Xara Vienta, Diplomat of Floria

Xara Vienta
Biographical information

Floria,Sol System, Mid Rim



Physical description

Florian (Human)






47 kg

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color




Chronological and political information

Clone Wars

Rise of The Empire



Galactic Senate





Known masters

Arch Counselor Dimitrus

Known apprentices

Saiya Forza

Senator Xara Vienta was a noblewoman of the planet Floria, in her lifetime she went on a lot of missions, both peaceful and violent. Fighting for the neutral systems and a non-bloody end to the Clone Wars, she earned many friends, and enemies. Her mother, Duchess Xindra of Floria raised her to be a non-violent, neutral senator that would fight for her people and the rest of the pacifist planets of the galaxy. Her father was Prince Florum, heir to the throne, and son of Queen Feluia. Growing up in a royal environment, Vienta never forgot that a good blaster can get you out of a "dicey" situation, so she trained with her tutor, Arch Counselor Dimitrus of Falkrus. Dimitrus became one of her most trusted friends on the beautiful planet.

Peace on Maridun:

When Vienta was 18, her mother received troubling news, Maridun was being occupied by the Trade Federation! Seeing as Maridun was a neighboring planet to Floria, Senator Vienta was sent to negotiate peace between the peaceful Lurmen and the power-hungry droid army.


Senator Vienta looking at the occupied Lurmen Colony from afar.

Upon arriving on Maridun, saw that the Lurmen capital was overrun with droids, and the tribes people were tied in chains. Vienta's small detachment of the Florian Guard was not enough to overpower the battalion of battle droids.

Vienta and her guards carefully walked through the long grass to get to a small Lurmen Village that had been unnoticed by the droids, there they explained to the Lurmen that in order to free the capital, they would need a distraction!

The Lurmen chief, Dok'tah, issued his fastest hunters to run to one of the giant trees nearby and set it alight. The hunters did their job and soon the huge tree was going up in flames, the droids went to investigate leaving only a skeleton force with in the capital. Vienta, her guards and warriors from neighboring Lurmen tribes entered the city asking to speak with the droid leader - Lok Durd.

Vienta went into the largest building in the city, where the fat Neimodian was waiting. Suddenly, four commando droids sprang out from the darkness blasting two of the Lurmen warriors. The Florian guard battled hard to let the Senator escape, three Lurmen following. Fleeing into the grasses once more Vienta camped the night alone in the wilderness ready to return to Floria.

Vienta camping near her ship

The next day as she lifted off into the sky, something caught her eye. A republicConsular class cruiser had crashed out of the sky, she noticed a human, a clone, a Twi'lek and a Togruta crawl out from underneath the wreckage, Vienta hoped they would escape the droids wrath...

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