jedi master torhaa phaa

toraa pha was a male togruta jedi master operating during the time of the clone wars.


born on the planet of corlug, toraa was discoverd at a young age by jedi master colem trebor. he was raised in the temple and eventully assigned to the jedi service corps, as he was never paired with a jedi master. he eventully rised threw the ranks and due to his advanced study of meditaion he became a jedi knight. he eventully took a padawan and trained him to nighthood becoming a jedi master in the process. when the clone wars broke out, toraa was caught completly flat footed due to his lackluster study of combat technuqies. despite this he was part of sevrell campiegns including the one against vared zaggs sith academy and sith alocyets on dathimor. he was most commenly found in the jedi temple, meditating, helping padawans construct there lightsabers or engaging his fellow jedi in training duels. he barley managed to escape order 66 (buy being in deep medation at the time thus sensing the death of the other jedi and escaping the small sqaud of clones he was with.) and spent rest of his years in hiding on stewjon.  

powers and abiletes

toraa pha devoted his life to medation, and his other skills were rather luckluster. he studyed form six lightsaber combat and was able to hold his own against an avarage jedi knight. his force abilets were nothing special either, never showing anything out of the ordinary for a jedi. that being said his medation was quite usefull, allowing him to use battle meditaion and escape order 66.

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