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Sif Zavros, born Sifya Terran Zavros, was a Togrutan member of the Jedi Order who served as a Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. She was born on Shili in 36 BBY to Leena Zavros and Vann Jaxon. She had one adopted brother, Zalex Zavros. Eventually she learned that she was descended from a strong family in the days of the Old Republic, the Kallig Legacy.

Sifya "Sif" Zavros
Biographical information



36 BBY

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era


Galactic Republic Jedi Order, Galactic Republic

Known masters

Term Fett

Plo Koon


Leena Zavros (mother)

Vann Jaxon (father)

Zalex Zavros (adopted brother)

Eetho Kallig/Darth Nox (ancestor)

Ashara Zavros (ancestor)

Current Squad

Viper Squadron

Squad Rank

3 Commander

Bc icon jediExile

Birth and Early Years

Sifya Zavros was born on Shili in 36 BBY to Leena Zavros and Vann Jaxon. Vann was a wanted mercenary, and soon after Sif's birth he was found and supposedly killed by Jabba the Hutt's men. Concerned for her daughter's safety, Leena changed Sif's legal name to Zavros and was left to grieve for her dead husband.

When Sif was three years old, Leena adopted an abandoned Trandoshan. At first, Sif was wary of him, but as time passed, she grew to love him as any child loves their sibling. Despite their differences and arguments, they got along well, for the most part. Leena named him Zalex and cared for him as she would her own child. Zalex was occasionally made fun of for his strange appearance or voice, and Sif would defend him fiercely.

Discovered by the Jedi

Zalex was eight and Sif was seven when they were found roaming a market by the Jedi Master Plo Koon. Koon sensed the Force in both the children, and followed them back to their home. At first, Leena was ready to shoot him, until he persuaded her to lower the blaster. He then explained to her that he sensed the Force in her children. She was not completely shocked; she had seen signs of it already, but she had been afraid that someone would come to take her children away from her, and she was not about to let them go easily. Eventually, comforted by the knowledge that they would grow up to make the galaxy a better place, she allowed Koon to take them to Coruscant for training. This wasn't easy for any of them; Sif would miss her mother for years to come.

Too Old

Upon arrival to Coruscant, Sif and Zalex were both awed by the planet's huge size and population. Sif found it strange to feel no terrain beneath her feet as she walked. Master Plo taught them to reach out with the Force as they travelled to the Jedi Temple, and Sif could sense so many new beings. The feeling was extraordinary to her.

When presented by Master Plo to the Jedi Council, both Zalex and Sif were deemed too old to be trained. Master Plo would not normally have objected to the Council's wishes, but he sensed great potential in them, and defended them. Unable to persuade the other Jedi to accept them, he took them under his wing, training them by himself. This didn't sit overly well with the Council, but they reluctantly allowed Plo to train Zalex and Sif.

Training With Master Plo

Master Plo's training was difficult and demanding. There were physical aspects to it, of course, and Zalex and Sif both began to develop their own combat styles. Sif more struggled with the mental aspect, the calming of the mind. She enjoyed learning about new species and planets. The history of the galaxy was also interesting to her.


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Battle of Ryloth

The three year stretch of the Clone Wars began in 22 BBY. Many younglings were pushed up to the rank of Padawan to fill the thinning lines of Jedi on the front lines, occasionally without even taking the Padawan Trials. Sif was one of those younglings. Sent to Ryloth to aid Jedi General Term Fett on the battlefield, she later informed him that she was his new apprentice. Somewhat annoyed, the two had an argument in the middle of a firefight, resulting in one of the clone troopers under Term's command to rush in and blast the droids that were about to get the drop on them. Sif shot her new master a glance, which he returned, before their heads returned to the battle. They managed to take the Separatist-controlled Twi'lek city they were after in the end, and Master and Padawan began their "you shoot high, I'll shoot low" relationship. Except in this case, it wasn't really shooting, more slashing with lightsabers.

Blockade of Felucia

In 22 BBY, Term and Sif flew to break through the blockade of Felucia. The outcome was unsuccessful and the Separatists remained in control of the planet, and it also cost Sif a number of troopers under her command. Their deaths took a toll on her, but she managed to eventually pull herself together enough to get back to the cruiser and make the jump to hyperspace.

Second Battle of Geonosis

Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ki-Adi-Mundi led a strike to take the planet Geonosis, while Term Fett was tasked with taking a key Geonosian city. Taking a small number of clone troopers and his Padawan, he snuck into the city and took out the Geonosians quietly before they could figure out what was going on.

Battle of Kamino

The battle of Kamino was fought over control of the planet in 21 BBY. Also known as the Invasion of Kamino or the Defense of Kamino, the battle occurred when the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched a massive attack at the Grand Army of the Republic's main cloning facilities in Kamino's capital, Tipoca City. Term Fett and Sif Zavros fought the Separatists in the sky, to try and keep them off the planet's watery surface. When it was revealed that General Grievous, the Separatist leader, was sacrificing his own ships in order to land the Separatist Droid Army on Kamino via re-entry capsules disguised as starship debris, Sif and Term returned to the city and held the droids back.

Crash on Dathomir

While out on a small scouting patrol, Sif's shuttle lost control and crash landed on the Nightsister homeworld of Dathomir. Everyone inside the shuttle was killed, except for herself. When she regained consciousness, she realized she had been captured by the witches and imprisoned. After a day of imprisonment, she managed to escape with the help of a young Nightsister who had turned her back on the ways of the witches. She took back her lightsaber and a Nightsister energy bow just in case.

She spent a month surviving by herself on the planet's surface, constantly on the run from the Nightsisters and having to find food on her own. For the first week she still had hope someone would come looking for her. By the end of that first week, she'd lost all of it.

In the second week, she was approached by a small wolf pup, which began to follow her around. Assuming the pup's parents were dead, Sif took her in. Now there were two survivors.

By the end of the month, Sif's trust in the Jedi Order was shaken. Thankfully she was found by her master and a squad of clone troopers, but she would never trust the Jedi Council the same way again. The wolf pup refused to be left on Dathomir, so Sif took her with her and named her Onna. The wolf became Sif's companion throughout the war. Sif also became accustomed to using the energy bow she'd taken from the Nightsisters, and continued to use it as a weapon alongside her lightsabers.

Tracking a Criminal

How are things from comfortable Coruscant?
– Sif to Zalex from her position in the Coruscant Underworlds

In 21 BBY, a criminal by the name of Viiro Sunkasti managed to escape the Coruscant prison. Sif, upon learning that this man was one of Jabba the Hutt's thugs and had been involved with the supposed murder of her father, went to track him down. She didn't inform anyone except her adopted brother of what she was going to do. Zalex discouraged her, but agreed to help her from back at the Temple by watching security cameras and overseeing any reports of trouble from the Coruscant police.

Sif, with Zalex's input, did eventually find the man on level 1310. There was a brief brawl, but Sif, with her Jedi talents, acrobatic abilities and precise aim managed to get him on the ground, accidentally chopping off his left arm at the elbow during the process. She demanded to know everything about the incident with Jabba and her father, because she had never truly felt that her father was dead. The man revealed that there had been a chase, but Vann, Sif's father, had gotten away and they weren't sure where he had gone. Afraid of what Jabba's reaction would be, the thugs had lied to the Hutt and told him that Vann had been killed.

Sif couldn't bring herself to silence the man before she left. She swore him to secrecy and returned him to the Coruscant prison, telling the guards that she had been patrolling the Underworlds when she had found the criminal raiding a shop.

Battle of Umbara

Sif and Term were assigned to the shadow world Umbara in late 21 BBY. They dealt with many threats during their time on the planet.

Airfield Mission

Their first mission was to get inside an Umbaran airfield and blow the place from the inside out. Sif took a small squadron of clone troopers, including an alternate commander to herself who she had worked with before, Commander Trip. She also took her wolf, Onna, and was supposed to work alongside another Padawan called Jacen Haro. Haro was the apprentice of Plo Koon, Sif's previous mentor, and he and Sif got along well, probably because of their similar personalities.

Sif's command was dropped a short way from the airfield and sneaked into it, fighting the occasional Umbaran soldier on the way in. They made an entrance through a side pipe leading into it, and dropped from the rafters. They fought their way through the bunker, planted the bombs, and signalled Term to pick them up. The mission went smoothly, with only two troopers lost.

Bunker Grek

Bunker Grek was one of three Umbaran bunkers that Sif dealt with during her time on Umbara. Grek was taken out by herself and Zalex, with Onna and Commander Trip staying behind with Term and Jacen having been recalled to his master's aid. Grek was also taken without much trouble.

Bunker Krill

Bunker Krill was located near the area where the Trandoshan pirates made their homes, and while Trip and Sif took it, it was in the process of being overrun by the pirates. Trip and Sif got into a minor disagreement while fighting, and it was only stopped when the wall next to them exploded and pirates swarmed in, and Trip shielded Sif's body with his own. Wounded, he was near unconsciousness as he slumped against the wall and Sif dealt with the pirates herself, nailing a few with her energy bow before they got too close and she had to rely on her lightsabers.

Trip was too wounded to walk by himself, so Sif supported him all the way out. They weren't able to take control of the bunker, and another strike team had to be sent in later to do it. The loss hit Sif hard, and she apologized profusely to Trip as he lay healing in a medical ward.

Trandoshan Pirates

The pirates had become to be an issue. Sif, Term and Zalex were sent to infiltrate their camp and hopefully destroy it and send them home. The mission was a success.

Bunker Usk

Bunker Usk was taken out smoothly and without much trouble by Sif and Term.

Ancient Sith Academy

While on a scouting patrol, Zalex Zavros was the one to locate the Ancient Sith Academy. He insisted on coming along with Term and Sif, who were sent to infiltrate it.

They blew the door and entered, and the moment she was in Sif's head began to hurt. As she had a history with headaches, she paid it little mind. Later she began to hear voices and they began to annoy her.

After facing a group of training droids that recited the Sith Code, Sif was separated from Zalex and Term. She felt cold, and her head began to throb, and then she fell to the floor, a pronounced voice in her head. Come to Dromund Kaas.

At the time it was unknown to her that it had been the spirit of her ancestor, the Sith Lord Eetho Kallig, who had called Zalex to the Sith Academy. The Sith inside the Academy were his pawns, as he was strong even in death. Sif managed to stand up and shake the voices out of her head, and rejoin Zalex and Term. They encountered a Sith Lord a little farther on, who created dark side illusions of Sif's allies and friends. She was forced to fight Ahsoka Tano and Jacen Haro, as well as Plo Koon. The illusions hit her hard. She was barely able to continue.

They faced a supposedly dead Sith Lord, Darth Maul, at the end, along with his brother Savage Opress. These two were the only beings strong enough in the Academy to resist Kallig's influence, and they were acting of their own directive. The group did manage to defeat Maul and Opress, but weren't able to stop them from escaping when they took them prisoner. At Sif's love of explosions, they blew the Academy sky-high, but Sif was still shaken by the voices in her head - though she wasn't sure she was quite ready to visit the former capital of the Sith Empire.

Too Curious For Your Own Good

Despite her bad feelings about it, Sif was so intrigued by her past that she sneaked out of the Jedi Temple and took a shuttle to Dromund Kaas. The planet was all jungle and rain, and Sif hated rain, but her curiosity was important enough for her to walk through it. She followed the voices in her head, and soon arrived at the ruins of the Dark Temple. The voices were so strong she nearly passed out, but managed to press on and find something - a ghost. The ghost of Eetho Kallig.

Before she could stop him, Kallig bound himself to her. Now the voices would never go away. Sif spent a night in the jungle panicking and asking herself over and over what she had done, and Kallig decided to materialize and speak to her as she tried to sleep. The next day she returned to her shuttle cold, wet and exhausted, and made the trip back to Coruscant.

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