Schuster is a male human born in 1918 on earth.

Biographical information

Nabooplanet Earth


1918 German (Earth)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information


Rise of the empire



  • Group 935(Former)

Galactic Republic


Schuster born on Germany from a very wealthy family. At age 22 he worked in a secret group German called
Group 935 Logo


"Group 935" . In 1939 the group was affiliated to the Nazis, the group was working on a project to travel through time. 

Element 115

The Group discover a meteorite fallen long ago, this meteorite was filled with a material "Element 115". Brought into the laboratory the group made
Element 115 Origins BOII

Element 115

many experiments, even on human. This element had a side effect with living beings, transformed in zombie.


  1. The first test was done to a prisoner. The prisoner died shortly, but soon after wake up, the prisoner was killed (Test failure)
  2. The assistent of Schuster hardor a dead rat, and injet a element. The rat came to life and bit the assistent. Schuster reurn on laboratory saw his friend taht trasformed. He was Killed

15. Shuster creaded a machine that contains element 115. Wich was able to teleport things

30. In teleporter was put in a dog and a cat outher side of the teleporter. Schuster flipped the                               machine, but the two animols explosed.

115. The lab was invaded by zombies, Schuster went inside on teleporter and teleported

Back to Future

Schuster is beamed into the future. The earth was destroy. From a distance he was two figures approached. The two stopped in front of Schuster, and spoke to him . But he didn't understand anything. One of two took
Green day

The two human

an object you latched on Schuster. Schuster now understand the two and could speak the same language. One of them says

G-who are you?

Schuster- No who are you? 

G-Never Mind

Schuster-What kind of armor do you have?

Private- Commander to do?

G-Lest's get to Coruscante


With a stroke of a weapon send K.O Schuster

Wellcome to Futere


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