Devis featured
Devis trooper was born on Naboo and is a male jedi/smuggler who was connected to the force who lived in Old Republic era then the Clone wars era. He lived on Naboo in 32 BBY. A Queen named Amidala knew him as a great pilot, when he went to meet her that one day he saw droids taking her away so he tried to go free her when two jedi jumped down and saved her. He ran to her secret hanger where he met her on board her ship and flew to Tatooine where he got left behind by her so he went to around looking for a transport when he found 100,000 credits in the sand when he bought a ticket to Dromaund Kaas where he found a used ship called the Ebon Hawk he bought it and left to Coruscant. He then later explored the ship where he found a secret room with Revan's lightsabers in it. He is now a master in the Jar'Kai lightsaber form and owns his own design of a republic cruiser. His companion is a Anooba which is alive in Clone War Adventures today. Later he met a few new padawans they were Biggs Mistshreik and Dawson Helget

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