Vara Slarwalker
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Dantooineplanet Dantooine


86 BBY

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1.79 meters

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Eye color


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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire


Galen Slarwalker (Husband), Ganner Slarwalker (firstborn son), Cade Slarwalker (son)

Vara Slarwalker was a Dantooinian farmer who married Galen Slarwalker and was the mother of Ganner and Cade Slarwalker.


Little is known about Vara's early life, but she met Galen Slarwalker while on a passenger freighter. The two fell in love and settled down to live a simpler life farming on Dantooine. Their two children, however, wouldn't be part of that simpler life. Ganner was given up to be a Jedi as an infant, and Cade was kidnapped at just three years old. Vara helped Galen search for their missing son, but they ultimately failed.

Vara was later reunited with her son when Galen rescued him from the Dantooine temple duel and helped him break free of the control of Darth Massikus. She told him she was proud of him, but Ganner had to leave to complete his new mission.

A year later, Ganner would call to Dantooine to give his final goodbyes. The meeting, which took place at the Slarwalker residence, was the first time in 33 years all four living members of the Slarwalker family had been together. Galen left with Ganner to help him on Carlac, leaving Vara alone for a year. After Ganner's death, Vara would come to his funeral, and return home with Galen.

After the Binding of Ganner Slarwalker, Galen would once again return to action. Hans Novastar assured him that Vara would be kept safe during the conflict.


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