"I remember who I am" Tom alphawaver

Tom alphawaver is a Jedi clone he has a green light saber and is last Of the arf troopers (Before getting cloned) Tom alphawaver was a Jedi master who died in battle he was subjected To a Jedi clone experiment orded by his master who had hope he would live.

(Early days) He woke up to find himself in a clone pod having flashbacks of his death The next day he was being trained to be a clone trooper his master watched Hoping he would remember him, his master approached him and asked " do remember Who you are" tom" yes I remember who I am ! Why did you clone me" master"I was Saving you" as they walked to the cafeteria to eat tom waved to his old friends His master told him not to let them know he was cloned.

(During the war) Tom was promoted to join the arf trooper program as a corporal They were to protect a Jedi temple, they were attacked by savage oppress Thought to have been killed tom survived and started live as a bounty hunter (Bounty hunter days) Tom as a bounty hunter wears a arf trooper helmet with a scope on the left eye And has a jet pack and Uses a gun identical to embo and uses a lightsaber Rumors said that he killed a clone trooper as a trophy Tusken raiders and jawas fear him as he killed half of their kind He hunts battle droids and flies a d5-mantis. His master found him Thought he was bounty hunter and asked "where did you get that helmet?" Tom"found it in the Jedi temple why?"master"that was my friend!"Tom "Sorry for your lost anyway I got a bounty to get see ya"master"no wait!" Tom attacked his master with his light saber his master surprised to see his Lightsaber tom" you scared Jedi?"master "you killed him!" Tom" let's talk About this in private at my ship" "who are you" his master asked Tom took off his helmet his master in shock was surprised to see him they went Back to the temple (arc trooper days) Tom is promoted to arc commander and follows captain Rex In battle.

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