Denal during 21 BBY with a DC-15 blaster rifle

"I'm taking charge"

-Denal on Separist outpost

CT-26-3077 was a clone of Jango Fett as was every clone trooper in the Republic.

Denal was a ARF and then a ARC later on in the Clone Wars.

Early life

Denal trained in Tipoca city and showed independence in the battlefield. Then he left with his squad for Geonosis.


Denal training in Tipoca city.


From left to right, These are the squad that Denal train with.

In Geonosis he fought along side Captain Rex. There on Geonosis he was reasing to the 501st Torrent Company.

Becoming a ARC

Four months after the Battle of Geonosis, Denal and his squad got a mission to Muunilinst where he was under the command of ARC Captain Fordo to make way for the main attack force. But a CIS rocket launcher shot them and they crashed. On the way they faced a AAT, but with successful fire they managed to destroy it. They continued to the CIS Command Center and after the battle Denal was named a ARC Trooper.

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