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Samuel Salamander
Biographical information



40 BBY, Mustafar


19 BBY, Corusant, Jedi Temple

Physical description





1.78 meters


71 kg

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era



Jedi Order

Larcon Legion



Known masters

Aalya Secrua

Current Squad

Larcon Legion

Squad Rank

4 Trooper

Former Squad(s)

Larcon Legion

Samuel Salamander 40 BBY- 19 BBY was born on Mustafar in his wealthy father's mansion. He was a Padawan through the Clone Wars.


Samuel's parents were very wealthy. His mother gave birth to him on Mustafar. Samuel was a very active child. He always wanted to play.

After two weeks of Samuel being born, thieves broke into the mansion and killed Samuel's mother and father. The thieves stole many valuables. After the thieves left. Samuel was all alone.

Jedi Founding

Jedi Master Aayla Secrua, went to the manison to investigate the two murders.

When she got there, the detectives had Samuel in their arms. When Aayla saw Samuel she felt his force connection.

She took Samuel in to be trained at the Jedi Temple.

In 30 BBY, his training began. He took over fifty tests and trained all day everyday.


In 23 BBY, Samuel was granted a padawan. His Jedi Master, Aayla Secrua, trained him herself. They went on missons together and trained together.

Samuel's force abilitys were great. He had a powerful force push and force choke. He was great with his lightsaber techniques and forms. He was becoming a great Jedi.

Order 66 and Death

Samuel was a great padawan through-out the Clone Wars. He was in the sucessful squad, Larcon Legion, and had been in many major battles.

In 19 BBY, Samuel along with many other fellow members of Larcon Legion were in the Jedi Temple.

Samuel heard strange noise. He saw that 501st were coming. He didn't know why.

He made his way down to the trooper's path and demanded to know what they were doing. The troopers responded with their blasters. They shot at Samuel and Sam dodged.

Sam ran as Temple guards and other Jedi came to kill the evil troopers. Samuel warned other Jedi about the outbreak.

Samuel oversaw the battle. Clones and Jedi were laying everywhere either dead or wounded.

Samuel went down to the battle. He fought with his fellow Jedi. Sam killed many clones but he was out-numbered and he was shot to death in a circle of clones.

Samuel died at the Jedi Temple along with many other Jedi. He joined the force and lived in peace.

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