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The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's Second in game Anniversary Event

Trivial Contest!


The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki is having their 10th in game event in celebration of the wiki's 2nd year anniversary! Wuher MosEisley is hosting a Trivial Contest at his Orto Plutonia lot on Saturday September 21st, 2013, check the details for the time!

How To play

Players will arrive at the lot to meet fellow editors in game prior to the event starting.

As the event begins, Wuher will ask trivial questions based on random articles and facts based on this wiki! There will be a total of 20 questions. The players that answer the most questions correctly first will be declared the winners!



Wuher MosEisley's Orto Plutonia lot


Saturday September 21st at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, EDT North America (timezone converter)

Who can enter

Anyone can join, even if they don't go on this site


There will be three prizes that will be revealed soon.

  1. A chance at being on the entire wiki's Wordmark from 9/21/13 through 10/05/13.*
  2. A chance at being on the wordmark of their article for the lifetime of the article*.
  3. A chance at being on the wordmark of their article for the lifetime of the article*.
Requirements to win Wordmark

To win Wordmark, player must have an article based on their in-game character.*

-*The article requires to be at least 1(one) week of age, or at least 3(three) paragraphs long.


Any player intentionally trying to cause lag, spamming, or negatively disrupting the event in any way will be put on ignore by Wuher MosEisley causing the player to be kicked from the house.


Event Tip

If you find yourself affected with lag during the event, try zooming your view in with the mouse scroll then hold down right click and aim your view to the floor.

Can I help?

You sure can! It would be appreciated to record the event and uploading it to Youtube. You can record even if you are participating in the event.

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