Xanatos Speedwalker

Xanatos in his always worn robes.

Xanatos was a Jedi who was born in 30 BBY.  He was a Jedi and later an Exile.

XaNaToS Speedwalker
Biographical information

Dantooineplanet Dantooine


30 BBY

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Chronological and political information

-Clone Wars Era

-Rise of the Empire Era

-Rebellion Era


Galactic Republic Republic

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Bc icon jediExile

Early Life

Xanatos, like all Jedi, was taken at birth by the Jedi.  Xanatos was too little understand what was happening when he was 6 weeks old, but can always remember his mothers blue eyes and his fathers black hair.  As a Padawan Xanatos wasn't very social and always wore his robes, earning him some trouble with other Padawan's who made fun of him.  One day when Xanatos was training with his green lightsaber, when another Padawan said to him "I challenge you to a duel!" Xanatos didn't say anything, but he nodded, the other Padawan activated his lightsaber to reveal a blue blade, then ran for Xanatos, reacting quickly he activated his lightsaber and blocked the attack, the rest of the duel carriedon until they were at the edge of the dueling platform.  the other Padawan kicked Xanatos in the stomach, forcing him to drop his lightsaber, then swung across Xanatos' face, Xanatos screamed in pain as he felt his left eye, the other Padawan ran away, 2 other Padawans ran over to help Xanatos, but he pushed them away, he would never forget that day.

Losing the Life of a Jedi

When Xanatos was 11 years old he was chosen by Master Yoda to be his Padawan, the first 3 years were tough but Xanatos learned to like Yoda, and they shared a bond and succeded on many missions together, when Xabatos turned 19 he was Knighted by Master Yoda, who said "Great Padawan, you have become, on the Jedi Council, one day, you may be, hm?' Xanatos bowed and said "Maybe" the Masters of the Council bowed back and Xanatos left.  The next day Xanatos was surprised when he entered his room, to see another Jedi, the Jedi activated his lightsaber, but Xanatos merely lifted him up with the force, and threw him against the wall, almost instantly 3 other Jedi ran in through the door, Xanatos said to them, "This isn't what it looks like, I swear!'  The other Jedi shook their heads.  The next day he was to be banished by the Council, but that night Xanatos left, only with his lightsaber and his robes, when he reached the front of the building, he heard a familiar voice, "Believe you, I do"  Xanatos turned around and saw Master Yoda, then Yoda continued

"Other Council Members, do not, yes?"  Xanatos shook his head and said

"You know I have to go" Yoda nodded and said

"Then go you must.

In Exile

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