Rune Photocruise

Rune Photocruise Exile (2)

Rune Photocruise (2)

Biographical information

Coruscantplanet Coruscant


56 BBY

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Current Squad

Mandalorians Rising/Black Tech

Squad Rank

1 Leader

Former Squad(s)

Black Tech, Black Forest, The Shadow Mandalorians and Mandalorian Guild

Bc icon mercenaryExile

Rancor hunt (2)

Me at the end of CWA

Rune Photocruise

Me in the early days of cwa

Rune Photocruise is a Mandalorian mercenary, bounty hunter, and the Leader of Mandalorians Rising, also known as Black Tech.

The Clone Wars

Rune became the 4th and last leader of Black Tech when Mystify Shadow went into exile. Rune managed to stay in leadership till the very end of The Clone Wars, and diceided that Black Tech needed a new name so he named it Mandalorians Rising. Rune and his Generals began to search for new trainable Mandalorains. Rune always followed to rules of Black Tech and sticked to recruiting the best, people who could pass the squad tests such as: Dueling, climbing, hunting and of course Mandalorian knowledge as well as a bit of common sense.

Mandalorians Rising wasn't a very big squad but we liked it that way, we found it easier to trust people and train in better ways.

Rancor hunt

Rancor Hunt on the last day of CWA

To be continued.

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