Shadow - Stuff happens ... its life ... and life is worthless to me ... - threat to a assassin target.

Shadow was raised on Exar Kun. He learned very quickly life means nothing.

Him and a friend were caught one night stealing goods.

Thats when things changed for Shadow.

He killed them all and the last pirate he killed he said his famous words. - stuff happens, its life, and life means nothing to me.- Little did he know that an assassin was watching him. Later on Shadow was followed and kidnapped when he was nine years old. The same assassin had taken him in.

In the years Shadow learned the art of the assassin. He was taught never to back down, never surrender, always be good to your fellow brothers, and to kill who ever got in your way. Soon he met with a new master Jerry0 And Dylan Sims. He hopes to show them all what he is worth.

Later on in life. Shadow became a mercenary and bounty hunter, one of the best. He took on the most ruthless scum in the galaxy with ease with his mandalorian partners and friends.

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