RC:1184 Vasco Gomes

The Republic Commando one of the best units ever made.

Status: Alive

Gladiator 1

Rank: Colonel

Affiliation: Republic Marine Havoc Squad (UNSCM)

Current role: UAF legion leader.

"Vasco was a respectable soldier and was brave and very skilled at what he
Gladiator1 Vasco

Vasco Gomes (Gladiator1)

did. Vasco was very honorable and was a good friend to all of his comrades.Vasco was great at commanding the squad and was arguably the best Captain in the squad's history. Captain Gomes will be missed by his fellow marines and will long be remembered in the years to come. Vasco, Thank you for your service." Second Lieutenant Luke Docker giving a speech to the Havoc squad about Captain Vasco Gomes.

(he retired in the republic marine havoc squad, but he was reasighn to the UNSCM).

" He was the Best solider we eveer had and Best Leader. He lead us with great
G1 phase1.
influence. Vasco was honorable and Brave. he will be remembered"

Gladiator Squad simbol. The squad commandos had them on their right sholders.


Coming soon

RC:1184 meets his fellow commandos when he got asign to "Gladiator Squad".


ghost racer and vasco over seeing the training of clones


Firing Range, the best preparing to kill clankers oorrahh


Vasco Gomes and his new Cruiser Security Squad from the 5th battalion 6th Marines

Vas is often copied by many players aka kids in the game such as callsighn(gladiator1) or copy his squad (gladiator squad) all are kids with no life or want to be like me -.- i apreciate those that like me but i dont apreciate those that like me but copy me.

Semper Fi

Do or die


United Forces Naval Fleet

UAF Naval Fleet

United Marine Forces

]UAF[ Marine Corp

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