Skyram Jowell,had two brothers...Monster Jowell and Tracyn Verd

Sky got the name Skyram because she was always outside playing with the rams and looking up at the sky everyday for many many hours! She was also a general in the Verd clan her brother Tracyn gave her that special rank not because she was his sister but merely because he thought she could do it best! Sky was a very good racer with her Bloodfin 35-hgr37 she and Tracyn spent many hours working on it and it soon became a very popular speeder....Tracyn and Sky made a business called Bloodfin-tech they became very rich and their business was very prosperous. Then one day they working on a very expensive Bloodfin for a infamous bounty of pirates,Sky was working on the engine of the machine and Tracyn walked by with very heavy tool and accidently droped it and scared Sky half to death.....when she was scared her hand slipped and activated a switch causing the Bloodfin to activate its hyper speed and rammed into another motor and exploded the ENTIRE building!!! Tracyn lost a leg and Sky was not badly hurt but she was bloody.

Rest soon to come!!

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