Scorch Kabur
Biographical information

Nar Shadaa


36 BBY

Physical description





1.85 Meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Mandalorians
Current Squad

Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

4 Trooper

Battle Class

Bc icon mercenary

Scorch Kabur is a Mandalorian. He was born on Nar Shadaa , where he quickly was taken by his uncle, Jaden Ornate , to Alderaan where he was trained to hunt and fight as his Mandalorian Uncle did. When Scorch was still going through training, his Uncle was attacked by Bounty Hunters that wanted him dead, and, in turn, the Bounty Hunters killed his Uncle. Of course, Scorch dispatched of the Bounty Hunters by placing a crate of live Thermal Grenades onto the Bounty Hunter's ship. So, Scorch continued his training with other Mandalorian Groups. He trained in group to group for quite a while. One of them were the Tracinya's Calud , which he spent awhile with. That group never raided villages, or anything of the sort. He later found out from the Leader of the Tacinya's Calud was non other than Calud Ornate. , his long lost brother. Calud and Scorch had fought together, until Calud and many other of Scorch's trusted friends were killed in a night raid by a group of rogues inside Death Watch. Scorch survived, because of his brother, who had threw Scorch into a lake before the entire camp was shot down. Scorch, vowing for revenge over the death of his Vode. Scorch, finding himself searching planets for these Death Watch scum, hadn't, came to Coruscant, where he had met a man called Sentinel Arc Burner. Burner showed Scorch where he got the name 'Sentinel', it was from a legion of battle-hardened men, who called themselves the Sentinels Of Peace . He joined the Sentinels after he had discussed with Burner and the Leader. The Sentinels trained him further, to the point where he became a Sentinel himself. The leader of the Sentinels Of Peace , Cade Novalight was impressed with Scorch's determination and strength to carry on. Scorch talked to Cade and they both agreed Scorch needed to venture out on his own. Later, Beviin Kabur found Scorch and brought him into the great and honorary Mandalorian Guild . Scorch had made friends with most of the Mandalorian Greats , such as; Thorun Ordo, Khaled Skirata , Mirta Brokar , Nauur Ordo, Ned Merleno, and many other of them. Scorch had became part of Beviin's clan, hence 'Scorch Kabur'. Beviin later accepted Scorch into the Guild, where Scorch is now happy for a very long time. Scorch had found out where the Death Watch were, the planet Carlac. Scorch is planning to take a few members of the Guild to this frozen planet, and exact revenge on the scum who had killed his brother.

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