im no longer a jedi im a sith 

sith zack

sith zack was a jedi youngling who fell to the darkside he has a lightsaber like savage oppress 

and wears black armour 

he is a double agent he works for both the republic and sepretist

(Early days) When he was a Padawan he was trained by Tom alphawaver. Their ship crash landed in koriban a planet where the sith used to live Unknown to them sith still live there, as they were about to leave with their Repaired ship sith attacked them zack told his master to go without him Zack tried to stop the sith zack's left hand got cut off Screaming in pain he fell to the dark side

And was brought to the sith temple. While at the sith temple his hand got replaced by robotic implants his lightsaber was being redesigned with

Red crystals. His new master teached him the power of the dark side And gave him a Jedi lightsaber zack asked why he needed a Jedi lightsaber His master said "your my secret don't let the Jedi know". (Undercover days) Zack was flying a skyhopper a bounty hunter ship On his way back to the Jedi temple his master tom was surprised to see him alive "Where were you it's been 3 months" zack"I crash landed in a bounty hunter planet that's how I got this ship cool isn't it?" Tom"this ship can help us Go undercover" no one knows that zack was a sith zack acted more serious Making his master afraid that he might fall to the dark side. (Sith days) As a sith zack would wear a helmet similar to boba fetts helmet with a dark coulor scheme, zack's master would run into him and find his Padawan missing And would fight in fear as he face sith zack zack's master managed to escape From sith zack to find his Padawan waiting for him at their ship

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