and daughter in here as soon as possible."

Xeres:" Have you been working on a cure?"

Luthrin:" We've been trying. All of our test subjects year cycles are almost up and some of them even died for this research. We haven't been able to contact the planet of Gathia for their help, so until then there is no cure."

Xeres:" I'll go then."


Xeres:"Yes. I'm going to find out what the cure is or how to cure it. I need to not only save myself, but my family if they are infected."

Xeres left Luthrin's office and the Research Facility, to go back home, to not only to tell his family that he will be leaving for a while to find the cure, but to load up weapons and supplies for the trip. After he was done, he loaded everything onto the Survivor, and took off to Gathia.

Origins of a Nightmare

Xeres came out of hyperspace, and watched as the planet of Gathia grew closer and closer. He made preparations for landing in the capital city of Gathis.

Once landed, Xeres requested a meeting with city and planet leaders, and his request was granted faster than he imagined. They all met in the city hall of Gathis, where the King of Gathia ask Xeres why he was here.

King: "Xeres, may I ask you, why have you requested to meet the council."

Xeres: " I have been infected with a disease that originated on Gathia; amneia. I came here as soon as I heard what the affects are, and I would like to know if there is any cure for it."

King: " There is no known cure for it, as it was eradicated from this world thousands of years ago. But some of the smaller villages to the north may know of one."

Xeres: " Is there one in particular I should go to?"

King: " Yes, its called Athrak, one of the oldest villages on the planet. The elders there may know of one."

Xeres: " Thank you."

Xeres left the hall and hurried to his ship as he could feel his memories on Kamino fade away.

Once he made it to Athrak, he asked everyone he saw who and where the elder was, and they all directed him towards the shrine. Xeres walked up to the shrine and saw an old man who seems like he was meditating. As Xeres got closer, the man opened his eyes and asked Xeres to sit down next to him. He did as he was told.

Old man: " I know who you are and why you are here. "

Xeres: " Then you should tell me what the cure is."

Old man: " There is no cure, there is only one who can cure it. He resides at the top of The Mountain of Regret."

Xeres: " Thank you. "

Xeres left the village and began his journey up Regret, going through the coldest days he's been through. He kept a log of what happened during his hike.

"I feel like I am slowly losing my mind, let alone my memory. I can't even remember the Clone War and half of the Galactic Civil War. This disease has taken such a toll on me and I can't seem to slow it down. I can only hope that this person at the top is able to cure me."

As Xeres kept climbing his way up, he was contacted by Atom.

Atom: " Xeres! We've just received Intel that the Sith are planning to strike at Coruscant in two days! When are you going to be back?"

Xeres: " I do not know. I'm still trying to get cured, I'll try to hurry up and be back as soon as possible. Good luck brother. "

Xeres ended the transmission.

He kept climbing for another day and was losing his memory at a faster rate, now not remembering the Republic Reconstruction Era. But he kept going, not letting memory loss prevent him from getting to the top.

After another day of climbing, Xeres finally made it to the top. At the top was a tall, skinny man, pale as well. Xeres walked up behind him.

Strange man: " Xeres Gorogdrive, finally you are here. "

Xeres: " I need to be cured. "

Strange man: " Not without seeing the truth of this world."

The man tapped Xeres in the forehead, and Xeres saw every flaw in the Jedi and Sith, the Force was being abused by both sides. Xeres realized he has the power to end it all. He saw himself of Coruscant, destroying all connection to the Force, yet killing himself in the process. He realized that in this vision, it was the battle taking place at Coruscant tomorrow.

Strange man: "Now go. Fulfill your destiny."

Xeres ran off the cliff, free falling down, that until the Survivor came in a swooped him up mid air. Xeres set a course to Coruscant, hoping he wasn't too late.

Death finds everyone

Xeres came out of hyperspace just when he saw the Republic fleet lose a critical space battle defending the orbit of Coruscant. Xeres managed to land on the surface without the Sith noticing that he did. He went to the Jedi temple and saw the Republic war leaders try and plan a defense.

General: " The Sith come from all directions, we can't seem to slow them down."

Lieutenant:" We just lost contact with commando squadrons Alpha, Theta and Delta, sir. "

An explosion blew the glass window into pieces. Atom noticed Xeres walked in the room.

Atom:" Xeres! You're back! "

Xeres:" Yeah, I am. What's the plan."

General: " We're currently trying to find one."

Xeres:" Any luck?"

General:" Not much."

Xeres:" I can see that. What can I do?"

Atom:" Well, now since you're here, you could help reinforce the Senate building, its been under heavy fire ever since the Sith broke through our fleet."

Xeres:" On it."

Xeres ran out of the War room, sprinting to his ship to get to the Senate building as soon as possible.

Once he landed at the building, Xeres got out and noticed that the entire building seemed quiet compared to the raging battle outside. Xeres entered the building, the power was out, so was the auxiliary. It was pitch black, but Xeres had his helmet lights on, trying to find his way through the destroyed building. He kept going until he made it to the Chancellors quarters. He looked outside of the broken glass and saw the smoke filled sky. He noticed that a very large group of fighters and a cruiser were converging onto the Jedi temple. Xeres rushed out to his ship and hurried his way over to the temple, hoping he wasn't too late.

As he was zooming to the Jedi Temple, the Command Cruiser began to shoot down at the Temple.

Xeres:" No!"

He went faster to the the Temple, not caring what was happening around him. He landed in a somewhat in tack hangar but was just behind the Sith boarding party. He sneaked behind them, hoping not to get caught. He kept moving behind them, not being seen, until the Sith party found and brought everyone to the Main Hall. They lined them up against a wall, soldiers aimed their weapons. Xeres charged in front of the soldiers, and force pushed them all against the glass wall and out of the temple. The Sith lord, that was leading the party, stood in front of Xeres.

Sith:" Who are you."

Xeres:"Who am I? How about who are you!?"

Sith:" My name is Cerus. Sith lord. Descendant of Tygenthua."

Xeres:"Well then, you should already know who I am then."

Cerus:" Yes, Xeres. You were the one who defeated my ancestor. And he wants revenge. Fortunately he has blessed me with his power. This is more than enough power to destroy you!"

Cerus charged Xeres, full force. Xeres ignited his lightsabers and charged at him. Both of their lightsabers collided. The collision forced both of them back ,but they continued to charge at each other, non stop trying to take each other. That until Cerus finally got Xeres and stabbed him in the chest.....

Xeres tried all he could to rip the lightsaber out of his chest, but he didn't have the strength to pull it out. He watched as Cerus walked away, he moved his head toward the prisoners, he saw Lauren on her knees screaming as tears rolled down her face. Xeres knew what he had to do; he got back up, struggling to do so. He pulled the lightsaber out of his chest and threw it at Cerus. The saber flew towards Cerus, cutting his arm off. Xeres then felt a sudden strength, he thought it was Sorontos, but this strength was much stronger than his. He then realized it was all eight of his ancestors, all telling him to end the connection to the Force. And he did. He started by releasing his power upon the Force itself, and everyone that could manipulate it to their will. He ended all connection to it, no one was able to use it for their own uses, but after the process, Xeres was lifeless, no strength to push forward, no strength to get back up and say "Do it again", no strength to finish the fight.

Everyone rushed over to Xeres, as he was dying slowly on the hard, blood red concrete floor.

Lauren:" Xeres, you got to get up!"

Xeres:" No, this is why I'm here. I played my role in this galaxy, and now its time for me to leave it."

Atom:" I understand, brother."

Xeres:" Thank you, it has been one heck of a run, hasn't it?"

Atom:" Sure has, and I do it all over again."

Xeres:"Same here, same here."

Xeres could feel that he was going to die very soon, blood was rushing out of him faster than he could've imagined. He closed his eyes slowly and watched as Lauren screamed and cry as he was doing it.

He saw every little thing that he was done since the day he was cloned to now. He saw every person that he killed, from the first to the last. It was horrifying to see every single person that he killed, but he fulfilled his destiny, and now, rests for eternity.

Funeral at Home

Republic Soldiers put Xeres' body into a casket, where the held a ceremony at the Jedi Temple in his honor. Thousands attended, several left offerings and gifts for the family. Shortly after the ceremony, the Gorogdrives flew to Kamino, where Xeres was going to be put to rest.

At Tipoca City, Kaminoans set up a funeral for Xeres. There was about forty to fifty people there that knew Xeres personally. There was a podium set up so that people could speak about Xeres. Slice was already up there.

Slice:" I've known Xeres for a large part of my life, literately I've met him just before my first battle. He always took care of me, and his squad. Making sure that we were all okay, that was just the kind of guy he was. And I have seen him through his best times and his worst, and he still prevailed and kept pushing forward. But I never would've thought that he would be apart of this prophecy to save the Galaxy, but he was apart of it, and he succeeded. I know that it is difficult to realize he is gone now, but this is what he wanted, he wanted to be gone for several years now, but he just didn't want to end his own life, he wanted to fulfill his destiny, the reason he is in this Galaxy."

Slice walked off the podium. Atom came up next.

Atom:" Like Slice, I too have know Xeres for a very large portion of my life. Actually ever since I came out of the pod, he was right next to me. Ever since then, we've been through so much together, even though we weren't really together much during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, we were still close, and it is hard to accept that he is gone, but we just got to take it one step at a time to get through it. That's what he want us to do."

Atom walked off the podium. Lauren came up next.

Lauren:" Now, I didn't know Xeres for as long as Atom or Slice, but I did know him for quite a long time. He's my husband, and I honestly can't imagine what my future will be like without him..."

Lauren started to cry, Slice got up to the podium and walked her off.

Slice:" Will anybody else like to say any words before we put Xeres to rest?"

No one said anything.

Slice:" Alright. Squad Attention!"

The squad of Republic soldiers stood at attention, holding Xeres' casket.

Slice:"Forward March!"

The squad began to move forward and once they were at the edge, Slice commanded them to drop the casket into the water.

Authors Note

Hello! I just wanted to thank everyone that has read and supported my story, whether you have supported it from the beginning or just recently. I have been working on this story for about four years now, and I'm just finishing the ending to it, and I still have several other parts that need to be finished. I have recently started a new story, that is about Xeres' grandson, Arek, and his destiny that involves saving the galaxy from an ancient evil. Thank you for everyone!

Until next time ~Xeres


Xeres been through countless battles, and intense training. But what made him be able to survive through all the battles and training missions was his inherited physical traits received from his father, Jango. But his most common weapon is a DC-15A blaster rifle and his most common armor is Shadow tech helmet and gloves with Burner's armor and boots. He has a scar on his face, receiving it from when he was fighting trandoshans on Kashyyyk.

Personallity and Traits

Since Xeres was a defective clone, he was able to think differently than most clones. But in game, Xeres was commonly found fighting droids out in the terrains of Umbara or Carlac. But, he was mainly a jokester and was a destructive person. He was always a person who would trust his closest friends such as Admiral Atom, Ben1 Jackson, Ace Breao, Axe Evans and Wes Shiptalon.


Admiral Atom

At first, Xeres didn't really know Atom as much; until they joined the same squad, and started to look after each other, and soon they both became great friends.

Folr Watr

Before Xeres became great friends with Atom, Xeres and Folr were friends like that! They always would hang out with each other whenever they had the chance (but that was back in the good ol' days). But now Xeres barely ever sees him, but he talks to him every once in a while......

Zip Astrocharge (Jordan Fearshadow)

Zip, was Xeres first leader. Zip taught Xeres alot about leadership (whenever he was online), but he wasn't online very much. Soon after the fall of the Second Sadow Tech Marines, Delta Company was born; But soon after a month of being a squad, Atom told Xeres that Zip would be joining, the squad, and taking over as first in command. That was all susposed to happen, until he heard news that Zip betrayed him. After everything he taught Xeres; Betrayal wasn't one of them.......

Ben1 Jackson

Ben was always a good friend to Xeres. Xeres also thought of him as a good warrior on the battlefield, and a very good jokester as well. They always had fun with each other, on the battlefield, and off, they are both good friends.

Behind the scenes

Rafi Silverdude was Xeres's first character in cwa

Joining Sadow tech Marines

After leaving his very first squad "Recon Helpers". Xeres was in the Umbaran Combat zone, when he was  confronted by many Umbarans and was out numbered, until two clones came in and started helping Xeres. The two clones were named "Zip Astrocharge" and "Folr watr". Zip send a invitation to his squad to Xeres, and Xeres accepted the request and was apart of a squad called "Zip Astrocharges squad" (Soon renamed Sadow tech Marines). The squad was small and soon had a new member "Samuel Atom" (Soon renamed Admiral Atom).

Fighting Death Watch

Soon after joining Sadow tech Marines, Xeres ported to a good friend of his back then, and popped up back at a Kamino Lot that had a base and several Death Watch inside. Xeres then noticed that there was a no way inside and many people outside of the base begging to go in. Xeres eventually found a way in and found the owner and leader of the death watch group there "Ulic Scrangequicker".After checking out the whole base, Xeres found a Jedi and a random player inside a trying not to get boxed and automatically port back to the entrance of the house. Soon after a long day, Xeres just logged off the game.

Attack of the Assassins

Soon after becoming a member, Xeres was in Atom's cruiser base with some other squad members protecting Zip(because assassins were after him). Atom blocked the door so no one would get in, but there were several assassins trying to find a way in. Soon a few eventually got inside but Atom boxed them before they could reach Zip. Later Xeres logged off due to the supply of boredness.

Atom vs. Folr

Soon after the assassin war was over, Xeres been noticing that Atom and Folr been fighting alot lately and didn't know what they were fighting about (actually he did but he didn't really understand it very much). So Xeres ported to Folr and found that he was at his Kamino lot with Atom, unfortunately they were arguing. Then Xeres saw them get out lightsabers and started to charge at each other, then Xeres came in with his lightsabers and made them both stop. Atom then said -"I am not going to fight you Drive." Then Atom ported to his mustafar cruiser lot and Folr went along with him. So Xeres ported to Atom and he heard Atom and Folr yelling at eachother like crazy! Xeres went where they were yelling at and found that they were in the bridge and the door was blocked off.But suddenly the doors began to open and he rushed inside and found that the two were about to fight, but before they did, they ran out the room and closed the door! Soon after Xeres was freed, the fight was already over.

Leaving Sadow tech

Soon after becoming a member, the squad war between the marines and the assassins was still at large, but Xeres was at the umbaran combat zone blastin' droids when someone ported to him. He asked if he could join the squad and be a general, Xeres let him be apart of the squad and promoted him to general. Soon after a few days of being offline, Xeres logged on and saw that most of the troopers were deleted! Xeres knew it was that person he let on the squad, he felt so ashamed of himself that he decided to leave the squad and never look back.

Delta 3488


Biographical information

Birth: 32 BBY

Death:21 BBY

Physical Description

Species: Clone

Gender: Male

Height: 1.83

Eye color: Black

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Clone wars

Affiliation: Galactic republic

Delta 899-4324-978637-8625


Biographical information

Born: 25 BBY

Died: 60 ABY

Physical description

Species: Clone

Gender: Male

Height: 1.83 meters

Eye color: Black

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Clone wars, Rise of the empire, Galactic civil war, New republic

Affiliation: Galactic republic, Rebel Alliance

Delta 67824-563324-565435667-34333


Biographical information

Home world: Kamino

Born:25 BBY

Death: 59 ABY

Physical information

Species: Clone

Gender: Male

Height: 1.83 meters

Eye color: Black

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Clone wars, Rise of the empire, Galactic civil war, New republic

Affiliation: Galactic republic, Rebel Alliance

Shadow squad

Xeres is an a character created on the online game "Clone wars Adventures"

Slice is a fan fiction character

Brace is a fan fiction character

Veck is a fan fiction character

Cole is a fan fiction character

Facts not mentioned in story

  • The reason that Sorontos always protected Xeres because Xeres was originally supposed to die the second time he went to Ryloth in the CW, but Sorontos cutted in and became his Spiritual Guardian and protect him until Xeres has completed his life destiny (which hasn't been added yet).
  • Xeres' approximate birth date in Galactic standard years is May 20th 32 BBY.
  • Xeres originally wasn't supposed to be a Gorogdrive or Gaither, but Gaither infiltrators added the blood of both to Xeres after the Kaminoans were done experimenting, therefore without it, Xeres would've acted like a normal clone, but just more capable of things.
  • Originally Xeres was supposed to be executed (GYS) December 3rd 25 BBY due to Kaminoans not liking his defectiveness. But Kal Skirata and Walon Vau saved him.

Other Path of Order 66

In this story, you'll see what would happen if Xeres followed Order 66......

*Note* None of this happened in the actual Star Wars series.

The Breaking Point

Xeres picked up the lightsaber, orders are orders he thought to himself.

Xeres:"You men, search this entire ship for any Jedi. The rest of you, were going to kill some Jedi."

They ran to the Scorpion. They landed at the Temple. Xeres ran out shooting, Jedi. He rallied on Skywalker. Millions of Jedi fell in the process, soon, the Temple was cleared of Jedi. But the hunt was on for the rest. Estimate fifteen Jedi left.

The Fall of Ahsoka

Xeres was reporting for duty. Vader reviewed his reputation from the Clone Wars, and assigned him a special assignment. Locate, Ahsoka Tano. Capture-Kill order. The Hunt began of Shili, Ahsoka's home world. Xeres landed on the surface, and walked with a Imperial Battalion into Ahsoka's home village. Xeres ransacked each and every house. He even assaulted Ahsoka's mother, threatening to blast her dead if she didn't give up Ahsoka's location. She didn't.  Xeres, unfortunately had to shoot her, in front of the entire village. Showing fear, and strength. But the hunt had to continue. Xeres reported back to Vader, to give any hints on were she might be. Felucia, his possibility was. Xeres was sent to Felucia with the 212th Imperial Legion. Xeres was sent down with five squads of Imperial soldiers, two commando squads, then three ARC squads, including Shadow Squad. They landed in a Felucia farming village. Xeres ordered every squad to fan out, to search for Ahsoka.

It was nothing, all villagers screamed in the sight of the the four clones. They continued to do that, until they all ran out of the village. Then the sounds of blaster fire filled the air. A soldier kept requesting reinforcements. They just encountered Ahsoka. Xeres ran to the rendezvous of the reinforcements. Dead soldiers. He heard the sound of a lightsaber igniting. It sounded close. He turned around and saw Ahsoka charging at him. Xeres ducked, and Ahsoka slid on his back and tackled a commando. Xeres then got out a pistol and stunned Ahsoka.

Xeres personally brought in Ahsoka's stunned body into Vader himself.

Xeres:"Mission complete."

Vader:"Good. Is she dead or alive." Vader kicked Ahsoka's stunned body.

Xeres:"She's alive. Took out a few trooper squadrons, and two ARC's. She woke up periodically, and killed a few men. I just re-stunned her an hour ago. I gotta say, she's tough."

Vader:"I used to train her to be that way. She was always strong willed. Commander, you are dismissed."

Xeres left Vader in the command center, and went to the barracks.

After a few days, Vader called up Xeres to the command center.


Vader:"Good. Ahsoka has been rather......uncooperative, when I try to lure her to the dark side."


Vader:"Ahsoka said she really admired you during the Clone Wars, but now wants to kill you for killing her mother, and obeying Order 66."

Xeres:"I did what my orders told me to do."

Vader:"Yes, but the Emperor is on his way here to meet you. I mentioned your self-efficiency and thinking on your feet while hunting Ahsoka."

Xeres:"'I'm honored, sir."

Vader:"You should be. The Emperor only requests to see the best soldiers, or people he wants dead, and some even I don't know why."

An hour passed. The Emperor's fleet has arrived. Xeres was Hangar Bay Six. Storm Troopers lined in rows of twelve. The ship opened its doors. Time to meet the Emperor. As he walked out, every soldier stood at attention. Xeres walked up with Vader to the Emperor.

Vader:"Welcome, my master."

Emperor:"Is this the so called 'Xeres'?"


Emperor:"'I want to speak to you in private. Meet me in my chambers in a half hour."

Xeres:"Yes my lord."

Thirty minutes passed. Xeres was already at the door to the Emperor's chambers. He opened the door, the Emperor was sitting on his throne waiting patiently. Xeres walked to the steps and bowed.

Emperor:"I've seen your service records. Most remarkable. Uncommon to see such violence in one person."

Xeres:"I don't call it violence, my lord. I wanted to avenge my brothers that were killed by those Seps."

Emperor:"Anyway. I've also seen your cloning records, the experiments they did to you, must've been painful, but it will all be worth it in the end."

Xeres:"When they did those experiments to me, I was only a infant, and out cold. I didn't feel a thing."

Emperor:"But I've sensed something powerful within you. A power that is commonly known as the Force."

Xeres:"Am, I Force-sensitive?"

Emperor:"I believe so, and if you are, you are person full of raw potential. Then I would be forced to take you in for training."

The Emperor started training Xeres, for seven months, Xeres has been training with the Galactic Emperor. By the eighth month, his training was nearly complete.

There can only be one

After eight months of intense training, Xeres' training was nearly complete. Xeres walked into the Emperor's chambers and awaited further orders.

Xeres:"My lord."

Emperor:"Your next mission is to hunt down Vader's apprentice. I knew Vader was planing to betray me, but first kill his apprentice, after it is down, contact me, and we'll see who is worthy to be my apprentice!"

Xeres received intel that Vader's apprentice; Starkiller, is on Raxus Prime. 67 primed the engines and took off to Raxus. On the surface, Xeres found Starkiller's ship, The Rogue Shadow, he forced the door open, walked in, killed a training droid, and the pilot. Xeres walked out, kept walking until he made it to the Junk Temple. Starkiller was on his way, Xeres knew it. But jumping down from the ceiling, a Jedi, Kazdan Paratus.....

Kazdan:"Vader sent you didn't he!

Xeres:"Ah, Master Paratus, its so good to see you, how are your legs?"

Kazdan:"Did Vader send you!"

Xeres:"No. And that is none of your concern. But first, I'll hhave to kill you before my real target gets here."

Xeres ignited his lightsaber, and charged. Kazdan reacted the same way, but didn't charge, he summoned junk warriors, even a junk titan, but they all feel so easily to Xeres' power. Xeres blocked Kazdan's strikes, and countered them, he cut off his mechanical legs one by one, until he couldn't move, then to finish him off, decapitation. Starkiller was close. Soon he ran straight through the door. Then he saw Xeres.

Xeres:"Ah, you came!"

Starkiller:"Were is Kazdan!?"

Xeres:"Ah, you know, 'one with The Force'. Hahaha!"


Xeres picked up Kazdan's head, and chucked it at Starkiller. "Heads up!"

Starkiller:"You've done my mission for me.....I'll kill you!"

Xeres:"Well, it wasn't on purpose, he just got in my way from killing you."

They both ignited their lightsabers and charged. Xeres saw several flaws within Starkillers form. Footing was off, blade was too high, and basically showed his move before he did it. Starkiller lunged. His left arm tried to jab Xeres, but Xeres grabbed his arm, and snapped it. Starkiller wheezed in pain, Xeres kicked him to the ground, grabbed his right leg, forced gripped a dead junk titan, and threw Starkiller straight towards it, then slammed the titan straight into Starkiller, shattering both his legs. Xeres removed the titan from Starkiller, and walked up to him, stepped on his snapped arm. Starkiller jerked in pain.

Xeres:"So, Vader trained you pretty good."

Starkiller:"Please.....don'!" Xeres increased the pressure on Starkiller's arm.

Xeres:"Silence! So this is how this is going to work. You're going to die, then your master, got that? I'll become The Emperor's apprentice, everybody wins, except you and Vader, of course. Nod if you understand."

Starkiller shook his head. Xeres increased the pressure on Starkiller's arm.

Xeres:"I said, nod if you understand!"

Starkiller nodded.

Xeres:"Now, slow and painful, or slow and painful?"

Starkiller stayed silence.

Xeres:"Slow and painful it is then!"

Xeres grabbed some sharp mech parts, hanged Starkiller against the wall, he hooked him in both arms and legs, and stabbed him in the stomach, kicked him in his right leg, then slit his throat, blood spilled everywhere. Xeres walked out, to kill his next target; Vader. He walked all the way back to the Scorpion, killed everything in his way. He entered the Scorpion, ordered 67 to fly to the Executor. He then contacted the Emperor.

Xeres:"My lord, Starkiller is dead."

Emperor:" That is good, very good, meet me at the Executor, and I'll see who's worthy to become my apprentice."

Xeres:"Already on my way, my lord."

Xeres landed in The Executor's hangar bay 3, and took his time to the Emperor's chambers, though it was a long walk, Xeres opened the chamber door, the Emperor and Vader were awaiting Xeres.

Vader:"So, you've been training him?"

Emperor:"Yes, but now, you two will fight, to see who is worthy to be my apprentice."

Xeres took no time to hesitate, he ignited his lightsaber, charged, and successfully hit Vader. Vader retaliated, and attacked. Xeres blocked and countered. The same pattern went on and on, until Xeres decided the time for games is over. He used his anger to fuel his strength, charged, cut Vader's lightsaber in half, kicked Vader down, and showed no mercy and stabbed him straight in his chest. Vader's dead body rolled face up, Xeres placed his foot on top of his chest, as if he conquered a planet.

Emperor:"Well done, my apprentice."

Xeres:"Thank you, my master."

Emperor:"Now, you'll train the arrogant Ahsoka Tano."

Xeres:"Excuse me, my master?"

Emperor:"She'll prove useful to the Empire's cause, I'm counting on you to lure her into the dark side, and train her to be a Sith Lord!"

Xeres:"Yes, my master."


Shortly after killing Vader, Xeres went to Ahsoka's cell, hoping to lure her to the dark side.

Ahsoka:" Ah, look the traitor is back."

Xeres:" I've been told you used to look up to me."

Ahsoka:" Yeah, that ended when you killed my mother!"

Xeres:" That was her fault I must say, she wouldn't give your location or even a clue on where you were, I told her the punishment, she still didn't give me anything, so she took the punishment."

Ahsoka:" You still killed her though."

Xeres:" Trust me, I didn't want to, I may seem like a merciless monster, but I did what I had to do, it was either me and my men or her. Now as a former commanding officer, the choice may be difficult. Who would you pick to save? Your mother, or the men who served by your side time and time again throughout a war?"

Ahsoka:" But the men where also your brothers."

Xeres:" That is true, but I want to hear your decision."

Ahsoka:" I would choose..... my mother."

Xeres:" Why?"

Ahsoka:" Because she is family, she gave birth to me and raised me."

Xeres:" She raised you until Master Plo found you, then you were being raised by the Jedi. But those soldiers that will risk and give their life for you, don't you consider them family? Fighting by each others side, you fighting for the guy next to you and he'll do the same. That was everyday for me in the Clone Wars."

Ahsoka:" Well put it that way, I would pick the soldiers, since I only knew my mom for a portion of my childhood, then I was raised by the Jedi."

Xeres:" And now you see the choice I had to make, it was either her or me and my men. I had to choose the decision that was best at the time. There's no reason to hold any anger against me."

Ahsoka:" So now what? Are you just going to leave me here?"

Xeres:" No, get up, we're going for a walk."

Ahsoka:" Why?"

Xeres:" I need to tell you a few things."

Ahsoka got up, Xeres opened the doors, stormtroopers waited outside, Xeres told them that he'll escort Ahsoka.

Ahsoka:" So what do you want to tell me?"

Xeres:" I want to talk about your master. Anakin Skywalker, what do you think of him."

Ahsoka:" I thought very highly of him, until I saw him at the temple killing Jedi, and took up the new name of Vader. I swore revenge."

Xeres:" What if I told you he's dead."

Ahsoka:" Who killed him then?"

Xeres:" Me. And his new apprentice Starkiller."


Xeres:" I had to move up in this world, and he was stopping me."

Ahsoka:" Good, he deserved it."

Xeres:" He had it coming for a long time now. I saw the anger in your eyes when you swore revenge."

Ahsoka:" And?"

Xeres:" Anger can be put to good use in the dark side, join it and feel your power grow right before your eyes."

Ahsoka:" It is tempting....."

Xeres:" How tempting?"

Ahsoka:" Very tempting."

Xeres:" Good, it always should be."

Ahsoka:" Why?"

Xeres:" Its just that with your Jedi training, combined with Sith training, you'll be unstoppable, knowing both sides of the force. Be by my side as my apprentice....."

Ahsoka:" Fine.... As long as I'll become stronger than my former master."

Xeres:" That I can promise."

Xeres got to work instantly with training Ahsoka. They both went to the training room, and trained until Ahsoka couldn't lift her arms anymore, which took two days. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Xeres trained Ahsoka for four years, and was planning to make a change in the Imperial leadership, which meant to kill the Emperor.

A change for the better

Xeres was ready to kill his master, either alone or with Ahsoka, either way ,the Emperor will die. Xeres called a meeting with the Emperor on the currently in construction, Death Star. The Emperor agreed on the meeting, but what he won't be expecting is that Xeres will fight him to see who is stronger, the weak shall fall, no matter what.

Xeres opened the Emperor's chambers, and the Emperor was looking into empty space.

Emperor:" Xeres...."

Xeres:" Yes, my master."

Emperor:" I've heard you've made plans to kill me. I don't take these things lightly."

Xeres:" I won't deny that I've made plans, and I will guarantee to you that you will die by my hand."

Emperor:" I accept this as a challenge then."

Xeres:" The strong shall live, the weak must fall."

Emperor:" Agreed."

The Emperor ignited his lightsaber, Xeres did the same. Xeres charged, the Emperor stood his ground, while Xeres struck first, the Emperor successfully deflected but his counter failed, when Xeres countered and tripped the Emperor. The Emperor rolled out of the way before Xeres slammed his blade into the Emperor's chest, but Xeres caught his leg with his foot, and continued to put pressure on the Emperor's leg, and walked over to him, picked him up and threw him across the room. Xeres dashed across the room, following the Emperor, picked him up after he fell again, threw him against the big window, leaving a giant crack against the window. The Emperor fell and struggled to get up, but Xeres walked over, and grabbed the Emperor by the throat.

Emperor:" If your going to kill me, do it!"

Xeres:" Not just yet, I'm going to give you two options on your death; slow and painful or fast and painless."

Emperor:" Showing me mercy, eh?"

Xeres:" I want to show you some respect on how you want to die, answer quickly or it'll be slow and painful."

The Emperor stayed silent.

Xeres:" I figured slow and painful."

Xeres grabbed out four knives, stabbed the Emperor and hanged him against the wall with each knife. Xeres ignited his lightsaber, and cut off the Emperor's left leg, slowly.... He continued to beat him, stab him, and torture him, then when he felt it was the right time, Xeres reached over to the Emperor's throat and snapped the neck. He made an galaxy wide transmission to notify the Galaxy that Xeres was in charge.

Xeres:" Hello, my fellow Imperials. As you may know, Emperor Palpatine, was the ruler of the empire, until he died of unknown causes.... As his apprentice, I'll take the role of ruling the galaxy with an iron fist, and crush anybody who crosses my path. Any possible rebellions will be crushed before they even start. Beware rebels, I'm in charge now."

The uprisings begin

A few years after Xeres killed his master, uprisings began to pop up around outer worlds, but were easily crushed by the Imperial strength. But Xeres sensed that there will be one Rebellion that could stand against the Empire, and its birth will happen soon.

Hunting the plans

Coming soon........

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Favorite quotes

"Do it with style, or don't do it at all."-Xeres

"One down, Millions to go."-Commando Sev

"Eat plasma you stupid droids! Yeah, have some of that!"-Commando Scorch

"Hey, I've bet we can make a Republic fleet if we destroy all these droids."-Xeres

"You are dead!"- Commando Sev

"Today, we fight for more than the Republic, today we fight for all of our brothers back home! Understood!?"- Rex

"One fireball special coming right up!" - Commando Scorch

"I love that clanking sound when they fall!"- Commando Scorch

"Anti-armor, mark that position, GO!"- Commando Boss

"You lizards gotta learn that I am alot scarier than you are."- Commando Boss

'"Would you like a large, or small crater, sir?"-  Commando Scorch

"Was that,'red, red green', or 'red, green, red'?"- Commando Scorch

"What you call war, is what I call life." - Xeres

"I'm no Alpha, but I can certainly fight like one."-Xeres


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