Sarah Amadale
Biographical information

Bakura (Birth Planet)

Coruscant (Present Home)


40 BBY (Galactic Standard Calendar)

5 BrS/12/15



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5ft. 6 in.

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Rebellion Era


Galactic Republic

Alliance to Restore the Republic

Known masters

Frey Suun

Sarah Amadale was a Galatic marine who was brought into many short comings with her career, but eventually suceeded in surviving several perilious adventures. After the beginning of the Clone Wars, her goal was to protect what she cared for most and above all else, carry love and compassion. while serving her Republic ideals.

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The soon to be Mrs.Sheliah Odoon walked down the isle of a large moanastery. Her wedding day had finally come. Her life long friend Pathrik would finally become her husband, to be with her for her entire life. She proceeded to the altar; the time had finally come for their vows, and to begin a new adventure, and raise their family....

Two years after the wedding, the Odoon's moved to Bakura, the home of Sheliah's late grandparents who died previous to the wedding. It was there that Sarah Odoon (Amadale) was born in 40 BBY. Sheliah held her new baby, Kayla "Katie" Odoon, Sarah's younger sister. She couldn't believe how far they had come. Now she had two daughters for her successor. Pathrik joined his wife, putting his arms around her and then gazing at their new baby. Something seemed wrong. He couldn't tell what but he sensed a dark future for him and his wife. But as he looked at their new daughter he felt comfort, that something good would come from his two children.

Four years now past. Sarah and Kayla, now six and five years old, were asleep. Sheliah and Patrik made their way into their room to rest for the night. Sheliah layed down, but was uncomfortable for some reason. She got up and went to check on their children. The girls were fast asleep. Sheliah sighed in relief. She walked over to them and kissed their heads. They both woke up, having nightmares. Sheliah hugged them, then sang them a lullaby, unsure of the reasoning behind this strange behavior. Once her children were back to sleep, she moved back to her room and closed her eyes. All of a sudden Sarah and Kayla heared muffled cries. Sarah quicky got up and looked out, seeing a mysterious man run to the door. She ran over to her parents and saw they were both dead. Sarah couldn't breathe. She edged over to Katie, crying. Her sister could tell what happened. Sarah started hearing a beeping, quickly realizing the threat it imposed. She grabbed Kayla and a few of their belongings, then ran to a small cruiser that their family owned. Sarah set coordinates to Coruscant where the rest of their family had lived, hoping that they may still be alive to help them.

Two days later the girls sat down on a street. Their family was dead, all of them. They had no idea why, but they knew it was the of the same twisted plot of whomever had killed their parents. Their faces were drenched with tears, but pushed them away, not wanting to show each other the pain they were in. "We'll get through this..." Sarah began. "How?" Her sister questioned. Sarah saw a small apartment available. All she had to do to get it was sell their ship and look a little older. She grabbed her sister and ran, ready to set their father's dream alive.

The squealing of excited children stormed through the classroom of a small, public elementary school for all species as they ran off to recess in the school courtyard. A seven year old Sarah Odoon sat by herself, scribbling ferociously at an assignment. "Sarah, I'll call the younger class room and let your sister know when she can wait in the air taxi for you, wouldn't want her waiting in the freezing cold now would we?", Sarah's teacher reported. She was a gentle, young woman, but she knew that neither of the girls wished for pity, only love. "Thank you Ms. Pakist, I'm almost done", Sarah continued to work away, increasing the speed of her writing in her education datapad. A signal rang and Ms. Pakist rose to answer the classroom door. A small, green extraterrestrial cloaked in differing hues of brown with a peculiar metal object in his belt and a small, wooden walking staff awaited at the door.  "Master Yoda, I wasn't expecting you to come so early. Please, come in, the children will be arriving soon." "Thank you, Cynthia Pakist. Apologies for the disruption, I must offer", the frail Jedi master stepped into the cramp but well kept classroom. "My search is shortened, it would seem", Yoda said eyeing Sarah. "Over there is Sarah Odoon, one of our most gifted. She's young but the board has already considered giving her a scholarship for the University of Coruscant! It's such a shame that she's in a fostering program, she and her sister can barely survive, the poor children", Ms. Pakist returned once again to her seat. Yoda approached the young student and grunted. "You there, young one. Under grave importance must I speak with you...", Yoda drifted off as a sight of the Force occurred to him. Sarah rose from her seat and greeted the Jedi master. "Master Yoda, I've heard so many stories about the Jedi, I've always wished I could become one, you're my hero",  Sarah said as the bewilderment shone in her eyes, "Have you come to take me away? I'm sorry, It's just I wish I wouldn't have to leave my sister...." "No young one, a connection to the Force, you possess. All beings do. However, the ability to control its power, the Jedi obtain, as can you. With aid of our holocrons, have I found you. But with you lies a different destiny, I sense it." "So does this mean I'll be staying?"  Serve the Republic, you will. But perhaps encounter the Jedi again, you might." Sarah nodded in understanding, her only hope of adventure now exiting back out the door. Her teacher stared at her for a while unable to comprehend what Yoda had just revealed. Both would have never suspected the outcome of the events to come.

Return to Bakura


Air vehicles raced past Sarah's apartment complex. Now a student at one of Coruscant's many Universities, Sarah was now a single young woman aspiring to find a career. So far, she had worked at Von Vonwalker's Inn, a local hotel, and for a short while had run a cantina. She had felt very lonely since Kayla had moved out a year ago, but it was only a matter of time before she had become self sufficient herself.  Now Sarah was seated on a couch by a newly potted cherry blossom tree. As she silently watched the HoloNews through her datapad, she placed her cup of water on a counter and approached the ringing door. Whoever her guest was, they were rather impatient. "Coming", she called as she pressed the open mechanism on the door panel. Her eyes came into contact with those of a well dressed, young male who appeared to be slightly older than her. "Hello, you're Ms. Odoon?" the man asked, waiting to be commissioned inside. "Yes, do I know you?" Sarah eyed the man quizzically hoping he wasn't some door to door droid's salesman. "Perhaps not I'm afraid, but we know of you." "We?" Sarah looked behind the man to see that down the hall was a group of five other men and women. "Oh." "We have important news for you from the Bakuran Senate. I'm afraid its urgent." Sarah froze in place. It had been years since she had made any contact with the distant world. "Please, come in...", Sarah slowly led her six guests to some seating. Silence ensued for a few moments as the guests whispered amongst themselves. "It has come to our attention that your parents and all other direct family have passed on, am I correct in saying this?" the man who had now introduced himself as Jason Verx, a member of the Bakuran Senate, as were his colleagues, said. "All but my sister, yes", Sarah traced her thumb around the rim of her cup bashfully. "And you can also understand that Bakura has been misplaced of a directly descended Prime Minister for some time, yes?" Bakura's ruler, the prime minister, could only be elected if they were related to Bakura's founder, Deredith Arden. "Of course, there hasn't been a direct Prime Minister since, well, before I was even born, but what exactly does this have to do with me?", Sarah was beginning to grow irritated by the useless intrusion. "Yes, the Arden ruling family has been without an exact heir for quite sometime. Do you know why that is?" "Because families get killed...." The senators gasped at Sarah's unmannered statement, but she didn't care. Jason smiled sincerely at her words' understandable disdain. "Exactly." The senators were growing infuriated now. Jason held up his hand, motioning for them to calm down. "The Captison Family, related to Arden, has ruled for quite sometime. However, we have come across something that might intrigue you", Jason rubbed his knuckles in anticipation.  "Ms. Odoon, this is why we have come", Jason pulled out a tattered manuscript. He slid the fine piece of paper over to Sarah, who peered at it curiously. Turning it over, she read the text.

Birth Certification
Sarah Janice Arden-Odoon
Parented by Sheliah Arden-Odoon and Pathrik Arden-Odoon

Sarah was unable to finish reading the document as her eyes began to water. "What is this? Is this some kind of joke?!" She bit her lip to calm her nerves, now feeling a comforting hand on her shoulder. Jason handed her a similar document, entitled with the name of her sister. "That can't be true, my parents weren't...." "They died in cold blood, Ms. Arden. Don't let their sacrifice be for nothing", Jason stooped down to look at Sarah, "You are Bakura's heir, Captain Derdith Arden's great-great-granddaughter. We need you, now more than ever. They had to keep this from you, for your protection. They cut off all connection to the system until the revolts died down. But now, we've found you again; its time you came home, please...." "This can't be true... I've worked too hard to get here, why would you mock me like this...?" Sarah said still in distrust. "Ma'am, I can assure you this is legitimate", Jason pulled out the seal of the Bakuran Senate from his coat pocket. "I, it's just... all of this... It's so sudden... I don't know what to think", Sarah pulled her hair away from her face. Her, the foster child, empty handed and empty hearted, the Prime Minster of an entire population? "but... My people need me. That's all that matters, I guess. I'm not even sure what to do though." "Leave that to us. Welcome to the Bakuran Senate, Sarah Arden", Jason smiled and helped Sarah to her feet. Bakura's long turmoil would soon finally be over. Hopefully their search for their ruler hadn't been in vain.


City-scape of Salis Da'ar

Salis Da'ar, Bakura's capital city awaited across the opposite side of the galaxy, and yet was almost exactly like Coruscant to Sarah. She remembered the place too well from when she was a child here. Jason Verx, soon to be her personal Senatorial Secretary after coronation, led her through the Bakur Memorial Building. "Take it all in, your highness, your throne awaits", he nearly called just to show how far voices would travel down the vastness of the halls. "They can hear you from the gardens, please don't jest", Sarah chuckled. Verx did the same. "So, Kayla Arden will be attending?" "Yes, she'll be visiting a while as we both learn to settle down now." "I'd hate to drag her from her home, but-" "It really is no bother, she merely works for small negotiations in the Republic", Sarah hoped to reassure him. "The Republic?" "Yes, is something wrong?" "Nothing at all, it's just Bakura has been neutral for sometime, while the Republic and the Separatists are coming closer and closer into chaos; to pick a side could cause the system to collapse. The fighting between the Senate and the upperclass has nearly brought us near to civil war, to add another one...", Jason began to wander. "Then we can only hope no war will come. I'm sorry to have worried you, Senator", Sarah bit her lip. The Republic shared her ideals, her every being. She couldn't abandon it, especially when she was given this new fantastic opportunity. The two continued to quietly tour the building. Gold painted traceries outlined the walls of the Bakuran complex, guards in purple doublets saluting Sarah as she approached. She nodded and continued to follow her companion. "This place is even more incredible than I remembered", Sarah awed. "Wait till you see your living accommodations", Jason remarked. "And where will that be?" "Ah, I have a surprise for you. Allow me to introduce you to your host. Speaking of which", Jason paused and led Sarah over to a greenwell in the path. A tall, suited man, similar to Jason's, stood by the small garden and turned to face them. His broad shoulders gave him a stern yet militaristic appeal, but his age made him also appear quite youthful. "Ms., allow me to introduce to you Yeorg Captison." "Cousin... It is very good to meet you-", Yeorg paused, seeing Sarah's blank stare. "I'm sorry it's just, I didn't know I had any family left, except my sister. I'm sorry  that we never had the chance to meet, but I suppose our family did so intentionally", Sarah smirked. "Please, would you join me for a walk? I'd also like to introduce you back to your world", Yerog offered Sarah his arm. Greatfully, she accepted it and they continued down along the building, leaving Jason to retire for the day.

"So you became a senator a few years ago?", Sarah asked with intrigue. Yeorg was already like a long lost brother to her. His story continued to fascinate her, which compelled her even more to meet his older brother, Dol. "Correct. My father was the previous Prime Minister, till he recently passed away. I might have received the position if it hadn't been for your discovery. I suppose no one has told you how that came to be yet?" "Now that you mention it...." "Its quite a story. Your grand mother, my grand aunt, was the grand daughter of Deredith. After disputes over Bakura's occupation, her life came into risk, and so she fled with her husband and your mother. From there, your family was forced to live in secrecy until matters were resolved. I'm afraid, however, after she fled to Coruscant, rumors in the senate, who were the only ones who knew of her whereabouts, escaped into the public and a bounty hunter was sent." Sarah walked silently. "And what of my parents returning?" Once your mother was married, she returned to Bakura to ensure it was safe for your grand mothers return, but instead, they were all killed." "And then your father, Deredith's grandnephew, took over?" "My father was put on the throne after winning a campaign to keep Bakura a mining corporation rather than a luxury home, but his competition always held grudges and so his assassination became... eminent... as well." "I'm sorry to hear that, I hadn't known... How did you come across my location?" After that, the senate realized you and your sister rather than being reported dead were merely misplaced. So, we immediately went looking for you, but we had no records of your birth name until your certificate was placed back to the senate. It was exchanged in the wills of first your parents who gave it to my father for safe guarding rather than handing it to you, hoping you wouldn't discover and then become once again in danger. Then, my father, after his death, wished it to the Senate who traced the name to Coruscant, where we finally located you.""I understand now. I just wished my parents would have told me, or at least let us meet...", Sarah frowned in discourament. "They did so to protect you, Sarah. They loved you, as do your people", Yeorg reassured her. "So, Senator Verx informed me of Bakura's neutrality despite the Republic's and Confederacy's recent actions-" "Please, worry about politics after your coronation. Until then, I think its time you've enjoyed sometime with family", Yeorg winked. Sarah returned the happy offer with a smile. For nearly a decade she had gone without that comfort. Now, it miraculously returned to her. Could it have been a mere coincident, or was it the will of the Force?


The Arden Family Lineage


Flower pedals and colored beads flew through the air of Bakura, nearly raining so. Glasses of namana liquor clinked, children laughed and played, and Sarah was finally ready to take her position as Prime Minster. Within the main hall of the Memorial Building, the ceremony took place in private, while the celebrating ensued outside in the Statuary Park. Officials of the Corporation and Senate were crowded within the Senatorial Chamber. With a roof spanning two stories tall, tables were arranged for the Senate to face the area for public speakers where Sarah now kneeled with her back to them. Transparent pillars of glass stood within the wing's corners allowing brilliant sunlight to shine down through them, accentuating the beauty of the room's complex architecture and windows. Sarah, enrobed in white with a blue cloak stitched with golden string, was kneeling before the Senior Senator, Orn Belden, who was alongside the perch caressing the crown. "Do you, Sarah Arden-Odoon solemnly swear to  protect the crown, your people, and your soverign rule? Will you strive to carry out the task that lies ahead and lead your people even in its darkest hour?" the Senator asked. "I do", Sarah was ready for this moment. "Then by the power invested in me and by the decree of the Bakuran Ruling Synod, I now pronounce you, Prime Minister of Bakura!" The room stood up in an uproar of thunderous cheering and clapping. The crown was firmly placed on Sarah's head and she turned to face her people, now as their democracy's leader. She smiled towards them, particularly noticing Jason who was giving her a thumbs up in approval. Thanks to him, she would start her new life here, finally contributing to her people.


Yes, I made my way into Dark Nebula...

The Cosmic Balance

Sarah took off her uniform hat and sat by one of Bakur Senatorial Academy's fountains in the courtyard area. Finishing her education was one thing, but ruling an entire nation was completely stressful. Still, at least she was now able to accept the fact that she was from a ruling family. "Well you're looking kind of bummed", Katie Arden-Odoon walked over towards her. "Shouldn't you be getting back to Coruscant?" Sarah asked, ignoring her sister and lying down, putting the cap over her eyes for a nap.  "Can't. Senate's requested I stay a little longer. Something about 'Religious aspects needing solving' ", Kate retorted. Sarah bolted off of the stone ledge and right in front of her face. "Religious aspects?! Oh no, this is bad, this is SO bad", Sarah began pacing. Kayla grabbed her sisters shoulder. "WHAT is the big deal?" "The religion! The Cosmic Balance? Remember?" "Isn't that the one with the creepy priest dudes?" "The Zanazi! I mean not that there's something wrong with religion, but these people are insane! One of us is going to wind up being sent to a monastery and washing dishes for the rest of our lives and reading the Fulcrum day and night and I don't wanna lose you!", Sarah was whining now. "Relax, you're the Prime Minister, I doubt they'd do anything to make you abdicate, aren't you supposed to follow the religion?" Sarah stared at the ground. "Well, I don't HAVE to...." "Exactly. They just want to open us up to the public is all. Now what exactly do we have to do?" "Well, each pair of children born are in close proximity and have to undergo tests to determine which is more promising, but it's not easy, the lesser is normally sent to the Zanazi, but I guess in our situation the punishment is a slap to the knuckles.... The children in the end are given two gifts to prove who won, a-" "Please, who needs tests to see whose the more promising sister?" Kayla said with a flip of her hair. Katie may have inherited the looks of the family, but Sarah had the brains and was ready to test them once and for all. "Well then, I guess there's only one way to find out!" "You're on!" The two shook hands.

A Zanazi priestess selected various functions on a hologram board. "Thank you both for your cooperation. Allow me a moment to calculate your scores. I'm glad you've agreed to the terms of conduction", the cloaked woman remarked. "Eh, terms?", Katie questioned. "Yes. If Ms. Sarah is the winner, she will receive a special blessing from the Senate while as Ms. Katie will be restricted from Bakuran fortunes as a royal candidate. However, if Ms. Katie succeeds, Ms. Sarah will lose certain control that will be given to the Senate while as Ms. Katie will be offered a well paying job within politics, perhaps even a seat on the Senate", the Zanazi assured. "Wait, there's a risk from this?", Sarah asked. "Certainly. I'm sorry, I hadn't know there was any confusion." "Yeah, a little bit....", Sarah sighed. "And the winner is...", the Zanazi reviewed the board. The priestess walked over to an altar and returned with two objects. She handed Sarah a perfect, white feather and Katie a golden bowl. "Ah ha! I won! Check out this trophy!", Katie cheered. "Uh, Katie, that's an alms bowl." "You mean... For begging?" "For begging." "Oh...", Katie awkwardly rubbed the bowl, "Well, congratulations, I guess...." Sarah was hardly satisfied after crushing her sister. She may have won her blessing, but she didn't want her sister to be in pain, unless she did so directly.... "Ah, what kind of prize is one feather when I have a whole chicken right here", Sarah said rubbing Katie's head. She groaned and then jumped on her in return. (Not really sure if I'll be adding to this)


"The Bakuran National Symphony will be performing at the Memorial's east wing, and then the Captison's have invited you to dinner, 'please do not provide any further alcholic- alcoholic...", Jason squinted unable to read Yeorg's wife, Tiree's, handwriting. "Long story, that poor woman...." Sarah rose from her desk and watched as Jason flipped through novel's worth of paperwork, sitting in the corner on a spherical chair. She turned to look out the large window spanning over most of the wall. "If there's one thing I enjoy Jason, its getting to look out over places lime this. Always so peaceful", Sarah sighed. The Clone Wars, one of the most devastating dilemma's to have ever occurred in the ancient Republic's history, had only begun a standard 7 weeks ago. "Interesting I guess. Would you rather, star gaze or bird watch, something like that?" Jason hardly looked over his small, rimmed glasses as his continued to flip pages. "I suppose you're right. People watching isn't much of a hobby", Sarah gracefully turned around on the heels of her feet then walked over back to her desk. "Did you hear something?" she asked, looking back out the window. "Oh my", Verx's glasses slipped from his fingers. A large, metallic bomb pierced through the clouds, yellow sparks of fire surrounding it through its descent. A mountanious mushroom cloud engulfed most of the city. Ash covered the entire sky. A few Salis Da'ar's skyscrapers collapsed under themselves. The lights went out. Sarah was shaking. Her legs buckled, hardly able to hold her own weight. What just happened.... "Ma'am!" two of the guards came rushing towards her, Jason directing her through the emergency-lighted room. "Get her to the bunker, Bakura's under attack, contact the defense minister, see where-", Jason continued yelling. Sarah was nearly being dragged the hall was in such a panic. People ran screaming hoping they would make it to shelter in time. The guards brought Sarah into a private bunker, Jason following close behind. The doors sealed behind them.  The room was empty except for another structured desk with a repulsor chair. Sarah sat down, holding her head against the palm of her hand. "We're's the defense minister? What's going on? They need me out there, I'm their leader!" Sarah demanded answers. "Please calm down, ma'am, I'll explain everything. The minister has just informed me, this has been confirmed as... a Separatist attack. We've contacted reinforcements, but there hasn't been enough time for an answer", Jason informed her. "I want answers though, what's this all about? Bakura is a neutral system, why would they attack here?" "Its not just the Republic in this war, Prime Minister, its the entire galaxy! If we don't fend for ourselves, no one will come to save us. The confederacy has issues an invasion, this planet has useful exports, we might as well do our best to survive." Sarah  sighed. Even though Jason's prejudice, he was right. Still, Bakura needed aid. "Guard, make sure all radio communications are functioning, I would like to contact the Chancellor of the Republic Senate." "What? Prime Minister, you can't do that without authority-" Jason was cut off abruptly. "I have the only authority and I suggest you keep it in mind, Senator Verx. Now, if you'll excuse me", Sarah sat at the desk awaiting for the holoprojector to activate. Jason eased against the wall, blankly staring at her. "Prime Minister of Bakura, the Republic is not used to such direct communication with your system, I must say I'm surprised by your call. Still we find your uninformed inhabitance on Coruscant suspiciously vague at least", Chancellor Palpatine, a frail, hunched figure robed in expensed attire, stated.  "With all due respect, Chancellor, I've matters more important to discuss, though I'll have to justify Bakura's dealings later. First I must warn you of the Separatist's invasion of our planet. I must urge you to send reinforcements, or our people will be doomed. Perhaps later we may discuss an alliance with the Republic forces?" "Excellent milady. I am sure the Republic would be happy to aid you. I will inform the Jedi Council immediately." "Thank you, Chancellor, Bakura can't thank you enough for your kindness. I'll dispatch you to our defense minister." The holoprojector faded away. "An alliance?!" Jason laid his forehead against the wall with his fists above his head. "I believe its time Bakura learns the importance of allies, Senator Verx", Sarah frowned. Jason had been her friend from the very start, why didn't he trust her now at Bakura's most desperate hour? "I'd like to know what's going on out there, too. I understand your concern, but there's nothing I can do if I'm... Well cooped up like this", Sarah rose from the repulsor chair. "You're right. You can't, and that's exactly how I'll keep it", Jason smiled wryly. Uncomfortable by his disposition, Sarah focused back on the desk. "I guess you still haven't figured if out then", Jason raised his hand and snapped. The doublet wearing guards trained their weapons on Sarah. She paused unsure of what was going on. "Stop this! Listen to me, or I'll report this as treason!" "I'm afraid you can't do that if your dead. Now sit down before my friends have to a blast through your little, overly idealized head", Jason demanded. "What's gotten into to you?" Sarah nearly shouted, unwilling to comply. "Very well, I thought it'd be obvious by this point. I guess its pointless not telling you the truth though. This isn't just the Separatist's invasion. Its mine", he grinned. "What?!" Sarah disbelivingly rushed towards the door, ignoring the guards. The mechanism was locked. "Such a shame I couldn't find a smarter heir. Still, it came in handy I suppose. Do you honestly think the Senate just happened to find you? And that one day we just happened to show up at your door step? No, I did that. I did all of this. You were my pawn from the beginning", Jason's smile turned slightly sadistic. He was enjoying this. His betrayal. "All I needed was someone to use. The Senate could've easily elected Yeorg. But then I wouldn't have been his little manager now would I? No, I found you. I took over the mission to retrieve 'Bakura's new heir'. The Senate gave me the reigns, allowed me to work for you. And now I'm using it", he paced beside the desk. "How? How did you find me? How could you betray your own home, for the Separatists?!" "Enough! You want to know what happened to your parents? Do you want to know who killed them? I've waited long enough for this day, 'Ms. Odoon'. I did it. I had every single one of them killed", Jason laughed. Sarah's rage kindled. Her hands formed into fists. One of the guards refixated his weapon on her. "This is war! My war! The minute the Separatist's took back their power, I knew exactly which side would lead out victorious! I only did what was right. I'm leading our people to the winning bet. And now I will finally be given my right, my power", Jason bellowed. "This is insane! The Separatists are corrupt, just look you! You were once a man of nobility, modesty!" "No man needs modesty, only happiness." "The Sith will bring you no such happiness", Sarah's words nearly turned on her. Neither was the Republic for her, at the moment. She was too busy wrapped in her hatred, of the man who killed her family. Still, it made no sense. The Senate, specifically Jason, may have found her location from her uncle's will, but why hadn't she considered how they showed up so suddenly, unannounced? Surely they had had time to elect a ruler. But Jason hadn't. "Pleasure is all I need. Now, lets get down to business. I have a full scale invasion to lead and receive my rightful rule. But, it would be hard to do so with you already in that position", Jason laid a document on the desk. One if the guards pushed Sarah into the chair. "What is this?" "Your contract." "Contract? For what reason do you need me to sign a contract?" "This is for your denouncement. You will reject your 'leadership' and therefore will be given to your immediate correspondent, me, until the Senate elects a new minister, but I'm sure my new Separatist forces can persuade them otherwise." "And what will happen to me if I'm no longer Prime Minister?" "Whatever the Senate wishes. Rot, I suppose." "And why not just kill me?" "Ms. Odoon, then you would just become a martyr! I would have an uprising! I need to show the people you are a coward, that the Republic truly is corrupt. From then on, I would make your life miserable. Unless of course, my people kill you themselves", Jason stated. "And what makes you think I would sign this? As I said before, I'm willing to die before I give in to a scoundrel like you", Sarah replied. But maybe she wasn't ready to die. But maybe she was, for the sake of her people. "Oh, I'm sure I can convince you", Jason turned the holoprojector back on and fixated the signal. A hologram of Kayla and Yeorg kneeling in front of two guards with their blasters at the ready appeared. "What have you done?! Let them go, Jason, this is between you and me", Sarah demanded. "Not quite, actually. These two are the same as you, corrupted, and in my way. Criminals, to be exact. But I'm assuming you care for their lives. Well, it's your decision. Watch them die, or escape alive." Jason pulled out the chair, mock-politely. "Sarah, you can't!" Kayla yelled. The guard closest to her slammed the side of his blaster against her head. "Please don't resist. It'll be over soon, I promise", Sarah smiled reassuringly. She sat down and looked over the document. There had to be a way to escape without hurting them. But if she attempted to, they would be automatically killed.... Then it came down to her final decision. Her friend's lives, and those of her people were much more important than than her rule. Silently, she grasped the pen beside her and began to form her signature on the bottom of the page. Denouncement of the Prime Minister will thus give the candidate full  jurisdiction under the Senate's behalf and be reinforced in any area/ corporation the Senate deems appropriate. As the Senate would deem this appropriate. The Senate.... Jason would kill the Senate next.... Jason laid the royal house's signet of wax beside where she signed. "No...", Yeorg was growing furious. Even if he hadn't chosen a side in the war yet, he would always choose Bakura first. "Perfect. Now goodbye", Jason turned off the holoprojector. "Don't worry I'll keep them alive. Even if your the only important martyr, I don't want any others. Especially if they become yours", Jason walked towards the door, "I'll be back once the war is over. And what a pleasant one it will be." Sarah looked back down at the desk. Jason took the contract with him. She continued staring. There was no hope for her now. She had no clue to the Republic's whereabouts. Her friends were captured. She was alone, the Separatist's prisoner, their pawn from the very start. No need to get moody, gotta figure a way out of here. "I don't suppose you could lead me to a receptacle?" she asked innocently. The guards remain silenced. Well, at least they weren't trying to shoot her anymore. "Could I at least have some privacy? You're about to kill everything I hold dear, I think I at least deserve that." "Silence is demanded from you", one of the guards said. Sarah leaned back in the chair. Someone had to help her soon, before it was too late.

"Yeorg, we gotta get out of here", Kayla was suffering through distraught. How could Sarah have done such a thing? "I know, I have a plan", Yeorg whispered. "Quiet, both of you", one of the guards kicked Yeorg in the small of his back. "Hey, you better show us some respect, I'm Bakura's next in line, so unless you two wanted your sorry-" "Pipe down princess, the Separatist beat you to it. You're nothing more than a prisoner, now shut up", the other guard warned. Yeorg eyed him curiously. Good, one of the guards was chatty. Obviously someone willing to betray their own ruling body had to be a little over confidant. "Listen, prisoner or not, she is still a lady", Yeorg continued to eye him quizzically. "You wanna take this outside, buddy?" the guard walked up to him. "By all means", Yeorg motioned to the door despite the binders on his hands. The guard smiled and brought him out. Kayla and the other guard waited several minutes. Muffled noises and sounds of resistance echoed through the hall outside. The other guard ran out to see what the commotion was. Yeorg came back inside, his binders removed and with two blasters. "Care to join me?" he tossed Kayla a blaster. "Wait where are we going?" she ran after him. "To pick up your sister."

The door reopened as Jason walked back in. "Looks like your Republic forces won't be pulling it off this time", his smile was toothy. ""You're not done yet. What of those uprisings...?" Sarah looked behind him out the door and saw a hooded figure with black, graying hair. Was that, Yeorg? It had to have been. But how did he escape? It didn't matter. They were the only ones who knew of her capture, who else would risk their lives outside of the bunkers? She had to stall Jason until they made it in.  "They'll only happen if they have a reason to die for. But our government has been just as corrupt as the Republic for years. We can't even make a school schedule! The Separatist will finally unite them and I will be given the throne", Jason contemplated to her. "Why did you return? You said you weren't coming back till after the war." Come on, Yeorg. "I'm perfectly capable of witnessing the battle from here", he held up his datapad, "besides, I'd rather keep an eye on my things." Great, now she was an object to him. "Jason, why the Separatists? Who made you think like this?" "My dealings with the Separatists are mine alone. But I'll have you know, it was them who found me. If it weren't for me now, they would have no access to the inside. I am the strongest piece on the board, but hidden from the enemy's sight for when the time is right to strike." "Sounds more like your insignificance has put you behind the front lines to keep you out of trouble", Sarah retorted. "Don't get cocky with me now, Sarah." She winced. He'd never called her by that name, it was demeaning as his superior. But she wasn't superior now was she. And apparently she never was. "Did you really have to kill them? My family?" Jason looked over at the guards and motioned for them to leave. Yeorg's head peered from behind a column and winked at Sarah. It was almost time. "Of course I did", Jason said once the door had closed, "How would I have been expected to rule with all of them in my way?" "But you couldn't have ruled without the Separatist's help, even if you managed to kill all of them. But the war has only just begun, how did you know someone would aid you like this?" "You ask too many questions", Jason was too close for comfort. He didn't care. All he cared about was his new dominion. "You were a senator though, an honored man! Wouldn't that have been enough for you?" "The Senate never respected my intellect, neither did Captison. I'm only doing what I deserve, what the Separatists have promised, and that is my glory!" The door slammed open. "Sarah, catch!" Kayla threw her a blaster rifle. She grabbed it and positioned it at Jason. "I'm afraid this is my planet." "Doesn't matter what you call it. You're not Prime Minister.  And now everyone will hate you for what you truly are, and they will kill you, regardless of what happens to me", Jason said unafraid. A particle beam flashed through his chest. He fell to the ground, breathing desperately. Sarah turned to see Yeorg lower his rifle. She walked over to Jason. "You-you....", Jason pointed a finger at Yeorg, his nemesis who ushered his defeat. He took notice of Sarah. "You know... Something... I kinda thought... Maybe, you might have learned... To forgive me... And we could... Be...." Sarah stopped him. "I forgive you, because I'm no coward like you. But that doesn't mean you can have peace. You won't have that until you're dead", Sarah nearly spat. "Goodbye, Jason", she turned and walked out the door, knowing he had just breathed his last. Yeorg and Kayla followed.

Battle Of Bakura

"The Separatist attack is growing stronger. They've issued General Grievous, a cyborg of sorts, to lead the invasion. He's a difficult enemy I can assure you, and has experience in killing Jedi. So much biotech in that thing I see it more as a full out droid, just with reasoning", the defense minister of Bakura, Lander Harris, explained. Once Sarah had made it to the Bakur Complex's war room, he had begun an update and now they were all surrounding a circular holoboard. "Well, thanks to you Ms. Odoon, our Republic reinforcements seem to be handling it pretty well. We've two of the finest Jedi in the Order on our side. Still, the Bakuran Special Forces are losing countless men out there." A message appeared on one of the holoscreens. The minister walked over and opened it. "No...." "What is it?" Yeorg walked over behind him. "The lower bunkers have been infiltrated... The entire Ruling Synod... They're dead." The room grew silent. Everyone kept it that way for an uncomfortable amount of time. Sarah sighed. Even in his death, Jason made things worse. Those were some of Sarah's closest friends she had made since her return. "I won't stand for this..." Sarah walked towards the front of the room. "Can any of you? Day after day all of you go to work, knowing one day your home could be in danger. And what you do, all day, every day, is you protect it. And now your home, your entire planet, is under attack, and people are dying. Your own friends and family are being put on that battlefield, and now we sit here and watch the suffering. Can any of you live with that? Or will you rise up, take back your homeland, and fight with me?" The crowd of people rose. "Then lets get moving." "If its true that the Ruling Synod was killed, Grievous is in the building. Men, head for the bunkers", Harris bellowed. He was desperate. Desperate to not only use the last of his men, but himself as well. The battalion exited the room in formation. "Sarah, you should stay here", Yeorg pleaded. "Didn't you hear Jason? I'm no longer Prime Minister.... Now I need to protect my people, somehow." "Jason may have issued the contract, but its only for the best. If you hadn't signed it, we'd all be killed. But now's the time to protect you while you're being threatened. Just promise me you'll make it back alive. I promise I'll protect you", Yeorg placed a hand on her shoulder. She nodded then headed out with the rest of the minister's men along with Yeorg and Kayla. "No worries, I'm a pretty good shot", Kayla bragged. "Are you going to go on like that the whole time?", Sarah raised an eyebrow. "You bet!" They marched down the hall after gearing up at an armory cache and hurried down to the lower bunkers of the complex. The troops immediately began firing once the countless droids came into view. They regrouped with the rest of the Bakuran army which was now slowly drilling its way through the Separatist forces. "Looks like they're gonna have to do some remodeling", Kayla yelled as glass panels shattered and lasers dirtied the walls with smoke prints. Either she was psychotic or was too prepared for the glory of war. Up ahead, General Grievous himself was busied with Jedi masters General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Sarah recognized the heroes immediately. "We have to help the Jedi!" she called towards the defense minister. The troops continued firing down the hall. Sarah chased after them, hoping her accuracy would prevail for once. Weaving over the obstacles of fallen soldiers and droids alike, Sarah pressed on, sweat beading down her face as the clock began ticking. Grenades shook the building. Shrapnel from the chaos whizzed around her. A b2 Droid emplaced a modified thermal detonator. As soon as it activated, the droid decommissioned from its suicide, forming a deep crater in the floor. Ignoring it, Sarah shimmied against the wall behind other troops. She glanced outside one of the broken windows to watch an actinium bomb similar to the one before crash into the city, blowing debris and a gust of wind into the building. Red-orange light peered through the clouds of ash and smoke hovering through the air. Thousands had just died. Sarah continued her dash. Grievous and Kenobi fought their way toward one of the walls where Grievous leapt out of a shattered pane, Kenobi following in close pursuit. Skywalker remained with his squadron of clones, clearing the way for Kenobi as he followed Grievous. Sarah made her way over to him. "General Skywalker, thank you so much for your aid, Bakura thanks you." "Its my job. I'd ask for your name but", Anakin sliced his saber through two b1 droids. "It's... Not important, we'll have time to discuss later, lets just get through this battle alive." "You got it", Anakin continued fighting. Sarah looked back at the broken window Grievous retreat through. Down below on a landing bay, he and Kenobi were busy dueling. Harris and nine other men ran over to the window's ledge. Using their pistol's grappling hooks, they quickly descended down to the bay. Sarah followed alongside them. Using his other pistol, the defense minister began firing at Grievous. Spasmodic coughing emitted from his electronic voice box. The coughs turned into an outraged war call. "Surround the bay, and wait for the clones to get here!" Kenobi warned. Blaster shot fired from all angles towards the Separatist general. Grievous rose to his full height and began rotating all four of his lightsabers. Sparks emitted from the marbled walkways as they pierced into the fine cut stone. Kenobi charged. Their sabers crashed, Kenobi fighting against the sheer strength of the cyborg's massiveness. Finally, Kenobi force kicked him, causing the metallic creature to slide across the bay up against its edge. It was a long drop to the city's streets. Sarah took a closer look at the scene, still firing. Grievous' systems were malfunctioning. His right arm was dented, his legs were crooked, and his eyes blinked rapidly. The others continued firing. She tried to do so as well, but she noticed the shakiness of her arms. Little did she realize they were like that the whole time. She had hit a total of at least two droids. What was she doing? She wasn't meant to be on a battlefield, she was a politician. "You win this round, Jedi. But Bakura belongs to the Sith!" "I wouldn't be so sure about that", Kenobi raced after him. Grievous rose and jumped off of the bay. Kenobi paused in his tracks. An open shuttle equipped with hyperdrive turbines rose, Grievous escorted by his magnaguards within.  The shuttle sealed and lifted off into space. "He'll be back on the Malevolence any second now", Obi-Wan predicted. His communicator on his wrist sounded. "Captain Rex,  what is your status?" "Full retreat sir, we've nearly won. The Separatist are turning back", a clone's voice responded. Sarah holestered her weapon. The two continued to discuss remaining forces as she began walking back towards the Bakur Complex. The other men were rushing towards a hunched over body. Unsure about what was going on, she followed. Lander Harris laid on the stone floor with a blossoming red spot in the chest plate of his armor. "Shrapnel, and in deep", a soldier next to her reported. Sarah ran over and kneeled by her dying companion. The bleeding continued to worsen. "Hey, you've seen a lot of death today huh? That shouldn't be your job", he wheezed. "It is now, but I'm not going out without my officer", Sarah said as a tear fell onto his armor. "Ah well, maybe next time I won't stand by the explosions. But, I think this is time for retirement", he bent his index finger, motioning for her to come closer. "I'm sorry for what happened today. You'll do better for me next time, won't you?" Sarah nodded, her hair matted to her wet cheeks. Lander closed his eyes and exhaled. There wasn't another inhale. The troops around took off their uniform hats. A few helped picked up the limp carcass. Sarah stood up again. "Prime Minister, I'm so sorry for your lost, but we have another issue", Kenobi approached her. He hadnt know about the denouncement. "I guess you already know who I am. No need for sympathies, guess he's one with the Force now. What's the situation, General?" She felt heartless saying it, but the time for mourning was later.  "I'm afraid the Sith have taken Bakuran prisoners onto the Malevolence, including your sister, Katie Odoon. I find it the wisest decision to gather any volunteers you may have to accompany the clones for a boarding of the ship. Is there anything I can do before we take off?" Sarah gritted her teeth behind closed lips. She'd lost enough friends, her sister wasn't going to be one of them. Their job still wasn't over yet. "I'm sorry, I'm just a little taken aback by this news. No thank you, Master Kenobi, please ready your men in the meantime; my task force will report to you immediately." Obi-Wan walked over towards his apprentice who had now joined the congregation with his clone troopers. "Alright men, line up. I know Harris' death is one of our gravest losts, but now we have to focus on bringing those men home", Yeorg hollered, now obviously updated on the new dilemma, "This mission won't be mandatory, but we'll need every hand we can get. Those of you who choose to join will listen to the Jedis' every orders. Do I make myself clear?" "Sarah, Bakura's forces are leaderless now, but they'll listen to you I'm sure. You can communicate to them from the war room in the complex", Yeorg decided. "I'm going with them", Sarah corrected. "What? It's a miracle you survived the battle, now you want to go onto the Separatist's dreadnought flagship led by a lightsaber wielding cyborg? Not to mention at least a thousand droids for a crew." "Your men seem to trust me. Besides its just a rescue mission, for my sister, mind you, and the Malevolence is already retreating, they don't have much firepower left against the Republic. It'll be in-and-out", Sarah reassured. "You'll still get yourself killed!" Yeorg didn't appreciate her unappealing determination to be shot in the head. "I haven't yet!" she retorted. He sighed. "Fine, I'm coming with you though. I won't see your poor sister getting hurt." "Can't seem to shake you off my tail, can I?" Sarah gave him a sympathetic smile then waved for her troops to follow her behind Kenobi.  Several Republic gunships landed on the bay, clones quickly loading up. Anakin directed the Bakuran forces onto a few. "Welcome aboard, Prime Minister", he said in surprise of her accompaniment, then joined Kenobi with Captain Rex. Gripping one of the dangling hand straps, Sarah ascended into the sky on the gunship. Yeorg stood beside her, crammed along a few other troops. The doors sealed as they approached the atmosphere. "We'll be heading for one of our cruisers then load you up to board the Malevolence. Good luck out there, you're gonna need it", the clone pilot shouted.

Malevolence Intrusion

"There's no way!", Yeorg disagreed. "It's the best we've got, sir. All of our other starships: Eta's, V-19 Torrents, ARC models, they've all been deployed. It's our only option with all your men", clone Captain Rex confessed. "What seems to be the issue here, Captain?" Sarah approached the pair. "The Captain here thinks we should use untested LAAT 'space faring' gunships", Yeorg complained. "Space gunships?" Sarah approved the idea, but was highly torn by lack of safety regulations. "It's the best we can do sirs. You're either taking it or you're not", Rex said now agrivated by the noncompliance. Yeorg looked at Sarah. She shrugged hoping he would chose the better decision. He sighed. "Fine, we'll take them. Is there anyway else to get BACK though?" "Our Intel advisor has complete schematics of all Malevolence exhaust ports, including escape pods. Those LAAT models come at an expense, but if they prove faulty, you can head out in those", Rex offered. "Sounds like a plan. Let's get ready for launch", Sarah decided. "All troops, battle stations!" Yeorg bellowed. The Bakuran soldiers quickly loaded their gear onto the LAAT's they were provided and readied their new transports. "We'll be riding with Dock and Mac, I'll meet you there in a second", Yeorg informed Sarah. She boarded the ship alongside the other passengers. "We've got a mass-driver launcher and plenty of turrets, so I suggest you get your men on those", shouted Sarah's clone pilot, CT-2546. "Thank you, Dock, I'll get right on it", she replied. Yeorg and the remainder of their team climbed aboard and the doors slid shut behind them. Carefully, the clunky gunship rode out through the hangar bay opening, the floodlights blinking on. "The Jedi will fly ahead of us and clear an opening in the ship's hangar. We'll rendezvous there with the other troops", Yeorg evaluated. Slowly, the ship pressed on through the war-torn space battlefield. "I don't like this. Space travel may not be my thing, but this is definitely too quiet", Mac communicated through the ship speakers. The ship rocked as an explosion erupted beside them. "What was that?!" one of the troops yelled. Yeorg's communicator signaled. He opened the transmission. A hologram image of Rex appeared. "Sir, your west forces just took a major hit. One of the ships are gone, but you've almost made it to the Malevolence. Increase your bearings to full velocity, the Jedi have just landed." Rex's transmission ended. "Dock?" "On it sir. Not sure how much more this thing can take though." The LAAT slowly increased speed. The ship hit full alert as the red emergency lights spun out of control. Two troops ran into the cockpit and helped Dock to navigate the ship. "Everyone, brace yourselves for impact!" their pilot warned. The ship teetered and bounced as it made contact with one of the Malevolence's bay floors. Smoke billowed from the framework of the ship. "On those cannons!" Dock called. As the weapons were manned, utter silence broke out as they waited for the hangar droids to deploy. Strangely, they didn't. Troops coughed and sputtered as they hurriedly sprang the gunship doors open.  "Are there any injuries?" Sarah yelled. "No ma'am. Lucky for us the Jedi arrived first, otherwise those shields would've taken us out", Mac jumped out of the ship, "I guess there wasn't very many droids left for maintenance." Dock followed after him. "That's good news, but we've also got some bad: the engine's out; looks like we'll be taking those escape pods after all", Yeorg explained. Troops from the other ships regrouped with them as they attempted to reduce the smoke from their gunships."Rex, you there?" Yeorg asked as he opened his communicator. Rex's transmission reappeared. "Here, sir. Did the gunships work?" "Well, we're alive, so I guess you could say that. How quickly can you send us schematics?" "Already on it, sir, I'll open a transmission to our Intel." Rex's image closed as another clone appeared. "Clone Intelligence, sir. Sending all valid mappings of the Malevolence's interior. I'll communicate to you through your pilot's comlink. Good luck out there." The transmission ended as Yeorg pulled up a small, holographic map. "We're here", Yeorg pointed to their location on the map, "and the containment cells are this way." "I've got intel's transmission, let's get a move on", Dock stated. The team set off down the Malevolence's corridors as Dock did his best to navigate, though the schematics were highly lacking. As they passed one of the halls, Sarah heard lightsaber crashing. "The Jedi?" "Only one of them ma'am, but he can handle it, we just need to distract the General on the bridge down there", Mac responded. "But what if he needs help?" "Don't worry about him, we'll come back later. For now, let's go find our men", Yeorg pushed her on. Despite her disagreement, they continued forward until they reached one of the upper levels where the prisoners were located. "Droids", Dock whispered, motioning for them to stop. B1's guarded the cell locks while numerous B2 models patrolled the containment doors. "Ready your weap-" One of the ceiling ducts dismantled as Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker descended onto the droids, swiping his lightsaber at full force. After disfiguring a dozen B1's, he sheathed his weapon. "Sorry that took so long, but we Jedi tend to be fashionably late." "All the same, we appreciate the effort. Get to those controls, please", Sarah said as she walked over to the Jedi. "Locks down, ma'am", one of the troops said as they strenuously attempted to open all the doors. "Yeorg, stay here, Master Jedi", Sarah issued. Together, Sarah and her men rescued the few prisoners aboard. "I wish there'd been more prisoners then fallen..." "War is a cruel environment. I hope your people will see this", Skywalker lectured. "I as well", Sarah turned as Katie ran down the hall. "Sarah, I was so worried", she embraced her sister before she went on, "they were gonna ransom us 
so they could take off. I don't know what they would've done after that...." "Don't worry about it, we're going home now", Sarah broke into a whisper, "Looks like we have a new prime minister". Katie gasped. "No, I can't, I couldn't...." "Don't worry, you'll be fine. You've got a pretty good mentor", Sarah teased. "What about you?" "Ma'am!" "That can wait, let's get out of here", Sarah ushered Katie in front of her. The team continued on with the schematics towards the escape pods. "Master Kenobi and his padawan will return to the hangar. We'll get to those escape pods and meet back on the cruiser", Dock called, "Over there!" The troops lined up and assigned pods until they were ready for departure. "Hold on I'm getting a signal from the Jedi", Dock paused as his comlink went off. "We've got company!" Mac helped a few troops to shut the doors as droids stormed down the corridor. "Captain, the controls are manual!" "What?!" "It has a delay function, but it won't be enough time to get all of us out at once". "Alright, one of us has to stay behind while the rest of us leave to buy some time. It'll be a lone journey, but hopefully we'll all make it out before it's too late", Doc ordered. "Sir, the only escape pod for one crew member is too small for any of us,  and it's the only one with life support", Mac realized. "I'll do it", Sarah spoke up. "Sarah, you can't just-" "Will she fit?" Dock asked. "Actually she might, but it'll be a tight squeeze", Mac informed. "No, we can't leave her while those droids are out there", Yeorg protested. "Yeorg please, I can do it", Sarah pleaded. "It's now or never, sir, it's the only chance we've got", Dock hurriedly shouted. "Fine... Good luck", Yeorg quickly embraced her then joined Katie in one of the pods. "Will she be alright?" Katie asked. "Of course, she's been in tougher predicaments", Yeorg assured her. Mac gave Sarah instructions on how to use the door panel and pod. "Alright I think I got it, let's do this", Sarah commanded. The escape pods were loaded, then within seconds set off. Hopefully it wouldn't be the last she saw of them. The droids were becoming anxious. Soon the controls were becoming too hard to handle. "I hope this isn't too soon...." Sarah commenced the time delay then ran to the small escape pod. She sealed the door then launched out into space as the droids broke in. "Yes!" Sarah looked at the foreign devices in her cramped get-away. Playing with the transmitter channel. Converting to a neutral frequency, Sarah opened communications with Intel. "This is Odoon, is anyone there?" Static brushed over the transmission until a voice broke through. "Od... Odoon." "I'm here", Sarah called. "Sarah, is that you?" She quickly recognized Yeorg's voice. "Yeorg, yeah, I made it", Sarah said with chagrin. The transmission left in silence. "Yeorg, still there?" "Yeah, I'm...." "Is something wrong?" Silence continued. "Sarah, we think you may be in the wrong pod." "W-what? No, this one is what Mac showed me, it has to be, I-" "Sarah, listen to me. Some of those pods don't have oxygen supplied, it's for durable droids. You have about ten more - of air before..." "Yeorg...?" "Stop talking, alright? Breathe shallowly, take long exhales, don't waste it. We're getting you out of there", Yeorg promised. Sarah froze. She tried to stay calm, but hyperventilation began to develop. Sitting completely still, Sarah waited. Even though there was only a few minutes till the air was used up, it felt more like days, maybe a year. "Sarah, are you with me?" "Yes!" Sarah uttered. "Keep calm, I've been talking it over with Intel, listen up", Yeorg switched the transmission. "Ms. Odoon, this is Intel, you have about seven minutes of air left, we've dispatched a rescue frigate, but it won't fit your entire pod. Is there any type of attire or covering in the pod?" Sarah fumbled with the pod's panels and containers, but it was empty. "N-no", Sarah sputtered as claustrophobia was now taking over. The quiet went on until she couldn't bare it. "Please, I'll do anything, get me out", Sarah sobbed. "Sarah there's only one thing we can do for you, you'll have to jump out, you won't have enough time to make it to the cruiser", Yeorg finally responded. "Jump?!" "We can't determine the consequences, but it's our only option. Hurry, only three minutes left!" "Alright, w-what do I do?" "There's a hatch behind you, it's able to open even when the pod is in use. The air in there will be vacuumed into space, so you'll be flung out. Completely empty your lungs of oxygen, try to ball up and create friction, or else you'll get hyperthermia. The rescue frigate is waiting right out there for you, as long as you do that. You'll have about ten seconds, you can make it. I know you can." Sarah climbed over to the hatch, clawing at her throat as the oxygen became scarce. She grabbed for the hatch, but hesitated. This was an incredibly frightening experience. But it was her last option. Using the last of her strength, she quickly exhaled then pulled the hatch open. Her body shot out of the pod and into the weightlessness of space. Her skin began to freeze and the saliva in her mouth felt like ice. She pathetically attempted to curl into a ball. The stars shone in utter beauty. The tips of her mouth raised in a smile as she began to lose feeling. Her eyes began to flicker close. A metallic claw stretched out and grabbed her waist. As she began to lose conscious, she watched herself being pulled into the rescue frigate. Before long, her vision blacked out.

The Name Factor

Sarah stirred in her bed. A bed? She opened her eyes, taking a few moments to adjust to the lighting. Taking in her surroundings, she sat up to see that she was in a hospital room with tinted windows. Looking down she saw Katie asleep, clutching her hand. She wriggled it, trying to rouse her. "Sleeping on the job, ay?" Katie's squinted eyes opened in shock. "Sarah, you're okay!" "Guess so", Sarah rested her head on her pillow. "Is it a little cold in here?" "The doctor said you'll be like that for a little while", Katie sat on the bed. "I can't feel anything, except that hand you've been squeezing for so long... Thanks..." "Don't worry, your bacta bath will've fixed that, give it time. Yeorg will be so happy!" Katie ran towards the door. "Wait, Katie?" "Yeah?" "Maybe... Maybe it's better no one knows I'm alive...."

"What do you mean fake your own death?" Yeorg didn't have much pity for the hospitalized youth. "Think about it. This is what they wanted, to remove the Ardens. They wanted to take over Bakura, maybe it's better they think that way." "No, what they need to know is you're going to bounce back and start over", Yeorg corrected her. "But what if they try again when Katie is elected?" Her sister's eyes widened. "They know now not to do that, Bakura isn't valuable enough for a second attempt invasion anyway", Yeorg assured her. "But what about our lives? They managed to kill a noble family, what about two women? Even if there won't be another invasion, there has always been much discrepancy towards our family, regardless if it's from the Separatists or not. That's why our family hid in the first place."  "You're right...." "What?" Katie questioned. "We're not safe here Katie. I know we should be stronger and selfless, but this is beyond ourselves, this could bring consequences on everyone around us, innocent blood could be shed just if we show our faces. Could you really live with such a burden?" "But, Bakura... This is home now...." "I know, I don't want to leave either...." "Still, I think you may have to", Yeorg clenched Sarah's bedridden hand. "You're sick, no one knows of your condition. You're lucky to have made it. But there's opportunity to fake both of your deaths.... If you want to serve Bakura, you'll have to change your identities." "But everyone knows our faces, we couldn't do that unless.. No, no, I'm not getting surgery, I love the way I look! Was that a little vain...?" Katie shied away. "No Katie that won't be necessary. I think we should leave entirely. Yeorg, what if I could be accepted by the Senate and represent Bakura? We could have an opportunity to join the Republic!" "I thought the idea was to reduce the bad public relations...." Yeorg growled. "I know not many people have accepted the idea, but if we can expose them to the option, it could change everything! They've already seen how far they'll go out of their way just to aid a doomed planet." Yeorg sighed. "If this is the path you've chosen... Then I can't stop you. I'll discuss your acceptance to the Senate. One thing though. You'll need an alibi." "Hm...."

Katie, Sarah, and Yeorg walked to the hangar of Sarah's personal starship. After being accepted into the Senate, Sarah was assigned to inquire the Republic Senate's representation. "Before you go, could you answer something for me?" he asked. "I should probably be the one answering you this, but your entire family died, and your certificates were with us. Did Jason ever explain how he found you?" Sarah stared at him in puzzlement. "I'm not exactly sure. The Senate had the certificates which means he would've assumed Katie and I couldn't have been put up for adoption legally, so I guess that narrowed the search. But, I still don't understand much, like his ties with the Separatists without the Senates knowing, and for so long?" She bit her lip as she thought about it. "Don't you think it was convenient? I know they had been searching for awhile, but they found us just as soon as we were...compatible, old enough to rule ...." "You mean, they may have been tracking you that whole time?" "All of this, it was planned, but for how long?"  Yeorg frowned, then held Sarah's shoulders. "Whatever it was, they can't hurt you now. Jason is gone, the battles over, no one will even know you're still here." "How long do I have to play dead, Yeorg? Can I... Can I ever come back?" "I'm not sure how long it'll be...." "I'm sorry, it's just, my entire life I've wondered, who I am, where I belong. Now that I've figured it out, I have to leave it. It's as if I was never meant to come home, to be with my family", Sarah brushed off tears as she realized the truth of this departure. She may never see Yeorg or any of the Captison's face to face again. "It's funny, though. It's only been about a year, but it feels like a lifetime. I've always wondered what it was like to have a sister." "Sarah hurry up!" Katie called from their transport. "Well I've always wondered what it was like having a brother", Sarah teased. "Don't worry, Sarah. The Senate will request your presence. If your dealings on Coruscant don't work out, I have a place for you here. But, for now, you need to disappear. I'm sorry it has come to this... I'll miss you both terribly." "I'll miss you too", Sarah hugged her fourth cousin. Even if they weren't very close by blood, they would always be a family from friendship. Sarah pulled away and walked to the ship. Joining her sister aboard (who was still having trouble loading her numerous bags), Sarah seated herself in the pilot's seat. "Computer", the interface responded to her voice, "delete file of owner: Sarah Arden. Compute new pilot: Sarah Amadale."  The ship whirred as the engines warmed, then burst off into space towards the Republic capital of Coruscant. 

Beginning of a Dream

Atop the busy levels of Coruscant's frantic ecumenopolis, an anxious Senator Amadale waited outside of Chancellor Palpatine's suite in the Senate building. Senate Commandos guarded the doors leading in as she awaited the Chancellor's welcoming. The doors slid open and Vice Chancellor Mas Amedda walked into the outer hall of Palpatine's main office. Sarah offered a slight bow as he passed by. He threw a quick grin to show he had noticed then continued down the hall alongside his Senate Commando escorts. Sarah turned back to the door. "The Chancellor will see you now", one of the guards said, opening the door. Sarah sighed, straightened her back and walked inside. Chancellor Palpatine sat at his desk masked by the glowing sunlight from the wall length window behind him. "Chancellor Palpatine, a pleasure to make your acquaintance again", Sarah said, bowing her head.   "Please, have a seat, senator", he said motioning towards one of four seats adjacent to his desk. Sarah sat down, trying to make eye contact. "Are you nervous, young one?" Palpatine softly asked. "I'd hoped I wouldn't be so excited, but my people depend on this alliance, whether they know it themselves or not", Sarah replied. "Senator, I understand these have been troubling times for you. After all, your people think you must be dead, and now they are too blind to realize the Republic is strong enough to provide the peace they seek. This war will end someday, and I hope after they will oblige to join our cause?" Sarah grinned. "I hope so, Chancellor, for their sakes." "Very well, my friend. Now, on to business. You have proved an excellent politician in the past few months. Bakura has flourished under your decision making", the Chancellor praised. "Well I wouldn't say I've done much so far, I mean, I haven't exactly been able to attend meetings or anything", Sarah said, hiding her fidgeting hands. "Senator, you are much too humble, do not deny your talent simply because of your concealment. Now, please enlighten me on the campaign you have brought to me." "Chancellor, I request the Senate permit my representation of Bakura for the Republic. I understand we still have not taken part in this war, but if only we could let the people see what the Republic stands for, the alliance that we could share-" "Senator, this is not an easy task. You must understand that the Senate is for the express purpose of deciding the Republic's affairs, and is done for the people of the Republic alone." "I understand, Chancellor..." Sarah bowed her head in humiliation. "Which is why the Senate has approved your request." "They- It's been approved?" Palpatine smiled. "It would seem, my dear, the Senate believes all voices should be considered by the Republic. You have been authorized by the Representative Commission to speak on behalf of Bakura and will serve as a Planetary Representative for the Republic", Palpatine rose from his desk, "I look forward to your presence in the next meeting. Now, if you would excuse me, Representative Amadale." "Thank you, Chancellor, I'm overjoyed", Sarah sat in silence as Palpatine left to his chambers. She smiled then exited the office, holding in the urge to jump in her giddiness. "Ms. Amadale", a dark haired and goateed man chased after her. "Can I help you?" Sarah addressed him. "I'm sure you've been given the exciting news. I'm Senator Bail Organa, Viceroy of Alderaan", Bail laughed and raised his hand for Sarah to stand out of a bow, " I oversaw the recent voting of new representative members." "You mean this was your doing?" Sarah asked in surprise, "I'm not sure I can ever repay you senator." "It was my pleasure, Ms. Amadale. Now that you are a member though, I'm sure you will be needing a mentor. Come, let me give you a tour." Sarah followed Organa into the main halls of the Senate building. He placed a finger on his lips to indicate silence as they passed a meeting in session in the Grand Convocation Chamber. "I can't wait to be in there for the first time", Sarah whispered to him. "It's a very exciting moment, I assure you. I remember my first speech. Sadly, there was a lot of stuttering." Sarah laughed. "If only things could be the way they used to be." "You mean the war?" "Not exactly. Though the war seems to be a lengthy excuse for it." "For what, exactly?" "Nothing, really. Come, we've almost made it to-" "Senator", Sarah stopped. He sighed then turned to face her. "Democracy becomes fainter and fainter by the second from further corruption, it's begun ever since the chancellor took over. I respect his decisions, but this is dangerous." "But, surely that can be justified, the Republic is a strong government, I'm sure the Senate and Chancellor know very well what they are doing", Sarah protested. "Very soon there may be no Senate", Organa admitted. "H-how do you mean?" "Our say is no longer valuable to the Republic; the voices of our people are being silenced. If the Chancellor continues any longer in his efforts, we may be disbanded in this chaos. We are becoming no more than puppets now, here to coax the people into thinking there is still order. Soon there will only be dictatorship." "Maybe... You're right.... How can we stop this?"  "Representative, there is still hope in this Republic. Please, you must help me in my efforts. I don't want to drag you into this, and it is by your choice alone, but I urge you to consider it, as I do all who still have reason." "How?" "By joining the Delegation of 2000." Sarah heard of the assembly. The Loyalist Committee and several other senators had joined to defy the increase of emergency powers, causing more secrecy and separation in the Senate. But, their cause may have been just. The Republic was built on freedom, but was slowly being deprived of it. If there was a way to return it.... "You were chosen because we see promise in you, representative. Your willingness to convince your planet to join democracy, your struggle to gain the people's support, you have shown the same desire as the rest of us. Bakura deserves a chance, as well as the Republic. All I ask is that you help us in our efforts for a better Republic as a member, and as a friend", Organa pleaded. "I understand, senator. I...I will help your cause, to the best of my ability." "Thank you, Sarah. You won't regret this decision." The two senators continued their tour, now as friends.

Battle on Alderaan

Sarah and a group of marines including her sister sat in a gunship. They where traveling to Alderaan after a small outburst of droids attacked as a result of the Battle of Alderaan. "What's our plan of attack?" she started. "Attack." Sarah looked around to see who gave the clever remark. She rolled her eyes and looked at her sister. "You and I will stay at the palace bridge okay?"."Got it." Kayla replied. Even though the first battle was outside of the planet's perimeter, this one was at Queen Organa's palace door. The Seperatists sought to find information from them to help corrupt the Republic. The gunship finally landed. The troops marched out, Sarah and Katie behind. They then rushed to the opening gate and watched as a squadrant of droids approached. Both girls pulled out their blasters and began to shoot them while the other troops ran through the other gates. The droids proceeded from a carrier ship, becoming small in number. Sarah shot the last droid. Something wasen't right. She slowly looked out, noticing a much larger dropship heading towards them. Sarah grabbed Katie and ducked as a bolt blew past them. Sarah got up behind cover and started shooting all she could, along with her sister. The droids pushed them back, but then pressed on towards the other troops, busy with their own fighting. Sarah ran with her sister towards the final gate, shooting every droid they could. They headed towards the rest of their party and began taking out everyone of them. Katie tossed her a bigger gun, grabbing herself a heavy weapon. Sarah looked down at her weapon, comparing it to the size of a gun her sister's boyfriend, AlphaMarl Photoline, owned who was most likely the biggest fans of guns she knew. She saw Kayla smile at the similarity in weapons. Sarah rolled her eyes again and set them on the droids. She began shooting them, until they began to decrease in number. After a long time of fighting, the droids finally retreated. Sarah and Katie sighed in relief and returned to wait for the next gunship to carry them home.

Visit to the Jedi Temple

(To be written, oh gosh so much to do...)

Perils Over Coruscant

Sarah rode in a small starship over Coruscant. A surprise attacked was issued by the Empire and was drawing in towards the planet. A legion of clones along with Sarah, Kayla, and their squad were ordered to defend Coruscant against the oncoming threat. Sarah's task along with her sister and their group was to invade the head cruiser in the invasion. Starships that belonged to Sarah's taskforce flew in, surronding her back and sides. They
drew in throughout a line of Seperatist ships, with their turrets pounding in the space around them, missing only by a short distance. "Shoot out the turrets and get to the cruiser!", Sarah heard a commander shout through the intercom. Twisting and turving, Sarah dodged flailing bolts as turrets and vulture droids proceeded to shoot at them, occasionally shotting down numerous targeting missles herself. Finally, they approached the hanger of the heavy cruiser that was in charge of the invasion. Quickly, all lasercannons from Sarah's group, as well as her own, locked on the cruiser's shield that protected it's hangar. After destroying the defenses, Sarah quickly landed inside of the hangar and jumped out, followed by her sister and the rest of their squad. "We made it in", Katie informed the legion's leader. As Katie continued her observations of the scenario, Sarah looked around for the door that led to the command post of the ship. "Let's get going before we get more company", Katie said too soon. Droids began piling in through all entrances and began to shoot towards them. Quickly, everyone aimed for their blasters and proceeded to take out the droids. B2 droids began to enter along with many droideka. Still, the squad led on and shot every last one of them. "I think that's it", Sarah said as Katie began breathing uneasily. "Good, we better get moving before more come" Katie said running towards one of the entrances. The squad followed down throughout a few halls till they arrived in the final one. "Okay, there are two options. The command post is to the right", Katie said, gesturing towards a long door, "but there is still some more droids in the next room ready to come on" she added pointing towards another door. "I'll help you in the command post, then I'll take a few men towards the droids", Sarah decided. They approached the door to the post and shot the lock. Swiftly, they leaped inside. A few droids that where functioning the controls turned around and began shooting as the squad blasted towards them. Once they took them out, they continued over to an FA-4 droid who was piloting the ship. Aftter relieving it of it's duties, Katie proceededd to pilot the ship, along with a few other men. Sarah gathered the rest of the squad and proceeded to where the remaining droids where at. As they entered the room, they where immediantly shot at by what seemed like hundreds of droids. Sarah ducked behind cover and quickly tried to shoot the most droids that she could. She noticed another corridor on the other side of the room. "Stay here and take out the droids, I'm going to check in the next room", she called back to the rest in her group. She ran across the room as fast as she could, taking out a few droids on the way. As she neared the door, her blaster was hit by one of the droids. Sarah starred at a hint of smoke coming out
from it's side. She threw it on the ground and opened the door, surprisingly unlocked. As she went in, the door slammed behind her, locking her in. She scanned it's controls, but it wouldn't move. She turned and ignored it, proceeding to walk forward. It was a long, narrow room, and at the end appeared to be a stand. She stopped and quietly gasped as a dark cloaked man emerged from the shadows. "And why are you here alone?" he questioned with a confident smile. Sarah stepped back, prepared for whatever move he woul make. He began to approach her with his hands behind his back, then came closer to her then what she was comfortable with. "Who are you?" She asked, unaware of what his intentions where. "I am here on important business for the invasion. But you already knew that", he responded, pacing around her. She followed him with her eyes questioningly. "And what is you purpose here?" he asked in return. "To defend the Republic from scum like you", she answered roughly and more confident than he expected. He paused behind her and approached her even closer. "Now then, how do you expect to do that? After all your on MY ship. I wouldn't want to cause something as delicate as you any trouble", he answered right in her ear. She flashed a sarcastic smile and turned on her lightsaber the same time he activated his, red, obviously a sith. He swung it in a circular motion, coming at her at a fast pace. Sarah swung her lightsaber and ran towards him, then slammed their lightsabers together. Sarah was thrown back, but quickly
sat up, blocking as her opponent crashed his saber in her direction. She rolled over and jumped on her feet, swinging again, this time barely missing his side. Using the force, the sith managed to throw her back over towards the stand he appear from. Sarah landed on her feet, running back towards him. She slid under him and thrust her saber from behind. The sith managed to block her attack again with his saber, and attempted to force chock her, but was too late as she batted her saber near his hands. The battle then revolved around the clashing of their lightsabers as they crossed all around the room, showing even skills. After a while, Sarah landed on the ground again after her attacker gave a powerful lunge. The sith walked towards her, with his red lightsaber trailing by his side. Once he reached her, he raised his saber in the air. Before he could strike however, Sarah swung her foot and kicked his shin. As he fell over, the rest of the squad finally made it in and stunned him. Sarah inhaled deeply and walked back to the hangar with the squad. The invasion was prevented and it was time to prepare for their next mission.

Defending Christophsis

Sarah was at a Republic base on Christophis. She walked through one of the doors, revealing a war room inside. Clones and a few Jedi gathered around a holoprojector, viewing a plan of attack. A screen next to them showed postionings around the base, as well as video feed. Sarah looked around and noticed Luke Docker, observing
one of the screens. "What's happening?", Sarah asked, confused on the all of the excitement. "There are reports of an invasion." Luke continued to explain that a few dropships where reported to be approaching the base. "You might want to clear out, otherwise get ready." Sarah ran out of the room, then down the hall. She stopped at an armory, walking in to find herself surronded by various weapons. Sarah checked over at a section of blasters. She checked a few and compared their quality. After settling on one, she tucked it in her belt and began to leave the room, but paused when she came across a few blaster rifles. She quickly picked one off of a rack and concealed it in her cloak. She finally exited the room and headed back towards the war room. She watched a monitor as dropships where coming down one of the roads that led to the large, crystalline buildings of Christophis. The base was now not to far away from them. Sarah turned and walked back down the hall, this time heading towards the outside turrets. Clones began running around her, some going where she was, others heading to help defend the other areas of the base, probably take more like-risking jobs. A sudden burst of sound shook the entire base. Sarah began to fall over and held onto a rail. She ducked and covered her head as the cieling began to collapse. Sarah watched as shrapnel flew everywhere. Marl leaped through and put an arm around Sarah, leading her down the hall while using his other hand to support them against the wall. They finally made it out to an exit, the cieling now supporting itself again, bits and large pieces of metal all across the floor. "Thanks", Sarah said, still struggling to stand. "Don't mention it. Your lucky Marl the man of steel was here to rescue you though", Marl replied with a large grin on his face. Sarah gave him a scowl, then a quick pat on the back. She regained her balance and looked up at a walkway, turrets on both sides, aimed at the ground below. Clones attended each one, a General standing at the end, barking orders as the dropships began to come closer. Sarah ran down the walkway, then turned to a different section, running over towards one that was left unmanaged. The dropships where on all sides now, postioning in just the right places for the droids to attack in any area. The dropships stopped now, their doors lowering, revealing a vass amount of droids. B1 droids began to march out, scattering all around the edge of the base. Sarah started firing her turret at them, B2's starting to follow. Sarah clenched her teeth as their number hardly decreased. She could hear the other turrets blast around her, hardly suceeding as well. A large explosion sounded, the droids now gaining access to one of the doors, now infultrating from the inside. Sarah ran towards it, droids shooting at the clones who where managing the other turrets. She grabbed her blaster and began shooting at the droids, doing her best to take out the ones that where now nearing the remaining clones. Two of the clones stood behind her, firing at the droids as well. The others where still firing the turrets at the droids who haden't made it in yet. Sarah continued running towards the door, getting rid of the remaining droids on the walkway. She ran through the doorway, leaping through the remains of the cieling, then finally approached the door. Electric sparks flew from the controls, the door in ruins. Sarah looked over to where the droids must have gone. She ran down a few corriders, then up a flight of stairs. Remains of destroyed droids where scattered across the floor. A few clones stood at the end, putting away their blasters. Marl put his blaster up to his mouth and blew on it's end. "I see you beat me to it", Sarah said, putting her hands on her hips and shifting all of her weight on one of her legs. "Hey, you know what they say. The early clone gets the droid." Sarah rolled her eyes, then ran back out the door that the droids entered through, followed by the clones. Cannons blasted around them, taking out most of the dropships, causing droids to fly into the air from the blast, yelling from all directions. A line of dropships began to roll in from on and under the road Sarah stood on, followed by tanks. Groups of clones ran out down on the roads below them, firing at the dropships that where now approaching the base very closely. The tanks began firing at the base. Sarah pulled out her blaster rifle and starting running towards the dropships in front of her. "Where did that come from?", Luke said, running up beside her. "A girl has her ways", Sarah said, now firing at the dropship closest to them. Luke held out a blaster, shooting at it as well. Sarah slid across the ground and shot at the dropship from the side, the clones behind her shooting as well. The dropship broke down, the droids inside following. The other dropships behind the one they had defeat stopped, their doors falling down, allowing more droids to walk out, their blasters ready and pointed. The group continued up the path, the towering buildings around them rocking at the large impacts from the base's cannons and the droid's tanks. AT-TE's began to exit the base and attacked the seperatist vehicles. After a few dropships where taken out, as well as their droids, Sarah and her group made it to the tanks. The road split, leading off down towards one of the roads below. The front tank fired at a tower nearby, causing it to crash down, throwing Sarah back. The tank began to turn down the other road, followed by all the others. Sarah got back up and crouched next to the fallen tower. "What should we do?", Luke asked joining her. The other clones crouched next to them, firing their guns at the passing tanks. "We better follow those tanks before the rest of our friends get even more company." Luke nodded, the clones still firing at the tanks. One fired at them, causing them to all bend over, blowing back a few of the clones. Marl looked at his gun that he dropped, smoke emitting from it's side. Marl's silence told Sarah everything. "Don't cry over it", Sarah said, tossing her blaster rifle to him. He gave her a thumbs up, then aimed it at the tanks. Sarah pulled out her saber and ignited it. "Let's go", Luke said, shooting at the tanks while climbing over the tower. The rest joined him, then ran down the road, shooting at the tanks next to them. The base's cannons continued to fire at them, but even with the clone's on the field's help, it still wasen't enough. The assembly continued shooting at the tanks, Sarah jumping on top of a few, using her saber to open the tops and driving it through the droids inside.Sarah and her group ran back into the base,meeting up with a few clones in the war room. Jedi Master Mace Windu continued to elaborate plans of attack. Clones would have to gather and continue shooting the cannons, as well as a few other long distance weaponry. Someone would also be tasked with a new detonator and inplace it by the tanks, hopefully able to take them out. Sarah volunteered, as well as the rest of her previous group. Sarah pulled a bag over her shoulder, carefully placing the detonator in it. She ran out towards a hangar near the road containing the tanks. All of the remaining clones in the base, a few hundred, gathered behind her and her group. The door slowly opened, Sarah grabbing her saber back out as the tanks became visible again. Once the door fully opened, she ran out, bringing her saber against the sides of a few tanks. The many clones behind her began shooting at them, running along the road as cannons and blasters shot from the top of the base. Tanks exploded right in front of them, hardly missing them, still not delaying Sarah and her group. They finally made it towards the middle of the road, ready to end their mission. Sarah, Luke, and Marl ran up, leaving the other clones behind, who where now slowly backing away, still firing at the tanks. "If we don't make it...", Marl was cut off by Sarah's finger in his face. She pulled out the detonator and placed it on the ground. "I'll miss you the most", he said with a sarcastic tone. Sarah smiled, wishing Katie could be there. Luke and Marl helped her set it, only having a few moments to make it out. Once it was ready, Sarah activated it. The trio quickly leaped up and began running back towards the base. Time seemed to slow. Shrapnel from nearby tanks flew in their faces. Ticking played in Sarah's head. Explosions from cannons and tanks hit right next to them. Finally, the detonator went off, blowing them off of the ground. The tanks exploded, along with some of the road. The cannons stopped firing, the explosion ringing Sarah's ears. She finally fell on the ground, almost wanting to kiss it from actually being alive. Her head hurt, causing her to mummer slighty. It was completely silent for a moment, later interuppted by the clones cheering. Luke helped Sarah sit up as the clones began celebrating in front of them. Sarah stood up, giving a tired smile. She weakly scrambled back into the base, celebrating as well. It had been a long day, and if there was one thing she wanted, it was relief. She picked up a cup of non-alcoholic jawa juice, crashing into a couch facing a large window that took up most of the wall. She looked out at Christophsis' crystalline features, aqua color splashed across the ground, the sky a unique blend of reds and yellows. She tilted her head back on the couch. Marl walked in, throwing his helmet on a table. "What a gentlemen", she said, turning her head back and taking a sip of her juice. "Yeah yeah", he said, plopping onto the couch, lifting his feet up on the table in front of them. "So what's up?", she said, holding her cup with both hands and tucking her feet under her. "What do you mean?", he said, his arms now on the top of the couch. "Well you wouldn't be in here if there wasen't something you had to tell me", she said, annoyed once again. "Oh yeah, we're going to Cloud City." Sarah's eyes widened. She had never been there before, but she always wanted to. "Yes!", Sarah said jumping in the air, finally happy about one of their missions. "Relax, we aren't going to get into too much trouble. Just gonna check on the base", he said, picking up a cup of ale. Sarah stuck her tongue out, walking towards the door. "Do we always go to bases? Why not a vacation?", she shouted back to him. "Call me when you end the war, we'll talk." Sarah laughed, exiting the room and headed towards her starfighter. Finally, she would get to go relax at one of the most beautiful places in the galaxy.

Troubles in Cloud City

Sarah walked out towards the hangar of the base, watching as a few clones carried crates into the gunship she would be riding to Cloud City. "Almost ready for departure, Ma'am", one of them called, stepping inside of it. Sarah hurried inside as well, crashing into one of the seats. This time, it would just be here and the pilot, consider the rest of the wieght that the ship could hold would be taken up by the crates. She nestled in the chair and wrapped a blanket around her. She leaned her head on the back of it, watching the sparkling scenery of Christophsis begin to shrink under them. She yawned, deciding to take a short nap. She rested her head against her shoulder, finally sleeping. The ship landed with a slight thud, waking Sarah up. She stretched her arms and wrapped her blanket, then tossed it over to the side. The door of the ship opened as two clones walked in and grabbed a few of the crates. Sarah got up and helped pick up a few of the last ones, helping one lift a very large one. The ship had landed on a platform next to a narrow walkway into a dome shaped building, the sky a mixture of light and dark oranges. She peered around and noticed a man standing by the door. She set the crate down, swiping dust off of her hands and watching whoever the man was. He had a saber at his side, most likely a Jedi. "Hello, I'm Frey Suun. You must be Ms.Amadale," he said, catching Sarah off guard that he knew her name. "Yes, it's nice to meet you," she said with a smile. "Glad you made it safely. I'm here to escort you", he said very friendly. She walked with him and the clones into the building, admiring the sun-colored sky. "So, how long is you mission here?", Sarah asked as they walked through a white hallway, windows on both sides. "I've only been here for a few days, but my mission is only to check around like yours. I'll be returning to the temple soon. How long will you be staying?", he asked in return. "Hopefully a day or two. Once everything is figured out, I'll have to get back into action", she said, a bit more depressed at the thought. "Well I hope you enjoy your stay then", Frey said with a laugh to his tone. They finally stopped at a door on the left. Frey stepped forward and opened the door. "This is where you will be staying. Someone should check on you tomorrow," Frey said, stepping to the side. "Thank you. I'll see you later", she said as a goodbye. He turned and walked back down the hall. Sarah walked into her room, the door shutting behind her. She had a small bed against the wall and a patio on the other side. The sky was now turning pale as night neared. Sarah walked over towards a switch and turned the lights off. She took off her boots and layed on her bed. She ate a small piece of flatbread then pulled her hair down. She stretched out on her bed and fell asleep. The next day, Sarah gathered with the rest of the people on her mission, including Marl, at a meeting hall. After a brief introduction on what they where doing, the crowd exited the room. Sarah walked over to Marl and tapped his shoulder. "Oh great, your here", he said, obviously sarcastic. "And you know it." The two went to their jobs, scanning the perimeter and viewing several stored boxes and crates. When the job was done, everyone continued to relax and spent the rest of their time in liesurement. "So we meet again", Sarah turned to see Frey standing behind her. "Oh, hello", she said, happy to have a new friend. He bent a little and clenched his head. "What's wrong?", she asked worried. "I thought I felt something...", he said, being to stand up straight. "I thought I felt something too." "I'm sure it's alright", he said with a reassuring smile. "So your force sensative?", he asked her as they began walking down one of the halls, wider than the one to Sarah's room, also allowing more light in. "Yes, I only recently recognized it though. I'm hoping to train my ability, but so far I'm much better with my saber." "Well maybe I can show you some pointers some time?", he suggested. Sarah was excited by the opportunity. As they walked down the hall telling each other of their accomplishments in their abilities, an odd ship landed on one of the bays. "Who's ship is that?", Sarah asked Frey, unfamiliar to it's model. "I'm not sure...", he repiled, worried as well. Frey opened the door to the bay, then walked out along with Sarah to the ship's toydarian pilot. "Ah, a Jedi. Maybe you could help me?", the pilot said, flying over to Frey. "Help with what exactly?" "I brought some cargo, weren't you expecting me?", he asked, a raspy tone in his voice, but expecting from a toydarian. "I didn't hear about any cargo coming in." "Must have been a mishap, why don't we get somebody to help you unload?", Sarah suggested. "Your colleauge is very thoughtful", the toydarian said, now with more courtesy. Frey flashed her a quick smile then signaled for a few clones to come over, the toydarian motioning with both hands towards the door he walked out from to them. "Glad that went okay. Still, we better be alert. Whatever we felt could result in danger", Frey said as he and Sarah walked back inside. Sarah nodded, then continued their conversation, getting into their training techniques. Sarah and Frey said goodbye and parted, both going off for their own time of liesure. Sarah went down to a pool that was recently installed, happy to be alone with peace and quiet. She swam on her back, closing her eyes as light poured in across her face. She wanted to enjoy her time before she left, and with what little excitement their was, she hoped she could fit it all in soon. She climbed back out and dried off, returning to her room now. She walked out onto the small patio, the sky now turning a black-grey color. She sat down and looked out at the clouds, the moons now shining so Sarah could see all of the buildings around her. Clones scouted around each one of them, scanning for intruders and/or signs of trouble. Sarah looked down, trying to calculate the distance that she was from the ground. It was hard with all of the clouds, and the idea of falling was frightfull. Still, the lights and nightsky where beautiful. Sarah looked at another tower, lights flashing from it's windows in one section. Most likely a casino, probably where Marl was at, joined by a few other marines that came. Frey must have been asleep by now, probably more worried about his mission then entertainment. Sarah wondered if they might get into an adventure during their time there. The next day was when Sarah had to head back to her next mission. She brushed through her hair, then ran out the door. As soon as she made it out, she bumped right into Marl. "Wow, slooow", he said moving both of his hands in front of him. "Must... get... to... ship", Sarah said, panting. "Actually, we've been delayed. Something wierd is going on appearantly." "What do you mean?", Sarah asked now regaining her breath. "Some clones where found dead. Everyone thinks someone was able to get in last night and did it." "Oh...", Sarah said, feeling very sorry. "Hey, wanna go grab some crumblebuns?", Marl suggested trying to get her mind off of the subject. Sarah smiled and raced Marl to one of the restaurants. After ordering a few crumblebuns, Sarah decided to check out what happened last night. She walked over to the scene, noticing what looked like burn marks. She walked over to the door that was closest to where the action took place, noticing the controls had a bit of a struggle, possibly being forced open. Still, it was almost impossible to decipher who had done it. She noticed the toydarian pilot she met yesterday slowly walking away from the room. "Hello", she called to him, causing him to jump surprised. "Oh hello", he said now turning to face her. "Your the girl from yesterday, no?" "Yes, actually..." "Look, I'm very busy, and I have to go soon. Pleasure meeting you", he said, now quickly flying away. Sarah chocked her head to the side, curious as to what had had him panicked. Considering he was toydarian, it was very hard to percieve anything from him. Still, he could have had something to do with what happened, most likely not the cause of it though. She stepped into a nearby room with two couches surronding a small glass table, as well as a few windows. She sat down on one of the couches, allowing herself to take a break. She began to sense something, this time stronger than earlier. She stood up and rushed out walked through the door. She was about to break into a sprint when her transmitter went off. She pulled it out, noticing a message from the lead commander for their mission. All marines and other personal where to attend a dinner with the baron administrator, Dominic Raynor. Sarah put her transmitter away then hurried back to her room. She picked out a dress to wear then made here way to the banquet hall where the dinner would be. A large crowd was flooding in through the door, causing Sarah to have slow progress trying to enter as well. She finally was able to squeeze through just as the crowd began to largen and swarm in. The room inside was long with a table to match, a window made up most of the wall on the opposite side of the door, and numerous decorations hung against the side walls. Sarah noticed Frey already sitting at the table and tried to make her way over towards him. Sarah had now had difficulty now as the crowd warped around her. Frey helped Sarah stand straight just as she was about to fall. "Thanks", she said, now regaining her balance. "Don't mention it. Right this way", Frey sad, now directing her towards the table. He pulled out the chair next to his for Sarah, then sat himself. The crowd now grew silent and quickly tried to find a seat. The baron walked through the door and walked down towards the seat at the end of the table. He stood in front of it, greeting all of the guests, then sat down as the meal was served. The courses where passed out, as well as various options for drinks. The pack of people in the hall laughed and enjoyed themselves. Sarah took a sip of Jawa juice, sensing something again as she set down her cup. "Do you feel it too?", she asked Frey as he shifted in his chair. He nodded, "It's worse than ever." Somebody shouted as a grey armored zabrak ran across one of the low hanging lights attached to the cieling. He pulled out a red double-sided lightsaber and activated it. The zabrak leaped of the light and plunged his saber down towards Frey, focusing his attention on him. Frey activated his blue saber and blocked the zabrak just as he crashed down near him. Frey pushed the zabrak back then pulled out a small, tied package. He tossed it to Sarah, "Go!", he shouted, charging back after the zabrak. The crowd of people began yelling and shouting, a group of clones trying to escort the baron out. Sarah ran with the wave of people, managing to get outside. She ran back to her room and locked the door. She quickly changed then pulled out her lightsaber. She walked back over towards the door, stopping to look at the packaged Frey gave her. She clentched it in her hand, then shoved it in her pocket. She activated her saber then rushed back towards the hall. It was now empty, a door on one of the sides walls now open though. She walked through it, the other side containing a walkway towards a large control room. Frey and the zabrak where now dueling on the other side, Frey jamming another door's controls then lurring the zabrak in to the next room. Sarah followed right behind them, finally catching up at the next room. Each wall was white, while a blue light in the center stuck out with glass cased around it. The zabrak thrust his saber into Frey's, throwing him onto the ground. Sarah slammed her saber into the zabrak's, causing him to jump back. The zabrak began walking towards her, causing her to step backwards. He leaped in the air, then twisted his saber in circular motions. He held his hand out, causing a window behind Sarah to shatter into pieces. He swung his lightsaber towards Sarah, cornering her into the wall. He force pushed her, causing her to fall out through the window. She grabbed onto a few pipes, then leaped back in through the window, crashing her saber back at him, forcing him to back up. She gave a powerful lunge, blowing the zabrak fully back. He got up and began running towards Sarah till Frey swiped his saber near the zabrak's feet then jumping back up. Sarah swiped her saber near the zabrak's chin then kicked him in the side. He fell back, flipping back, then running towards another room. "Nice job, but we better end this soon", Frey called as he and Sarah began running after their attacker. As Sarah entered the room, Frey pulled her over between two cramped walls. Numerous walls where stacked up on the sides of a hall, the zabrak most likely on the other side. "Do you have that bag I gave you?", Frey asked Sarah concerned. She pulled out the small package. "This? What is it anyway?", Sarah asked even more confused. "This is what he is after." Frey untied it and pulled out a small, triangular object, a strange blue glow eminating through it's wonderfully crafted carving. "It's a Jedi holocron, storing secret information. If this gets into the wrong hands, the fate of the Republic may grow nearer." Frey put the holocron back into the bag then placed it into Sarah's hand. "I'm trusting you to watch it." "Me?", Sarah asked, not sure if she could handle watching something so valuable. "Can I trust you?" Sarah nodded. "Good. Now let's go." The two walked down the hall, looking around at the clustered walls pre-cautiously. At the end was a series of controls to vents, branching out over a large, deep shaft. Sarah looked down at the huge pit, feeling nausious at the thought of falling. Sarah spun around as the zabrak twirled his lightsaber at her. She bent backwards, barely being missed. She grabbed her saber and threw it upwards towards his. Frey swung his lightsaber towards the zabrak's back, causing him to have to use both sides of his saber. Frey and Sarah backed him up across one of small passages to a set of controls. When they neared the edge, the zabrak kicked Sarah, causing her to fall on the ground. She looked down at the almost bottomless shaft, the zabrak now pointing his lightsaber at her. "Jedi scum. You are no match for a sith. Now, give me the holocron or else", the zabrak leaned his saber closer to Sarah now. Frey stepped back, not wanting to make an unneccissary move. He leaped forward and brought his saber in the zabrak's side, catching him off guard. He bent over, his eyes now growing wider and wider. With a last movement, the zabrak kicked Sarah, causing her to fall. "Frey!", she called, now sliding down the side of the shaft. Frey leaped off the platform, moving in her direction. He caught up to her and held her around the waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they grew closer and closer to the shaft's end. A small door opened at the bottom, Sarah and Frey falling through it. They fell through another series of shaft's till the finally reached the last door of a shute at the bottom of the building. Frey grabbed on to a small stand sticking out from the shute. The only thing below them now where the clouds. He pulled Sarah next to him on the stand. "Are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm okay", Sarah said, pulling out the holocron and handing it to him. He smiled relieved that their mission was a success. A gunship flew down near them, Marl inside. "Need a lift?", he shouted.

Another Story

The toydarian floated out through the bay door his ship was parked on as fast as he could. He finally made it over to his ship then opened the door, constantly complaining the whole time. "Hurry!", he called back. The zabrak ran out through the door behind him, hurrying towards the ship. Marl sat in a control room, supposed to monitor through the window in case of an intruder. He twirled around in his chair, glaring at his glove. A few beeps signaled from a tiny alarm on one of the boards in front of the window, meaning someone triggered the door. He stopped and looked down at it. He looked up to see a zabrak with a red bladed saber running across the walkway towards a ship, a toydarian trying to open the door to it. Marl pulled out a transmitter, signaling other clones on security to stop the on going action. The zabrak neared the ship now, turning to see clones run out the door, beginning to shoot at him. He grunted and twirled his saber in front of him, countering the blaster bolts. He walked towards them, getting closer as he took out a few clones with their own blasts. Marl peered at the scene, the zabrak obviously injured. He grabbed his blaster then ran out of the room, marching towards the bay. He scrambled out, noticing he was the last clone standing. The zabrak stood up straight, considering Marl now an easy target. "This might hurt a little", Marl said, aiming his rotary blaster at him, taking him out before he could notice what Marl was doing. He fell on the ground face first. Marl walked over towards the toydarian, pulling him against the door of the ship. "Okay I'll talk", the toydarian said, flinching and covering his face. Marl smiled, still said that he didn't get to interigate him though. "Your friends fell down the shaft, they might be at the bottom still." Marl dropped him, a few clones coming up and escorting him to a prison. "Any orders sir?", one of them asked Marl. "Get me a gunship", he said, clutching his blaster at his side.

Aiding Orto Plutonia

Terror on Kamino

Sarah was riding a gunship to a secret base on Kamino to meet up

Sarah in the gunship

with Katie and the rest of her squad. She stood by her company of two other clones, as well as another one piloting the ship. She peered out through his window and viewed the dark sky. A storm had just started,and a lot of thunder and lighting was sure to come with it. Thankfully they where near the base, so their trip wouldn't be delayed. A streak of lightening stroke next to the ship, causing it to teter a bit. A sudden thud that Sarah noticed followed. She looked around to see what caused it, also noticing something sticking out from a cargo hold. Cautiously, she approached it as the ship rocked back and forth. She grabbed one edge of it, and opened it's side to be thrown back by two hands that imerged from the inside. Two men jumped out and pulled blasters from their sides. The other clones quickly reacted, followed by Sarah and aimed for their weapons. One of the men stunned both clones, somehow from losing his ability to shoot them instead. Sarah quickly knocked one of the men with the side of her gun, causing him to fall over in pain. The other lunged at her, catching her off guard, and threw her to the ground. She fell over, a large blow hitting threw her skull. Her vision slowly started going white, and her body felll limp on the floor. All she could see was the scene that laid before her, with the pilot trying to aim for his gun and pilot the ship at the same time. One of the men threw a parachute to his partner, who then began pulling the straps around him, ignoring the pilot aiming at them. All Sarah could notice now was that she was being lifted by one of the men, and carried towards the door of the gunship, as the other one opened it. The pilot finally managed to shoot the man that was not handling Sarah, probably not wanting to risk harming her. The last man standing used Sarah as a kind of shield, then lunged through the door, holding Sarah by her mouth and torso. As they plummeted down towards the crashing waves, the storm continued to worsen and lightening flashed around them, continued by violent winds. All Sarah could make of her captuer was that he was a very rather slim man, yet had stronger arms then his partner. Still, she tried to focus on the fact that she may lose consciousness soon, not sure if it was from her dread of the disgusting man, the fact that his hand blocked off most oxygen, or the other fact that they were plummeting at a dangerous rate towards the even more dangerous waves of Kamino, followed by the storm. All of a sudden the man was panicked. The parachute wouldn't work. He fiddeled with the strings, but still it would not come loose. Sarah's eyes opened. Now wasen't the time to give up. Quickly she used the mans fear as an advantaged and caught him off guard as she tried kicking him away. Obviously the man forgot about the parachute and grabbed her again, this time using his full strength, and wrapped both of his arms around her sides, beginning to squeeze tightly so she wouldn't try it again. She let out a soft squeal, a rare show of weakness but couldn't be prevented at a time like this. They neared the waves, now much closer. Right before they hit the waves, Sarah grabbed out her blaster and knocked the man out with the side of her gun, then used his body to break her fall, closing her eyes at the sharp impact. She swam out of the water and quickly came back to her senses. She saw the man drifting around in the water, still unconscious, then stared at a beacon bobbing in the water. She grabbed the collar of the man's shirt and swam over to it, throwing herself and him on top of it, trying to avoid the water. She pulled out a transmission screen and called to the base. After discussing the situation with her sister, she discovered that her pilot was safe and warned them of the peril that had just happened. Sarah gave her cooridinates and awaited for a search party to come for her. After a while, the man next to Sarah began to stir without her noticing. Sarah threw a piece of rubble across the water, then stared at her reflection. She pulled out her transmitter again and began searching it's functions to make sure it was working well. All of a sudden the man grabbed her and pulled a hidden knife to her neck. Before either of them could say a word, a blaster shot pierced his side. He fell over as a gunship flew by Sarah. It's door opened, revealing Katie Racer waiting on the other side. Sarah jumped in and hugged her, noticing her friend Luke Docker. She sat beside him and Katie, as they exchanged stories of what had happened, laughing and smiling at each others jokes, such as puns on why two men were in Sarah's gunship. "Looks like you have two stalkers. You better get a boyfriend, or this is gonna keep happening", Katie teased with a smile. Sarah rolled her eyes at her sister's poor role of the "Love Doctor". The gunship finally landed, and the three exited to the base. An emergency meeting was then inplaced, and Katie, along with Sarah, proceeded to the stage. The recent attack was considered to be led by the two men to sneak into the base to access information as well as the base's location. The girls began to address it as the first of few invasions and the base would soon need to bring up more cautions in case their theory was right. Sarah proceeded down the steps of the stage towards a hall. She caught up with Luke as another marine named Rax, who was accompanying him, stepped into another room. "Yesh, theres been a lot of excitement today", Sarah said. "Let's just hope your not so-secret admirer doesn't bring his friends", he replied with his usual calmed smile. Sarah gave a clumsy smile in return, feeling off balanced considering her also clumsy attempt on her first trip to the base. "I'll tell them I'm taken by one of you guys so you get all the attention this time" she said with a cheerful grin. Seeing as their wasen't much response, Luke turned to join Rax again to see how she was doing. Before he walked over one foot away, however, an alarm went off. Rax ran out of the room she was in, accompanied by a few other woman, who rushed to a safer area where they could see what was going on. Relieved that Rax was okay, Luke turned back to Sarah and rushed with her towards the leading squad members to also figure out what was going on. The base was being attacked again by what seemed to be friends of Sarah's previous adversaries. Sarah worried about Katie and began to leave the room to find her. Luke ran past her, stopping her for a second. "I have to find Kayla, will you be okay?". "Rax is alright, but I'm not sure you should be alone, especially after what happened last time", he replied. "Last time my group was stunned, so that wasn't my fault. Still if that happened again to you, it might happen to me." Sarah knew it wouldn't happened, so she flashed him a generious smile and ran off down the hall with him. They proceeded down a corridor and checked through a few rooms. All of a sudden, more alarms sound, and a group of men came running down. Sarah recognized one as the other man on the gunship. She could see his gun was empty, so that explained his use of stuns. As Sarah was awe-struck, Luke pulled her into another hall next to them and began shooting at the intruders. Sarah snapped back to attention and joined Luke, taking down most of the men. The man that caught her interest ran off, being the last one standing. "That last one was one of the guys who snuck on my gunship. How did he get away?". "Must have taken down the guards escorting him from the gunship without being noticed. We better find Katie fast before they find her first", Luke said. They darted throughout the section of the base till they finally came to a catwalk where glass rooms where etched throughout it's sides. Luke ducked down motioning for Sarah to do the same. "Did you see her?". "Yes but there's more of those guys and their getting pretty close. We have to catch her and sneak out before they get over there." They began crawling over to Katie who was sitting by one of the glass doors, obviously aware of what was happening. Sarah wrapped an arm around her and began tellling her their options of escape. Katie finally decided to try to get back to where Rax and most likely most of the squad was at. The three ducked down and began pacing over the cat-walk. Sarah walked near a turn, when Luke and Katie pulled her back, a blaster shot flying past her and destoying a wall of glass into a million pieces next to them. The group got up and ran in a different direction as glass began to crash right behind them. After a series of twists and turns, Sarah paused. Luke and Katie did the same. "Come on their getting closer!", Luke whispered. "I know...", Sarah started. "You two keep going, I'll buy you some time." "But..." Katie stuttered. "I'll be fine, you two just get with the others okay?". Luke and Katie slightly nodded, Katie giving an additional hug. "Good Luck", Luke said, taking Katie down the hall. Sarah turned, noticing three attackers. She shoot at the last wall of glass standing by them. It crashed down, but only stopped them for a second before the began chasing after her again. As she turned to run, something seemed to grab her and she fell over, eyes closing. She starred at the hall as she saw Katie watching terrified. Luke grabbed her hand, with the same expression on his face, running away from the scene. Everything turned hazy until Sarah couldn't see anything at all.

Rescue From the Seperatist Ship

Sarah couldn't concentrate. It was black and warm. She saw some light, but it wasen't worth straining to view. She felt comfortable, whatever was happening. She heard slight mummering but she didn't want to pay attention. All of a sudden, she began to wake up, if she was even sleeping. A light beamed down on her face. She looked up to see that her hands where bound behind her as she was sitting on a stand in a type of sell. Seperatist she guessed. Whatever was holding her hands, it was tight, and couldn't be opened by herself. She layed her head against the wall with a painful expression. This time she was caught. GOOD. She decided to just sit there and wait for something to happen. All she could think of was how long till she was killed. Or rescued. Still she didn't understand why she was still alive. She heard rapid footsteps follow outside the door. Someone began trickng the lock, and it began to open. Outside was a group of clones. She stared excited to see them coming to her rescue. She recognized two of them as Marl (Katie's boyfriend) and EliteMarine Turbo, one of the squad's staff seargants. Still, Sarah couldn't tell who the third was that was opening the door. "Got it", he called as the door fully opened. Sarah's expression dropped. It was Luke. Once again all of her friends got to see another addition of her embarrasement. Them having to help her made her feel even more nauseous. Trying to get her mind off of it, she called out ,"What took you so long?". "Obviously tracking you is hard", Turbo called back. "Not to mention how easy it is for you to get lost", Luke added. Sarah rolled her eyes, not feeling as hidden as they must have considering they were wearing helmets to shield their emotions. Marl ran in and quickly disabled her cuffs. "Does this give me more points to the family?", he asked, indicating his relationship to her sister. "You can't touch her, but you have the family head's consent", she said. She jumped on her feet and ran out
the door. "Luckily we're not too far from the ship so this shouldn't take too long" Turbo said noticing her embarrassment. "After you heroes", she said, motioning down the hall. The group managed to run down the hall unnoticed. Sarah noted a few guards layed on the ground, most likely the doing of the guys. Suddenly, blaster bolts began to blow near them as they came to the hangar. Sarah ducked behind her rescuers as they shot at the seperatists that tried to prevent their escape. Quickly they huddled into the ship and took off. Sarah dropped into a chair winded. "Thanks guys. But maybe next time you could, I don't know, get rid of ALL the seperatists?". "Don't worry, next time we'll take over the Empire for yah," Marl responded. Sarah opened her eyes really wide at him jokingly. "Oh yes you will", she responded. Luke walked over to the seat next to her and sat down. "Are you alright?", he said, pointing out a little blood on her forehead. "its fine, probably from that glass," she said with a smile. "Good. But what did I tell you about being alone?" "Don't worry I learned my lesson", she said, wiping away the blood with a cloth. "Well I don't want anything like this happening again. Promise you'll be more careful next time?". "Promise", Sarah said with a laugh. She was glad she had so many friends with concern. "Say, why didn't they just kill me in the first place?" Sarah questioned. "They might have been looking for locations of the other bases, considering it would be harder to sneak in through the gunships after their last try", Turbo responded. Sarah thought about his reply for a second with a frown. The other bases would have to be more careful and under high maintenence for a while till the ordeal was settled. Still, she was thankful that she was alive at all. The ship finally approached the base on Kamino again where Sarah met up with Katie. She hugged her and told her what all happened. After a long conversation and a brief check to make sure Sarah was okay, Katie approached a gunship. "Well I have to go on a mission to Tatooine. Are you sure you'll be okay?". "Yeah, I'll just head back to Coruscant and wait for you. See you then", Sarah said with a smile. They both waved goodbye and headed off to their destination.

Discovering the Force


Sarah training with the force.

Sarah went to Kashyyk to train her power with the force. She still had a rough time using it, and decided to try to unlock it, as well as train her hand with a lightsaber. She went into an open area and grabbed her lightsaber out. She concentrated, trying to levitate whatever she could. See looked down to see that she was levitating a little ways above the ground. She dropped back down and sat on the ground, concentraing harder on her progress so far and the power she had. She started to think about Katie and her friends. Although it was an effective one, she couldn't understand the Jedi way. They were self-less, yet then again, blocked out all attachements. Their was so much more that she had, like love and very strong motivtion. As she continued to try to discover her true force potential, their was a disturbance in the bushes behind her. Katie leaped out and jumped on her. Of course she had to bring HER out here. Not only was Sarah here to train, but she joined Katie and the marines out on a mission. "How yah doing?" "Well I was doing great. Then you showed up", Sarah said annoyed. "Aw that's too bad. Guess you'll never be as good as me." She said pointing out the fact that she had better luck with the force. She held out her hand to a rock and hovered it over towards Sarah. Sarah looked unimpressed. She held out a
hand to a large rock, then levitated it a way above the ground. Kartie stared in awe for a while, then fell over on her back. "Wow...", she drifted off. Sarah gave a successful smile then layed on the ground next to her. She picked up a handful of grass, then dumped it on her face. "Hey!", she yelled then jumped on top of her. The girls began rolling and laughing, occasionally stopping to throw grass at each other. They paused after a while and watched clouds drift by. "Hey, why don't we walk down to the beach?", Sarah suggested. "Oh, and Almighty Force controller, your carrying me there." Katie force lifted Sarah a little ways above the ground. Giving an unimpressed expression, Sarah lifted Katie a little higher. "Yay we can fly!", Katie said trying to wave her arms and hold Sarah at the same time. Sarah dropped her and laughed as she fell witth her. They then walked over to the beach, jumping on each other's backs the whole time. "Yay, more things to throw at each other", Katie said, grabbing a handful of sand." "Oh check this out", Sarah said, using the force to float a ball of sand towards Katie. Once it reached her face, Sarah clenched it tighter, making it explode on her. Sarah laughed as Katie winced once her face was a mess. They sat down and watched the sun set. "Come with me", Sarah said, grabbing Katie's hand and running down the beach. Finally they arrived at a beautiful spot, where Marl waited with a romantic dinner for two. Katie ran up and hugged him. Sarah smiled as they embraced. Luke came up exhausted. "Uh... hey, you look... great", Sarah said with a reassuring smile. "Sure... where have you been?", he said looking about ready to pass out. "Training. Here have some water", Sarah said, offering Luke some water she brought on her trip. "Thanks", he said accepting her offer greatfully. "At least you didn't drag that fancy dinner all the way down here by yourself", he said, starting to gain color to his face. "Sounds like Marl", Sarah said laughing. "Well I better head back. Rax just came and I wanted to say hi", Luke said. Sarah looked back at Marl and Katie laughing and eating. A lot of her friends where happy, having a relationship. As special as so many were to her, Sarah still didn't enjoy that same company. Luke patted her on the shoulder. She gave him a smile in return, then he walked back to the base. Sarah sat down on the sand, starring at stars that where now emerging. After heaving a sigh, she layed down on her back, making up her own constellations. Katie walked over to her, then planted onto the sand. Sarah smiled and hugged her. She was still happy the way things were. "I'm tired. Will you drag me back?", Katie said yawning. Sarah gave her an annoyed frown then began dragging her across the sand. Katie later got up and they raced back to the base. Sarah walked to the room where she would be staying, then walked out onto the balcony. She heard a knock on the door, opening as Luke walked in. "Hey, I'm not interuppting you am I?" "Nah, just sitting, I needed some company", Sarah said with a smile. Luke walked out and sat in a chair beside the one she was in. "It's been a while hasen't it? I was beginning to misss my turkey", he said, using one of their favorite nick names for her. "I missed you too, Turkeymaster", she said with a laugh. He gave her a smile, which she returned. Suddenly, Katie and Marl walked out onto the balcony next to them. "I promise you, one of these days their going to devour each other", Sarah said, causing her and Luke to laugh. Sarah tried making a hush sound as she continued to giggle. "So what have you been up to?" Sarah asked. "Well I've just been on a lot of missions. Hanging out with Rax and stuff. How about you?" "Oh the usual, escaping death, saving the universe, caring for Katie." Luke nodded with his familiar smile again. Kashyyyk's sun had finally set, a warm breeze blowing by. The trees began to rustle, giving off a sweet scent. "Well I better head out. Nice seeing you again without having to rescue you", Luke said as he stood up to leave. "Don't worry I think we're done with that", Sarah said laughing. "Goodnight", she quickly added. "Night." Sarah curled up in her bed. She had a long day and couldn't wait to get some rest. Katie walked in and jumped on her again. "Stop doing that", Sarah tried to say without shouting. Katie laughed and got under the covers next to her. Sarah ignored her and finally fell asleep.

Trandoshan Games

Sarah rubbed her head with a towel, slowly walking towards a bay. Previously, a droid sighting was reported, Sarah now being issued to join a group of marines to go and and examine the area. She pulled her blaster out, meeting the marines led by their leader Vasco, a well developed marine in hopes to develop his squad in the same manner. After a brief check in supplies and positionings, they set out into the jungles of Felucia, large vegitations of blue and pink plants masking the threatening creatures ahead. Chirps and sqwuaks sounded all around them, the animals as foriegn to them as the new terrain. After leading down their own man-made path for some time, plants twitched followed by cracks to the side. The marines quickly pointed their blasters in the direction, Sarah peering overhead.

"You guys keep going, I'll see what it is", she said now causiously scanning for anything nearby. "Be careful", Vas said, Sarah taking it as clearance to seperate from the group. She crouched down, slowly walking and checking to make sure there was nothing behind her. Sarah stood in a clearing, the marines hopefully not to far away. She turned as fungus began to rustle on her left, aiming her blaster by a force of habit. She pulled it back, seeing nothing in the way, still remaining cautious. Something didn't seem right.... Before she could pull up her senses she fell over, something tanged around her.

She finally discovered herself trapped in a stun net before the net activated an alarming shock, causing her to lose her senses once again. She woke back up, felling a slight hum below her. She was in a ship, a cage as well, the door above her as footsteps walked across it. She grabbed onto the circular gaps in the door, fumbling with it to see if she could get it unloose. It was no use though. She was trapped in a trandoshan freighter, probably being transported to her death. Sarah knew their hunting instincts, her captivity a sign of a new trophy. She paused and listened as two trandoshans stopped next to her cell.

"Looks like we'll get to Wasskah soon", one said, his tongue slurring in the deceptive serpent-like tone all Trandos used. "The sooner we get rid of this load, the better. We should have had more time to catch game." Sarah sat down, ignoring the rest of the conversation. Wasskah was a Trandoshan moon where they hunted. For sport. To make things worse, she would be a part of their killing party, and only for the fun of it. Still, survival was her biggest issue and one she would focus on above all others. Sarah panicked and leaned against a wall as the ship finally stopped. Before Sarah could react, the panel below her opened causing her to fall on the beach below.

She looked up, quickly taking in her surrondings before the Trandoshans followed and killed her. She was on an island, the salty taste from the water staining her mouth almost instantly. On the other side led into a deep forest of trees, perfect for her to hide in, even though she wasen't the best of climbers. She looked back up at the freighter ship, two figures falling out a distance a way from her. The trandoshans would be on them at any moment. She ran as fast as she could into the deep foliage ahead nonstop until she came across thicker trees from the one near the beach. With no hesitations, she climbed as fast as she could, stopping at a decent branch feet above the ground but not skinny so much that it couldn't hold her.

She could see the beach from the height, the other two captives now gone as well as the freighter. The hunting party would be on her later. She looked back at the sky hardly remembering to even assume what time it was. It was now getting dark, so the Trandoshans wouldn't hunt till the sun came back up. Still, sleeping would be an issue. She pulled a few vines hanging directly above her and wrapped them around herself and the branch.

Tomorrow was the day to worry, but for now she would have to focus on getting her rest. By the next day, Sarah had to assemble all of her training skills to thrive and camp out while she waited for her attackers to come and hunt for her and her fellow prisioners. She gathered a few leaves and rubbed a few stones she found together till a fire began to spark. Once the leaves began to burn, Sarah quickly raised a few nuts attached to the trees over them to roast. After the leaves shriveled up to there edges, Sarah tossed them off the tree and chewed on a few of the nuts. Although the intention of the island she was on was for an area to kill innocent people for sport, it was bountiful in supplies for survival.

Sarah had made a neat canopy of leaves to sheild herself from the sun as well as hide her from view of those around. If she made a fire, the smoke would be too high for anyone to recongnize if they where from a distance or where really close to the point where it would just be directly above them. Still, the mixture of smoke and the dense air was breathable. Sarah layed back against the trunk of the tree she was on, proud of her success so far. She had almost forgotten the fact that she was being hunted when a large dropship over the beach she had arrived on began to descend as multiple speeders jumped off it's edge. Quickly, Sarah wrapped some of her leaves around her. Now was the time to worry.

The speeders split into different directions around the perimeter of the island, Sarah trying to plan her tactics. Obviously she wasen't alone, besides the trandoshans, but there where still a scarce few other threatened people somewhere on the island. She would have to find them and help protect them, their lives now a more major task then protecting her own. Although she had never met these people, they where still in the same situation, so the more the merrier and most likely a better chance of living. She grabbed her banket of leaves an began to descend her tree. Once she hit the bottom, she threw dirt over the areas of her body that was exposed. Camflauge was the only defense she had.

She thew the leaves around her and ran in one of the directions a trandoshan had followed. seeing as the speeder would faintly make marks, she would have to listen for anything and decipher where the speeder may have made a dent in the plants across the ground. Sarah continued walking and occasionally hiding as speeders screetched off in the distance. At one point, Sarah broke out into a full time sprint. Something was above her, but she couldn't tell what. She could hear it follow her, leaping from branch to branch in the high up trees, as swift as the Convorees that nested there.

Sarah finally stopped and jumped behind one of the trees, staring back to see what it was. She looked up and spotted a momong, it's green eyes directly locked on her. She started to laugh and turned back towards the spot where she was passing through when a scrawny figure leaped out in front of her. Sarah stepped back, trying to find something to protect herself with, but couldn't take her eye off of the boy in front of her. She looked closer at him, no older than she was but not as well fed. He walked up to her and held out his hand. It didn't seem like he could speak, but his appearance could only be a result of the trandoshans kidnapping him as well.

He climbed back up one of the trees, motioning for Sarah to follow as he passed across tangled branches and limbs. Sarah ran after him, making sure to keep a distance to see where he went and not got spotted by possible trandoshans lurking in the area. Sarah was well impressed by his strength and agility for someone so poorly nourished. Before she grew exhausted from becoming winded, Sarah and her new friend made it over to a small camp, a few other people with the same poor complection as him wrapped around a small fire, it's smoke hardly visible in the darkening sky. Unable to react, they all ducked behind the logs they sat on , one swiftly dragging out a pointed stick and aiming it towards Sarah. Her friend stood in front of her, holding out a hand so show that she was with him. The girl holding the weapon put it down near the fire, the others returning to their places, still watching Sarah.

"Whose she?", asked the girl with the stick, obviously their leader. The boy in front of Sarah began to make small movements with the tip of his fingers on the back of his hand. "Brix, just because where all stuck here doesn't mean you have to help them all", the leader said, now feeding the fire more grass to burn. "There's a small stream behind those trees. You can clean up back there", she said, a tiny smile hardly visible flashing on her face. Sarah nodded in gratitude, giving a smile in return. She walked over to the stream, a tiny strand of water that the trandoshans must have accidently left behind. Or it could have just been drilled out. Sarah wiped her face and sipped some of the water, happy to know there was sweet water on this barren island. She tugged her hair out of her usual braid, her hair somewhat tangled and dirty. Sarah quickly rinsed it and brushed it back. Once she was more sanitary, she headed back towards her new companions. If she wanted to get through this, she would have to trust them and team up. "I assume you don't know who we are. I'm Kersa, and that's Brix as you know", Kersa, the leader, said pointing out the boy who led Sarah there. "Over there's Rin, and Ion and Wynt. Those two arrived when you did", Kersa said, Sarah quickly recognizing the last two as the boys who fell on the same beach she did. Kersa, Brix, and Rin must have been here a few weeks before them. "I came here first, then I found Brix and Rin. Brix got his tongue cut by one of those trandos", Kersa, Brix's accident seeming to fit his sophisticated personallity for someone his age. "Only one of us has died so far, my friend Pama", Kersa said, her voice fading from the thought. The death of her friend most likely hard to take in now that her own life was at risk and she was the only girl now. "We'll manage though. We just need a way to escape, and an extra hand will make it perfect. Let's get some sleep before we're spotted." Kersa extinguished her fire than lied down on the ground. Sarah sat on the ground, pulling her leaves off of her back. She pulled them over Kersa, hoping it'd help her to sleep. Sarah layed down, clumping the strands of grass under her head together. The leaves on the trees above her now turned completely black as the sun highlighting them finally setted. Escape would be hard, but the only other option was death. Sarah woke up, The sun causing her to be a bit dazed. She blinked against the scorching light around her and looked over at her team. It was easier to see their appearances now, Rin a dark skinned Corsian probably around fifthteen years old, Ion and Wynt both Rodian with the same pale green skin tone, and Kersa human just like Sarah, her age hardly a year over Sarah's. Brix sat up on a tree branch, his hand rubbing his head. Sarah looked closer and realized it wasn't just his head, but small horns near the tips of his pointed ears. Brix had to be a Devaronian, his young age, maybe only around thirteen, concealed the size of his horns. Male Devaronians where known for their aggresive behavior and pride of their large horns. Once again, the Trandoshan's murderous plot to place him in such a deadly place had changed Brix's appearance entirely. He seemed to enjoy solitude much more than the cockiness of the rest of his kind, and his horns where no more than a symbol of who he was, unlike the other males who constantly adored them. Sarah climbed up and sat on a branch next to Brix's. She was thankful that he led her here in the first place, but Devaronians where known to be one of the first species to travel through space, making Brix even more valuable of an allie. Still, he was her friend and not the prize that the Trandoshans intended him to be. "I can tell you're a long way from home. Onderon?", Sarah asked as Brix finally noticed she was next to him, shaking his head briefly in return. "Devaron?" Brix sighed, most likely remembering his old home. He nodded, now staring down at his feet. "It's a very nice place. What do you say we get you back there?", Sarah said, holding her hand out to Brix. He smiled and shook it, their friendship now official. Sarah was now determined to get Brix out. "Okay lover birds, it's time to go, Trandos will spot us at any second", Kersa said with a yawn, a cold stare on Brix and Sarah as well. Brix jumped out of the tree, landing gracefully on the ground. Sarah slid down beside him, surprised at how small he was to compared to her. She began to wonder where his mother was.... Rin, Ion, and Wynt rose off of the ground, slightly hesitant from sleeping on the hard surface. Still, the grass made it bearable enough to get up at all. "Here's the plan. We're going to split into two groups. The Trandos come from the left side of the beach where we came from, so we'll make our way over towards the right side. Once we meet back up, we'll set camp and take shifts from one of the trees as lookouts. Everyone clear?", Kersa said, everyone either holding up a thumb or nodding in response. "Good, I'll take Brix and Ion. I trust you three can manage." Rin nodded, now the back up leader for the other section of the team. He had been here longer, after all. "Let's get a move on," Rin shouted as he ran in towards a deep jungle of more trees and thick plants. Sarah and Wynt followed as close behind him as possible without breathing down his neck. Their journey to the other side remained peaceful for a while, only a few fights between Convorees and Momongs to distract them. Still, something seemed eery about the trail they now blazed down. "Get down!", Rin said, managing to not scream. Wynt and Sarah immediantly dropped to the ground as two laser bolts fired right beside their heads. A trandoshan parked his speeder and began firing at them, causing them to scurry into different directions. Determined, the trandoshan lept behind the trees that now shielded Sarah and her friends. Rin pointed up the tree closest to him, Sarah and Wynt quickly perceiving what he meant. Sarah jumped to grab a branch and pulled herself on top of it. The trandoshan walked right below, pulling away vines to search behind them. He stopped and looked around, Sarah trying her best not to breathe. He moved on, Sarah relieved he hadn't noticed her. Before she could enjoy the feeling, a bolt singed the bark of the branch, causing it to break, falling with Sarah on top. She hit the ground with a loud thud, the trandoshan running over to her. She stumbled on the ground, trying to crawl away while facing the Trandoshan, his gun now pointing directly at her. He fired his blaster beside her, forcing Sarah to stay put. He drew closer, his gun almost touching the top of her head. "Another trophy today", he said, his tongue now slightly sticking out carelessy as he wrapped his finger around the blaster's trigger. Without a warning, Brix tackled the trandoshan to the ground, the blaster flying into the air. Rin and Ion pinned him on the ground as Sarah leapt to grab the blaster. The trandoshan hissed and threw Rin off of his arm, pulling out a large knife that now sliced the air in front of Ion. Quick to respond, Ion rolled over and looked for projectile. Before the trandoshan could reach him, Sarah fired the blaster, hardly missing the Trandoshan's hand. Outraged by Sarah's distraction, the trandoshan lunged for her with his knife, swiping across the side of her forehead. Sarah ducked before the trandoshan could cause fatal damage and turned to meet him. Before she could fire again, the trandoshan punched her in the temple, causing her to fall on the ground again. Sarah swung her leg into his shin, causing him to fall as well. Wynt jumped out one of the trees and grabbed the blaster, sending a powerful blast into the trandoshan's chest. He gave a final twitch and fell still in the grass. Brix ran over and grabbed Sarah's shoulder. "You're pretty strong for someone your size, aren't you?", Sarah said, patting him on the head. "You alright?", Rin said, pointing at Sarah's head wound. She touched it as a small drop of blood fell. "No worries. Thanks for helping though," Sarah said now standing back up. She walked over to the trandoshan, saddened by the scene. Even though they we're being hunted, death was a very strong option. She shook her head, remembering that they we're all still alive. She pulled the knife out of his hand and tucked it into her belt. "Is everyone else alright?" "About that...", Rin said as Kersa peeked out over one of the large bushes lining the tall trees. She walked out in front of them, her leg limping under her. "What happened...?", Sarah asked back in shock. "Trandos got us too. There where about three. Still lucky Brix and I made it out alive. Ion was more prepared than both of us and made it ahead. Don't worry though, I'll be fine by tomorrow." Sarah sighed, her promise to keep everyone alive now possibly fading. She walked over to the speeder and found a small safety pack with a small blaster, some food, and what appeared to be a syringe. Obviously the Trandoshans didn't expect to be beaten like their dead brother. Sarah jumped onto the speeder's seat and grabbed the handles. "Better get on Kersa, or else your leg might get worse." "You sure you want to be driving this thing?", Kersa asked in return, bending over Sarah and wiping some of the blood off of her forehead with her thumb. "I'm fine, just a scratch. As soon as we reach our destination, we can worry about our wounds. We haven't made it that far from the left beach, so we'll just have to leave the Trandoshans over here. They won't expect us on one of the bikes, so the sound shouldn't bring too much attention." Kersa nodded, still unsure about their trip to the other side. She hopped on the back of the speeder, Sarah now beginning to take off. She went at a speed not too fast for the others to run beside and enough so that she didn't upset her aching head. They would have to be as precautious as possible. As soon as the team made it to the other side of the island and set up camp, Sarah and the others helped Kersa down onto a patch of long grass. Sarah grabbed the pack on the speeder and searched through it's various pockets. She pulled out a small strand of bandage from one of the smaller poutches and walked back over Kersa. "You're ankle looks twisted, but this should help", Sarah said, now placing the bandage on Kersa's bruised leg. "What's that?", Kersa asked, looking down at her leg. "Bacta patch. It'll help the bruises than should dig deeper towards the broken bone." "That doesn't seem right, we should save that for emergencies", Kersa protested. "This is an emergency. There's a lot more in the pack, and you're not so useful if you can't move", Sarah said with a sincere smile. "Try not to move you're leg. I doubt it will take long to heal with that patch on. I'll see if I can use some herbs for a healing concoction." "How do you know all of this stuff?", Kersa said. "I used to be a medic. Had to know a lot for that kind of job." Kersa nodded then slid more grass under her leg. "Thanks for helping Sarah. You can take a break if you want. I'll look after Kersa," Rin said, now wrapping his arm around Kersa to prop her up. Sarah nodded and pulled the safety pack. No one else had looked inside, so the syringe would be a surprise to them all. If Sarah could get water out of a tree, there might be a source of it nearby. She walked a few yards away from camp, digging her knife in a plump tree nearby as stars began to pop out across the orange sky. Once she had a neat hole, she placed the syringe inside. Small beads of water trickled out of the syringe which began to turn into a long strand as thick as the syringe's opening. Sarah leaned under the liquid pouring out of the syringe, taking large gulps of the cooled water, a result of the tree's thick bark keeping the sun away from the roots holding the water. The trandoshans must have been careful to hold these kinds of trees for their own use, suspecting their game wouldn't have access to tools to open them. The water must have come from somewhere.... She traced a line with her finger across a line of trees near the one she opened. Each tree in the line was thicker and taller than the ones next to it. Sarah left her finger pointed in the direction of the tree line, pulling out the syringe and running beside the trees with a large grin on her face. She quickly paused, the mud below her to thick to walk through. Mud? Sarah looked down and realized she was right beside a tiny creek. Most likely another part of the trandoshan plan. There was no point in killing them from thirst, but to kill their game by hand. Still, Sarah was very excited by her discovery, one that would help her and the others to survive. She kicked her feet around in the swirling water then sat down on the bank. She peered down, hardly recongnizing her own reflection. The gash on her head was wide open, a deep blue bruise on her temple, fatigue showing under her eyes, and her rib cage now slightly showing from the scarce amount of meals she could find. Sarah got up, her jaw now slightly quivering. She held it and looked around at the trees near her. Sarah clawed her way up the tree closest to her and trimmed a few leaves from their branch. She dipped them in the cool stream, then placed them on her forehead. The leaves grew sticky from the water, making a decent bandage. Sarah couldn't place a name on the trees, but from her brief study of plants with the elements to heal various injuries, she could tell that they had just enough properties to help her and Kersa. Sarah dug her fingers around the ground and fumbled with various vines, grasses, and more leaves until she had enough ingredients to help Kersa create an effective healing agent. "Hey", Ion called, a few yards into the woods away from Sarah. He ran over to her, eyeing the overflowing amount of plants wrapped in Sarah's arms. "I came to see where you were, but I guess I shouldn't bother your collecting...." "Actually, I was about to mix these up to help Kersa's leg. Got anything I can put these in?" Ion pulled a small tin cup, small designs and a set of initials embroidered on the side. "This was my mom's. It all I have left of her. You can use it though. Sorry it's so small." "It's perfect Ion, I just need parts of these plants. I promise I'll give it back soon as I'm dumb", Sarah said, excited with her materials. Ion ran back into the woods, careful not to make too much sound, just in case trandoshans came out for a late-night hunt. Sarah walked to the stream and swished water around in Ion's tin cup. Once bubbles sloshed across the surface of the water, Sarah broke off pieces of leaves and dropped them into the mixture. She peeled off the skin of a few vines, then added torn up pieces to the cup. After Sarah stirred strands of grass to her mesh, the mixture turned into a thick green, sloppy paste. Sarah, now satisfied with her work, walked back towards camp again. Kersa and Brix where now the only ones on the ground, the others most likely on look out in the trees. "Better safe than sorry", Kersa said, noticing Sarah looking up into the trees for the others. "Brought you something", Sarah said as she sat next to Kersa, handing her the tin cup full of mush. "Drink it, it should help your leg heal faster. Mind if I look at it?" Kersa nodded, sucking on the edge of the cup, occasionally taking sips. Sarah smiled and lightly pressed around the bacta patch. There was a light swelling, but the patch was healing her ankle very quickly, Kersa's leg now back to an orange color. "I found another stream. We can try cooling your leg in it tomorrow. You should be able to walk by then too", Sarah said, estimating the time it would take for the concoction to kick in. "Sounds great, I'm sure we can all get a drink tonight too", Kersa said, happy to relieve herself of dehydration. "Good plan, I'll take Brix and Wynt down, than Rin and and Ion. I'll fill up the cup for you too." Sarah took the tin cup again and called out for Wynt. He fell off of a branch behind them, followed by Rin. "What's up?" "I found a stream not too far away, thought I could take Brix and you to get a drink." "I can look after Kersa till you get back", Rin offered. "Thanks, I'll get you and Ion when we get back." Ion began yelling a warning just as a firery ray sliced into the bark of a tree just a few feet away from Sarah. Without even thinking, Sarah dropped to the ground, pulling the blaster out of her pack and shot at the Trandoshan nearest to her. He fell back, a direct shot from Sarah hitting him in the shoulder. About four other Trandoshans rised from their speeders, their blasters aiming in all directions. Sarah tossed her knife to Rin, Brix now pulling Kersa away from the scene. Wynt pulled out the second blaster and hit a trandoshan only a few feet away from Kersa and Brix. Ion now appeared from the trees and was able to jump on another trandoshan from the farthest end. Only two remained able to battle, the others scurrying back to their speeders, unaware of the size of the pack that they now savagly attempted to kill. One of the last two gave stuck his tongue up into the air and let out an unpleasant yell. He pulled out two pointed knives, sparking with electrically charged ends. Sarah shot towards them, unable to even gasp as the first trando she had hit smacked the gun from her. She tripped him over in return, ducking as the two charged knives plunged towards her. The trandoshan pulled back, too slow to manuever a new plan as Sarah kicked him full-force in the shins. He let out another fierce cry, this time more contorted than the last as he fell back. Sarah pulled the knives from his grasp and held one to the trandoshan's neck. His tongue hissed again, but proved no threat. Sarah looked up to see that three trandoshans had escaped, the fourth laying dead on the ground. Before Sarah could conclude his fate, the trandoshan beside her thrust the knife by his throat to the side and flung his hands near Sarah's. A blaster shot pierced through his upper side before he could lock onto Sarah's neck. Kersa sat up against a tree, Wynt's blaster in her hand and a baffled Brix standing beside her. "What now?", she asked, handing the blaster over to Brix. "We get off this death trap."


A trandoshan crashed into Sarah. It was complete chaos on the freighter. After the trandoshan attack, Kersa, Wynt, Rin, Ion, Brix, and Sarah grabbed the remaining food they could find and set out on their mission. Kersa was a bit of a challenge with her broken leg, but her ability to walk was growing at a rapid pace. They jumped onto the ship from the low hanging branches nearby and set off a a full out battle between them and the trandoshans. Brix now had the knife, his skills debating against the others of a trandoshan, both wrestling to through each other off balance. Kersa was very handy with fist-combat, her leg the only disadvantage to her advanced technique. Wynt and Ion both where excellent with a blaster, as most rodians where. Rin grabbed a metal bar that he was able to swing at the trandoshans like a staff, delivering heavy blows to most of them. Sarah was left with one of the electric knives from the previous battles. The trandoshan tackling her to the ground, his pale skin matching his suit, snarling with a wide nose, and his eyes squinted in red hatred, was the leader of the trandoshans, Garnac. They where near the freighter long enough to discover some of the names of the trandoshans. As she was being attacked at the moment, the information wouldn't be too helpful in her situation. Sarah was the first one to reach the freighter, and after spinning across the deck from the impact, she ended up closer to him than she had hoped. "You should know when to act like prey!" Sarah waved her knife at him, but to no avail. He pulled out his gun, unable to ready it as Sarah pulled her knee up as hard as possible into his stomach. He let out a brief grunt, just distracted enough for Sarah to pull out from under him and reposition her knife. Garnac was far to powerful to allow this to go by and pointed his gun at Sarah's head. She paused in shock, waiting for any sign of hesitation from him. "You should have given up while you had the chance." "Would've died either way", Sarah said, kicking the gun out of his hand, his shot missing and wandering aimlessly into the air. Garnac stood back up and ran after Sarah. She ducked below his arms, her knife hitting into his shoulder as he passed her. He fell down enraged, the skin on his shoulder now visible and slightly burnt from the knife. Sarah pointed the knife back at him, watching the battle on the other side. The ground below her began to shake, the engines now no longer humming, but roaring. The ship was now flying, rising above the beach inch by inch. Sarah got down on her knees to steady herself, still pointing her knife at a frustrated Garnac, as they approached the clouds. Dozens of hovering platforms held even more trandoshans in each, all with their guns pointed down at the frieghter. One of the trandoshans onboard must have contacted the rest of the hunters, as well as friends, and lifted the ship to them. "Quite a hunting party...", Kersa said, making her way over to Sarah. A dropship added to the hover-platforms. There was only one way of escape. "We have to get to that ship", Sarah said, pointing out the metal hulled dropship. "That?" "You'd rather stay here?" The dropship's door opened, four trandoshans inside with Charged Particle Repeater Guns. "That's a bit excessive. What are we going to do with him?", Kersa said, pointing to Garnac. "Leave him, we have bigger things to worry about." Sarah grabbed Garnac's gun, causing him to snarl, than ran over to Brix, Rin, Wynt, and Ion. The trandoshans where now regrouping nearby. Blaster bolts pierced the metal deck of the frieghter from the hovering trandoshans and the ones in the dropship. "Rin, Ion, Wynt, you shoot out those trandos in the dropship! The pilot won't know what happened to them, so the ship should stay in range for us to jump across!", Kersa said, having to yell over the gunfire. Although it seemed hardly impossible to survive to get close to it, the dropship was just close enough to the deck to get into. "Let's go!" Rin picked up a blaster and began to shoot at the trandoshans in the dropship, hitting one right in the chest. Ion and Wynt began firing beside him, combining their forces together and repeated Rin's formation. Kersa, Sarah, and Brix ran behind them, hardly dodging the bolts slamming around them. The red of them began to become blinding, Sarah hardly able to see Ion take the last trandoshan out. Trying to regain her senses, Sarah finally realized they where now at the edge of the deck. With a great leap, all 6 of them hurled their way into the ship, the trandoshans still firing at their feet. With a mighty heave, Rin continued to pull the door shut, blaster bolts pounding against it. Wynt ran up and slammed his against against the trandoshan pilot, pulling him out of the cockpit. Brix jumped into the seat and grabbed the controls. The ship shook unsteadily and then pierced through the sky into hyperdrive. Finally the mute Devarion could return home.


(To be written)

Retreat To Maridun

(To be written)

Carlac's Strike

Sarah had served the Republic for many years, mainly with various organizations including the Grand Army of the Republic and briefly with Intelligence units. Now she took full service to the Republic Navy and was in training to become a low-class Admiral. The decision was tough seeing as she wouldn't be able to join the people she had worked with for so long. Still, the Republic needed all kinds personnel now more then ever. The job was important and fited Sarah's application. Presently she was serving on the Spirit of the Republic under the command of Admiral Wulf Yularen. After missions against smaller droid warships throughout Wild Space, supplies grew scarce and Yularen commanded his fleet to return to Coruscant. Sarah sat down in front of a set of controls within the bridge of the ship. Her job was to help watch the scanners as well as give strategic advice when neccissary. The fleet was also being accompanied by members of the 212th Attack Battalion, ensuring their safe trip. Presently their ship stood over Carlac, the icy, iscolated planet in the Outer Rim. Suddenly the ship shook. "What was that?", called one of the bridge workers. "Droid invasion, it's the Seperatist Armada." The bridge grew into a frenzy as people panicked at the incoming attack. Droid fleets quickly covered the space around the cruiser. "All units", Admiral Yularen said, barking into one of the speakers, "Prepare for battle!" "All guns in position!" Both sides took turns firing their weapons upon each other. Fighting lasted for hours. Finally, the seperatists retreated. "That's the last of them", called a female bridge member. "Wait a second..." "Incoming warpship!", Sarah called, afraid to hear her own voice. She watched as the ship passed through her scanner. Sure enough, an abnormally large and armored seperatist warpship neared the Spirit of the Republic. The warship's cannons instantly locked onto the Spirit. "Keep the ship steady and get men back into the gunnery rooms!" "Sir, there may not be time for that...." Admiral Yuleran looked down at a scanner and quickly watched as the warship's ion cannon rose out from the side of the ship. "Ready the fleet's defenses!" The ion cannon lowered and faced the bridge, then sent out a direct shot. The ship shook once again. "All systems offline!" The ship drifted as if it was dead, leaving everyone completely silent. "Sir, we're still moving." The Spirit of the Republic slowly tilted and descended toward the atmosphere of Carlac below. "Have the fleet to continue firing and activate the emergency power!" The crew once again scurried around, hoping to access the controls before the ship was unable to give an emergancy landing. The rest of the fleet continued to fight as Yuleran was left defenseless. The ship began to pierce through the next layer of Carlac's sky. Sparks where beginning to fly off the sides of it. Gravitiy began to take it's effect and fully dropped the ship. Only a few kilometers away, the ship turned back on and was steered as horizantal to the ground as possible. They were coming in rough, but had much time to use the landing gear. "Ready for landing!" Sarah pulled herself against her seat and adjusted it's belt. These kinds of landings were not her favorite. The ship finally slowed down and gently dropped onto the snowy ground. The bridge was then immediantly evacuated. Sarah grabbed gear like everyone else and pulled the furry hood of her coat over her head. Thankfully, their final supplies included what they needed to survive the cold weather. "Sir, we've lost our corrdinates. There may still be natives around to help." "Do not call reinforcements until we know the full damage of the fleet. Have the battalion and a party from the navy scout out for any villages." Sarah volunteered to join the scouting party and joined Commander Cody with his men on a mission to find any inhabitants in the area. Snow flew into Sarah's hair. It had been a long time since she had seen any. Carlac's scarlet trees would hid the ship so their ony risk would be the team exposed in the open. The walk ahead wouldn't take too long. (to be continued...)



Friends and Family

Sarah has a very large amount of friends and stories to each. Many enemies have been involved as well, including there own share of tales. Her family is excelling and so far includes Katie Odoon (loving sister in game and IRL), Jessica Jackson (Niece of Sarah and loved dearly by her mother and aunt), Tycho Saberslicer (the once adopted Son of Sarah, but sadly was put back into adoption after Sarah found difficulty caring for him), Captain Dee (close friend of Sarah's), Aurra Runesligner (Sarah's close friend), Janus Firebot (Jess husband and friend of Sarah), Jaller Racer (son of Katie and Racer as well as nephew of Sarah), Marn Silveroller (twin of Jaller, son of Kate and Racer, as well as Sarah's nephew), Lin Hope (Daughter of Katie and Racer as well as niece of Sarah), Raxxum Gelvan (ex-wife of Jaller, ex-girlfriend of Luke), Alpha-Marl Photoline (friend of Sarah), Derek Skywalker (Loyal and fellow marine of Sarah, the son she never had xD) Luke Docker (Husband of Sarah, Turkey Master, best friend of Sarah) and don't forget about good old Lions Stafford and many more.

Sarah confronting Dooku.

Wedding Galary

(A thanks to Sarah's friends and family for the support throughout her life.)

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