Shaia Lavabomb was born long before the Clone Wars started. She was born on Ryloth and was raised at the Jedi Temple

Shaia Lavabomb

When she was born, everything was ok on Ryloth with her family but then the attack happened. A bomb dropped onto the planet and killed her family with it. She was in shock about what had happened. She was all alone but then a Jedi came.

"You all right, little one?" the Jedi said. Shaia looks up and its Master Mace Windu ." I sense the force in you. Where are your parents? " She told him they were dead

" I will take you with me back to the Jedi Temple, " said Master Windu.

After having left Ryloth, we get to the temple and takes me to the council chamber he tells them about what happen and he sensed the force in her they test her and agreed to train her began the years as a Jedi Initiate she learned from all the Jedi masters at the temple years later it was time to have a Master and to be a Padawan a Jedi master was looking for a Padawan and found Shaia he took her as his Padawan years went by she was growing more stronger in the force and lightsaber combat one day the two were doing a mission then he went missing she didn't know what happen so she went back to the temple and told the council what happen and she wants to take the Trials they agreed to taking the trials next day she took them and passed then she became a Jedi Knight three years later she was on a mission from the council and she ran into her old Master when she was a padawan but there was something different about him he had fallen to the dark side she got away and went back to the temple and told the council about it years later her and her old master would duel a few times the last time they would duel it doesn't not go well the final and last time they meet again is on a planet in the Outer rim when she got to the planet he was already waiting for her the duel started in minutes but then turned into hours both of them beat up he force jumped at her to get the final blow but she got out of the way then he threw his lightsaber at her but she force pushed it back and killed him she was upset that she killed him she left the planet and returned to the temple to heal after the long duel four years after that she was on Geonosis to rescue Obi wan Anakin and Padme after the battle the clone wars begun she is a Jedi master now the rest is history

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