CWA- Redeeming my card assault pack00:42

CWA- Redeeming my card assault pack

My youtube video

Hello. I am new to CWA Character Wiki. I learned this existed from Gun Good. I am on here just to see what people say about me or what i have to say about others. Feel Free to add me on CWA I am nice once you get to know me.

My youtube channel is mikethebeast55.... Hope you like the videos if you watch them.... I got alot of friends too. OVER 10,000 but anyways i am new to this website

Here are a couple of my friends from CWA

1. Davie Karczewski 2. Kyle Starstrider 3. Jay Sabrr 4. Brandon Nicholas 5. Master Steve 6. Anakin Starstrider 7. Fangj30 Heat 8. Sparksj30 Heat 9. Bravis Starstrider 10. Rocko Burningspiral 11. Roket Clone 12. Dante Darkfield 13. Vareel Kelvor 14. SaiTorr Ecwropri 15. BrianThe Legend 16. Vann Blazebreaker 17. Dekoda 18. Dark Thorn 19. Leshaak Larcon 20. Alpha Sinatra  21. Gun Good 22. Matthew Chuck Prime

AND MANY MANY MORE PEOPLE... That I was to lazy to list XD

Story of Steve Skyman:

When i was a small boy the seperatists came to the planet of maridun where i was in hiding from the war. when Lok Durd came and used his bomb to destroy the wildlife on Maridun I knew i had to do something. I caught a ride on the back of the ship Anakin and Ahsoka and Aayla took to the jedi temple. At the time i was only 5 years of age and had a couple tricks up my sleeve with the force. Then Steve decided to train and be a jedi knight since he wanted revenge on the seperatists that destroyed his home. Steve Skyman trained for many years mastering the art of the force. Then i finally was let out on my first mission. My first mission was to scout on Maridun (homefield advantage) so that is what i did and reported back saying that there was another base on maridun for the seperatists. Then the 4 of us (Steve Skyman, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker) all went to the base and kicked there butts all the way back to ryloth. Steve's first mission was a success and the many missions after that were successful as well. Over time Steve Skyman learned new skills from Master Yoda. But he learned alot of skills from Aayla Secura and we grew very close to one another. We shall see what happens after season 5 of the clone wars comes out this fall. ;)

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