Clone-commander-fox detail
Wex Wrathshrieker is a Clone Lieutenant born on an unusual planet called Korriban he was the first Clone not to be created by a Kaminoan.  He was based on Commander Fox and he had no DNA alters like the ones as listed below as:                                                                                                                 

no growth exceleration and independant mind. His radical mind put him at a disadvantage.  He was never part of the "GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC" so he went his own way as the leader of the group "ANTI SURVIVORS OF THE SIEGE" for two reasons one is he hated the "SURVIVORS OF THE SIEGE" for mysterious reasons and the second one is he needed to make his own squad/army because he could not join the "GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC".  He was murdered by a jedi at order sixty six.

ABOUT WEX WRATHSHRIEKER:(BORN)40,BBY (DECEASED)19,BBY his replacement was Wex Wrixchazer

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