Sith Lord Will Varad

"No one seems to know who the true Emperor is, and honestly I don't care. Let them believe in some false Emperor or Empress. Just makes more enemies to the real Sith"
Will Taral
Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Dromund Kaas


22 BBY


Sometime between the New Republic Era

Physical description

Human Sith (Species)





Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Blood type

Sith Pureblood

Blood Type B

Chronological and political information

The Clone Wars

Rebellion Era


Galactic Republic Sith Empire

Known masters

Arkamos (Sith Pure-blood Ancestor)

Obi-wan Kenobi

Known apprentices

Princess Mia Lightdrive


Dxg Hetashrieker (father like figure)

Atris Shadowslash (sister like figure)

Current Squad


Former Squad(s)

The Avenger's Final Stand

Battle Class

Bc icon sithTechnician

A once Jedi Knight, to a powerful Sith Lord, Will Taral is attuned to the light and dark side of the force. He is mostly quiet but pays attention to a situation to his friends. He is a human who shares Sith blood from his ancestor Arkamos Taral. He is tall for his age and wants Dark Nebula destroyed once and for all.

Early Life

As a child he was raised on Dromund Kaas as his parents being Sith Warlords and were too busy to spend time with Will, so he barely knew them at all. One day his parents were stationed to an Imperial outpost in Orto Plutonia and brought their son with them, kinda like mother/father bring their son to work day. Will was only a toddler and decided to play in the snow for a bit. The out post was warned that a blizzard was comming and his parents didn't have enough time to get him inside. Will was freezing out in the cold and was close to death. A Republic outpost wasn't too far from the Imperial outpost and a teenage Jedi found him in the snow and brought him back to the Republic. That teenager was Dxg Hetashrieker. He was treated and was sent to Coruscant for him to be taken care of. As he grew older he saw the bigger kids become padawans and using the force and Will wanted to become one, a Jedi. The masters told him that he had to be force-sensative and that these padawans had the ability to do so. Late at night he would sneak out into the meditation room and try to become force-sensative.

One night, a padawan named Atris Shadowslash saw Will sneak out and caught him before he entered the chambers. She told him "That's not how you become force-sensitive. The force is everything living and meditating won't do anything." Angry, Will marched back into his room and was upset that he wasn't force-sensative. The next day Will was getting teased by some older padawans that he tried to be a force user. Atris saw this and told them to stop but didn't. Will got angry, his eyes glowed red and force pushed the bully padawans to the ground. It went silent and everyone looked at Will. He gave a sarcastic smile and noticed that one of the masters was watching and took him to a different room away from the other padawans. The master told him that it wasn't acceptable for what he did, but was impressed that he can use the force due to Will's failed determination. The master accepted him as a padawan and began his training. He was placed under Master Obi-wan Kenobi for defensive lightsaber forms such as the Soresu Form. As he grew into a teen, that's when Dark Nebula started to rise. Master Obi-wan thought he was ready to be a Knight and he sent him to Kamino to become the defensive guy for the strike force, The Elite Republic Avengers.

The Team Assembles

The team introduced themselves to Will as he entered the base. Their leader was Dxg Hetashrieker, the one who brought Will to the Temple. Another member was an old friend from the Temple, Atris Shadowslash, who was mastered in the Ataru Form. Their mechanic was Zeth Stormcloak, who is a android that can detect enemys from afar and is able to hack into enemy equipment. Bren Shieldgrip was second in command, he was a Mandalorian who fought in previous wars and now helps out the Republic. Rockstar09 was head of the strike teams and had a good sense of humor. Will liked this group and worked with them for a while. He was latter placed as commander of the squad and helped the team more with fixing ships and defending them during missions. It was only a matter of time before they faced against Dark Nebula.

After a year working for the team, The Eite Republic Avengers discovered that Dark Nebula had taken over bunkers and bases on Umbara. The team headed toward Umbara and started to save the planet from Dark Nebula's control. They later discovered that they were using the bunkers to build a beacon to send their fleet to Umbara and destroy the planet. They took down the rest of the bunkers, but the beacon was activated. Some of the fleet were already appearing above the surface of the planet. Dxg asked Zeth what device will stop the beacon and he said was that a blast from an explosive mortor will do damage to it. The Trandoshan camps nearby had all the supplies to build a mortor and destroy the beacon. They gathered the supplies and crafted the mortor and destroyed the beacons. The Republic pushed Dark Nebula out of Umbara and out of the Galaxy for a couple of years.

The team returned to Coruscant and were rewarded with the Medal of Honor for fighting an enemy of the Republic. After that, missions have been slow and the squad departed for a little while. The squad eventually disbanded, leaving Will to find a new mission.


Will didn't know what to do after the squad disbanded. Most of the time he spent was at the Archive to learn more about Jedi history and to become more knowledged with the force. As looking into the Archives, he saw a book titled "Revans Legacy". He read through it and it told about Revan's plan to ressurect the Emperor on Yavin 4 and how once the Sith Empire and Republic worked together to put down Revan. As he kept reading, it told of the warriors who were involved such as Darth Marr, Satele Shan, Shae Vizla. He noticed something through the names was Arkamos Taral, The Emperor's Wrath. He was a Sith Pureblood Darth who helped put a stop to Revan and his plans. Will was astonished about this, but he kept it secret as if he thinks he will be punished. He kept reading more about his ancestor's tales, on how he helped bringing down Malgus, crushed tons of Republic foes and being a power Sith Juggernaut. Later he received a visit from Arkamos as a ghost.

"So you must be what's left of my legacy"

"I never knew that I was part Sith. What do you want?"

"I'm giving you an option to change your allegiance. The Jedi's codes are flawed while the Sith's are more of using your inner strength."

"How is the Jedi's code wrong?"

"They think peace is forever lasting, it is not. They suppress their emotions when they can use it to benefit themselves on the battlefield, giving them an advantage. The Jedi dont know much about our secrets."

"That and marriage is forbidden in the Order as well..."

"The Jedi life wasn't a life i wanted, but being Sith was more exciting for me. Betrayals happen, arguements can arise, but if you're like me, you can fix those problems. I wasn't entirely dark and merciless as some are and that's what kept me alive and help others. If I teach you the way of the Sith, promise me you can restore the Sith Empire and fix these flaws so that others will take example."

"Where do I start?"

"Recite me the Sith Code..."

He learned the Sith Code and started another path, another chance. The first task he did was go into the Umbaran Sith Temple and clear out the enemies. From their, he and a group of Sith formed an Order to revive the Sith Empire...

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