Tendra Zetalight was a jedi twi'lek married to a mandalorian mercenary .

Springers wife

a picture of Tendra Zetalight

Tendra past

Tendra was born on Umbara when there was a war with the death watch. Her parents and herself went into hiding when the death watch were searching for any people that would be alive they found Tendra's family. Then they saw Tendra they told her parents "Give us the kid and you wont die" so they saw no other choice but to give Tendra to the death watch.

Run away

When they took her back to the base they told her to go to the other kids but they didn't know that she actually ran away from the base. Then she was out she got on a ship to Tython after some time she ran into some jedi knights the jedi asked her where her parents was then she answer "I ran away" the jedi took her in and then they show her how to fight then she was up against a sith lord or someone else.

Leaving Tython

When she become older Tendra left Tython and began to go on lots of adventures out in the galaxy she dueled with a lot of people in the start of the clone wars.

Meeting Springer

Under one of her adventures she met a mandalorian mercenary named Springer he invited her to come with him on a rancor hunt with him and she accepted. At the end of the day Springer asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted that too.

Springer leaving

Some days later Tendra found out that Springer had to leave for a bounty on someone he wanted to kill, but before he left he asked to marry Tendra and he promised that he would return to her.

The legacy of Springer and Tendra

"Cyar'ika who is she?"

"She is our legacy Spring'ika"

"I did not know, hey kid i am your father Spring'buir"

-Springer and Tendra talk after his return home

Springer returned to Tendra a half year later only to find out she had a child was pregnant with 2 twins she told him that they where his kids. Springer got happy and told her he Would stay at her side from now on.

Exile order 66

When Palpatine set out order 66 Tendra and her family were forced to leave they chose Springer's home planet Mandalore. Springer was able to get Tendra and their kids each a beskar found on the battlefield.

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