Talyn Drake
Talyn Drake
Biographical information



90 BBY



Physical description





1.80 meters

  • 65 Kilograms (adolescent)
  • 95 Kilograms (adult)
Hair color

Black (greying)

Eye color

Dark Brown

Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

  • Onderon Royal Guard
  • Death Watch (Formely)
  • Mandalorians
    • Clan Werda
  • Mandalorian Guild
    • Shadow Collective (Formely, Undercover)
  • Mandalorian Protectors



Clan Werda

Current Squad

The Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

4 Trooper

Battle Class

Bc icon mercenary

Duraani, burc'ya? <You looking at me funny, pal?>


Talyn Drake, born Erak Dendup -nicknamed Tal'buir ("Papa Tal" in Mando'a) by his Clan- and later known as The Flame (Te Tracinya in Mando'a) was a member of the Onderon Royal Family, cousin to Ramsis Dendup via his father Kale Dendup. He was to be enrolled in the Royal Onderon Guard  until he was kidnapped by an Aqualish Slavers Guild in late 60 BBY. He then was captured in a raid by the Death Watch in 58 BBY and joined their ranks, learning how to fight and survive. During a mission to Tatooine in 54 BBY , Erak's Squad were ambushed by Clan Drake under the command of Kote Drake. Erak's Squad fled the scene deserting Erak to die and the boy was surrounded by Mandalorian mercenaries . Kote, seeing the boy's potential, adopted him into Clan Drake and nicknamed him Talyn (after his former son who had died some years previously). Talyn fought alongside his father for many years until his father and Clan were murded by Death Watch assassins (the same men who had been in Erak's Squad) when Talyn was out hunting in 48 BBY. Talyn was shocked over his Clan's death but eventually came to terms with it, vowing to kill those responsible. He turned to mercenary work, taking jobs where he could and spending his free time tracking down the assassin's who ruined his life. 

In 30 BBY he was recruited by Jango Fett to serve in his Cuy'val Dar as a training sergeant (ruus'alor in Mando'a). He would train one hundred Clone Commandos to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic and would treat each and every squad like his family. He would later serve as an advisor for Jedi General Layla Carosh in her battles against the Confederacy of Independent Systems and began to fall in love with her. Yet he refused to ever officially joined the Republic. He would leave for Mandalore during Order 66 , with Carosh (now his wife) and his Clan which included two of his squads and other close friends.


Early life

Erak Dendup was born on Onderon

Erak's residence shortly before his capture

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