Ronhar as a jedi

"Ronhar is one on the greatest bounty hunters I know about and he will be someone i will always go to for help"---Nuru Nightwalker

The Begining of his career.

Ronhar at first was just a kid with big dreams of becoming a bounty hunter. When he was groing up he started out as a Jedi helping people. Then one day he was given the opportunity to become a Sith and he took it thinking since he was a Jedi and a soon to be bounty hunter to get the experience. After that he became a medical officer a pilot and an engineer fo starships around the galaxy.

Ronhar as a sith.

Ronhar as a Sith was very well known and very deadly. He took over the Jedi Temple and claimed it for the Sith and for all Jedi to bow down to him.

Ronhar as a sith

He worked for some great Sith then got over thrown by his own apprentice which made him proud to be Sith. He was in and had many squads that did not meet his requirements to be a Sith. Ronhar was put into a near death state plenty of times but always recovered and got his revenge. If he ever becomes a Sith again, do what he says or you might perish under his wrath.

Ronhar as he is now.

Ronhar finally reached his goal at becoming a bounty hunter and is very well paid and known he works incredibly hard to make sure his clients are happy with their decision of their assassinations or anything else. He is still a bounty hunter and if you need his services just friend him and ask for his help.

Ronhar as a bounty hunter

His occupation is a bounty hunter.

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