Sofia Kraytdreamer

Sofia Kraytdreamer is one of the many female troopers within the clone ranks. She ranks as a Sergeant in the 327th attack battlion. She was born on Tatooine, homeworld to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. She was born with an extremely high midi-clorian count, 100 lower than Jedi master Yoda. She came to Kamino by sneaking onto a mercenary's ship when she was 7 by hiding in a crate. The mercenary was named Jango Fett. She was discovered after 14 years of hiding in janitor's closets by Commander Cody.

"I thought I saw something special in her." Commander Cody

Sofia is 21 years old and very brave. She helped in the ground assault on the shadowed planet of Umbara with the 212th and 501st battlions as a reserve trooper with ARC trooper Fives.

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