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52 BBY

Physical description





1.9 meters

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

"Scorekeeper is with me. She knows when you will die, and who will be the one to kill you. She knows it will be me to kill you, that’s why my guns in your face" ―Trossk

Trossk was a natural born hunter on his home planet of Trandosha. There he hunted Wookiee slaves and the wiled animals of the planets jungles. Two years before the Clone Wars Begun the Trandoshan hunter left his home world to become a bounty hunter.


Meeting Fett


Trossk spots Jango Fetts ship

"This is a just a taste of this cold galaxy, lizard" ―Jango Fett

Months before the beginning of the Clone Wars, Trossk was hired to capture or kill a senator on Coruscant. There he discovered other hunters were after the same bounty, and that he would have to move quickly to catch the senator. Trossk defeated two of the other hunters before reaching his target’s estate only to find that the only other hunter left was none other then Jango Fett. The Mandalorian mercenary who’s name was well known across the galaxy. Trossk would not let fear of Jango Fett stop him from achieving his goal. The Trandoshan found that Fett had already loaded the senator into the cargo hold of his ship and Trossk attempted to fight Jango Fett but failed miserably. Fett warned him to stay out of his way and that the galaxy is a tough place. Trossk would later work for the Hutt’s on Nal Hutta.

Working with Bane


Trossk, breaking out of prison.

Trossk was recruited to joins a group of bounty hunters led by Cad Bane to rescue separatist leaders from the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center. The plan was to sneak in as republic guards. The plan seem to be flawed but Cad Bane was in charge so none of the hunters question it. The plan was a failure, leading in the capture of all the hunters including Bane himself. Trossk had lost all of his Jagannath points after being captured meaning he was worth nothing to the Trandoshan goddess, the scorekeeper. After a few weeks in prison, a riot broke out in the Detention Center and all of the prisoners started there escape. In hopes of gaining his Jagannath points back, Trossk Planed on killing the clone guards that captured him. He found his way to the evidence room where he took the gear of another bounty hunter who was captured not long after Banes failed brake in, Rake Hardeen, Who had become famous for recently killing the Jedi master, Obi-wan Kenobi. Trossk stole a heavy flame thrower from the evidence room and started burning down every one in the prison. Eventually the clone guards were all dead. Trossk made his escape winning back his Jagannath points, and the scorekeeper’s attention.

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