Early Life

Rome is a clone of Silas Rapshrieker. He considers Silas to be his father in a way. He was made after the death of Silas, in hopes that the clone would be able to finish what Silas couldn't. When they discovered he could not do this they trained him as a clone in the Clone Army. Through his days at Kamino he slowly started to remember things, but they weren't his memories, they were Silas'. He started to think of himself now as an individual and not as a clone. Through getting the memories Rome learned of how Silas had died. He wasn't actually killed in a lab explosion. When the Republic heard that he was going to leave Coruscant with his new child they had Silas killed and blew the lab up as a cover story. After learning this Rome became violent. He attacked the facility. Rome fought and killed many clones before Shaak Ti confronted him at the hanger. During the fight Rome used the force pushing Shaak Ti away as she was about to kill him, which surprises them both. Shaak Ti, in light of this, lets him get in a ship and leave Kamino.

Later Life

Rome fled to Mandalore after he left Kamino. He went to find the Death Watch and join them. There he introduced himself as Hurtect Jamenar, using the maiden name of Silas Rapshrieker's mother, as she was a Mandalorian. He was allowed to join the Death Watch and was in the main mass of the army. During this time he met Cera Mindar. They quickly got together and fell for one another. They were separated when Rome, now Hurtect, was given his own squad the Sentinels. After he left Cera quickly accepted the spot to form an all female squad called the Nite Owls.

Death Watch

Rome led his squad through many victories, which Pre Viszla took special notice too. Rome was promoted to lieutenant and worked closely with Pre Viszla. Then during a fight in one of the Death Watch's temples Jedi came and started killing the Death Watch. Rome and his men got trapped in the temple and had to get reinforcements from the nearest squad. The squad closest to them were the Nite Owls. Cera and her troopers were able to save what was left of the Sentinels. The squads took time to regroup and get their weapons stocked back up. Rome went to Cera and kissed her immediately. They both missed each other. Then ten Jedi jumped from the ceiling surrounding the Mandalorians. All of the Sentinels were killed and almost all of the Nite Owls were killed. Together Rome and Cera were able to take out 4 Jedi and her three remaining Owls to take out 3 others. Two Jedi went after Rome and Cera. Rome took on one and Cera the other. He finished the Jedi off to turn and see Cera with a light saber through her heart. Another swarm of Jedi started running towards him and the left over Nite Owls. He let out a scream of rage and force lightning flew out of his hands making contact with all of the Jedi. The one that killed Cera was still barely alive. He reach his hand out and began choking the Jedi without touching him. Then he held his other hand out and the Jedi's light saber flew into it. The man flew forwards towards Rome. Rome's new light saber cutting through the Jedi's head as his body continued to fly past Rome. Rome grabbed the head and flew to the roof of the complex with his jetpack. He spiked the head on a pole then flew back down to Cera and held her in his arms as she died. Cera's Nite Owls were later put under command of Bo Katan.

Meri Tulaski

Meri Tulaski is the half-sister of Silas and Rome saw her as his own sister. Rome met her during his time in the Death Watch and told her all about Silas and himself. She recognised him as a child of Merin because of the birthmark similar to a crescent moon on their shoulder. They became very close over the months and would fight together. Then one day the worst happened. The two of them and a few others had to destroy a Republic base. During the mission their bombs timer broke so they'd have someone press the button enabling the bomb to go off and kill the person that triggered it. At the core of the base Rome decided he would take the bomb and trigger the explosion. Meri went to hug Rome one last time, but instead pushed him back and closed the core room off with a laser shield. She looked back at Rome, "I love you, brother. I lost my family then found you, and with it my family again. I can't lose you." The other troops and a reluctant Rome left the base. When they were out Meri set the charges and blew up the base.

Death of Pre Viszla

When Darth Maul killed Pre Vizsla Rome did not bow down to Maul, he left the Death Watch. He ran from Mandalore. While he was being chased down on Rhen Var his ship was shot down and it crashed through the ice and into the water. He was thought dead.

Becoming a Sith

After 25 years (its now 6 ABY

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