SasukeLe Uchiha
Comedic Ninja

Scott waving at us

Umm well he is...not really your average guy...Weird at times and kinda metally disorded.He cant take anything seriously because he was in a project to inhance the human agility,strength,speed,and intellegence.It worked for the most part but well of course the intellegence part wasnt complete...People now call him Scott and he just rolls with it.Some of his side effects is he like we mentioned earlier he cant take things seriously,he understands almost nothing,overreacts to practicly everything,and gets angry easily.Violance ammuses him it is one of the things that makes him him.

When he woke up he was mad and crazy.He killed the scientist and destroyed the entire labratory.All their
The Lab Before it was destroyed

The Lab before it was destroyed

research was gone so they could not redue what they did to him to someone else.He then escaped and found the jedi temple.He refused training from all the jedi masters because he thought the force was some type of magical fantasy.He found a place to stay and some droid c
Scott getting ready to kill the jawa

Scott getting ready to kill the jawa


While exploring the world he found creatures of some sort that he disliked.They were Jawas.Whenever he
The guard before Scott killed him

The guard before Scott killed him

saw them he killed them with his Darksaber.He always causes trouble.He crashed a party while beating up the guard of the party.The guard was killed but everyone else was safe.If the party guests stayed any longer they would have been dead too because Scott is never afraid to draw blood.
Scott taunting a clone

Scott Taunting a clone

Fading Skills

He planned on moving to the Sith but then got stopped by the Jedi Council.They invited him to train with them and taught him not to kill.His training was complete.But he still killed well because violance ammuses him too much for him not to.The Jedi regretted training him.


He was now wanted for his extra "activities" he was first confronted by mace windu and commander cody,he fled. Commander Cody called in extra clones to stop him they all pointed guns at him.He couldnt escape.

Scott being confronted by commander cody and mace windo

Scott being confronted by Mace Windu and Commander Cody

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