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Born 32 BBY on Kamino, homeworld of the clone army, TK-4211 was a clone trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic and also was a part of the Coruscant Guard. When Order 66 came, TK-4211 didn't have to execute the order because he was a shock trooper and guarded prison cells. Months after the new Galactic Empire was in order, TK-4211 got his new armor. After the Kamino uprising, diversity for clones of the empire that were not a part of the 501st started so TK-4211 joined the stormtrooper corps and recieved stormtrooper training there. TK-4211 guarded prison cells in the Death Star as a stormtrooper like he did when he was a part of the Coruscant Guard. When a prison break in the Death Star arose, TK-4211 was knocked out by a rebel prisoner and after the empire's failure of the prison break TK-4211 was rushed to a med center. After when TK-4211 woke up, TK-4211 got back to his guard duty. Later, Luke Skywalker a member of The Alliance to Restore The Republic, shot 2 torpedoes in the Death Star reactor core and the Death Star blew up while TK-4211 was aboard which caused his death. (like most stormtroopers in A New Hope)


TK-4211 in his new armor.

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