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Viera Cacete
Viera portrait
Biographical information



45 BBY, Ashera

Physical description





1.72 meters

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known masters

Kian Jiranus

Viera Cacete was a Force-sensitive Asheran female born on the world Ashera in 45 BBY. The Jedi Master Kian Jiranus found her in 40 BBY and took her to Coruscant to train as a Jedi. There she was known to be someone who did not always follow rules, thus earning her a small reputation; aside from her being a rare species. As a padawan she was captured by Trandoshans and taken to Trandosha, where she escaped at the cost of her friend Garahum Helion. During the Clone Wars, Viera was made a Jedi Knight and was given command of the 56th Battalion, where she served alongside CC-1211.

At the execution of Order 66, she and the members of Siege Platoon barely escaped with their lives, and eventually went to join The Survivors.


Early life

Viera Cacete was born on Ashera in 45 BBY. There, she lived in the capital city of Qirath'nora with her family. When she was about five years of age, the Jedi Master Kian Jiranus arrived in Qirath'nora, saying that he had found out there was a Force-sensitive Asheran there in the city. He came across Viera at her home, and told her family that she was the Force-sensitive he was searching for. She went with Kian, not knowing what was happening.

She traveled to Coruscant alongside Kian Jiranus, and there she began to train in the Force. When she was six, she joined a youngling group that consisted of four other Jedi younglings, two of which became her best friends - Jenira Kiriam and Garahum Helion. They trained under the watchful eye of Grand Master Yoda, and eventually they all became padawans, and Viera was taken by Jiranus once more, and became her apprentice.

When Viera was nine, she traveled to Ilum with her former youngling group, and there obtained her kyber crystal to make her first lightsaber. By the time Viera was about eleven years of age, she began to love Garahum, and he returned the affection. They bonded in secret, which was against the Jedi code.

Trapped on Trandosha

In 30 BBY, when Viera was fifteen years old, she was walking through the Jedi Temple halls at night from a training session with Jiranus, when she was suddenly encountered by a group of several Trandoshans, led by an individual who called himself Kadeesk Sadeer. He said that she was to be captured, and they immediately fought Viera, who gave resistance. Jenira and Garahum happened to be walking by at the time, and they helped their friend in the fight, although they were all eventually overpowered by the Trandoshans, who stunned them using their blasters, and loaded them onto a starship. They then went from Coruscant to Trandosha.

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