Vendora Akk
[[File:Vendora akk|center|289px]]
Biographical information

Mandaloreplanet Mandalore



Physical description





2.7 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Clan Akk


"Perhaps the darkest of the Mandalorians was Vendora Akk, but unfortunately, history will never tell."
– Rolan Akk

A male Human, Vendora Akk lived as a Mandalorian leader during the beginning years of the Old Mon Calamari Wars. He was the first founder of Clan Akk along with his great great grandson, Fash Akk. As a child he dreamed of conquering Mandalore in his power. He was raised on a farm until he was old enough to go on to become a solder in the Mandalorian Army. Once in the army he slowly promotioned his way to second-in-command to Mandalore the Immortal. During that time he met a young woman named Lema Xandret while he was on a buisness trip to Genovar, a planet in the Mid Rim. The two quickly fell in love and had a son and a daughter. The son was Guen Akk and the daughter was Beru Akk. Only a few years later, he came up with a drastic idea in motion to become the new Mandalore. One night while the Mandalore was asleep, Vendora decided to kill the Mandalorian lord in his sleep. Because of Vendora's high rank in the government, Vendora was crowned the new Mandalore. Finally, his dreams was realized. He then executed anyone who betrayed him or suspected that he killed the old Mandalore. As his first act as Mandalore, Vendora waged war against the Mon Calamari after the species refused to give their capital planet and system to him. Once he elected Yen Shoa  as second-in-command he realized that it was ironic how he would die the same way he killed Mandalore the Immortal. While Vendora was sleeping, Yen killed him in his sleep to become the next Mandalore.

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