Ramikad's standard gear

Slambam Skygeneral

There is one path to the future...-Slambam Skygeneral.


Slambam Skygeneral born 13 years before rhe clone wars, he was an elite clone trooper.He was a heavy weapons Specealist.One day a trooper called Comet ,got hit in the chest. He was dead. Slambam was so angry that he started blasting an energy known as FORCE LIGHTNING. He was a force-sensitive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Battle of Ryloth

It a horrible battle. Many of his brothers died. The droid foundry is far west. "I do not want any of you to send a distress signal or follow one! Understood ?", Obi-wan declared. As the Torrent Company advanced, Captain Rex demanded the company to split up: Slam, meet Farshine. You guys will work together while we take the droids down. Here are three detonators.

-What are they for ? , Farshine asked.

-This is a test of strength!, Rex ingnored him.

As Slam and Farsine advanced. 

Rys firing CWA

Farshine blasts a droid in order to save Slam`s life

Slam asked,-Um,Seargant? Is that a dis..

-Shut up! cut in his companion.

It was Wat Tambor. "Is that Galactic Do ?" Slam asked

No, its General Dinoboar! He joked. 

A sniper droid aimed for Slam.

Duck !!!! Shouted Farshine .While blasting the droid.

Battle Of Umbara



Banthas kept by sith lord Hoffman

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