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Crafting Recipe Sets

If you need help with how to get or what are the components, check this page out.

User blog: Alverde Beviin/Crafting Components and Rarity

Red saber set
Red Saber Crystal Set
Green crystal sabers
Green Saber Crystal Set
Yellow saber set
Yellow Saber Crystal Set
Blue Saber Set
Blue Saber Crystal Set
Purple Saber Crystal Item
Lightgreen Saber Item
Silver Saber Crystal Item
Pre Vizsla's Darksaber

1mount set
Mount set 1

Lot set
Lot set 1
Lot set 2
Lot Set 2

Mandalorian mercenary armor recipe
Mandalorian Mercenary Set
MD Armor Set
Mandalorian Deathwatch Armor Set
Bo Katans Set
Bo Katan's Aromor Set
Q boba set
Quarzite Boba Fett's Set

Burner's Armor Set
Burner's Armor Set
ARC Echos Set
ARC Trooper Echo's Armor Set
EST Armor set
Elite Space Trooper Set
Jet's Armor Set
Commander Jet's Armor Set
Hevys T Set
Hevy's Training Armor Set
Super trooper set
Super Trooper Armor Set
Bling set
Blinged-Out Trooper Armor Set
Elite Clone set
Elite Clone Armor Set

Cobal jedi set
Cobal Jedi Set

Cad Banes Set
Cad Bane's Set
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