Solus Brokar
Solus Brokar
Biographical information

Concorddawnplanet Concord Dawn


65 BBY

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known apprentices

Hettir Brokar

Squad Rank

3 Commander

Battle Class

Bc icon trooperIcon scoundrelTechnician

"I am sorry brother, but you made your choice to follow Mereel. That is a choice that you will pay for." ―Solus Brokar

Solus Brokar was a Commander in Death Watch during the Clone Wars and the uncle of Mirta Brokar.


Early years

Solus and Dinuir True Mandalorians

Solus and his bother, Diniur saluting Jaster Mereel

Solus Brokar was born on Concord Dawn in 65 BBY. There he trained as a Mandalorian with his brother, Dinuir Brokar. The brothers would enlist into the True Mandalorians, Led by Jaster Mereel. Solus Brokar's view of the True Mandalorians changed as they went on mercenary missions for other systems. Solus believed the Mandalorians should fight only for themselves against all enemies and not serve as guns for hire. He was offered to join a splinter group that shared his view known as the Death Watch. He fought with them against Jaster Mereel’s True Mandalorians and his own brother, Dinuir. Solus was not present in the final battle of the war. The leader of Death Watch, Tor Vizsla had set a trap from the True Mandalorians by framing them for the deaths of several innocent Galidraan people which would catch the attention of the Jedi. Solus watched the Battle of Galidraan to find his brother had survived the final battle. Solus was ordered by Tor Vizsla to hunt down and kill his brother. Solus accepted this order and started his search for Dinuir.

Destroying Clan Brokar

Many years after Tor Vizslas death, a new Death Watch leader named Pre Vizsla took his place. Solus served Pre as one of his veteran commanders, but he still continued hunting down his brother in the name of Death Watches founder. A year after Death Watches resurrection Solus finally found his Dinuir. Dinuir had a new clan of Mandalorians, and that His brother had a daughter named Mirta Brokar. Solus had attempted to recruit Mirta into Death Watch before he was interrupted by his brother who chased him away with rockets and blasters. A month after discovering his brother’s new Clan mates and daughter, Solus gathered a squad of Death Watch solders to wipe out the clan. They attacked at night firing rockets and missiles at the Broker Clans camp site. Though the Brokar clan had fought well and taken out many death watch troops, they were defeated almost whipped out entirely. All that remained was Dinuir and his daughter, Mirta. Solus challenged his brother to duel him for the last time on a planetoid called Cossa 12. Dinuir chased him to this planetoid where they met once again in a battle arena. After a long fight, Solus had defeated and murdered his brother Dinuir. The only Brokar left that followed Jaster Mereels ways was Mirta Broker, and Solus intended to either Turn her to Death Watch or destroy her.

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