This is Rosie while on a camping trip with fellow Empire of Vampire friends.


Rosie visiting her home planet.

Rosie FireHunter is a female vampire and leader of the Empire of Vampires. She was born in a cave in Orto Plutonia, and later her parents were killed by hunters. She was then adopted by Adam and Padme Heart. She was born into sithhood and taught the sith ways, but later went rogue early in training. Her parents were killed by vampire hunters (and who are mainly jedi). She is ok with the game, The Box Game, but is much better at role play fighting. She has very well-built houses and loves building. One of her favorite things to do in her lots is to make certain and creative arts out
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Leader Rank

of things that many would find impossible to build a good structure or art work with. She joined Nova Corp when it had first started, and when it was remade, joined and was a Commander in Dark Nebula. When she was falsely accused of insulting Nova, she was kicked out and went rogue for a long itme. After eight weeks, Rosie Firehunter then got a lifetime membership and made the first squads of many, The Empire of Vampires. It was later attacked by a hacker and for a long time had less than 20 players. Later she decided to delete it and had her trusted generals make many other squads that weild the name "Empire of Vampires" somewhere in it. Now she controls a squad and Empire much larger than most, and that even goes out of the lines-being that you don't have to quit your squad to join it. She and her squad participated in the Battle of Umbara, War of Dark Nebula, Defended the Sith temple, and they even entered in a Battle of the Jedi and Sith on Maridun (there was no name because no one bothered to name it).

This is A picture of Rosie after attacking a town

She never goes anywhere without her compainion, Gnarls (name: Fluffy), because when she was born he was given to her as a gift. They go everywhere together.

This is her left hand red saber, that blows smoke.

Rosie FireHunter

This is her card commander card, which usually never fails. She also fancies a good card commandergame-if you can offer it.

Kashyyyk Lightsaber

Rosie Firehunter usually uses this as her right hand bright green saber.

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