Movie 4 Multiple 2
Biographical information



29 BBY

Physical description

Human (Clone)




1.83 meters

Chronological and political information

Rise Of The Empire


Galactic Republic

Bc icon trooper

 CT-6561 was a clone solder in The Galactic Republic who was cloned into the second wave of troops on Kamino, however he and his squad were not placed on duty until The Clone Wars was well on it's way. For his first mission he was stationed on Ryloth serving under Captain Leo, and Bravo Company. At the moment he believed war was easy, and that was all there was to it, but he would soon get a taste of real war.


Skirmish On Ryloth

Slay's first mission took place on Ryloth, where he and Bravo Company were stationed, one day the Separatists launched a full scale assault. The unprepared clones, who hadn't even been in a real battle before were completely blindsided by the assault, losing men left and right. Captain Leo valiantly led his Company, but had no success. Leo ordered Slay to take cover and contact help, when he did he got in touch with Commander Cody, he sent them the coordinates and returned to Leo's position. Shortly after doing so Leo ordered a retreat. Once they had fell back, Leo began explaining the plan, but was then killed by a sniper. Slay who was accompanied by Split took out the droids, then moved out. They came across two tanks and a droid escort, and after a short debate, they decided to attack. Just when it looked like it was lights out for them. A Gunship showed up and destroyed the tanks, out of the gunship came Captain Banks, Banks took Slay and Split to the cruiser, where they told him what happened. Banks sent the news to Cody, who was on the surface taking care of the droids, when he got back. Banks told them they were being promoted to ARC Troopers.


Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures (first appearance)

Star Wars: Skirmish On Ryloth

Star Wars The Clone Wars

Star Wars: Ghost Ship

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