Sergeant GreenWizard
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58 BBY, Naboo


19 BBY, Coruscant

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1.86 meters

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Rise of the Empire era

  • Jedi Order[1]
    • Galactic Republic[1]
Known masters

Jon Antilles (Until his death)

Depa Billaba (Until she embraced the dark side)

Known apprentices

"You might be the General of the Separatist droid army, but remember Griveous your still a droid. So I shall destroy you just like the other droids you sent to destroy us."GreenWizard to General Grievous".    

Sergeant GreenWizard was a Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars. He took part in several battles, earning significant glory and leadership skills with his bold tactics and leadership. GreenWizard would soon become a famed Jedi. Sergeant GreenWizard was a respected General in the Clone Wars. GreenWizard was an unusual human with very interesting skills and traits that he possessed, but a very strong wielder of both the force and his lightsabers. GreenWizard was discovered at an old age much like Anakin Skywalker being force sensitive. The council hesitated as they did also with Anakain. Master Kit Fisto Saw GreenWizard as a very force strong child who could have great power and strength and make a huge impact, thus Kit Fisto talking to the council during one of their meetings convinced the council to begin training GreenWizarrd as a jedi as soon as possible, However Master Fisto could not be his master.

{C}{C {C}{C}{C {C}Sergeant GreenWizard participated in and survived the Battle of Geonosis and led a team in the assault during the Battle of Simocadia. GreenWizard was also present at Kamino and was deployed their multiple times to help train in new clones. GreenWizard was assigned multiple task before he completed his training and became a Jedi Knight and was also a Gatekeepr for the jedi temple. GreenWizard experienced everything from fighting on the front lines to doing guard patrol at the Senate building on Coruscant. GreenWizard would soon find out that the skills that he had would be put to the test shortly before the CIS and General Grievous came and attacked Coruscant and stormed the Senate Building to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine {C}{C {C}. {C}{C {C}

GreenWizard was friends with many other Jedi including Master Jocasta NU.




Sergeant GreenWizard was born on the planet Naboo in a medical facility on the planet near his future home. During GreenWizard's birth his father failed to show up because he was off the planet at the time on a trade mission for the Republic. Both his parents were middle class employees of a trade company for the Galatic Republic. Following the arrival of their second son, the family was orginally raised on their homeworld of Naboo before moving to the planet of Coruscant. GreenWizard would hold a special and huge connection with his brother whom was four years older than him. During GreenWizard's childhood he never would guess that he himself would become a Jedi much like his father. However at the time GreenWizard nor his parents told him that his father was a Jedi. Both GreenWizard and his brother would be trained into the Jedi arts at their older age. Since GreenWizard was the second son he would not be able to choose his father as his master when his training began.

Early Life

GreenWizard was brought to the Temple at age 8 As a young kid not so much a youngling, As a child, GreenWizard showed much interest in the force and technology. GreenWizard unfortunately lost his left eye during a bounty hunter raid and an unknown Sith led the attack on his home planet of Naboo, when GreenWizard was only a child still in training to become a jedi. while GreenWizard progressed through the academy until he graduated and was selected by a Master for one-on-one training with master Jon Antilles and later Depa Billaba after Jon Antilles was killed on his Mission to Queyta. Crafting a lightsaber using a synthetic Green crystal and a synthetic purple crystal in his other lightsaber GreenWizard chose to study multiple style's of wielding his weapon. GreenWizard spent several years with his first master and a few with his later master, eventually passing the Trials of Knighthood and being elevated to the status of Knight. GreenWizard would soon make a huge impact on the Republic's technology field advancing critical and key systems that would help aid the Republic. As he grew older he also displayed a large interest in lightsaber techniques. His skills with his lightsaber's would become more and more advanced as his years pass. When GreenWizard wasn't studying or battling on the ground he spent much of his time on board his Republic cruiser.


GreenWizard's Republic Cruiser called "Destiny"

Becoming Padawan and Training.

GreenWizard was picked by the council at a older age much like Anakin Skywalker. Resulting that he was picked at an older age caused a few problems later in his life along with the struggle of loosing his first master Jon Antilles. After the council agreeing and allowing GreenWizard to be taught the ways of the force, the council assigned Jedi master Jon Antilles to become his new master. Later in his life GreenWizard would receive a new master named Jedi Master Depa Billaba. GreenWizard would complete most of his training with her until his knighting


GreenWizard, training with fellow padawans.

Mid Life

In the numerous decades following becoming a well respected and trained Jedi. GreenWizard spent much of his life training to become the best possible Jedi he could be. GreenWizard was also known for training many padawn's through out his life. It was once said that GreenWizard even trained more than one padawan at a time which is against the jedi code and strictly forbidden.

While nearing the age of 16, Green's powerful connection with the force and his strong lightsaber skills were noticed by the Jedi council, and the council would keep a further eye on him later in his years as GreenWizard becomes a Jedi knight. After his death of his first master GreenWizard struggled with the emotions of his former masters lose.


Green was very close friends with "Adi Gallia" They also shared the same style robe.

Knighting Hood

After years of study Knight GreenWizard was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight by the Jedi High Council. Taking many assignments from the Order's governing body, he formed many contacts on Coruscant and amongst the delegations of several Core Worlds, and had a strong bond's with many other Jedi.


GreenWizard in his dark knight robe.



Commander Swamp (CC-5325)


The 400th Attack Battalion was one of the Republic's most elite fighting force using tactics and gear no other service used in its time. During the clone wars the Republic would call this squad for many missions through out the galaxy.

The 400th Attack Battalion units ranged from Scout Snipers, Advanced Recon troopers, And many others. The Most Elite of these units was the Alpha Arc Troopers some of the finest and best troops ever created. Clone Snipers were sent to eliminate targets at long range missions through out the universe. The 400th Attack Battalion commanded by Commander Swamp and Captain Luxor and Jedi General GreenWizard, The three would make the perfect team and their names wouldn't ever be forgotten even after order 66 their many stories spread through out the galaxy.


CC-6434 "Captain Luxor"

Invasion of Naboo

In 32 BBY, the Galactic Senate passed legislation that called for the taxation of trade routes to outlying systems, in an attempt to weaken the ever-expanding Trade Federation, which had grown increasingly powerful; to the point that it had its own Senate delegation and easily 'persuaded' Republic weapons inspectors to overlook the arming of the Federation's shipment vessels into lethal battleships. As such, the Federation created an invasion force of battle droids, in addition to their growing fleet of warships, and in protest of the Senate's legislation, blockaded the small world of Naboo. Queen Amidala of Naboo implored the help of the Republic, and as such, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum asked Yoda and the Council to send Jedi to negotiate with the Trade Federation, as ambassadors of the Republic. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan returned to the Temple with much to report to the High Council. In addition to this supposed Chosen One, Qui-Gon brought news of the return of the Sith; while he and the Queen's entourage had been preparing to depart the planet of Tatooine after having their damaged ship repaired, what appeared to be a Sith Lord confronted the Jedi Master in a lightsaber duel. After hearing this, Gram accompanied the party back to Naboo, where he partook in the battle, and briefly encountered the mysterious Sith apprentice, Darth Maul.


GreenWizard during the battle of Geonosis.

Geonosis and start of the Clone Wars

In 22 BBY, it became apparent that a full-fledged military conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems would occur. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi was captured by the Confederacy on Geonosis and prepared to be executed. Having learned of this, Mace Windu, without waiting for the Clone Army to be put at the Republic's disposal, led a Jedi strike force to Geonosis. Windu, along with Luminara Unduli and GreenWizard destroyed Geonosian gun emplacements blocking the way to the arena in his TX-130S fighter tank. When Kenobi, Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala were brought to the Geonosis arena, Windu and his Jedi revealed themselves to Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy, who was personally overseeing the planned execution.

While Windu personally confronted Dooku and his bodyguard, Jango Fett, in the former's private viewing booth. At that moment, GreenWizard along with the other Jedi who joined the fight would soon be fighting off battle droids and geonosian soldiers, trying to free Master Kenobi, Skywalker and Padme Amidala. The Jedi sprang into the area and faught the best they could but loosing many in numbers. {C}{C {C}A heated but short battle followed with Master Windu and Jango Fett, during which Windu decapitated Fett.

Eventually, the Jedi were outnumbered by Separatist battle droids, but Master Yoda and the clone troopers rescued the Jedi not long after the Jedi were surrounded by the enemy. After that, Windu and the other surviving Jedi joined the battle as military commanders. While Windu took the controls of his tank and was moving to intercept Count Dooku, GreenWizard along with his Master Jon Antilles, Ki Adi Mundi, Luminara Unduli and her apprentice Barriss Offee and many other famed Jedi rushed into the battle fighting off the Separatist army while Master Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker chased after the Separatist leader.

The two Jedi finally caught up to the Sith Lord and engaged him in a duel. Skywalker rushed in quickly and was incapacitated by Dooku's Force lightning. Kenobi was then left alone to face the masterful Sith Lord and was able to deflect Dooku's Force lightning with his lightsaber. Kenobi fought Dooku, but he was ultimately brought down when the Sith slashed his leg and shoulder. Skywalker, however, had recovered by this point and was able to block what would have been Dooku's death blow to Kenobi.

Initially, Skywalker was able to catch Dooku off guard, but since Jar'Kai was neither his preferred nor strongest form, Dooku was quickly able to sever one of the sabers. Forced to switch back to his preferred style of Form V, Skywalker and Dooku engaged in a brutal display of swordplay as Kenobi looked on. Despite Skywalker's efforts, Dooku's experience and economy of movement triumphed over youth and brute force, and Kenobi watched as the Sith severed Skywalker's arm. At this critical juncture, Yoda arrived just in time to prevent Dooku from killing an incapacitated Kenobi and Skywalker. Engaging Dooku in a vicious battle, Yoda gained the upper hand and was on the verge of victory, but Dooku caused a massive column to fall over Kenobi and Skywalker, giving himself time to escape while Yoda devoted his full power to holding up the column, saving his fellow Jedi from certain death. After Dooku's escape a squad of clone's along with GreenWizard and his other fellow Jedi he was with earlier arrived. But they were to late, Count Dooku had already left.

Returning to Coruscant, GreenWizard was sent to do more reading about the arts and concepts of fighting by his master Jon Antilles in the Jedi temple. It wasn't to long after this that his master Jon Antilles would be sent to the planet Queyta. After this mission GreenWizard {C}{C {C}would never see his master again and would be assigned with master Depa Billaba to complete his training with her.


Jedi Knight Jon Antilles.


First Battle of Alaris Prime

"The Confederacy of Independent Systems, having secured the Decimator technology from its secret development site on Eredenn, launched an assault on the Wookiee colony of Alaris Prime to acquire the Decimator activation codes stolen by the Wookiees of Eredenn Prime. Grand Master Yoda dispatched Jon Antilles and GreenWizard to aid the Wookie homeworld.

After landing on Alaris Prime, General Sev'rance Tann established an island base and struck out against the five Wookiee forces. The battle raged on land, sea and air, with the initial advantage holding for the Wookiees. Sensing the need to disrupt reinforcements, Sev'rance destroyed their transmitter tower and pressed on with his attacks. Luckily the Wookiee's managed to contact the Republic for help a short time ago. {C}{C {C}The strongest force against the CIS was the Republic presence followed by the outpost Chendrrl, then Rwookawarrump, Llamitcuk, Tayriiwook, and finally Rwaawrrkoo. GreenWizard and his master were outnumbered 10 to 1 and had no way of contacting for help. Knowing that there was no way to prevent them from getting what they came for, GreenWizard along with his master and group's of Wookiees found shelter and went into hiding.

In the end, Sev'rance defeated the Republic and Wookiee forces, and secured the codes using a data droid. It was the first ever battle GreenWizard and his master had lost. Once the Sepratiist commander had left GreenWizard and the others came out of hiding. It was a huge lose to the Republic and many lives where lost. 

GreenWizard meets a young woman named Isabella.

First Battle of Alaris Prime (Meeting Someone New)

{C}"Grand Master Yoda dispatched Jon Antilles and GreenWizard to aid the Wookie home world. After loosing the battle and forced to flee from there original outpost, GreenWizard meets someone new. Once GreenWizard met this person it changed his life forever."

One sunny afternoon Jedi General Jon Antilles assigned GreenWizard and a few clones to do a scouting mission ahead in a near by forest from there base, GreenWizard and the clones moved out and scouted the area as they were told. While coming to a thick area in the forest GreenWizard ordered the troops to split into groups so they could cover the area faster, GreenWizard decided to go on his own. While walking through the forest GreenWizard sensed something was out of place and felt he needed to contact his master and let him know what was going on. Just as GreenWizard was about to contact him a dark figured sprang from up above him and landed right in front of him. It turned out to be a female woman! GreenWizard was shocked he wasn’t sure what to do. Suddenly the female pulled out a lightsaber and pointed it at GreenWizard! The purple blade pointed right at GreenWizard with a 180 degree tilt. GreenWizard paused and asked her who she was and why she was here. He thought for a second and asked her how she got here knowing that no other jedi were sent here from the council other than GreenWizard and Master Antilles. The mysterious female had black shorter hair and dark lips. GreenWizard reached for his com to contact the troops and Master Antilles to report what is happening when suddenly she used her force to take it straight out of his hands leaving GreenWizard speechless. She than told him to follow her and that she would explain everything once they where safe and away from the enemy’s territory.

New Territory

{C}Sprinting through the forest and trying his best to keep up with her GreenWizard followed her until they reached a small village. The village had a couple hutts that where hanging up in giant trees and and a small lake below with fresh water. To get to the village they crossed through a small cave and thick woods to reach it. Once they both arrived at the small village it seemed like nobody was there until suddenly another figure came from up above the trees and it was another female with a lightsaber. GreenWizard was confused he couldn’t understand why two females who are force sensitive would be living in a dark forest. GreenWizard had so many questions to ask them and he wondered if they would even answer them. He thought he would never find out any information about them when suddenly one of the girls started to speak. She introduced herself and said "my name is Isabella short for Isabell and this is my friend Kendra." Isabell asked me "Why are you and a squad of clone troopers wandering through the forest?" I asked her how she knew others were with me? She replied by saying " My friend and I have been watching you and your unit for a few days". GreenWizard told Isabell and Kendra about the CIS attacking the planet and sending droids in and that the council sent us to defend the planet from the attacks. Isabell and Kendra paused and looked at one another with a blank stare. GreenWizard asked them how they got here and why they where here on this planet? right as Isabell was about to answer the question we could hear the sounds of metal clanking we all looked at each other and knew droids were close by. {C}

Isabella (Left) Kendra (Right) Often Trained together.

Enemy Closing In

{C}Isabell and Kendra ran to one of the hutts up in the tree to get a better view of what was going on and GreenWizard went with them. As the peaked through the woods they were able to see a small squad of battle droids scanning the area. GreenWizard apologized explaining that the droids are probably searching for him and his troops. Both Isabell and Kendra understood and explained to Green that it wasn’t his fault. Greenwizard asked if they had any type of communication so he could contact the troops and his master. They replied saying "no im sorry we dont have anything here." Green said well looks like we are on are own then. The three of them got ready for battle GreenWizard didnt wanna be responsible for the droids finding there home. The three of them sprang from the top of the trees to the ground and headed towards the caves to exit the small village. The only weapons the three of them had where their own lightsabers. Isabell and Kendra sprang up into the trees to surprise attack them from up above. Green hid behind some tall trees and waited for the droids to pass by. But before he even got to see the droids Kendra and Isabell sprang down from the trees and attacked the droids. By the time GreenWizard pulled out his lightsaber all the droids were destroyed. GreenWizard was shocked to see how fast and good they where with a lightsaber, he was breathless.

Late Night

{C}After there short encounter with the small squad of droids they all headed back towards the village. GreenWizard noticed that it was getting late and that he should head back to his squad but Green still had so many questions to ask and so many answers. He was just about to tell them he had to go when Isabell asked GreenWizard to stay with them. GreenWizard knew his master would be wondering where he is at but he accepted the offer and continued back to the village. Once they arrived back to the village Isabell asked Kendra if she could stand watch in case more battle droids came close to their home. Kendra guarded outside the cave and kept watch while GreenWizard and Isabell contiuned to the village walking through forest. GreenWizard and Isabell talked for a short amount of time before Isabell got up and said it was time for her to guard and she asked GreenWizard to stay for the night. GreenWizard decided to stay since it was already dark out and he was still curious about so many things. GreenWizard rested for awhile but couldn’t get his questions out of his mind.

Time Goes On

{C}A few hours pasted and GreenWizard couldnt take it anymore he had to ask them the questions that where bothering him for so long. He climbed down from the trees and walked through the forest and walked through the cave. He walked up to Isabell and seconds before he could say anything she pulled out her lightsaber and pointed it right at GreenWizard then realizing it was him she deactivated it and put it back on her side. GreenWizard apologized for startling her. She said "Its fine im just a bit jumpy with everything going on today I guess." GreenWizard asked Isabell "so how did you get to this planet orginally?" She paused and there was a moment of silence. Isabell could barley say a word, then she said "There’s alot you dont know about me and im afraid you wont like my past. GreenWizard explained to Isabell I wont think any different no matter what your past was like I promise the past is the past and the future is the present. Isabell smiled and said "Ok well heres my story then."

Isabells Story

{C}Well Im not a jedi first of all, I was never trained by a jedi of any kind. Im a child of the Emperor and so is Kendra. We where both trained in arts of the sith. We trained every day and did many things we are not proud of. I've killed so many innocent people from jedi to just ordinary people. Both of are parents are also sith warriors who also served the Emperor. We ended up on this planet when we broke free from the Emperor and tried to escape the dark side. We escaped from are holding rooms and quietly stole a small cargo ship to head to another planet free from sith warriors and teachers. But as soon as we left the planet other sith masters and warriors where sent to stop us. As soon as are ship left the planet it was attacked by multiple sith vessels. They shot at us and are cargo ship eventually got hit. The ships power started to fail and this was the closet planet we could land on. We knew that if we landed the ship the sith would know we are alive and search for us. We didnt wanna risk the species that lived here so we planned are own death. We jumped out of the ship before as it crashed landed and exploded on this planet. We needed them to think we where dead so we (Isabell pauses for a moment.) killed two Wookies and stuffed their bodies in the ship while it was on fire, So the burned Wookie bodies would look like they where us and died on impact. We have been trapped here ever since. We watched through a distance as the sith landed on the planet to search for us, Once they found the ship the bodies where so badly burned that they couldn’t tell what species or who they even where. They assumed we where dead and left the planet. Know you know the real me.(GreenWizard paused for a moment.) Well like I said the past is the past and the present is what matters. We have all done things that where not proud of its part of life. What matters is that you left the Empire behind you, you can finally be free.

Falling For One Another

After talking all through the night there was some special connection that Isabell and GreenWizard had that couldn’t be explained. Two totally different people and so little in common but yet they got along so well. Small clouds began rolling in from the north and headed towards GreenWizard and Isabell and Kendra. The rain came down gently and steady. The two continued to talk until the storm brewed so severe the two ran for shelter in the near by cave. Isabell and GreenWizard spent the rest of the night in the cave sharing stories to one another. All seemed fine until the next morning. GreenWizard and Isabell fell asleep both in the cave when suddenly a huge crashing noise awoke them. The two sprang up and ran outside and they saw multiple C-9979 landing craft landing near there direction. Both Isabell and GreenWizard sprang back to the camp site where Kendra was to wake her up and tell her whats happening. They rushed through the cave and quickly climbed up the trees to find Kendra not in her hutt, she was already gathering what items she could save before the droids came. Suddenly a huge explosion near by shook the whole forest the cave that served as a passage to the village was blown to bits. The droids came running through the thick forest. There was no time to run they had to fight there way out of this one. All three of them took out there lightsabers and waited for the droids to make the first move.  

Defending The Village

The droids had no problem finding the village and getting to it once the cave was blown to bits. The B2 droids and Battle droids quickly surrounded the area. It wasn’t small squads of battle droids and B2 droids it was huge battalions of them. There was no way a jedi and two trained sith’s could fight there way out of this once, it just wasn’t possible. The droids searched all over but where to blind to see that they where up above in the trees not on the ground. They at least had the element of surprise if they wanted to attack but even with that it wasn’t enough to win this battle. Kendra suggested swinging from vine to vine until they reached an area where there was no droids and run for help. They went with the plan since it was the only one possible at the time. All was going fine all three where swinging from vine to vine no problem when all of a sudden a voice down below ordered the battle droids to look up. It was none other than Asajj Ventress leading the attack. The droids begain to shoot us from below and we pulled out our lightsabers deflecting the shots we could. Until suddenly one of he droids shot right through Kendras vine.


Kendra (Right) Isabell (Left) Moments before Kendra's Death.

Loosing a friend

Her vine snapped and before we could even save her she had already almost hit the ground and BAM! She landed right on the ground landing on a few battle droids on impact. Just as she was about to get up and reach for her lightsaber that landed only a few inches from her. A red beam shot straight through her chest and smoke rolled from her stomach. Isabell shouted Kendra's name out in anger. GreenWizard knew there was no way of saving her and that if they didn’t keep going they would be next. Forcing Isabell to realize there was nothing they could do they continued swinging frim vine to vine. The droids could keep up with the fast jedi and Isabell. After climbing up in the trees even higher they where able to loose Asajj Ventress down below. They both reached an area where they knew no battle droids would be, near a big lake. GreenWizard and Isabell sprang down below to the ground to get fresh water and a place to stay for the night. As they where getting water Isabell flew into tears thinking about Kendra, GreenWizard tried everything he could to comfort Isabell. GreenWizard was there to comfort Isabell all through the night. Isabell stated "I have no were to go I have nobody." GreenWizard explained to her that she could come back to Coruscant with him and they he would always be there for her. GreenWizard explained to her that if she were to tell the jedi council the same story she told him they would understand.


{C}Once the sun had come up the two where back on there feet again. Running through the thick forest searching for any type of help when suddenly out of no where a clone trooper came out of the brush. GreenWizard was never this excited to see a clone before until this very moment. The clone trooper walked Green and Isabell back the outpost that Jon Antilles was at. Once they arrived Jon Antilles was frustrated with GreenWizard not having heard from him in days. But once GreenWizard explained the story of what happened Jon Antilles understood. Jon Antilles didn’t one hundred percent trust the young woman but he saw how much she meant to GreenWizard so Jon Antilles agreed Isabell could come back with them to Coruscant. They weren’t on the planet very much longer after GreenWizard re-grouped with his master and the others and Jon Antilles never sensed how much GreenWizard cared about Isabell and how much she felt the same.


Isabella on board a republic ship. Training with GreenWizard.


(To be continued)


Clones fend off droids on the hanger deck.

First Battle of Kamino

"The First Battle of Kamino was a battle which took place two months after the Battle of Geonosis. This battle is also known as the Defense of Kamino or Assault on Kamino.

Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, while working deep undercover under the name of Korto, an information dealer with a network of spies and thieves throughout the Republic and Confederacy, came into the possession of the Separatist's battle plans for Kaminoan intelligence coup of epic proportions. After Korto retrieved and relayed the information to the Jedi Council, his supposedly loyal assistant, Tookarti, reported to Count Dooku that his plans had been compromised. Dooku appointed Passel Argente, Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance, as the ranking officer for the battle, despite Argente's nonexistent military experience. Commander Merai, an expert in amphibious warfare, received the honor of leading the assault.

After learning of the Confederacy's plans to strike at the nerve center of the Grand Army of the Republic, the cloning facilities on Kamino, the Jedi sent a defense fleet to protect the planet. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Tsui Choi, Aayla Secura, GreenWizard, Jon Antilles Kossex and several other Jedi would shoot down any incoming ships with squadrons of Jedi starfighters. Shaak Ti would defend Tipoca City, and Oppo Rancisis and a Republic armada would wait out-system for their cue to make a hyperspace jump and take the Separatists with surprise.


Destiny destroying some Separatist cruisers and frigates.

Upon arrival, Padawan Anakin Skywalker began to have visions of losing the battle and of his own master's death it showed a key clue about his future.

{C}{C {C}The day of battle dawned, and Commander Merai sent down his landing ships accompanied by a cloud of droid starfighters. Although numerous Jedi pilots battled above, they could not stop all of the droid forces from landing in Tipoca City, and dozens of fully loaded transports made it through. Jedi Master Shaak Ti and Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su worked to protect the fetal and adolescent stage clones from Separatist sabotage, and activated the city's stasis-locked ARC troopers. Under the leadership of Shaak Ti, the ARC troopers advanced through the enemy lines.

Commander Merai was forced to launch a desperate strike at the supposed location of the city's shield generator. However, the Jedi proved too wily for the Mon Calamari tactician; the data gathered by the Corporate Alliance was false—there was no shield generator—and Merai's efforts were in vain. In a last-ditch attack, Merai flew into the Jedi hyperspace rings lying in orbit to destroy them and thus buy his battleships time to retreat. He activated his self-destruct system, but the Jedi sensed this and were able to pull away from the explosion, which destroyed the rings. Upon Merai's death, the CIS retreated on orders from Passel Argente.


Clone cadets are trapped with fellow clone troopers.


Omega squad during the hostage situation.

Galactic City spaceport hostage siege

"The Galactic City Spaceport Hostage Siege took place in the year 22 BBY, four months after the Battle of Geonosis, when terrorists took control of the Galactic City Spaceport on Coruscant.

Fed up with the Republic's continuing presence on Haruun Kal and its interference in the planet's affairs, Korunnai terrorists under the leadership of Nuriin-Ar seized control of the Galactic City Spaceport and took six hostages, including Mon Calamari Senator Meena Tills, his aide Vun Merett Jai, and a number of civilians. Holed up in a customs clearance corridor in the spaceport's terminal building, the terrorists threatened to detonate explosives—a threat given credence by witnesses who'd seen the men all carrying backpacks—should their demands not be met: the Republic had to immediately remove itself from Haruun Kal affairs. When contacted, the Haruun Kal government denied all knowledge of Nuriin-Ar although the Korunnai ambassador claimed to "fully understand the group's frustrations" and publicly urged the Republic to cease it's interference in the matters of Haruun Kal.

The Coruscant Security Force had cordoned off the area around the spaceport, erecting security barriers under the direction of CSF Lieutenant Dovel, who'd been named Incident Commander. In addition, Senate Guards under Commander Jaller Obrim were stationed on scene due to the involvement of Senator Tills. Despite the combined forces of the CSF and the Senate Guard and Jedi the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade was contacted and the clone commandos of Omega Squad dispatched to aid in the effort.

Upon arriving at the scene via a CSF VAAT/e assault ship, Omega conferred with Commander Obrim and Lieutenant Dovel. Despite the Senate Security Committee's desire for the incident to be over quickly as a deterring show of force—to demonstrate that terrorist acts would gain their perpetrators nothing, especially when attempting to hold Republic senators for ransom—Dovel disagreed and refused to endanger the lives of the other five civilians to effect a fast rescue for the senator. While the men of Omega Squad were prepared to begin setting up for an assault on the spaceport to free the hostages, Dovel informed them that a Jedi was being sent to negotiate with the terrorists. It wasn't long before a Twi'lek Jedi Master by the name of Kaim arrived, but he did not do so alone. With him was the Senate Head of Public Affairs, Mar Rugeyan, GreenWizard and Jon Antilles. along with Null ARC Captain N-11—"Ordo", and former Cuy'val Dar commando training sergeant, now special security advisor to the Grand Army, Kal Skirata.

Kaim, attempted to convince the Korunnai to release their captives, asserting that mercy would buy them more sympathy for their cause than brutality. When it was clear that the terrorists were unwilling to give up, and the packs of explosives strapped to each hostage seen by all, Kaim suggested that they release the captive elderly couple from Garqi, Joz and Cira Larutur, in exchange for him taking their place as their prisoner. Unfortunately, Kaim was exposed when one of the men spotted the strip-cam, and the Jedi Master was killed in seconds. Further, when his body was thrown out of the terminal, the CSF officers who approached found it booby-trapped, rigged with explosives. The jedi managed to dis-arm the bombs before they could detnate. Captain Ordo used an electromagnetic pulse to disable the media holocams in the area in a move known as "droiding", effectively shutting down the terrorists' ability to see outside via the viewscreens within the terminal.

As Omega Squad set up charges around the doors for what then seemed an inevitable assault on the spaceport terminal, Skirata turned to ensuring the understandably shaken Fi was alright. When the terrorist made demands for food and buckets for refresher facilities, Skirata volunteered to take the items in, himself. With a hearing enhancer in one ear to transmit audio back—knowing that the terrorists would think it too obvious to be any real concern—Skirata was soon willingly taken hostage as well. Once inside, he engaged in apparently harmless conversation with the other hostages, which unknown to their captors were actually coded messages relaying the position of the hostages and the name of the previously unknown sixth hostage: N'zaet Nir of Mayro.

With the terrorists identified and a relative position known for the hostages, it was time to act. With a three-count from RC-1136—"Darman", CSF shut down the lights inside the terminal, Omega Squad, along with Jon Antilles blew the doors in with entry charges, lobbing in flash-bang grenades to stun the terrorists, while Ordo and GreenWizard came through the ceiling. The resulting assault took approximately twenty seconds by Fi's count, and during the chaotic firefight, Fi nearly shot and killed Skirata when Kal threw himself in front of one of the hostages who'd been forced to change clothes with one of the terrorists. After all four terrorists had been killed, Skirata along with the jedi kept them calm and still until they could be checked out by an explosives officer who determined that the packs were fake, filled not with bombs but used comlink parts. Once it was determined that they were in no further danger, the hostages were escorted out of the spaceport terminal by the jedi and Omega squad. This would be the last Mission GreenWizard would have with his master.

Mission to Queyta

"The Mission to Queyta was a quest undertaken by five Jedi Masters to obtain an antidote for the chemical weapon known as swamp gas, used to wipe out the Gungan colony on Ohma-D'un. The Jedi team consisted of Obi-Wan Kenobi and four nomadic Jedi: the Bothan Knol Ven'nari, the mysterious Jon Antilles, the renowned emancipator of slaves Nico Diath, and the ancient Jedi master Fay. Their search for the antidote took them to the volcanic world Queyta, where a Separatist chemical factory situated in the lava rivers served as the production facility of the weapon.

Although Obi-Wan felt he was out of his league in the presence of such legendary Masters, Fay assured him his experience of the swamp gas would prove invaluable in their mission. The Jedi quickly located the chemical plant: a mobile facility riding the lava flow. Infiltrating the base, the Jedi met no battle droids, only pressure-suited Skakoan sentries and workers. All too soon, a far more potent threat presented itself, in the forms of Separatist Commander Asajj Ventress and the Gen'Dai mercenary Durge. {C}{C {C}The battle for the antidote began when Durge fired upon the Skakoan workers, his blasts breaching their pressure suits and causing a huge explosion in the plant. Master Ven'nari used her Force powers to absorb the fireball's energy, at the cost of her own life. Jon Antilles confronted Ventress as she attempted to reach the antidote, but fell when Durge destroyed the bridge he was standing on.

Though Jon Antilles survived his fall, Nico Diath was not so lucky. Ventress weakened the ceiling supports above him, sending molten lava raining down onto the Jedi Master. He toppled from the walkway into the lava below. {C}{C {C}Antilles confronted Durge, allowing Kenobi and Fay to pursue Ventress and retrieve the antidote from her. Proving to be stronger, Durge killed Antilles by grabbing the Jedi and physically submerging him into one of the many lava streams that flowed through the base.


Now the only survivors of the Jedi strike team, Obi-Wan and Fay confronted Ventress, the latter sending shards of metal flying into the Dark Jedi. Ventress fell, but regained her strength while Durge distracted the Jedi. An explosion sent Fay spinning to the ground, where Asajj impaled the Jedi Master on her twin lightsaber blades.

Despite the destruction they had caused, Ventress and Durge did not kill Obi-Wan, though Ventress vowed to kill him the next time they met. Fay lent the weakening Obi-Wan the last of her fading strength to make a leap to safe ground with the antidote.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, injured and distraught, managed to fly his Jedi starfighter back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with the antidote. However, the incident had left him disoriented and he crashed his starfighter into the landing platform during the landing, nearly killing his apprentice Anakin Skywalker and Master Mace Windu. {C}{C {C}Kenobi was quickly rushed to medical aid, and eventually made a full recovery. A memorial service for the four fallen Jedi. Kenobi passed on the tale of their sacrifice to those attending the memorial, and expressed his distraught over the death of Fay. Master Windu assured Kenobi that through her sacrifice, she had saved millions of innocent lives.


GreenWizard is placed with a new master named "Depa Billaba"

Mission to Devaron

"In 22 BBY a Jedi task force, composed by Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto, An'ya Kuro, GreenWizard, Masters Tholme and T'ra Saa, Depa Billaba, was assigned to investigate Confederacy raids on Republic's supply ships near the Corellian Trade Spine.

The jedi were able to discover that the raiders' base was located on Devaron, due to Senator Elsah's help, who informed her old friend T'ra Saa of the raiders presence on the planet. Elsah was killed by Aurra Sing before she was able to reveal the name of traitor who was working alongside the Separatists. Aayla, Tholme, GreenWizard, Depa Billaba and the Dark Woman went to the planet surface while Kit and T'ra Saa stayed in orbit. Tholme's team disguised themselves as a twi'lek servant's and stayed with the senator, Vien'sai'Malloc. {C}{C {C}The Dark Woman and Tholme went seaching for the base, but fell into a trap set by Aurra Sing. The senator was proven to be a traitor, and told Aayla, Depa Billaba and GreenWizard where the raider's base was. Aayla and the others left to go look for it, but met Aurra Sing. Aurra used the two trapped Jedi masters as a trick to distract them, but later the jedi defeated the former senator and assassin and sent them to a prison on Oovo IV.


GreenWizard spent alot of time both outside the temple and in with Aayla Secure.

Mission to Corellia

" {C}{C {C}Mace Windu sent the four Jedi to find the scientist Ratri Tane, who possessed very valuable information.

Aayla and Ylenic, GreenWizard and Depa Billaba arrived on Corellia and entered the Homestar cantina, where Aayla accidentally Force pushed an irritating Toydarian named Lorfo. This got the attention of three Gotals who were also looking for Tane.

A fight broke out between the Gotals and Jedi (leaving one of the Gotals dead), and the Jedi left the cantina, where Rostek Horn urged them to leave the planet. They were approached by Lorfo, who agreed to lead them to the Gotals' hideout for a few credits. When they arrived there however, they were ambushed by the two remaining Gotals and a Separatist under Count Dooku named Tendir Blue.

The Jedi dispatched Tendir and the Gotals, and soon discovered that Ratri Tane was actually Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon. The Jedi then implanted a fake memory in the unconscious Tendir's mind that he had succeeded in getting the data, sending him on his way and successfully keeping the information from the Confederacy.


Nar Shaddaa

Mission to Nar Shaddaa

"The Mission to Nar Shaddaa was an opportunity for Quinlan Vos, who had been working undercover gathering intelligence for the Jedi Council, to appear as if he was no longer a part of the Jedi Order. By doing this, Vos would be able to infiltrate deeper into the Separatist's inner circle. Although it would appear that way the council also dispacthed Depa Billaba and GreenWizard to closely watch the jedi in case something went wrong.

Following reports that linked Vos to the events that took place on Brentaal IV, many Jedi started to think he might have really been a traitor. However, the Jedi Council kept their faith in him and allowed him to "defect" from the Order. They sent an unknowing Agen Kolar to go after Vos on Nar Shaddaa. They also dispacthed the two jedi to keep a watchful eye on Quinlan Vas.

On the Smuggler's Moon, Kolar encountered Vos and the two dueled. Kolar, believing that he was doing his duty to punish the traitor, nearly killed him, but Vos escaped, just as planned. The Jedi Council now had their operative deeper in the enemy's ranks. Master Depa Billaba and GreenWizard were able to make sure that everyhting went they way it was suppose to and headed back to the temple to report with Kolar that their plan worked.

Coruscant Insurrection

"The Coruscant Insurrection, sometimes referred to as the Invasion of Coruscant, was a battle in the Clone Wars that took place in 21 BBY.

Count Dooku and one of his Dark Acolytes, Trenox, infiltrated Coruscant with an army of Separatist battle droids in a mission to destroy the Jedi Archives in the Jedi Temple.

The invasion began during Anakin Skywalker's investigation on C-B3 cortosis battle droids on the planet Tatooine. While GreenWizards master Depa Billaba was on a mission outside from the outer rim. Anakin was alerted to the conflict by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he promptly flew back to Coruscant to assist the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order against the sudden attack. He aided the Republic forces in defending the High City of Coruscant. Many ASN-121 assassin droids were utilized as battle droids during the invasion, terrorizing the civilians on the platforms and walkways while groups of B2 super battle droids attacked the interior of the upper level buildings. During the battle, Anakin and GreenWizard met one of Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes, Trenox, and pursued him to the Coruscant Underworld. They met at the Outlander Club where Trenox knocked Anakin and GreenWizard back before escaping to the Jedi Temple. While in the Underlevels, Anakin and GreenWizard met the Chiss bounty hunter Vandalor for the very first time. When asked for the whereabouts of Trenox, Vandalor informed him that he was probably busy attacking the Jedi Archives, before he walked away.

With this information in mind, Anakin and GreenWizard headed back to the Jedi Temple to find that the Separatist had indeed infiltrated the Temple. Anakin Skywalker proceeded to the Jedi Archives and confronted and killed Trenox, but was delayed long enough for Dooku to steal at least one Holocron and escape. Making his escape GreenWizard and a few clones confronted the sepratist leader and engadged him in battle. Strong and powerful Count Dooku had no problem getting through the jedi and clones. The Count sent a bolt of lighting that GreenWizard wasnt fast enough to deflect, striking the jedi and sending the young jedi into a wall and landing many feet away. The Sepratist leader than moved his way past the clones striking each one down with his lightsaber than making his escape from the temple.

General Obi-Wan Kenobi was wounded during the battle along with GreenWizard and many other clones and few jedi. Some of the Jedi, notably Barriss Offee, had trouble fighting the lightsaber-resistant cortosis battle droids that were deployed during the battle. Anakin learned that these cortosis droids could be easily sliced in half by slashing down upon the gap between the droids' breastplates.

Jedi General

Shortly after the initial launch of the Clone wars, GreenWizard became a Jedi General, just like numerous other Jedi who would be placed in command of clone troopers. GreenWizard would be first placed second in command and than first in command of The 400th Attack Battalion with his fellow clone commander Captain Luxor and Commander Swamp. GreenWizard took part in numerous battles that took place during the break of the Clone wars and made huge impacts on the battles.


Early War Battles

Following the battles of Devaron and countless others, as well as Naboo and Orto Pluutonia, GreenWizard carried out many missions that he would do to the letter, no matter how hard or risky it was. He was a very respected Jedi knight of the republic and may Jedi loved fighting along side him in battle.

Viloetand green1

GreenWizard and Viloet Exoforce.

Picking a Padawan

Not long after being knighted a Jedi knight and General of the republic, GreenWizard already wished upon having his own padawan, to teach all of what he learned from his two Jedi masters. GreenWizard asked the council if he could take upon a padawan and teach them everything he knew. The council did hesitate a little but saw nothing wrong with allowing GreenWizard to teach to a padawan. The council assigned GreenWizard a young girl named Viloet Exoforce. She had been more towards the back of the class when it came to her skills, having finally decided that the time was right for him to take on a padawan learner and teach them everything he knew, GreenWizard accepted Viloet Exoforce hoping to improve her skills and make her a strong and wise Jedi knight, just as the council wanted him to do. Sadly Viloet Exoforce would not live long enough to even pass her trials and become a Jedi knight, she was killed in a small ship accident that claimed her life and a life of another innocent person.

Viloetand green2

GreenWizard and Viloet Exoforce shortly before her death.

Death of a padawan

Viloet Exoforce woke up one early morning and decided that she would practice some of her Jedi piloting, feeling the need to continue to improve her skills. She was already a better pilot than her master GreenWizard but Viloet Exoforce always felt the need to improve her skills and impress her master. She headed to her private hanger where she had her Jedi star fighter docked and boarded it as usual and prepared it for her short flight. As she left the hanger all seemed normal and she managed to keep everything under control as she did a few laps around the area planning on heading back soon and seeing what her master was up to. When all of a sudden her communication started acting up and she lost all communication with other Jedi and other pilots on the same channel, Viloet Exoforce felt it was time to head back and see what was wrong when all of a sudden she lost complete control of her shuttle, attempting to try and land Viloet Exoforce could do nothing but hope that the landing wasn't rough and that shuttle didn't harm anyone or anything. As she continued to try and call for help and regain control of her shuttle her plane lost altitude quickly and plunged into the Coruscant cities below. Within minutes of losing control of her ship Viloet Exoforce crashed landed in a narrow ally deep in the Coruscant cities, Killing an innocent pedestrian that was the only person around by mistake and almost herself. The impact of the shuttle crashing on the ground was so bad that the explosion and smokey ruins could be seen from the Jedi temple afar. Viloet Excoforce was lucky to be alive, however the heavy impact knocked her out. Just as Viloet Exoforce was coming to her vision was very cloudy. All of a sudden a dark object emerged from a narrow alley. The dark object kept creeping closer until it was to late. By the time Viloet Exoforce came to and realized what was about to happen and who the mysterious person was a sharp metal object from the wrecked shuttle pierced her lower stomach. Screaming in pain and for help the dark mysterious person covered her mouth so no one could hear from a distance. It was not long after being severely stabbed Viloet Exoforce's assassin fled back into the dark alley, leaving her to bleed out in what appeared to be a horrible shuttle accident. By the time help arrived along with her master who was on a short mission for the Jedi and was alerted of what happened, it was to late Viloet Exoforce was already dead.

Investigation of a lost padawan

A short and very brief investigation was set up to find the cause of why Viloet Exoforce ship crashed in the first place and how it took a young Jedi's life so quickly. Her master knowing that she was an excellent pilot and that she could get herself out of any problem related in flying knew something just did not add up. The investigation went no where and they came up with the conclusion either she lost control of the shuttle or the shuttle simply malfunctioned causing her to crash. They also determined that the cause of death was do to the heavy impact of the crashed shuttle causing the piece of metal to pierce the young padwan and killing her. It was not until after GreenWizard's death and The Great Jedi Purge that people knew what actually happened, It was actually Chancellor Palatine who hired a bounty hunter to Sabotage Viloet Exoforce shuttle. The same bounty hunter who slain Viloet Exoforce in the dark alley, making it all look like a simple accident. Apparently the two did not come to great terms together and the Chancellor despised Viloet Exoforce thinking that she was a complete utter fool. It was a low blow to GreenWizard considering the fact that GreenWizard was very close friends with the Chancellor and that he also died trying to protect him during the invasion kidnapping.  

Viloet Exoforce Personality

Viloet Exoforce was a confident, kind and bright student never really a bad person at all in anyway, but she wasn't exactly the perfect student all the time, and often got herself into trouble and problems through her lack of the ability to have trust in the force. Since becoming a student of GreenWizard she slowly gained more respect and will to trust the force and do better, believing that she could accomplish any task given to her at any second. Her lack of respect always shined and she never disrespected people who did not earn her disrespect. Her over confidence did later catch up to her and result in her later death, that later haunted GreenWizard for months on end, believing he may of misguided her and been the reason for her death.    

Blue Shadow Virus


GreenWizard is assigned with Commander Cody on Ryloth.

A short time after Dooku brief capture, the Naboo Senatorial delegation was recalled to their homeworld by Queen Neeyutnee. The Queen revealed that a squad of Separatist battle droids had been encountered and destroyed onworld, and requested that Amidala petition the Senate or the Jedi Council to help protect Naboo. Unfortunately, Amidala knew that greater proof would be needed to warrant action by the Senate or the Jedi and took it upon herself to search the swamplands for signs of a greater Separatist presence on her homeworld; as had been indicated by a captured tactical droid.

After following a tainted water stream, Amidala and Jar-Jar Binkss came across a hatch which they proved unable to open. Amidala was able to contact Capt. Typho to give him the location of the lab. During their attempts to open the hatch they became surrounded by battle droids and were swiftly captured. The pair were then taken before Separatist scientist, Dr. Nuvo Vindi, who revealed that he had perfected the long thought eradicated disease, the Blue Shadow Virus, which he planned to release into the galaxy.

Fortunately, shortly after Amidala and Binks began their search for a Separatist presence, Jedi Skywalker, Kenobbi, GreenWizard, and Tano arrived onworld to aid her. This was GreenWizard's first mission without his master by his side. Tano, with the help of Gungan native Peppi Bow, proved able to locate the secret lab of Dr. Vindi. When Skywalker, GreenWizard and their troops came to rescue her, Vindi threatened to kill Padmé and binks. Though Vindi elude the jedi and clones for the moment, Skywalker was able to rescue Padmé and Jar Jar while GreenWizard tried to stop the evil doctor. When Skywalker and GreenWizard pursued vindi, Padmé and jar jar went with him and his troops. When they joined Ahsoka and Rex, obi-wan told them that vindi had activated the bombs and that one bomb was missing. Padmé then remembered that vindi had given a little droid the bomb. When everyone split up, Padmé and jar jar found the droid. At first, Padmé tried to get the bomb nicely back from the droid, but the droid growled at them and tried to run away with it. Luckily jar jar grabbed the droid and then the bomb. Ahsoka then brought the bomb squad and the bomb was deactivated. The Jedi and a squad of clones were then able captured and hold Vindi for trial. Unfortunately as the Jedi prepared to take the mad scientist to trial on Coruscant, Amidala and the clones discovered that one of his virus bombs was missing the vial that contained the virus; meaning that it may have found its way into the wrong hands and could still be released.

As they had suspected, the virus had fallen into Separatist hands, Vindi's assistant droid, who released it within the laboratory, causing the facility to lockdown with Tano, Amidala, Binks, GreenWizard and several clones trapped inside. The few remaining battle droids then started slicing the exits, hoping to escape the lab and release the virus into Naboo's atmosphere. The remaining Republic forces in the lab began to pick off the droids before they could break out. While being attacked by droidekas, the biohazard suit Amidala was wearing became breached and she was infected with the virus. However, she continued on and eventually, the remaining droids were destroyed. Amidala, GreenWizard and Tano contacted Skywalker and Kenobi on the surface, telling them not to open the lab, so as to prevent the virus escaping. The transmission was cut off before Amidala could say her last goodbye to her husband, but Skywalker refused to abandon his wife to her fate.

After the whole ordeal, two clone troopers died because of the virus. Subsequently Amidala said she that she hoped that their sacrifice would help bring peace to the galaxy, a sentiment agreed to by Tano and GreenWizard. Soon after, Tano lost consciousness, due to the virus. However, before the virus could kill Amidala and Tano and GreenWizard, Skywalker and Kenobi arrived with the cure, freeing the survivors from the contaminated compound and ensuring that Naboo, and the galaxy itself, was safe from the virus. They were all able to safely return to Coruscant with minimal casualties.  

Rescue On the Tranquility

The Confederacy of Independent Systems launched a mission in 21 BBY during the Clone Wars to free Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, who had been captured on Rodia by the Galactic Republic. Gunray was being taken in the Star Destroyer Tranquility to Coruscant for trial by Jedi General Luminara Unduli, Jedi General GreenWizard, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, Clone Commander CC-1004, nicknamed "Gree," and Senate Commando Captain Faro Argyus. However, the latter was a long-time ally of Count Dooku, and had been paid to participate in freeing the Viceroy. As the jedi began interrogating Gunray aboard the Tranquility, Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress took a boarding party of Vulture droids and several boarding craft to the Republic warship.


"Green Company and the 400th Attack Battalion rush into battle"

As the Jedi began to interrogate Gunray inside his cell block, the Confederate boarding party arrived. With Vulture droids attacking the Tranquility, the Captain of the cruiser, on the bridge of the Star Destroyer, reported the appearance of the boarding craft to Gree, Argyus, and the Jedi. Gree alerted Green Company, the 400th Attack Battalion and sent the troopers to repel the enemy. The three Confederate boarding ships breached the hull of the Tranquility and lodged themselves in the Star Destroyer near its hangar bays. The troopers of Green Company and the 400th Attack Battalion arrived and took cover behind several crates from the battle droids that were being deployed from the boarding craft.

In the ensuing crossfire, the droids attacked the over-matched clones with lasers and, in the case of a B2-HA series super battle droid, rockets. The advance clone forces were subsequently defeated, including Green Leader, the leader of "Green Company" and Captain Luxor a captain of the "400th Attack Battalion" .


"Captain Luxor is killed by Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress"

Ventress emerged from one of the boarding ships and quickly decapitated the last surviving clone trooper with her paired lightsabers. Stealing the trooper's comlink, Ventress cut a hole in one of the vents in the ceiling of the hangar with her lightsabers and proceeded to the Tranquility's engine room. The Dark Acolyte was able to slip past 327-T, the WED-15 Treadwell droid that was inspecting the area, and plant several thermal detonators around the Star Destroyer's main reactors before escaping and heading to the detention level to personally confront the Viceroy's captors. Meanwhile, Tano remained with Argyus to guard Gunray while Unduli, Gree, GreenWizard and Commander Swamp went to assist the clone troopers in fighting the droids. Elsewhere, super battle droids marched through one of the Star Destroyer's hallways, engaging six remaining Green Company troopers. The troopers' numbers were cut in half, but they were saved by the arrival of the group. The Jedi and the troopers attacked the battle droids and eventually defeated their opponents, leaving the hallway ridden with fallen battle droids. Nevertheless, Unduli sensed that their was more trouble. Indeed, Ventress was preparing to face off with Tano and Argyus on the detention level at that very moment.


"Green Company and the 400th Attack Battalion fend off droids"


As Argyus received word that the enemy had been repelled and reported the update to Tano, Ventress cut a hole in the detention level's ceiling and knocked the two Senate Commandos manning the control station of the Tranquility there unconscious. The Dark Jedi then confronted the Padawan, and the two exchanged insults before engaging in a lightsaber duel. While the pair fought, Unduli overheard the lightsaber clashes and quickly headed back for the detention block with Gree, GreenWizard, Swamp and the remaining clones. Tano ordered Argyus and the other Senate Commandos to open fire on Ventress, but the Dark Acolyte deflected and rebounded the lasers, killing all of the Commandos save for Argyus. The Senate Commando Captain himself blocked the reflected shots with his shoulder armor, but in order to keep the Separatist agent's cover from being compromised, Ventress attacked him as well and Force-pushed him toward the control station, knocking him unconscious. Breaking away from dueling Tano, Ventress proceeded to deactivate the laser gate of Gunray's cell. As the Padawan arrived and slashed at the Viceroy, Ventress kicked her into the detention cell. Gunray quickly stepped out and reactivated the lasers, trapping Tano. Nevertheless, Unduli and GreenWizard arrived at the detention block with the clone troopers, changing the course of the fight with her reinforcements. Running to engage Ventress, the Jedi Master also telekinetically deactivated the laser bars of Tano's cell. Ventress dueled all three Jedi at once, and Unduli ordered the Dark Acolyte to surrender. Some time during the duel the Dark Acolyte managed to force push GreenWizard to a near by wall so hard it knocked him unconscious.


With no intention of ever giving up, Ventress activated the explosives planted in the engine room. The Tranquility shook under the resulting blast, and as everyone in the room lost their balance, Ventress took the opportunity to Force-push Unduli to the ground. The Jedi Master rolled aside, avoiding several lightsaber slashes aimed at her head. Although the clone troopers opened fire at the Dark Acolyte, Ventress jumped over them and opened a turbolift shaft door with the Force. The Dark Acolyte escaped, plunging her lightsabers into the side of the turbolift shaft to control her descent. Ventress had crippled the entire ship. While Gunray was taken back to his cell, Unduli decided to face Ventress alone. Although Tano, having previously faced Ventress, stated that the Dark Acolyte was too powerful for a single opponent and offered to help, Unduli refused the Padawan's assistance and left to face Ventress alone.  

Following a trail of fallen clone troopers that the Dark Acolyte had left in her wake, Unduli arrived in the engine room. After the Jedi Master had entered the room, Ventress appeared and slashed at her, diffusing a pipe and injuring Unduli's left eye. While the two exchanged blows, Unduli commented on the sloppiness of Ventress's fighting style, seeking to distract her adversary. Enraged, Ventress jumped toward Unduli, and the two continued their fight with renewed force. Back on the detention level, Tano decided to disobey Unduli's order to guard Gunray and proceeded to assist her in her duel, believing that Ventress was too powerful for any one Jedi. As the lightsaber battle continued though the reactor room.  

Unduli jumped over Ventress, aiming several lightsaber blows before landing behind her. The pair turned back around to face each other, and Ventress lunged at the Jedi Master, but instead of slashing at her, she kicked her off the reactor to the floor far below. As Unduli fell and lost hold of her lightsaber, Ventress jumped up and detached several fuel pipes from the ceiling. Unduli tried to use the Force to avoid being crushed by the resulting falling debris, but her leg had been caught under one of the pipes. Taking advantage of Unduli's vulnerability, Ventress leaped to kill the Jedi Master, lightsabers spinning. However, Tano arrived in time to Force-push Ventress into an open pipe. The Padawan freed Unduli and retrieved her lightsaber for her, and Unduli accepted Tano's help. Ventress climbed out of the pipe and, making use of Dooku's training to duel more than one Jedi at once, engaged the two Jedi in lightsaber combat. Ventress eventually ascended the large reactors and disappeared from sight to keep Unduli and Tano occupied. Believing Ventress to be after Gunray, the Jedi jumped up and searched for Ventress, but the Separatist agent instead used her stolen comlink to secretly signal Argyus to free the Viceroy  

On the detention level, Argyus received Ventress's signal and killed both of his Senate Commando companions. Engaging Gree in blaster combat, the traitorous Senate Commando forced the clone to take cover from the incoming fire. While the two exchanged laser shots, the Captain freed Gunray from his cell and used the Viceroy as a "living shield", forcing Gree to cease fire to avoid killing the prisoner. Receiving word of Argyus's betrayal form Gree, the two Jedi headed back to the detention level to assist the clone. Intending to keep them occupied, Ventress hurled a pipe at them with the Force. Turning around, Unduli severed the projectile, and she and Tano continued their duel, engaging Ventress in a saberlock.  

Gree shot Argyus's blaster out of his hand, but as the Clone Commander ordered Argyus to surrender, the Captain shoved Gunray at the trooper. Gree pushed the Viceroy aside, and Argyus used the clone's momentary distraction to kick his blaster out of his hand and his helmet off. As Gree confronted Argyus concerning his loyalty to the Republic, the Captain bent down to grab the clone's fallen blaster. The Commander punched the Senate Commando in the head, knocking him to the ground. As the clone Commander took aim at the Captain, however, Gunray sneaked up behind the clone and knocked him out with the butt of Argyus's blaster. Back in the engine room, Tano and Unduli took turns advancing at Ventress, forcing the Dark Acolyte to give ground. The two Jedi cut through the debris that the Separatist agent Force-pushed at them, and the Jedi Master rebounded the last piece back at Ventress. The Dark Acolyte Force jumped, avoiding the projectile, and charged at the pair again.  

As the duel continued, Argyus signaled Ventress with his comlink that Gunray had been freed. The Dark Acolyte broke off from her fight with the Jedi and jumped up, propelling herself off a reactor into an overlooking air vent. When Tano followed, Ventress threw a thermal detonator back at the reactor and escaped as the explosive detonated. Tano fell off the walkway of the engine room, but Unduli caught her and managed to pull her back up. Argyus and Gunray escaped in Unduli's Consular-class cruiser docked in the lower hangar, while Ventress disposed of two clone troopers guarding the Star Destroyer's escape pods. Stealing a pod for herself, Ventress departed the Tranquility, and Tano and Unduli arrived too late to prevent her from escaping. With the Star Destroyer still crippled, the Jedi could only watch from one of the Tranquility's viewport windows as the Separatist agents fled with the newly liberated Viceroy Gunray.  


The battle of Ryloth.


Battle of Ryloth

After hearing that Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di forces where under heavy fire and that his supplies ships were cut off by Separatist forces, GreenWizard was dispatched to help aid the Jedi and the Twi'lek people along with his master.

The Battle of Ryloth took place in 21 BBY on the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth during the Clone Wars. Seeking to steal the treasures of fellow Separatist Council member Passel Argente while claiming another victory for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor invaded the planet and executed the subjugation the Twi'lek people. Tambor's forces were met with early resistance from Galactic Republic military units and Twi'lek resistance fighters led by Jedi General Ima-Gun Di and General Cham Syndulla, respectively.

Ryloth lives to see another day!

With the Confederacy's annihilation of the Republic fleet defending Ryloth, supply lines to the planet were severed, leaving the Twi'lek population without food or medical supplies and the Republic forces stranded without reinforcements. Although Di and his troops were all killed, the Twi'lek freedom fighters were saved by the timely arrival of Republic relief supplies from Toydaria. After being defeated by the Confederacy at Cazne, Syndulla led his compatriots into hiding.


Separatist blockade off of Ryloth.


Finalizing defenses for his newly captured world, Emir Tambor placed Captain Mar Tuuk in command of the Confederate blockade guarding the planet and T-series tactical droid TX-20 in charge of the proton cannons in the city of Nabat, while he made headquarters for himself in the conquered capital of Lessu. After receiving pleas for assistance from Ryloth's senator, Orn Free Taa, the Jedi High Council dispatched Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano and GreenWizard along with his master Depa Billaba to eliminate the Separatist blockade and make way for clone trooper forces from the Grand Army of the Republic to land on and liberate Ryloth. Despite heavy losses to their fleet, Skywalker and Tano were able to break through the blockade, allowing Republic troop transports—commanded by High Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu—to safely enter the Ryloth system. Once Kenobi, Clone Commander CC-2224, and the Republic unit Ghost Company had destroyed Nabat's proton cannons, Windu was able to land with his transports. While Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice and Jon Antilles and his apprentice continued the battle from space.


Destiny receives heavy damage during the battle of Ryloth.

Following the liberation of Lessu, Skywalker and Tano along with Depa Billaba and GreenWizard were left in command of the operations against the remaining Confederate holdouts on the planet. The four Jedi led the 501st Legion through the ruined city of Resdin, gradually clearing out the droid forces that were encamped there. During the conflict, Clone Captain CT-7567 and Clone Sergeant CS-2207 were captured by the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was on the run after stealing the Gravitic Core, a part of Separatist scientist Kul Teska's newly developed superweapon. The clones were eventually rescued by Skywalker, Tano, Depa Billaba and GreenWizard , while trying to escape from Resdin.


GreenWizard arriving on the planet Ryloth.

Battle of Rodia

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First Ballte of Felucia

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Second Battle of Geonosis


Sergeant GreenWizard and Obi-Wan shortly after the battle.

Following Senator Padmé Amidala's discovery of the droid factories on the planet Geonosis, the Jedi High Council dispatched a massive Jedi-led detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic to retake Geonosis and halt the facilities' production of battle droids. Tasked with the challenge of landing on the planet and establishing a staging area, the Jedi mounted an attack on the Geonosians, with Jedi Generals Ki-Adi-Mundi, Sergeant GreenWizard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli each leading an assault force. Also involved in the battle was a small task force of jedi padawans who were assgined with there Jedi masters. Commander Barriss Offee, Commander Ahsoka Tano and Commander Chessker Shadeblade helped fight during the Second Battle of Geonosis.

Based on intelligence they had received, Mundi and Kenobi concluded that Poggle the Lesser was holed up within his primary droid factory, was being protected by a massive ray shield, their main target. The Jedi planned to execute a three-pronged attack on the Geonosian defenses. Mundi and Jet were to lead the northern advance, while Kenobi and Clone Commander Cody. Skywalker, Unduli, GreenWizard, Tano, Offee, Chessker and Rex, meanwhile, would execute the southern assault with their forces. The troops would rendezvous at Point Rain.

Kenobi's assault force was the first to take flight, with Kenobi leading the way in his gunship. Kenobi and his gunships were met with heavy resistance from Geonosian sonic cannons, Upon arrival, Cody informed them the Geonosians were well prepared for their attack, and after a lengthy defense to the point where defeat seemed emanate, Anakin Skywalker called in an airstrike on the the Geonosian forces, securing the landing point.

While Poggle attempted to retake Point Rain and his Ray Shield Fortress, his main droid foundry was targeted by the Jedi. In order to eliminate the factory, Generals Skywalker, Sergeant GreenWizard and Luminara Unduli battled the facility's droid defenses in open warfare while their respective Padawans, Ahsoka Tano, Chessker Shadeblade and Barriss Offee, sneaked into the facility via the catacombs beneath it. As their Masters battled Poggle's army, the Padawans' infiltration of the foundry was cut short when they were intercepted by Poggle and his tactical droid, TX-21. With their explosive charges stolen, Tano, Shadeblade and Offee used a super tank to blow up the facility's reactor and collapse the factory from the inside. Skywalker, GreenWizard and Unduli rescued their Padawans from the debris once the foundry had fallen. Despite the Republic's destruction of other key factories, Poggle remained at large, having escaped his primary foundry before its eradication.  

Picking another Padawan


The planet Umbara were GreenWizard would meet his soon Apprentice.

The following year Jedi General GreenWizard accepted Dylan Weaiver as his Padawan. Taking him on several missions throughout the galaxy. GreenWizard met Dylan Weaiver when the Jedi council assigned GreenWizard to a clone squad, called The Republic Marine Havoc Squad. GreenWizard met him During the battle of Umbara when GreenWizard's Republic Cruiser came upon the Umbara system. Confused and not sure why a small damaged spacecraft was hovering the planet, GreenWizard along with a small clone squad boarded the damaged ship and searched the entire ship to find only a small human infant was aboard. Not sure where the family and pilots or crew were GreenWizard took the youngling to the home world of Coruscant where the child was evaluated by the council. Since the child was so young and could hardly speak the council could not locate or determine who and where his parents where. The Jedi council ran some test and had discovered that the child was force sensitive and still young enough to be trained as a Jedi. Thus the council assigning GreenWizard to be his mentor.  

Battle of Umbara


Green and some of his men discuss about the battle on board a Republic Cruiser.

Republic forces launched a blitz attack on the Separatist blockade fortifying the Umbaran system. After quickly punching a hole through Separatist defenses, the Republic forces consolidated for a ground assault on the Umbaran capital; while Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pong Krell, and Saesee Tiintook command over the southern front, Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion were given control over the northern front with the intention of flanking Separatist reinforcements and neutralizing the local Umbaran militia. While Green and is squad would help draw back enemy ships from entering the solar system and GreenWizard defending the planet from space.




Because of the clouded post-war future, the Jedi Council started to suspect somebody from his Inner Circle, most notably Sate Pestage, to be the "Darth Sidious" that Count Dooku had revealed to Master Kenobi on Geonosis. They started to suspect this after the First Battle of Cato Neimoidia in 19 BBY, three years into the war. Republic forces under Captain Jan Dodonna captured Viceroy Gunray's mechno-chair, which led them to Sidious' hideout, the LiMerge Power building, in the Works on Coruscant, in turn leading to Palpatine and his advisor's apartment at 500 Republica. Facts became invaluable. {C}{C {C}Palpatine knew that the end was near, and assigned the majority of the galactic capital defense fleet to take down what he dubbed the "Triad of Evil." At the same time, his alter-ego commanded the cyborg General Grievous to use a secret hyperlane through the Deep Core to attack Coruscant itself. The endgame for his decades long plan had begun.

Palpatine then gave his state of the union address to the public after secretly commanding General Grievous to commence the attack during this ceremony. During the address, he also supplied medals to X1 and X2 for their heroism during the Invasion of Tatooine, although he also mixed up the two, and also hinted that something other than the time of their births separated them. {C}{C {C}During the chaos of the battle, Palpatine was spirited away to his bunker with General Grievous, the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies, in close pursuit, killing many of his bodyguards and Jedi on the way. However, thanks to his own planning, he was "abducted". Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were ordered to Coruscant from the ruined world of Tythe where their hunt for Count Dooku had led them to rescue the Chancellor. They eventually found Palpatine, bound on a chair in the General's quarters of Grievous's flagship, Invisible Hand. Before they could rescue him however, Tyranus appeared and the three of them dueled. In reality, this was merely a test of Anakin's vulnerability to the dark side in a confrontation with Darth Tyranus.

Tyranus was aware that this duel was meant to lead Anakin to the dark side, but he was unaware that he would be sacrificed to achieve this. Sidious led him to believe that after he let Anakin subdue him, he and Sidious would together convince Skywalker to switch to the dark side. Tyranus would then surrender, pretend to having been unaware of the atrocities committed by General Grievous, and then emerge as the venerable leader of a new Sith army and the right hand of Sidious.

However, Tyranus forgot about Darth Bane's dictum—there could be only two. As they dueled, Palpatine silently rooted for Anakin. Obi-Wan was rendered unconscious while battling Tyranus, but Anakin continued to fight. When Anakin sliced off the Sith Lord's hands and had him down on his knees with both Dooku's lightsaber and his own crossed at his neck, Palpatine was ecstatic and broke his silence, urging the young Jedi to kill Dooku. The Count realized he had been nothing more than a pawn in Sidious's schemes, while Anakin argued that he should not murder a defenseless prisoner in cold blood. Palpatine continued to goad Anakin to finish Dooku off, and he finally gave into his hatred of Dooku and sliced off the Count's head, his body falling lifelessly to the floor. This was another victory for Sidious. The only event he had not expected was that Dooku failed to kill Kenobi and that Anakin refused to leave him behind. It was of little concern, however. By defeating Tyranus in combat, Anakin had proven that he was now powerful enough to take his place at Sidious's side something that the Sith Lord felt he would have little trouble in orchestrating.

Palpatine becomes Supreme Commander The day after the Battle of Coruscant, the Security Act amendment was passed by the Galactic Senate by a wide margin. The amendment was personally written by Palpatine but given to a loyal senator to introduce, in order to maintain the facade of the Senate forcing power on him against his will. It nominally transferred command of the Jedi High Council from the Senate directly to the Chancellor, thus providing him with the Constitutional authority to disband the Jedi Order. It also removed Jedi and Senatorial oversight of the Republic's military, placing the Chancellor in direct command and naming him Supreme Commander of the Republic Military.


Destiny, Exile and Outlander moments before a battle.






GreenWizard's flagship "Destiny" falls. Along with another flagship named "Exile".


As the end of the war drew near, GreenWizard was stationed at the Coruscant Temple when General Grievous launched a Battle of Coruscant Clone Wars surprise assault on the capital planet. On the orders of Grand Master Yoda, Jedi GreenWizard joined fellow Knights Roron Corobb, Moudama, B'ink Utrila, and Roth-Del Masona in heading to the bunker that was to house Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the assault. When the five Jedi arrived, they met with Masters Shaak Ti and Stass Allie who had thus far been responsible for safeguarding the leader of the Republic. Under Ti's command, four of the Knights took the Chancellor and his Red Guards men and a few Senate Commandos down into the bunker and GreenWizard was stationed in the senate buildings security room along with multiple Senate Commandos while Ti and Allie remained behind to defend the main entrance, GreenWizard would watch the surveillance on all the floors informing any of the others of what was going on. While Ti and Allie were distracted with incoming droids Grievous led a group of IG-100 MagnaGuard's into the bunker and attacked Moudama and his companions. While the Red Guards and Senate Commandos were all slain by the MagnaGuards, the four Jedi engaged the cyborg General in lightsaber combat. While Grievous toyed with them for a few moments, he Sai cha decapitated Jedi Masona before cutting down Jedi Corobb, leaving Moudama and Utrila alone. Putting forth his best effort, Moudama charged the General but lost his lightsaber arm and than his left leg before being disemboweled. Utrila died after being stabbed in the heart shortly after, and Grievous escaped with the Chancellor.


The group of Senate Commandos tasked with GreenWizard.


An injured Senate Commando that was with GreenWizard during the attack.

Unaware of any of the other Jedi's death GreenWizard and the other Commandos headed down to the bunker after the communication and surveillance had been sabotaged, while Green and the senate Commandos were trying to leave the security room a group of battle droids and a few commandos began to attack them, once they opened the blast doors. They began fighting off the droids in the Security room, loosing a few Senate Commandos in the process. They had no way of contacting the others, so they began heading towards the bunker once all of the droids were destroyed in their path. Passing through the hallway Green sensed something was wrong and within seconds MagnaGuards and Commando droids stormed the halls of the senate building trapping Green and the Senate Commando's in the middle of a crossing of three hallways. The droids sprang from the three separate directions in the senate hallway and caught Green and the Senate Commandos by surprise, killing the Captain Senate Commando in front of GreenWizard right away. GreenWizard ordered the men to stay close as GreenWizard deflected incoming fire from every direction as fast as he could and the Senate Commandos covering his rear. It wasn't long and another Senate Commando was killed by an in coming shot from a Droid Commando striking the Senate Commando in the head. Determined to win GreenWizard used all his strength to finally defeat all the droids in the three surrounding hallway's and still managed to save three of his five men left. As GreenWizard and the three Senate Commandos began heading down the hallway GreenWizard noticed something attached to one of the MagnaGuard's lying cut in half on the ground, it turned out to be an explosive that was armed and already counting down. GreenWizard quickly used the force to push the three Commandos away from the explosive. The bomb quickly exploded with GreenWizard not to far from it thus sending him flying back towards the group of Senate Commando's that GreenWizard rescued. Lying on the ground weak and injured, the Senate Commando's trying to aid him, GreenWizard sensed something wasn't right and using what strength he could, he got up and peered down the smokey hallway. Moments later GreenWizard and the others could hear a deep breathing and coughing voice, with the noise of metal creeping towards them. Still weak and in pain two of the Senate Commando's sprang in front of GreenWizard while the other Commando helped him stay up. GreenWizard heard those noises before and seconds later Grievous soon emerged from the smokey ruins coughing and laughing at the pain of GreenWizard and the other Commando's. Grievous Quoted "You foolish and weak Republic scum, prepare to fall and meet your doom." As the two Commandos began charging towards Grievous several MagnaGuard's and Commando droid's sprang from the smokey hallway were the CIS general was standing. The MagnaGuards struck the two Senate Commandos with their electrostaffs, while Grievous closed in on GreenWizard and the others. He confronted the two weak and injured Commandos striking both down with his saber's piercing there chest's. Witnessing this GreenWizard didn't hesitate one bit he sprang into action pulling out both his lightsaber's and leaped into action to attack the General, Grievous sending his MagnaGuard's to cover for him while Grievous stayed back and the droids closed in on GreenWizard to try and weaken him more. Sergeant GreenWizard was able to destroy the other droids, but was hit with their electrostaff's a few times, weak and injured Grievous had an advantaged over GreenWizard after a short duel Grievous was able to cut one of Green's lightsabers in half leaving the jedi with only his off-hand lightsaber. Grievous was able to find a weak point in the Jedi stabbing him through the chest and throwing him across the hallway as if he was weightless, GreenWizard's final words shortly before his death where "I've Failed the order". Once Grievous threw GreenWizard's helpless and dead body off to the distance the cyborg made his way to the last Senate Commando deflecting the incoming fire from the Commando and snapping his neck once he confronted him. General Grievous was able to make his escape from the Senate Building and escape with Master Shaak Ti and Chancellor Palpatine. {C}{C {C}

The cyborg back on his ship attempting to leave the planet.


Following Sergeant GreenWizard's death his body was collected by the Coruscant Republic medical team and was taken out of the Galactic Senate building. With his death, Many Jedi were shocked and left breathless but they would soon find out that something far worse was about to happen to all of them. {C}{C}On his home world of the planet Naboo, Green's old friend's and fellow Jedi comrade's, Would pay their respect at his funeral morning of the great Jedi's death and sacrifice for the Jedi order.  

Personality and Traits

GreenWizard possessed a unique personality for a Jedi. He was a cautious individual, even demonstrating reluctance at times. He chose his friends carefully and was slow to trust, coming off as remote and intense. Despite this, he was extremely courageous, bravely risking life and limb on numerous occasions for the Galactic Republic. Green strongly believed in the Jedi's role as the servants of the Republic rather than its masters, and treated all civilians with respect. He was especially well known for a sharp tongue and an occasional sarcastic interface.

Ultimately, Sergeant GreenWizard's true motivation for all he did was a divergence from Jedi philosophy. His personal belief system was an extremist viewpoint of peace at all costs. In his mind, peace was created by civilization and the colonization that took place, and he viewed the Republic as the ultimate civilization, thus developing an attachment towards the institution. He was ultimately willing to do anything to preserve the Republic, even if it meant violating Jedi philosophy.  


Product information
Date created c. 70 BBY
Date destroyed 22 BBY, above Felucia
Manufacturer Industrial Automaton
Product line R-series
Model R4-series agromech droid
Class Astromech droid
Technical Specifications
Height 0.98 meters
Mass 35 kilograms
Gender Masculine programming
Sensor color Black
  • Thruster Jets
  • Prod arm
  • Hologram recorder/transmitter
  • Buzz Saw
  • Electric Winch
Chronological and political information



J-4CK was originally created to serve a member of the high council when the droid was first manufactured, but the series was later replaced by newer astromech droids on the market. Once replaced the droid with others of its kind where handed down to other jedi or destroyed. The council offered J-4CK to GreenWizard and he accepted the little droid. J-4CK stayed by GreenWizard's side throughout most of his life as a jedi until the droid served its last day.


{C}Disaster struck in 22 BBY when an unknown species attacked GreenWizards small jedi aircraft while he was in orbit near the planet of Felucia, GreenWizard's jedi aircraft sustained heavy damage causing him to crash land on the planet Felucia. GreenWizard's ship was to heavily damaged on impact to call the council for help through his ship. Luckily J-4CK was able to contact the council straight from its communicator reaching the council, a short time after the crash. The council received the distress signal only moments before a group of Acklay's attacked GreenWizard and his astromech from the dense forest that they crashed in. GreenWizard managed to dodge the Acklay and survive the sudden attack but his astromech was not so lucky, getting destroyed in the process trying to scare off the Acklay and protect his jedi friend and owner. The council later picked up GreenWizard and the reamins of his droid hoping some day his little friend could be repaired and brought back from the dead.

J-4CK's personality

J-4CK was very loyal and courageous droid, and though he was not designed for hand to hand combat, he was not afraid to fight when the situation demanded it. When forced into combat J-4CK held his own ground by using his wide variety of mechanical features to serve as weapons, such as using oil to blind his opponents or make them slip, or lighting the fluid to cause a fire with his thrusters, shocking them with his shock prod, tying them up in a cable or simply bashing into them. J-4CK would also never give up on a friend in need and would go to great risks to protect them with no thought for himself and what could happen. He was programmed with selflessness, courage and loyalty and everyone loved him.  

Powers and Abilities


Having been trained a Jedi Guardian, Jar'Kai was originally a style of swordplay that utilized dual blades, developed by the Yovshin Swordsmen. A similar dual-blade technique referred to as Niman was developed by the Royale Macheteros of the Kashi Mer monarchy. Niman was adopted by the Dark Sider group known as the Legions of Lettow during the First Great Schism, as well as the Jedi Order itself. Niman was developed into the sixth form of Lightsaber combat, retaining its name,[ while Jar'Kai became something of a blanket term for dual-blade combat. It should be noted that the fourth form of Lightsaber combat; Ataru; was also known to employ dual blades as part of its training regimen {C}

GreenWizard helping train new jedi.

-Lightsaber Training-

Form I: Shii-Cho, also known as The Way of the Sarlacc, or The Determination Form, was the first of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. A master practitioner of Shii-Cho, Sergeant GreenWizard was considered to be one of the best swordsmen in the Jedi Order. His mastery of the form was advanced, and he applied it in many battles and duels. He went head to head with many of the most dangerous adversaries of the Clone Wars and survived. A notable opponent was Grievous, whom GreenWizard almost defeated, as Form I's specialization against multiple foes, or in this case, multiple weapons, was well-suited to holding off the four lightsaber's Grievous' bizarre mechanical anatomy allowed him to wield. GreenWizard's quick thinking and speedy reflexes enabled him to recognize vulnerable body zones on his opponents and react immediately. His versatility with Shii-Cho was such that he could ably apply it towards the usage of dual-blades, or even lightwhip's.

Form VI: Niman, also known as The Way of the Rancor, The Moderation Form, and the diplomat's form, was the sixth form of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. GreenWizard was hardly ever seen using this form of lightsaber technique. Niman balances out between the various specializations of the other forms, covering many of the basic moves, but focusing on overall moderation. This resulted in a fighting style that lacked a significant advantage, but also lacking any serious drawbacks, and thereby not leaving adherents as exposed as some of the more aggressive or specialized forms. It was just another form of many that Sergeant GreenWizard studied and mastered through his many years of training.

Form IV: Ataru, also known as the Way of the Hawk-Bat, or The Aggression Form, was the fourth of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. The history of Ataru stretched back through the Old Republic, to at least as early as the Mandalorian Wars, where it was commonly employed by Jedi of that day. Ataru continued to be a common form among the Jedi in the latter stages of the Republic. An aggressive style, Form IV was fast-paced and effective against single opponents, though weaker in prolonged combat and confined spaces. Ataru was characterized by Force-assisted acrobatics, both for attack and defense, and fast, powerful strikes. Notable users of this combat form included Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn and it would be the last form GreenWizard learned to master before his death.

However, GreenWizard was not without his weaknesses. Form I was ideal when heavily outnumbered and effective against many opponents, but a single opponent was able to find flaw in it, and this proved to be GreenWizard's downfall. His final battle against General Grievous would end the young Jedi's life for good when GreenWizard was out numbered by the General's Magnaguard's. Using all the Forms he knew it still wasn't enough to fight off the cyborg General. GreenWizard was able to destroy all of General's Magnaguards but received several critical blows from them in battle. Tired and wounded GreenWizard was an easy target for Grievous and he had to problem striking down the young Jedi killing him in seconds.



One of GreenWizard's lightsabers.

{C}GreenWizard's dueled with two lightsabers that one contained a light green crystal which was one of the most common colors for a Jedi Guardian. and the other a purple crystal. His main lightsaber was a similar desgin to Master Windu's lightsaber. His off hand lightsaber was of the same desgin as Quinlan Vos. Both of the crystals in GreenWizard's lightsaber's was just a regular lightsaber Beam crystal with a regular hilt.


GreenWizard's other lightsaber.


"Drastic times call for drastic measures."

"Some times to see the other side drastic measures have to be taken."

"One must learn to concentrate on not only his own matters but others around him."

"True strength is fighting off the dark side and never giving into fear nor hate."

"You can never truly be out numbered. For your mind out numbers many."

"Wisdom will get you further than your lightsaber."

"I dont like to think of myself as a General in the clone wars for we are keepers of the peace, not soliders."

"The dark side shall never consume me as long as I shall live."

"Id rather be remembered for what I did rather what I should of done."

"They day I give into the dark side will be the day I die."

"Your enemy is only as smart as their leader."

"Metal machines can never out smart a person."

"Diffrent paths others can see. Diffrent outcomes result in those diffrent paths."

"There is always a choice that it comes down to."

"No person is the same, not even a clone."

"When it comes to the force, you never stop learning and your teacher never stops teaching."

"For every path you take, an opportunity is missed."

"Keep your mind brighter than your lightsaber."  



GreenWizard when he was younger.


An example of what the armor looked like on the Commando's


Commando's trapped in the Senate hallway.


GreenWizard in his dark knight robe.


GreenWizard's new flagship "Voyager"