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40 BBY, Shili

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1.8 meters

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Rise of the Empire era


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Galactic Republic

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Jedi Champion Reverse lightsaber

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Ares Nighracer

Tao Shandae, thought to be the "Ancient Jedi," was a young Togruta Female who was trained in the Jedi arts by Ares Nighracer during the Clone Wars. Born to Ana'tanala Shandae, she would secretly have a relationship with her master during her long Padawan years. As a Jedi Padawan, many official archive records says that she participated in the great battle of Carlac, Umbara, Geonosis, and Iceburg Three. She played a major role during her peace missions on Dantooine, Onderon, Felucia, Mortis, and Alderaan. Months later she would play a key role as Jedi General durring the Great Battle of Naboo and the destruction of the massive ship, Dark Star. As a result to war success, she was promoted to knighthood by the age of only twenty. She would later lead many battles such as the battle of Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Utapau, and her Togruta homeworld Shili.

Soon after her completion of breaking the blockade durring the battle of Kashyyyk in the last months of the Clone Wars, she was shocked into surprise as her clone army attacked her in the great executive order, Order 66. Even though she survived this unknown attack she was greatly injured and later fled to the sacred Jedi world of Tython.

While at the forgotten Tython she found ways to survive in the deep forest world until she found an old and forgotten Jedi Temple built durring the years of the Old Republic. Inside the temple she found old information on Jedi Records for major battles and wars. She would constantly study the holocrons of Jedi and Sith for many years. She then knew a great deal about the Jedi and how Jedi life was thousands of years ago. One thing that had startled her was a book of prophets. In that book was a prophet of herself. She continued to live by ancient Jedi Philosophy and old Jedi ways. She learned the abilty of psychometric powers which allowed her to "read memories" from inanimate objects through physical contact. Though this was a natural abilty among all Kiffar Jedi she learned to use this power for herself and was gifted of it. After many years of wandering though Tython alone she met a lone smuggler named Chutas Darkarrow.

Chutas Darkarrow was a young Human smuggler who later helped her leave the planet. The two would later marry and would pretend that Tao was never a Jedi.

Once leaving Tython, they later moved and stayed at Shili where Tao Shandae was like familly and every one praised her. Durring the Imperial Uprising the Empire found information of a Jedi on Shili which was Tao Shandae. Darth Vader was sent to kill her.


Early Life

"As you can see, I am a Togruta from Shili I was found on my homeworld by Jedi Master Aayla Secura. Now is that enough information for you Mr. AskSoManyQuestions?"
– Tao Shandae explains a brief summary of how she came to the Jedi Temple to Ares Nighracer
Tao Shandae was born on Shili by 40 BBY. She was raised by her mother, Ana'tanala Shandae, who was a slave, and her father who was a slave dealer, Takonaaa Shaoe Shandae,  until she was three. Before her Jedi years life was different. She grew up as a slave for the Black Forest Cartel untill Aayla Secura,  a Jedi Master found her to be a Force-sensitive so she freed her and took her back to the temple for testing. Luckily for Aayla she passed the test and became a youngling. For the next
Ahsoka tano

Tao Shandae as a Jedi Padawan

six years she was a youngling. She was trained under Jedi Grand Master Yoda while she was a youngling.

Six years later a young Jedi named Ares Nighracer, recently promoted to knighthood took Tao Shandae as his Padawan. The two trained durring peace missions and dueling sessions. She learned much from Ares and was thought that she was a major part of Ares Nighracer's life. At one time durring a peace mission to Rishi.  The two fell emotionally attached and had a secret relationship until two years later. As her Padawan years progressed and her relationship with Ares grew strong she took healing classes Jedi Master Randa Dyan. She realized that attachment was wrong and the relationship that she shared with Ares was like living a lie. This conclusion that she learned from Randa lead her to breaking up with him but keeping the relationship that they had once shared still a secret.

Clone Wars

"Take down those cannons, Commander."

– Tao Shandae leading clones durring the first battle of Geonosis

While as a padwan there was a major galactic conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems called the Clone Wars. While the Jedi Knights lead a ground strike to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker just before the First Battle of Geonosis, Tao Shandae and Ares Nighracer led the sky battle above Geonosis. This was the first battle of the Clone Wars. After they had a strong hold of the sky, they moved on to attacking the ground forces. This is where Ares and Tao led a series of LAAT gunships to bomb the ground attacks. Once the Geonosis Bombing Run was over, Tao led clones to break through the last wave of droid soilders. After this brutal attack Tao and Ares was sent to Toydaria to discuss negotiations for giving amunition supply to the Republic.

Battle of Carlac

One battle that Tao Shandae participated in was the battle for Carlac. While at Carlac she played a key role in attack the Mandalorian Death Watch Defense System. One of her missions to the snowy world was to destroy the Defense Turrets that was able to destroy any enemy ships from a length of at least two miles away. Because of these dangerous turrets they were forced to attack them from the ground. Once near the turrets she and her

Tao Shandae fights Death Watch mercenaries as entering the undergroud bunker of Carlac

battalion of clones had to quietly kill the Mandalorian Gaurds and place bombs around the perimeter of the turrets. After this sneaky assult by Tao Shandae and her clone soilders they entered a secret underground bunker that was near the destroyed turrets. They would continue to travel for about a quarter of a mile until they reached their destination.

Beyond the bunker led to a system of undergroud pipes that led from camp to camp. The only way they would get to Camp Drift, as many had called the village, was to go through the maze of pipes.

Half way through the pipes clones were having difficulty communicating with others out side of the surroundig perimeter. So Tao warned them to move faster because the possibility of the CIS cutting their communication was almost ninety-nine to a hundred. Many times Tao would constantly have to duck or dodge through the small corridors or space between the pipes. As they had gotten closer to the exit which would soon lead them to Camp Drift. But what had frightened the Tao was the fact that she could hear blaster fire out side the crouched underground system.

Camp Drift

Once in the village, Tao and her battalion of clones realized that a small squadron of Republic Soilders had already entered the camp. As this event took place Tao had her whole entire sky fleet led by Ares enter the camp and the other surrounding villages now that they knew that the turrets were destroyed. After destroying the first five waves of droids and mercenaries, Tao progressed to the enemy base by bombing the last waves with many LAAT gunships. While the Battle for Carlac contiued she had fought many mercenaries but none as much as a chalenge as Pre Vizla.

Duel in the Drift

Tao Shandae first met Pre Vizla durring a peace mission to[http:// Mandalore Mandalore]. She had once stated that he was ruthless and was unforgiving. Though now they were dueling each other.

Tao and Vizla fought ruthlessly through out the battle. He would attack then she would counter attack. Near the end of the duel Vizla fled to a Mandalorian cruiser that would take him back to Mandalore. Several hours later she celebrated her victory of Carlac and was later give the name The Liberator.

Battle of Umbara

"The Sith are ruthless they would do anything to just break the finger off one of us Jedi. You do know that when entering that Sith Academy your asking for a death wish?"

"Yes master"

– Ares Nighracer explains to his padawan how it is to be a Sith
Crash Landing

Before Tao Shandae ever recieved the title: "The Unyielding," she was on her way to Umbara to settle the droid attacks for the last time. When she reached the atmosphere of Umbara her transported blew up. The clones inside did not survive but Tao did. She fell at two hundred feet to the speed of only four feet a mile. This was because the Force slowed down the speed of her fall. She landed only twenty feet from an Umbaran Air Field. Since she was on her own and had no reinforcements she had to fight swiftly and fast. Her first objective was to destroy the very thing that made her transported explode: the Umbaran Ion Cannon.

After she survived the deadly first attack of droids and Umbaran soilders she went on to go and destroy the ion cannon. It took all her will and power but with the Force she crushed the Umbaran Ion Cannon. Moving on to other bunkers and camps and villages she fought off droids and Umbaran Commanders and that ws when she then freed all the camps and villages but one: Bunker Krill.

Bunker Krill and Trandoshans?

When she freed the villages she then ran non-stop for the next half hour. While she ran with a power only Jedi and Sith were capable of which was Force Sprinting, she fought off Umbaran Forest Googens. When she entered the Bunker of Krill she shut off all CIS supply lines to the Bunker. Then she destroyed all power to the bunker. This move left most of her enemies senseless and not able to see with no light. This event gave her an advantage. She took down all the droids and Umbarans and some Trandoshans. She started to wonder how the Trandoshans had got to Umbara. She moved swiftly to and precisely to the Buker Exit where she met a huge battlefield of Umbarans and Droids fighting Trandoshans. It was one of two rooms that only had light. She used the Force to move all her enemies and very violently pushed them to the surrounding walls. Oce beyond that room she was  finnaly at the exit where she dueled Tosskar, a Trandoshan, to the death. Of course Tao survived and moved on her way. Only five  feet away from the Bunker was where she went unconscious from too much body heat and large amounts of sweat.

Republic Medical Outpost

By the time Tao woke back up form so much body heat, she was in a bed in an outpost. Only hours later she left and contiued with her mission.

Sith Academy

First person view of Tao Shandae staring at many Sith preparing for battle

After many hours of medical treatment Tao left the medical outpost and boarded a transporter to the Ancient Sith Academy. There she waited for about twelve hundred clone soilders to land and prepare for battle before entering the Temple. Once ready all stood in strait lines and waited for her battle call. She, knowing that entering the Sith Academy through the main entrance was dangerous, went through it anyways. She battled in a way never before seen against the Sith. Half of her battalion of clones died in battle and the other half went mad within seconds and started attacking Tao. In defense she had to kill her clone soilders. After all was finished she fought her way past many powerful Sith Training Droids. Afterwards she fought a Sith Master and ended the fight with her still walking. Once at the end of the Temple she fought Darth Maul and Savage Opress
Duel with the Sith Lord

The top of the Sith Academy, or also known as the Death Top was where Darth Maul and his apprentice waited for Tao Shandae. She ignited her sabers just when they did and fought violently. The battle went on for about half an hour when Tao cut off one of Darth Maul's limbs then punched Savage Opress in the face. This gave Tao Shandae the advantage. She used the Force to grip Maul and pushed him against wall then slammed him on the floor. She then used the Force to choke Savage in mid air. Then she slammed him on the ground. This gave her time to escape and dive off the Sith Academy.

Mision Failure

After she cowardly escaped the Sith Academy she was greatly injured by the dive she took. Because she was so weak in the Force after her major duel with two Sith Lords she was drained of energy and did not have enough power to slow her fall. She was later taken back to the medical outpost then from there to the Jedi Temple for further healing.

Battle for Iceburg Three

"Damn these droids! I hate flying!"

"Ahh come on, Master. Follow me and you will stay alive."

"Ok lets go by your rules smart one!"

– Ares Nighracer and Tao Shandae enjoy a normal sarcastic arguement durring the heat of battle
As the Clone Wars progressed, she and her master shared many battles together. Some were very dangerous and some battles were jokingly fun. Though none was almost as dangerous so far as the
Kalin in Jedi Starfighter

Tao Shandae in her Jedi Starfighter during the space battle of Iceburg Three

Battle for Iceburg Three.
Space Battle

When the First Flight, a famous starship under the command of Ares Nighracer, reached Iceburg Three they were surprisingly under attack as many other ships from the Republic Fleet were also under attack. While Ares, Tao's master led the battle on board his the bridge of his ship, Tao wet ahead and attacked the CIS enemy lines. Many droid fighters chased her through the heat of battle, shooting at her. She in return let out small canisters that made the missles blow up. Then she continued on to attack a separatist droid cruiser called Dominant. She destroyed the shields with the help of her clone pilots, then destroyed the bridge where the Separatist general was located. That was when she had clear passage to the iceburg.

Sky Battle

They CIS did not give up so easily. The fight for Iceburg Three did not stop there. She continued the battle in the atmosphere of the iceburg. She spun her fighter left and right, causing all plasma fire to miss her. She then commanded for two LAAT gunships to bomb the droid fighters attacking her. After the attacking of droid fighters, she continued the sky battle with a bombing run.

Bombing Run

While the battle continued in space and the sky, Tao led a group of MLAAT gunships as in Massive gunships. While in the MLAAT gunships, they bombed large groups of droids and other fighters below them and massive ion cannons. Soon when the Republic fleet had clear passage in the sky, Ares Nighracer, Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker, and General Kenobi landed their troops.

Preparations for Battle
After the Great Bombing Run Tao fled to the ground and set base there. She then went to prepare her fighter herself while the Republic Loading Transports, or communly known as RLTs, were droppig cargo off. She then

Clones gaurd Tao's transporter on Iceburg Three

went to eat, drink, and warm up for the next upcoming battle. As clone troopers landed they went o their way to warm their clone blasters and warm up too. Along with her in the fight for Iceburg Three was Plo Koon. The others commanded their cruisers from the sky or space. She was warned to watch for droid bombers so she set up a small search camp on the top of her built base. What the search camp saw was jaw dropping.
Droid Invasion

Tao took the sight glass holders that many clones used. She then sent out a small strike team to gaurd the perimeter when she saw may droids of the CIS approching the base. Then there was something else she and other soilders saw: something strange and dangerous. When the CIS reached the base all hell broke loose but what gave the droids an upper hand had frightened Tao into full retreat...

Five upgraded droid bombers rushed through the atmosphere of the iceburg. Many had known them as "Air Droidekas" but what they were really called were MSBs or Massive Shield Bombers. They nearly destroyed the whole base but Tao sent in a distress signal to Ares for more reinforcements. he answered but more clones were still not a match for the new gunships. They were then forced into retreat.

Battle Plan

After Tao's battalion found a new and secret place to set up base, Tao traveled on a transporter to the First Flight. There, all of the Jedi Generals set up a plan to defeat these new and improved bombers. Tao tthough it would be a great idea to report these new gunships to the Republic Intelligence. Obi-Wan Kenobi agreed and so did Ares and Plo Koon along with Anakin Skywalker. After Tao contacted the Intell system, the intell replied saying that only four of these new gunships were located on Iceburg. Tao then gave the idea that if the Republic sent in many LAAT gunships out at once to the cooridinates of the located Air Droidekas, then bomb them that would be one less problem to worry about.

Around half an hour after the destruction of the MSBs, Tao led all four battalions of troops representing the other four Jedi Generals, to the CIS secret outpost and hold out. It was up to her and four million other cloes to win Iceburg Three.

Battle for the Iceburg

After the destruction of the CIS bombers Tao launched a full scale attack on Iceburg Three. The separatist was then outmatched and was defeated with the explosion of the base when Tao used the Force to destroy the power generator which uses a powerful kind of gas that warms up the CIS base. Even after the destruction of the base though she still had other problems on her hands...

After the destruction of the Separatist base, General Grievous the leader of the Droid Army was outraged
1000px-Ahsoka vs Grievous

Tao duels Grievous in Republic Base on Iceburg Three

and went to see what had happened on the battlefield.

Tao was frightened and warned the others about General Grievous on Iceburg Three. Though they could give no help to her due to the CIS blockade around the iceburg.

Yet, she still ignited her lightsabers and defened herself. The two began the duel with a strike then a parry of thrust and moves with their lightsabers. Tao was on the defensive while grievous attacked. She moved her saber up, down, right, left blocking all of the general's strikes with her lightsaber. She then attacked with a few moves of her own. Everytime they had a strike Tao would cut off the limbs of her opponent once grievous was defenseless he fled and left.


After the great victory of Iceburg Three she was then given another name to her list of names: Hero of the 104th.

Second Battle of Geonosis

"You will have to stay up here and command the First Flight, Tao."

"But Master!"

"No buts it is really dangerous down there."

– Ares Nighracer warns Tao about the dangerous battle on Geonosis
Aboard the First Flight

As Ares Nighracer led a battalion on Geonosis, Tao Shandae was forced to command the First Flight. She thought it was boring and had been spending most of her time on the ship anyways. Though when many Separatist Cruisers came out of hyperspace she suddenly felt the rush for battle. Yet she was told to stay on the ship so she commanded the clone marines into battle as they fought off droid fighters. Afterwards she had the cruiser go against a CIS cruiser in a dog fight in space. After the destruction of the CIS cruiser something else came out of hyperspace.....

Dark Star

Tao was shocked to see a ship so big. It was almost the size of the Malevolence. She sent out another distress signal to Ares Nighracer on Geonosis and in return more Republic Attack  Cruisers came out of hyperspace. First they had to knock out the engine shields which with the might of all the attack cruiser the did destroy not only the engine shields but the whole shield for the massive cruiser. Now that more and more attack cruisers came Tao finally left the First Flight to join the space battle. First she sent out about a hundred Y-wings to destroy the cannons to the Dark Star. But the Y-wings failed so Tao had to destroy them herself. She used a stealth ship to kock out the cannons then sent in more Y-wings to bomb the cannons. After wards they destroyed the massive ship. If it was not for Tao the Republic would of lost the Secod Battle of Geonosis...

Blockade of Ryloth

"If someone can break through that blockade..."

"I am willing to help Master Kenobi"

– Obi-Wan Kenobi and Tao Shandae discuss the Blockade of Ryloth
Breaking the Blockade
Another major fight that Tao participated in was the Blockade of Ryloth. It was a dangerous battle on the battlefield but it was even more dangerous around the orbit of Ryloth. Before the CIS made a blockade of the planet, Ares Nighracer was stationed there at an outpost. But the Tao was once again ordered to stay aboard the First Flight.
1000px-Blockade of Ryloth

The Separatist fleet blockading Ryloth

Along with her was Jedi General Kenobi. There they discussed a plan to destroy the blockade. While the Resolute was the ship already the bait for this mission, Tao offered to use the First Flight to destroy the Blockade also. Ares agreed to the plan and went fight off the squadron of droids. While in space Tao warmed the ship to full speed and had quickly abadon the ship along with the rest of the clones as the ship had a crash course with the blockade. They soon landed in escape pods and crashed to the planet.

 Jedi Knight Tao Shandae

"Damn this war! We and the CIS are so close to a tie this war could come to ends at any moment!"
– Tao Shandae speaking on her behalf in the Senate Building on Coruscant


By 20 BBY almost two years after the start of the war, Tao Shandae was finally promoted to knighthood. When she finally returned from a huge battle at Byss she was sent to theJedi High Council Chambers. There she was finally a Jedi Knight. While Ares Nighracer was no longer her master he was still a wise mentor.

The White Rise

After Tao became a Jedi Knight, she had her own Repblic Attack Cruiser. It was called: The White Rise. After she recieved her own attack cruiser she went o to participate in many battles. Such as the battle of Florum or the Battle for Void. In one of these cases was her first battle with her own attack cruiser.

Great Battle of Naboo

Padme Amidala: "Tao do you realize what your doing? By taking down that cruiser there is great risk Anakin is on there and could die."

Tao Shandae:"Yes but a thousand lives saved are worth more then just one, I am sorry Senator. Destroy the Separatist Attack Cruiser!"

Clone Commander: "Yes sir"

Padme: "No!"

– Padme and Tao argue over the fate of Anakin Skywalker
The Climatic Battle

The Great Battle of Naboo started just months after Tao Shandae's knighthood. It was a huge battle over the resourses that could be useful to the CIS. Though the Republic refused to let them take the planet so easily. The Republic and the CIS both clashed in a climatic battle for Naboo in space, sky, ground, and water and Tao Shandae was the one in command of the whole battle.

Taking a Risk

As Republic forces were entering the orbit of Naboo, The White Rise was already in the middle of battle. Jedi General Tao Shandae led the first battle of upcoming events orbiting Naboo. A separatist ship called the Savek. Tao sent out may Republic Space Bombers to attack the droid fighters. Also durring this time Anakin Skywalker boarded the Savek. Along with his company Senator Padme Amidala was aboard The White Rise, waiting for Anakin to return in one piece. As this was happening the Savek started to attack Tao's attack cruiser. This left Tao with no choice. She, in return had to attack the Savek even though Anakin was still onboard enemy lines. This left Padme and Tao arguing over the fate of Anakin Skywalker. Instead she chose not to attack until anakin got back to the attack cruiser.

The Battle above Naboo

As Naboo was under great crisis, Tao prepared to ship out supplies to the people of Naboo. The people were running out of resorces to supply the clones to survive another day. Tao was frightened that people might die on Naboo if they do not get the food and water they need to survive. Though as this crisis was happening, a battle over Naboo took place.

As ths battle was warming up, Tao launched more attacks on many CIS cruisers. Some went into retreat the others fought back. Tao then sent in many upgraded LAAT gunships, for the use of space only, went to bomb some of the big bulk cruisers that dared to fight against her for Naboo. She then set in stolen droid fighters that clones used to get onboard enemy lines. She thought this plan would work and it did. Soon there was only five Separatist Attack Cruisers and twelve of the Republic Attack Cruisers. Most of them retreated from the planets orbit, the rest of the enemy lines were destroyed.

Naboo Sky Battle
After the retreat from the Separatist, Tao then moved her ships to the sky where they would bomb any base that
The Battle Of Quell 1f824

The battle of Naboo: The White Rise is attacked (strait ahead)

the droids had secured. As this happened Tao had a flashback but this flashback was real. Many MSBs came from the surface of Naboo to attack the Republic Naval Fleet. In return, Tao sent out improved gunships of her own to defend the fleet. While the gunships attacked gunships, Tao ordered the fleet to attack the Separatist with their powerful canons.
Battle in Theed

After the massive sky battle, Tao moved her clone soilders to protect the capital city of Theed. Tao also left her ship and fled to the city. She began to prepare for battle as she already knew that the CIS were coming. She had clones fly in fighters and surround the perimeter of the city. Then they saw the CIS near Theed already prepared for battle.

As the droids entered the city, Tao and many clone soilders, about a million of them in fact, attacked the CIS front lines trying to keep the droids as far from entering the city as possible. But it was no use they still broke through.

As the droids walked into Theed all hell broke loose. Bombs scattered every where and shooting and screaming filled the air. Tao moved and jumped side to side to dodge the flying blaster bolts. She defended herself while she defended clones near her. She striked droids and pushed them and destroyed them. Clones near her shot at droids with perfection or screamed in pain as a bolt of painful energy ran through them. Tao ran through out the battlefield attacking any droid she can see...

Retreating to the Grasslands

As they Great Battle of Naboo moved on, Tao sent the droids into retreat on the grasslands near Theed. There they battled and killed each other. The Republic Army then destroyed the battalion of droids there and moved on to much more inportat matters...

Falling into a Bunker?
While on there way back to Theed, The Grand Army of the Republic and their General, Tao Shandae walked the rest of the way to the capital city. On there way there Tao fell into a secret bunker where she found secret droid
Ahsoka Tano - Nal Hutta--

Tao Shandae enters the secret spy bunker on Naboo

spys. There was many of them but to stop any communicating with the CIS, Tao destroyed them.
Welcome to Gungan City!

After Tao destroyed the spys in the secret bunker, she then made her way to gungan city, a city that is located in the water, as for she knew the CIS would come here and fight. Tao warned the Gungans. about the threat that awaits them. There the Gungans prepared for battle as they would help Tao fight against the Separatist. Along with Tao to aid the battle was Chuct'oot Binks, a high Gungan General and is related to representitve Jar Jar Binks. He would later die in battle but his legacy would forever be known. As for Tao, she prepared a water fleet to attack the Separatist. Then the CIS entered the water perimeter of Gungan City.

Water Fights are for Swiming Pools!

After the Grand Army of the Republic entered Gungan City and prepared for battle, the Separatist came. Tao steadied the clone soilders as General Binks did the same. As droids entered the clones attacked and fought against the droids in the water.

So afterwards the Republic won that battle but the Separatist had a new ally, one group far more dangerous then the CIS themselves. The great and wise, the Nighracer Clan.
Gungan City

Gungan City, on the planet of Naboo

Mandalorian Invasion

After the great water battle at Gungan City, Tao and her huge battalion of clones ventured back to Theed and waited there for rest and more orders at least until the separatist movment on Naboo cleared up. Very soon after reinforcements arrived for the Separatist along with the help of the Nighracer Clan. The Nighracer Clan is a mandalorian clan led by Atlas Nighracer, the ruthless bouty hunter and brother of Ares Nighracer. As the Clones geared up for battle oe more time an unexpected enemy visited them with a huge group of dangerous bounty hunters. Tao was forced to engage Atlas while the clones and the Separatist fought for Naboo once more.

Duel with Atlas Nighracer

While clones fought Mandalorians and droids, Tao Shandae dueled Atlas Nighracer to a near death experience. Atlas, who at the time had stolen the great Darksaber from Pre Vizla and claimed it for himself,  fought with experience. Tao clashed sabers, once, twice, three times and striked sabers again. Atlas slashed and Tao ducked. The two fought almost as if they had the same skill one would strike the other dodge. Until finally Tao ended the duel with the slash of her saber against Atlas Nighracer's arm.


Just days after the end of the Great Battle of Naboo, Tao fled from the planet knowing that the CIS would stay away once and for all.

Near End of the Clone Wars

 :Nearing an end, the Clone Wars is... I sense Tao will be a great use for the end of the war."
– Yoda senses a vision of Tao Shandae

Saving the Chacellor

Near the end of the war Tao was debriefed from the Battle for Saleucami, and brought back to Coruscant to save the Chancellor. On the way there she spent her time doing lightsaber drills in her training chambers. She fought for about a half an hour. While her lightsaber drills were being practiced the Battle of Coruscant began.

Unexpected Surprises
Once Tao reached Coruscant she was astonished by the massive space battle she entered into. She was surprised and was lost in her thoughts. She could not think nor move. As she drew closer to battle she sent out space marines to defend the White Rise. She then woke from her deep concentration on the battle as if she was
Commander lead

Tao Shandae aboard the bridge of the White Rise durring the Battle of Coruscant

zoned into the lights of Coruscant or the explosions that raced through space like firecrackers. She herself then took charge and started to attack Separatist ships near her.

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