Sargeant Jason is a character in Clone Wars Adventures.
Sargeant Jason
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Jason now appears to be a Sith.


Sargeant Jason was the leader of the squad, Galactic Marines, but it is now defunct.


Jason is a member of a secret club known as the P.F.E.S. Not much is known a bout this group, but there are many suspected members. Jason is a known one, and has a bounty of 100,000 credits for his arrest.

Jason is friends with many people

Aqua Hydrohunter: Close Friend (Alive, Hiding)

Assasin Fang: Friend (Alive)

Antares Rancormight: Brother (Alive, With Jason Hiding)

Bryce Kray: Close Friend, Chancellor (Alive, Hiding)

Jefren Railwaver: Friend (Alive, Hiding)

Jason is one day planning to unite the P.F.E.S and take back over. All of his friends will compete in the plan, and are highly dangerous when together. 

Moving On

Jason is now playing SWTOR supposedly under the name of Gimgar.

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