Biographical information



600 BBY

Physical description

Trandoshan (South)




2.97 meters

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the new empire
  • Order era

Brenda Diensphere

Current Squad

Catostrophic Event

Squad Rank

1 Commander

Battle Class

Bc icon trooper

– Skurge

Skurge was just an Infant when a small quarrel between the Empire and his kind began. But what started out as just a fist fight, escalated into chemical warfare. The Empire had stationed a chemical plant on Dosha. To the Empire, Dosha was a test planet to carry out their projects. Curious to what was happening to their planet, Trandoshans swarmed the imperial camp sight and peered through the walls to see what was going on. Weeks passed and tremors began to be frequent. They knew exactly who caused it. The empire. The all rallied and began destroying the wall. Stormtroopers were ordered to gear up and asses the situation. Gunfire began. Skurge and his mother were still at their home a few miles away from the fight. She attempted to flee with infant Skurge, but at-sts were deployed and ordered to execute. Fourtunatly they out ran the machines and fLeed to the forrest. Behind them a enormus exsplotion formed. First there was nothing then a wave of gasses black and oily shot through the air towards them. Skurge and his mother ran, there was a cliff. Under it was flat. She knew she had and raided and slaughterd the troops. Skurge ran with his mother and tried to escape. A scout trooper shot his mother through the eye and instantly died. Unaware of this Skurge kept running. The trooper couldnt catch up. Meanwhile                                                                               


Young Life

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