Von Vonwalker

Von Vonwalker was a famous space pirate and has acoplished much in his life. A lonly space pirate who's past is mainly unknown. Only his recent history is known.Von Vonwalker was one day in a republic ship that was stolen by himself to get to Ryloth,but when he was fighting a little cargo ship the cargo ship had fired a torpedo right on the rockets on the ship. The ship which was badly damaged had to be abandoned. Von Vonwalker did not leave but infact he stayed on the ship and pointed it towards Ryloth to make sure he got there. Then Von fled to the ceneter of the ship were the impact would be the smallest. The ship crashed and then tipped over on its side. Spews of flames came rushing out all over the ship. Von then got out of the ship and was off to his target,a club in which he was going to gather a gang of pirates and criminals to help him with robbing other ships.He went in the club to find many shady figures. A Torgutan (his name was unknown) joined Von. They also gathered many other people. Then as he walked out he stole the RA-7 droid serving drinks and made it come with them. Von now needed money to get off the planet,by stealing,but Von figured out if he stole he would not be allowed to leave the planet.So he opened up a hotel called Von Vonwalker iInn. This hotel that ended up being rated five Galactic Stars. Some of his best workers included, Sarah Amadle, Bad Luck Dude ,Maddi Shimmerblade, Anthony Bernard, quailfire pirate361(part time only) and many more.

The Von Vonwalker Inn has ended up changing many peoples stories, such as Maddi Shimmerblade and Bad Luck Dude married. Eventually he got enough money to leave Ryltoh. He resorted to robbing Republic cruisers and cargo ships to obatain many items including, weapons. building material, and foods. Eventually Von decided to retire from being a pirate and built many places across the galaxy. He built a training course on Kamino which he let the clones use. He built a giant parking garage that people used to park there speeders for events. He built a convention center and even a race track. Von decided to retire and become a friend of the Republic. You may now find him in a place at the jedi temple nick named Von Von-Corner. Since his rough beginnigns, Von Vonwalker has ended up becoming one of the most popular CWA players of all time.

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