"May all good memories never be forgotten" - Sarria Ion

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Sarria Ion


Sarria 1

Sarria ion

Sarria 2

Sarria 3

Sarria 4

Biographical information

Zenoplanet Zeno


400 BBY, Zeno



Physical description

Temporal Zenolian (Pyroic, Zenolian-Sith Hybrid)




1.82 Meters


41.38 Kilograms

Hair color

Black (Zenolian)

Eye color

Fiery Orange (Zenolian)

Skin color

Light Grey (Zenolian)

White (Twi'lek)



Blood type

Direct Zenoxia Medius



Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order era

Legacy Era

Old Republic Era

Before the Republic era

  • The Ion Society

Affinity of Anachronism



Known masters

Ren Ion

Known apprentices

Orion Ion

  • Ahsoka Ion (Mother)
  • Ren Ion (Father)
  • Orion Ion (Son)
Current Squad

Memories of CWA

Squad Rank

1 Leader(Founder)

Former Squad(s)

Memories of CWA (3/31/14)

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrelTechnician


  • Time-Space controling
  • Teleportation
  • Shapeshifting
  • Dark Energy
  • Magic
  • Light Energy
  • The Force
  • Ghost like Powers


Sarria can alter and bend and travel threw Space-time to her own will from being a
Sarria Teleporting threw time
Temporal Being. Tho she is a Zenolian unlike the rest of her kind she has these powers from unormal means as she is the only Zenolian with them. She gained the powers from a mix of Dark Magic use and her adopted father Ren Ion.


Tho it can be seen as part of bending space time this is not realy how it is, this power is only from one part of space to another in the same time frame only and is normaly only short ways from eachother like jumping past a few rooms from where she is at that moment of time. She gained this power as a hidden like skill from her Zenolian Telekinesis after being transformed into a Temporal Being.


Sarria had this power just like the rest of her kind but along with being able to take the form of another she can also mimic the voice or sound of what she takes the form of. With this power you can never truly know where or who she is.

Dark/Light Energy

Being a Zenolian her race could control a form of energy that was so dark and powerful other races fear become part of it. This Dark Energy is fueled by Anger, Hate, and other negative Emotions and transformed into a forms of weapons that the user models it into. The Light Energy is the same way other then it is fueld by positive Emotions or thoughts. Sarria at the time when she became a Temporal Being had more then one personality at the same time and one of them had a spark of light that was amplified from the transformation. The weapons formed by Dark or Light Energy glow with dark or light colors with a foggy likeness around the weapon.


Sarria learned how to do and control magic from watching those who used it often the ones she went to attack used magic. Some the Dark/Light Energy weapons Sarria forms have magic mixed into it giving them even more power.

The Force

Sarria like other Zenolians could control the force and is also part of how Light and Dark Energy came to be. Tho Sarria does not offten use the force she is a master of it and even more a master in using it to help effect other powers she has over using it as an attack only.

Ghost Powers

From a mix of other powers and also being a Temporal Being she has found ways of using them that almost make her seem like a phantom or ghost being able to walk threw solid objects and at times hover around instead of walking. Also part of this set of powers Sarria often cant control is that it often makes ghost like entities of her other personalities tho not real can still effect what is.

Early Life

Sarrias life before Ren taking her in was a dark life. Sarria had seen her real parents get killed infront of her at a verry young age, the only reason she survived was that she was hidding and was not found by those cruel people. Since her home was not near any cities or towns she had no where to go, so she staied at her home. Before her parents died they had as a family made a small garden that had food growing and so she lived off that till the time Ren came and found her. From being all alone for a few years in that time she started talking to herself like there were other people there, these started at would would be Sarrias other personalities. As years went by the house started to look like it would fall apart with having only the paint holding it up. Sarria always tried to think of the good times she had before this and have hope, she waited each day thinking her mother and father would wake up and things would go to the way they were before, but they never did. She even made dolls of her family and plaied with them like they were her real parents. Then one day  wind outside the house was acting unormal and a strange man walked up to the house and knocked on the door. At that time Sarria hid in a corner of a room. the man knocked again and the door fell down. The man walked in seeing the bones of two people and he looked around the house. The man came to the room Sarria was in and asked if any one was there, and Sarria started crying in fear. The man herd Sarria and told her that he would not hurt her and that he only wants to help. He then opened the door and saw Sarria and slowly walked to her. Sarria stared at the strange man as she was holding her legs. Slowly she felt like her fear was going away. Then man reached an arm out to Sarria and she slowly reached for it. The man then told her his name was Ren Ion.

Sarria Personalities

Many of Sarrias personalities often take their own form from the effects of Sarrias ghost like powers and reality warping effects.

The Personalities of Good and Light

These personalities are but a few that make up the good of Sarria tho they are offten taken there forms far from the real Sarria as they dont tend to want to help with the bad or the Evil like personalities that often follow around Sarria, tho at times they do help in combat.


This personality has everything involved with the Hope Sarria had durring the time she spent after
Sarria Hope Personality
her mother and father died and before Ren Ion came. This one personality when with others often form the Light side of Sarria and even when alone from the others still uses light energy when attacking. When ever Sarria Thinks of something with hope this personality gets stronger, and the closer he is to Sarrias area the stronger she is with light energy. Weapons formed from Hope tend to shine white but look blue in color.


This personality is realy two at the same time but share the same form and act like twins. Love and Caring take the form of the youngest of both the Dark and the Light Personalities and never leave the others side. They formed when Sarria was about 14(human years) and Love took the form of Sarria when she was 6(human years) and Caring a young boy the same age that could be seen as the same form has Hate but younger. Their hair color looks like its made of gold. Love eye color is white but with almost unseen pink tint in the left eye, Caring is the same but with the pink tint in the right eye. There robes are white and they almost never have there hoods up even on the worst of days. The Dark personalities try their hardest to keep these two away from Hate more the other Good personalities from that they tend to calm Hate and are of the verry few that can make and/or seen Hate smile. Many people that see these two personalities in the galaxy often think of them as young angels showing that there is always good in others and even in the Darkest times Light shall still show. These personalities dont use weapons at all but can defend themself by showing the light within all, even in all the Dark Personalities. If the Dark Personalities fear any of the good they fear these two the most.

The Personalities of Evil and Dark

These personalities are but a few that make up the dark part of Sarria, they often stay close to one another and do there best to keep the good personalities apart from one another as also of the real Sarria the best they can to try and keep Sarria mind more in their own control. From them almost always being near Sarria she mosly uses Dark Energy in her attacks as well as being cruel to many for no reasons at all.


Anger is but one of the many Dark personalities of Sarria as this like its name gets more power with the more anger Sarria has no mater at who, other personalities, Anger itself and even Herself(Sarria) or of any thing els. This Personality offten tries to get Sarria to have anger at the Personalities of good as to help keep the dark in control and to gain more power for itself. Often Dark Energy used by this personality or by Sarria when having anger look more red like then normal, and if lightning is used is red. This Personality often looks like Sarria but always wearing red gear and having red core and red color crystals used with her blades. She tends to talk to all people like they have done her wrong, Her Eye color is Blood Red, and when she looks at some one others seem to think they see fire in her eyes.


Sarria has a personality that hates all life and all reality and if it could survive without Sarria it would personly kill her. This is one of the most powerful personalities in that as Sarria grew up in that old home after her parents died she had more and more hate for the people that did that to her loved ones, at some point in those years Hate formed a mind and started talking with Sarria Explaining that Hate is normal but that she did have reason still to be full of hate. Hate unlike many of the other personalities does not try to mimic and mirror Sarria but takes the form of a young boy that Sarria had seen but from her age only the deepest parts of her mind should ever recall in the best of ways. When Hate was still new to the world the only thing he did not hate was Sarria and treated her like a friend, but that was before other dark personalities formed and warped both Sarria and Hate. Its still thought that Hate does not truly hate Sarria even now and that he still has a spark of light in him that tends to show when Good personalities are near in larger groups, one of the other reasons the other Dark personalities try to keep them away from Sarria and aswell as Hate as they feel if Hate turned from the Dark they all may vanish from the mind of Sarria with Hates power from those times before them. Hate often is seen like the master to the Dark personalities tho from their fear of his power they try to use him like a puppet on strings the best they can. When he fights in his ghostly form he often uses a verry dark red tint to all his weapons that almost look black, this from that Hate shares some power with Anger tho he was still around before her. When Hate fights he also tries to make the one on the other end of his weapon feel hate to him and themself and one of the VERY FEW personalities able to draw power from others that are not Sarria. His Eyes and robe are the same tint as his weapons but his hair color when in a form with hair or fur tends to be snowhite in color with the tips of each hair dark red but from the area of the tip only gives a verry slight red tint to his snowhite hair that again is almost not even noticed, tho when Hate has verry deap hate at something the red glows as bright as his hate at the time.

Tales of the Sarria in the Clone Wars

Part 1 Geonosis

Sarria has taken part in almost all battles or events in the clone wars from here time  space powers lettling her go threw time to each one tho she is not always recorded in them but if she is she is found some times helping both sides over the whole war.

Sarria had been one of the Jedi that helped fight in the first battle of Geonosis leading some clones to droid factories to be taken out. At the same time one of her Dark Personalities was helping the droids try to evac the planet. Later on after the battle had ended the clones noticed Sarria was no longer with them and reported it to other Jedi on it but were told that there was no jedi named Sarria put with them.... they later just left her out of the reports.

In the Second Battle of Geonosis, Sarria using her powers again made herself look like a Clone trooper and piloted a Y-Wing to help cut threw the Droids to help make an opening for Obi-One Kenobi. She later took charge to set up a small deffence camp that the droids would have to get threw to take back a Droid Factory that could stop the Republic from having Geonosis. Most of the droids were stoped but  from the few that got past they took over the Droid Factory. The Droids then started sending out more droids and Sarria yet again lead a small squad of troopers to cut them down. Then Hope(one of the Good Personalities) helped resetup more Deffence towers from forseeing the Droids sending out Super Tanks soon. Hopes plans were carried out and just as Sarria had the squad of troopers retreat back to the towers to help man them the Super tanks started coming out in waves. The Tanks took out some of the towers and a few lives lost but before more were lost other Jedi came and took out the factory and Sarria and Hope were able to stop the last of the Super tanks. Once the Factory was for sure left with no more droids and the area set up well deffended the jedi and some of the clones came to Sarria and Hope and thanked them and asked where we came from and how they knew they were there, Sarria said that they came threw time to help keep balance and that they will see her again and started walking away and fadded away. The Clones and Jedi were amazed at what happen and tried to not let many outside them know of this and called Sarria and Hope, two of the Heros of Geonosis. They later carved some Geonosian rocks into a sort of trophy stand and placed some of the Clone helmets of the clones that died on it as well as some other items and left a carved note thanking Sarria and Hope once more.

In a short time after the battle some clones in another area of Geonosis found out a underground network of caves and went missing, later found out turned into a form of zombified-clone from Geonosisan brain worms. Some of the Good and dark personalities of Sarria found some and took them to study them as well some Geonosisans to a part of warped space on Geonosis with a Lab... The Personalities then took there info and went diffrent ways some trying to inform the jedi others trying to form their own some helping to stop them.

Part 2 Iceberg 3


Part 3 Umbara

Sarria took part in the battle of Umbara in many ways. She had helped take out the orbital deffence cannons at and Air Field on the planet, take control over one there tanks and attack there star fighters, Take out and over three Bunkers one being taken over by Trando. Pirates, another infected with the blue shadow virus, and another that just was randomly found. She also took down a Rancor that escaped the pirates and found its nest and took ownership of one of its young that was then without a mother, found a sith holocron that lead to a secret Sith Academy that was used by a thought to be dead sith and claimed there saber, took out many Drop ships landing in the areas. She managed to modify some clone armor with some umbaran tech and had it be used by her own troops that she lead into battle, as well as a barc speeder in the same way, and rewired a small droid of the umbarans to do as she wished of in combat, Took control over some of the planets land and built a base that used umbaran tech to help it look like one of their own, managed to make a working holoillusion to sneek into enemy bases, and also took some diffrent ranking umbaran gear and weapons to study and more from the shadows of umbara with not many knowing she was there but those of who knew calling her The Unyielding Hero of Umbara.

Part 4 Felucia


Part 5 Ryloth


Part 6 Kamino


Parts 7-Unknown - comming soon

Sarria Known Items and things

Comming Soon

More Comming Soon

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