Clone Trooper by ChoppersInc

Teck as a phase too trooper.

MY life in the marines

all has started a day in onctober 2011 where i saw the UNSMC logo near a squad title, that logo remided me the marines one.

I started the training the same day, our leader was colonel Vasco, awesome soldier and veteran of many important battles. i finished the training with the maxium score and that day i became one of the favourite troopers of the colonel.

too month later the squad was destroyed by the same colonel for a name change ( of the squad ), we became republic marine special forces , well, we all was happy for that but the leader changed, the leader was Fieldcommander Racer, a good trooper too, he kicked the worst of us, i was not one of them. the first month was the difficult cause the boss tested us a lot to see the strongest and the worst, i did it for three points only, well, probably you are thinking wow, pretty lucky that man , no that wasn't luck, that was the personal will to be a marine.

after too months i became a corporal, ( commander in squad ranks ), and that was the last rank i earned in that squad.

after too days by my promotions i got hacked, and i listened to some friends that were talking about the marine squad, destroyed again.

five days later: a new squad borned again, racer was the boss for the second time, he was the boss of the entire legion when the UNSC was the strongest on the game.

the colonel, i saw him again in that squad, and i saw one of my ex squad leaders, turbo, now he is a lieutenant, and now i am a sergeant, a fire team leader, i reached ths rank in for months of tough working. well, this is all of my life in the marines.

&nbsp the marines are fighting as cost of thir own life against the heart family.

We didn't lost any men for now and the victory is near, we are thinking about a treaty of peace with them to let the war finish.

the enemy has actually a lot of allies when we are alone, alone heh, alone and winning, but there is another menace, the spys in the squad, all the spys left or declare to be one.

the enemy got decimated by our snipers and by the commandos units.

me fighting an ambush of the adam family on an ally cruiser

will their decision be their last trouble?

Sgt. teck out. ( me fighting an ambush of the adam family on an ally cruiser) --->

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