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  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion

Scorpia (formerly)

Umbarese Banshees

Umbaran Militia

  • BSU (briefly)

Shadow Collective

  • Black Sun
  • Hutt Cartel (Formerly)
  • Darth Maul (briefly)
  • Pyke Syndicate
  • Death Watch
  • Mandalorian Super Commandos (briefly)

Galactic Empire

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Bc icon mercenaryIcon scoundrelTechnician

George Sim Galen, also known as "Ghost Hunter", is a human born and raised on Umbara. As he grew up, he began to face the life of a skilled mercenary, spice dealer, arms dealer, bounty hunter, weapon specialist, and an organizer of criminal affairs.


Sim Galen was a Human-Umbaran who's criminal activities were most frequent a few years before and during the Clone Wars under the alias of Ghost Hunter.

I wouldn't know if nice guys ever finish a job. Nice guys aren't born on my world.
– Ghost Hunter

In the Begining

George Sim Galen was Human-Umbaran mix, born on Umbara and raised by his single Umabaran father. Growing up, he had a constantly strained relationship with his father, and never knew his mother personally, nor did he even believe her to be alive. Sim was sheltered and schooled solely by his father who was a powerful politician in the Umbaran Caste System ad had wanted to use Sim as a deadly assassin. By the time Sim was ten he was trained to kill off certain competitors or political enemies. Sim was successful in all of his tasks, slaying fortey-four Umbarans with various poisons, while discretely murdering several more with long-ranged plasma rifles. The poisons he had used took twenty-four hours to take effect, while he stealthily assassinated by other means away from his home. He was occasionally commanded to shoot and kill a well-known individual in the middle of a street during waking hours. All missions never had an expectation of Sim returning home to his father who devised the plans. However, he made sure that he remained unseen for the most part and unharmed against all odds, as he took to roof tops and sniped targets from a far. Sim's reputation as an anonymous mass murderer created a scare around the Umbaran capital city, many media sources dubbed him the Shadow Hunter. He was rarely spotted during his attacks and was never caught due, mostly due to his cleverness at maneuvering out of sight. He also woe all black clothing and a hood which kept his whole face under a shadow. His father was often linked to the deaths as a suspect, but was never charged with anything. Sim felt that by killing his father's enemies, his lifestyle would be happier with his father's eventual wealth. He was half right, his father made many promises, but didn't keep any that comforted Sim. His father rose in power and income, but spent most of his money on prostitutes and attire, but nothing was spent on Sim besides ammunition and small rations.

Introduction to Piracy

At age nineteen Sim decided that he not only wanted to live on his own, but gain his own rewards. He was never allowed to leave his home outside of assassination missions. On those missions he would visit an interplanetary spaceport. There he met many shady figures who operated both on their own and corrupt Umbarans. He came to befriend many mercenaries and shared his experiences as an assassin while conversing in the spaceport's bar. Many were impressed, but he caught the attention of a Trandoshan pirate leader instantly. The pirate captain, Slaab, offered Sim a place in his group, if he could acquire a fee of one-hundred million Galactic Credits in the form Umbaran currency. Sim accepted the challenge, at first feeling he could steel the money from his father. However, he realised that he'd need to acquire it from multiple sources. He turned his attention to the Umbaran Bank Station located in the Capital City of Umbara. He figured that he could make a successful robbery by both hacking into the system and going into the building with moderate weapons.

Sim approached Slaab with a heist plan one day, laying out the architecture of the bank and the types of people he'd need to assist him in the process. Slaab was eager to see Sim's potential and agreed to aid him with four Trandoshan pirates. When he was sent out on another assassin mission, Sim packed what little possessions he had and met up with the Trandoshans in an ally way. Sim wore a gas mask while the rest of his group whore heavy clothes around their armor and bandages over their mouths. All of them carried blaster rifles and explosives. Their plan was to take over the large bank by setting up a perimeter in the main lobby, keeping hostages in place and the authorities away. One person would then shut down automated security, and another would hack into the bank's currency system and transfer the money into a hidden account. They would then escape by traveling to the roof of the structure and be picked up by a smuggler's spaceship.

Ghost Hunter, the Bouny Hunter

With the gun itself and his leisured freedom, he was able to apply the Umbaran technology to another short rifle and dawned a cutom plasma blaster rifle to keep on hand dubbed "The Ghost Hand".

Sim later on adopted fighting techniques and became interested in using melee-combat and armory skills for bounty-hunting work. He started to go by the alias of Ghost Hunter, leaving the Ghost Nebula system with a small group of Trandoshian allies to find work and add more money to the pirate reserves. Sim's group broke away from the main group and formed it's own small team known as Scorpia.

More coming soon...

Personality and Traits

Umbarans typically retain a darker sense of humor and can be socially handicapped when conversing with other species, such as humans. However, Galen's heritage genetically supports his personality to perform more in a more universally accepted manner, or at least give him the insight to do so. Though he typically keeps to himself, living and working reclusively whenever he can.

Blue Shadow Basic

Ghost Hunter's Emblem


  • Sim was named by his mother who was, unlike the Umbaran father, an Alderanian human.

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